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  1. RPT Error

    I don't know what you've done, but you should never see the error you're getting. Shit's fucked. 17:50:10 Error Undefined variable in expression: bis_fnc_findsafepos I will PM you my email address, send me your dayz_server and mission PBO along with a FULL server RPT
  2. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    Ohh whoops! fixed it :D https://github.com/f3cuk/WICKED-AI/pull/168
  3. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    I'll answer here instead of GitHub. There are quite a few reasons why, database isn't set up right, hivedll not changed, realistically I'm only guessing since you have provided no client or server rpt. Please in future provide these if you ask for help, it makes it significantly easier for me / the community to diagnose problems instead of back and forth dialog
  4. Hey guys, I have finally fixed the bouncing vehicles issue! This has been running on a few test servers for a few weeks and I haven't heard any issues since so we can maybe classify it as fixed! https://github.com/oiad/vkc/commit/01bd4df8140d9d3465eeba0831b2780ea22f7dba
  5. [Release] ESSV3 - Enhanced Spawn Selection

    Default epoch filters are designed to work with a DEFAULT epoch server, they do not account for any mods. Filters can very easily change, the ones on github are the latest up to date which in reality will mean they could have changed since the release
  6. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    @JasonTM @totis I have fixed this issue and submitted a pull request to @f3cuk Vehicle patrols, static guns and heli patrols now correctly give humanity. https://github.com/f3cuk/WICKED-AI/pull/166
  7. Reducing Loot

    Hello, You would need to copy the loot configs to your mission file as described here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/tree/master/SQF/dayz_code/Configs/CfgLoot
  8. https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/blob/master/dayz_code/init/variables.sqf#L10 turn this to false to change that behaviour
  9. My apologies, I see what you mean now I just checked and I didn't push these changes to the modpack since I haven't updated it yet for the updated virtual garage. I guess I know what i'm doing this afternoon then!
  10. Hello, Yes everything needs changing, I guess your mods hadnt been updated to suit the localization changes I changed all those localizations to make battleye filters easier
  11. The option should come up on the plot pole if you have access to it, I will pm you my email address and get your to sent your files.
  12. remove thermo from vehicles

    See this thread for examples: I found it by using the search function and by entering: disable thermal
  13. If your server has the wrong order, clients connecting on dayz launcher will also get the wrong order from my understanding
  14. Hello, you don't copy anything to the overwatch directory at all, you just reference it in your startup path and change your mission.sqm to include the overwatch mods. The error you mention is normally because your clients are loading epoch before overwatch. Overwatch needs to be called on the command line first I'm on my phone so this could be a terrible explanation, long story short it's not the modpack causing this
  15. Loot spawn cycling issue

    Your loot tables have not been updated correctly, please see this post. Also please use code/script tags or pastebin when pasting large data.