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Custom Spawn Dialog with Gear & HALO Selection, moving Map, Credits, Custom spawns and more ...

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Happy to test this on my server for you. And thanks for the advice above.


i meant more like testing it on my server, so i can get some instant feedback ... 


but i messed up the files and went to sleep so nobody could spawn ... lol ... i fixed that now tho :)

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Yeah so now that you've got it working again, LETS Get some people in there to help him out.

Just join up, spawn in choose your stuff and get HALO jumping!

Halv I am going to try to send a few people over to go through the process a few times.

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Error with new Epoch Version.... player can't open the Menu of the SpawnMenu


check your files again ...


3 options to what is happening for you:


1 you use default antihack (will most likely not work, unless ah is changed)

2 you did not add exceptions for infistar

3 you changed something in your files

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When you release a new version?


it will be when i feel it is ready to go ...


but i basicly i have everything working as it should now, (i think) i just need to iron out some minor details for now ... so properly not that long


you are welcome to go and try it "as is" on my server and tell me if you can find any problems

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can you try integrate payment for spawn items ?




Edit: Updated Czech String http://pastebin.com/DKiynQ2b


perhaps i will at some point, but the player does not have any money on spawn, so i would have to use bank account or something ...




updated stringtables with "known" strings:



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Spanish tables corrected.


Heres the link http://pastebin.com/R3iENUuY


i really appreciate this collaboration for translations ... :)


i will add these as soon as possible ...



if anyone wants to help me test or just try the updated spawn system on bornholm, they can go check it out here:



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