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Give loadout based on humanity level



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it needs to be put AFTER the player_monitor.sqf


also I put critical scripts like the humanitychange script in

[] spawn {
	waitUntil {!isNil ("PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord")};	//Wait Till logged in
	waitUntil {(!isNull player) and (alive player) and (player == player)};

        [] execVM "custom\changeHumanityClass.sqf";

The second waitUntil could be, what's missing for you. "player" is set in the player_monitor.sqf and the script is called by execVM, so it runs parallel to the following.

So your humanity script could be executed without the player is set correctly.


Using some more diag_log entries to verify the player or given humanity by getvariable could be helpful to find your issue.

diag_log format ["Humanity Class Log, Player: %1 Humanity: %2", player, _humanity];


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Cool  :D I was wondering what could give output for debugging. This writes to the arma2oaserver.rpt, right?


I seem to be struggling to get anything outputted to the rpt (I checked the server log, too just to see) xD I tried throwing some diag_log's with random strings in different areas of the init.sqf, too.


sorry for such a newbie question x)


Thank you much for the help  B)

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Ok... So mine is a little different.

Humanity based loadouts in multiple tiers ( Bandit 5 thru Hero 5 ).

All items, weapons, backpacks are randomly generated from arrays, as well as random skin selection based on humanity level.   (So... there's no SET loadout, it's random).

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