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  1. salival

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Hello, Please post in the original thread instead of this one which has no relevance to your issue. Using people's mod packs may provide you with no support so keep that mind. Cheers
  2. salival

    Plot Pole Bug

    Hi, The RPK mag issue is normal, unfortunately we were using that magazine for a weapon or two but the latest corepatch removed those magazines from the game so the game is still trying to load that magazine. As for the building issue, I'm guessing there will be a client side script error that you aren't seeing, without seeing your client RPT we really can't help you there. To find this logfile: C:\users\<YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Arma 2 OA\ArmA2OA.RPT
  3. Hello, There should be no issues at all, are you able to please provide your client/server RPT? either on pastebin or similar
  4. salival

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Worth mentioning, even if you don't think it's got no errors in it, as a developer it's very handy to see your RPT's regardless. I get so many people telling me there's no errors then they send me them and I find them
  5. salival

    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/tree/39b99a2ceacdb7720259e1c282fb5be838178c35 should be the last commit before the switch to HiveExt
  6. salival

    [Release] ESSV3 - Enhanced Spawn Selection

    I copy pasted directly from your spoiler into a file, the shotgun magazines "8Rnd_12Gauge_slug" look wrong in notepad++ and in diffmerge, I dunno if that's your problem? I diffmerged yours against the default ESS (left), yours is on the right (This is a good trick to see if you've stuffed anything up BTW) I can't see anything obvious but sometimes these issues hide in plain sight
  7. salival zombies walking ?

  8. salival

    [WIP/RELEASE] Bank Robbery V3.

    @sjd6795 dayz_serverObjectMonitor set [count dayz_serverObjectMonitor,_suv]; This line will stop the "Killing a hacker" problem, You are adding it after the sleep, you need to add it pretty much after the createVehicle. Same goes for your helicopter script
  9. salival

    Help please epoch

    Hello, This is an english speaking forum, please use google translate if you can't speak english If your vehicles are not spawning when being purchased, you have either a) not updated to the latest hiveext.dll or are not running the latest epoch database. Please make sure you have this function in your database: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/Server Files/SQL/epoch.sql#L2351
  10. salival

    vehicles not being removed

    Need to see your FULL client and server RPT. Please host them on pastebin or similar
  11. salival

    ESSv3 No Classes Or Spawns

    As per your client RPT: } forEach class_public;> Error position: <class_public;> Error Undefined variable in expression: class_public File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.namalsk\spawn\functions\class_fillList.sqf, line 39 I would guess you have not done one of the steps in the installation properly, I'm guessing step 6. https://github.com/ebayShopper/ESSV3#install
  12. salival

    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    There is absolutely no issue with ESSv3 and VG/any of my other mods. If you are having issues it's because of an install step has been missed or has been done incorrectly (I'm guessing your description.ext)
  13. Pleased you worked out what the problem is! You should definitely always pack your PBO instead of leaving it as a directory
  14. I am not sure of that, I will message you my email
  15. Don't comment out mission check, that is very much required. Please provide your FULL server and client RPT's on pastebin