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    LAST UPDATE: 19.09.2017 - go to the bottom for changelog Hey there Epoch-Community, in this topic, I want to release my Update Panel. This may need some longer explanation so if you are interested, read carefully. Background-Story: So I was a bit annoyed by all the vanilla functions that are currently available in ArmA 2. Everytime you just see format texts or hint boxes, sometimes even dynamic texts but still not my taste. So I decided to create a Display that is spawned by a function. It's like a modern version of hint boxes. The cool thing is that you can adjust nearly everything of it by giving the function different arguments. Due to that fact, you could easily manage all your server messages and notifications through this function to have a universal system. It's a bit confusing and ugly when you are running multiple mission systems for example and one is using text at the top of the screen and the other one directly in the middle. What features does it have: Currently, there are 9 different arguments to adjust the Update Panel to your liking. Meanwhile I made ALL arguments optional so you can leave them out. Receiver aka the Side - defines whether the Update Panel is only shown to the Client it's running on or whether it should be shown to everyone like a global message Style - At the moment there are four styles, they are different in the box style and whether it contains an image or not Background Color - Ofcourse you can also adjust the Color of the Box Font Color - Aswell as the text color Header - This is the Headline of the Update-Panel, you could use something like your server tag Line 1 - The first textline of the panel that holds up to 40 characters Line 2 - The second textline that can also hold up to 40 characters and also a good option to display a single line update panel Duration - Also you can adjust the time how long the panel will be visible to the clients Image - The second style can hold an image, here you can define the path of an image that should be displayed in the panel If you are interested in how to use all the arguments and how to make them optional, read this: RLNT GITHUB So you should be able to see that you can adjust a lot of things. And you can suggest even more. If you want another style with a different position of the panel, no problem! Also the function contains a config where you are able to set default variables in case you don't want to write so many arguments each time. Let's say you want to display all messages of your server with this panel, then you can just set the Background Color you want to use for all your panels in the config and never write this color array again. Instead you just type nil as an argument. The function will automatically recognize this and replaces the nil with the variable from the config. All currently available styles: Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 Style 4 Codeexamples: Credits: @Sp4rkY - teached me the most in sqf @iben - got the wonderful github formatting from him @He-Man - made me familiar with eventHandlers and communication between client and server @DirtySanchez - helps me to improve my scripts (performance and structur) @LordGolias - made an awesome sqf-linter for the Atom-Editor @Epoch-Discord - especially @salival @BigEgg @DirtySanchez @scuba_steve - always helpful and very patient Download and Installation: RLNT GITHUB Bugs, Issues and Suggestions: RLNT GITHUB Changelog: Click here for the Changelog with actual links if you are interested in the commits: Changelog
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    So lets take EPOCH assets and make some upgrades! ENJOY! Credit for the model work goes to @Helion4 Credit for the original CinderWall config goes to @Sequisha
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    Hi, I used the search bar for this forum and typed "infistar bank" this was the first link that came up:
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    [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    I signed all my pbos, why i dont know lol My server is whitelisted, so really i could of just turned off verify signatures.. but I started and figured id finish. This is a good video explaining how to sign PBOs... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_73AEBoTGuk Really the only reason you would sign them, is if you make the server public. But anyone joining your server without the mod, will see players flying in invisible helis or vehicles and they will get errors...My way to make sure that didnt happen was whitelisting it and making sure the players downloaded my mod pack. I also have a custom BAT file for players to connect to it, because DayZlauncher will not show your server with a "custom" mod pack and like oldmatechoc said, I looked through pbos and only took what i wanted for my server. For example the Gaus Rifle from Namalsk. and i only grabbed the pbos that were needed. I will say this, my mod pack is 4.5gb and it took me more than a year to build it (on and off) then added to it. Everyone has diff taste in servers, we we're looking for something just ridiculous and to have a good laugh and LOTS of booms lol. Hence another reason its whitelisted.. Good luck Duke
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    Dead body marker

    Currently testing one of my silly "quick n dirty" scripts for this. DP Death Markers will release soon with BE filters. @Drokz should be testing it sometime soon as I just got the info over to him
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    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    @Yarpii™ and everyone else, here's the commit that adds support for removing thermal: https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/commit/ecebc332d5a3e11443a1d05b7876a976ff77e39f
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    New Admin

    Am I fit for the job? xDD
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    [WIP] My Personal Leveling System

    There is as @Drokz mentioned a new system we added recently called community stats. No database work involved, just add your new stat name and a starting number to the epochclient config. Add your necessary code for the stat changes. For example to the mpkilled for an AI unit. Epoch will handle all the data in and from the db to the player. None of this change an INI, add in net messaging crap, along with trying to solve for the meaning of life to get one stat to track!!!! Speaking of humanity, when I coded in the community stats system I did in fact make humanity stat and changes on PvP kills. Expect to test this humanity on my experimental server soon!
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    [Release]Custom infiSTAR tools

    Hey guys releasing another script I made(or rather a compilation of scripts). I created this to make my admins lifes(lives?) easier in the game, hope someone finds it useful! :) I created this for overpoch so some functions may not work on other mods(e.g. delete all nissans) Tools Included: Quarantine Target(teleports the selected player to debug island, could come in handy for misbehaving players) Explode Target(Explodes the selected player) Edit Bank(Opens a dialog that allows you to edit the selected players bank if you use zsc. If you dont use zsc everything else should still work) Temporarily Delete all the Bikes on the map Temporarily Delete all the nissan 350z's on the map OTF Script Writer(thanks DuMa for the help with this) Explosive Bullets(makes big bang bang) How to install: In your a2_infiSTAR folder create a folder called "custom". In this folder create a file called "category.sqf" and another file called "functions.sqf"(without the quotation marks, obviously) In category.sqf put this code: In functions.sqf put this code: Now, open your AT.sqf In the code find this section: Add the highlighted line: adminadd = adminadd + [" +View Jacks Tools","jackEdits","0","0","1","0",[0,0.6,1,1]]; Now find this section: And add the highlighted line: case 'jackEdits':{call admin_fillJackCustom}; Then find(around line 46/47): And add the highlighted line: #include "\a2_infistar\custom\category.sqf" Then find this section of code(around line 530-535): And add in the highlighted line. For the edit bank feature to work you need to add this dialog somewhere in your mission file(ensure that is included in description.ext, could just add this to an already existing .hpp file as long as it is included in description.ext file): Hope you find this post useful(and thanks to infistar for creating his tool, its pretty good)
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    [WIP] Scrapper [UPDATED]

    Start scrapping entire vehicles, tired of hunting warehouse to warehouse, construction complex to complex? Fear no more, you can salvage tires and windows but not fuel tank parts or engine parts? This changes that! THIS IS A WIP! I have brought it a long way, but Ive got a lot more I want to do with this. As of right now, you can walk up to a vehicle that is unlocked, unoccupied(i hope) and not already blown dafuq up and reduce it into parts. This will allow you to salvage scrap, tank parts, tires, glass and engine parts (eventually rotors with aircraft when I get there). Its instantaneous (for now) and drops all loot into a box. All loot has a chance to generate, with failures actually damaging the parts you were working on, too much bad luck and vehicle WILL BLOW UP! Once you hit success, the amount of loot in the box is not locked, it will spawn a configured random amount each time. (there is a very rare chance you can succeed and get an empty box, laughed my batoutie off when it happened, on the toDO list). If you are interested, the install is below. Install This basically assumes you have installed one of the other, various, better, more important, better written mods already and therefore already have a custom compiles/variables/fn_selfActions. So we are going to skip that part and move onto the other stuff. Pretty straightforward. Drag and drop the scrapper folder into your scripts folder (or change the filepaths if you migrate it elsewhere) apply the additional snippets in variables and selfActions to your files. Variables are configurable and this is easily expandable to cover so many more vehicles. My plan is to eventually cover all the vehicles in Epoch and Overwatch. my github link https://github.com/Arstan13/EpochScrapper toDo: Add More vehicles partial, ive added files and variables to support more vehicles, i havent filled them in yet Will no longer be necessary! fix empty box on success Will no longer be possible cleanup the code (im learning here) limit where you can totally salvage a vehicle configurable but required to be close to certain buildings fixed fail chance was set to to perma fail for testing, updated chance for tools to break complete, one in 10 scrappings will break a tool. (in theory) time and animation like epoch deconstructing fix vehicle damage permanency planes still semi-broken though change to generate scrap based on vehicle's parts availability dynamic crate partially complete chance to return vehicle mounted weapons on scrap (for those we can) still thinking update: This script is now moving in a more dynamic direction. Will no longer require to define vehicles in order to work with them, script will instead return a list of parts and their damages, then roll chance for them to spawn on scrapping. A couple of exclusions to this would be for planes (they only show Hull and I think missles (if applicable) for damages when there is indeed far more parts), bicycles (tires from a bike, etc)
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    yRun server ip- TeamSpeak- ts.yrungaming.com Web- www.yRunGaming.com -Virtual Garage - Get Missions from traders -Vehicle Key Changer -Paint Vehicles -Tow & Lift -Single currency -yRun Custom DZMS with very high loot boxes -Deployable gems into static weapons, toolbox into bike/mozzie, scrap metal with other parts, and bomb proof bunker -Select spawn -Class selection with good weapons -Indestructible bases! (cinder/metal) -Full military (all vehicles/weapons) -Custom armed vehicles -Care Packages -Tear Gas -Base Raid Tools -Ear Plugs (F1) -Auto Run (0) -Booby Trap Dead Players -Events (gem ore veins, weed farms, drug bust, bombcrate, and others) -Custom traders -Service points -Buy humanity from trader -Right-click scripts (map- locate vehicle, grass on/off, ambient sound on/off, color corrections) (binocular/vector- adjust view distance, with many other options) -Scan for player -Locate Vehicles -Key actions (right click your vehicle key to eject unwanted players from the vehicle, lock/unlock, and start the engine also with the t key) -24 hr day no FOG! -Random selected fugitive when the server reaches 5 players (fugitive has to survive 20min to get a loot crate of gems/high-end weapons, but if he is killed the box will spawn and the killers can take the loot) -Yellow smoke works as tear gas (acts like being drugged for 30 seconds) -Custom loot tables with high loot -Custom military loot area's with weapon crates -Custom map area's -Static weed field (great place to get money) -Vote day/night -1 Mill start in bank, max bank cap 5mil -Easy to get started and make money -Pay Checks and a Bonus Checks -yRun Arena (Loot Spawns 10 mins after the arena spawns) -Right Alt Menu -Great server FPS - Slow Zeds that do 10x damage - Active Admins -Plus more and more to come -Report any glitches/exploits and receive a reward depending on the bug up to 8 mill bank limit, loadouts, etc! Being active on our website earns you yRun Credits. No one can buy credits. yRun Credits unlock gear, vehicles, humanity, loadouts, and bank increases. We are not Pay2Win so dont ask for perks upon donations. Fast Easy Gear and Coin Noob Friendly
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    Hello everyone and let me introduce you to us here at Ground Zero gaming. We are a new community with a freshly wiped sever going live 13/9. Here at GZG we have a wide range of experience from a experienced community manager, experienced scripter and admin. With this we aim to fulfil and surpass the community's expectations by being dedicated to feedback and fixing errors that we see while constantly developing the server. Working XP system with easy access rewards (which will continue to be developed and refined). Quick use menu (view distance, toggle grass and so on!) Global banking system Roaming Trader for higher tier weapons and vehicles Semi Mil 10k view distance 100k Start money Starter kits, humanity and xp booster Regular Events Active and experienced Staff team + Scripter And more! (vehichle garage in the works) Here at GZG we aim to please our players. We have and will continue to put in a tremendous amount to give the server a brilliant experience! We also understand that coming on to a low pop server can be mundane but come on and grab your starter boosters, stick around and help us grow, im sure you'll enjoy it. We look forward to seeing you! How to find us: Search gzg on DAYZ Launcher or: Server IP: Forums: www.gzdayz.enjin.com (will change to groundzerogaming.co.uk soon) TS: TS.groundzerogaming.co.uk Discord: https://discord.gg/fC3gtFk Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gzgop/
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    Also note that the code I use for random magazines, spawns one mag with a variable number of rounds left. I feel personally that that is more realistic but there should probably be a variable where you can specify whether you want that or a random number of mags (and be able to specify the maximum number of mags if so)
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    I guess I should make a github repository for the new version and link it here so folks can further improve it?
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    EpochZ: Bandit Country

    EpochZ: Bandit Country has now been updated to use the new Chernarus Redux mod with (as far as they have got so far) a really good post-apocalyptic feel. The ground loot spawner has been modified to spawn loot in the new open buildings that mod provides (as well as the ones previously opened by OCP/DS Houses), including the new open hospital!
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    Hi This is a restriction to vehicle seat according to humanity. It may be handy to PVE servers out there. Special thanks to Juandayz with his fantastic skills and salival. Both sometimes working unseen for the benefit of this community. Step 1. Make a new file, Name it veh_hum.sqf with the below contents and put into dayz_epoch/addons folder. If you dont have addons just create one. In this example we have a hero superhero and agenthero traders with 20k/40k/60k humanity respectively. Adjust according to your needs. private ["_vehicle","_inVehicle","_driver","_humanity","_txt"]; while {true} do { _vehicle = vehicle player; _inVehicle = (_vehicle != player); if (_inVehicle) then { _driver = driver (vehicle player); if (({(isPlayer _driver) && (alive _driver)} count (crew _vehicle) > 0)) then { _humanity = _driver getVariable["humanity",0]; if (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_heroHumanity && _humanity <= 20000 || (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_superHeroHumanity && _humanity <= 40000) || (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_agentHumanity && _humanity <= 60000)) then { player action ["getOut", (vehicle player)]; titleText ["","WHITE IN"]; _txt = "<img image='addons\vehicon.paa' /><br/><t size='0.7' color='#ea2828' align='center'>prohibited vehicle</t>"; [_txt, [safezoneX, safezoneW], [0.20 * safezoneH + safezoneY, 0.3 * safezoneH], 2, 0.5] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; }; }; }; sleep 3; }; Step 2: Download this file http://www.mediafire.com/file/bdpt5d96o5cttk3/vehicon.rar Unzip and put paa file into addons folder. Step 3: Edit your custom variables file dayz_code/init/variables.sqf Put the vehicles you want to restrict below call dayz_resetselfactions; ike this: // Custom below s_givemoney_dialog = -1; s_bank_dialog = -1; s_player_checkWallet = -1; s_bank_dialog1 = -1; s_bank_dialog2 = -1; s_player_copyToKey = -1; s_player_claimVehicle = -1; s_collect_heli = -1; }; call dayz_resetSelfActions; DZE_heroHumanity = ["Mi17_rockets_RU","Mi24_D","UH1Y_DZE"]; DZE_superHeroHumanity = ["Mi24_V","Mi24_P","Ka52"]; DZE_agentHumanity = ["AV8B2","AV8B","A10","F35B"]; DZE_safeVehicle = DZE_heroHumanity + DZE_superHeroHumanity + DZE_agentHumanity +["ParachuteWest","ParachuteC"]; Step 4: Edit your init file to exec the script. Above the (false,12)execVm.... like below [] execVM "addons\veh_hum.sqf"; //[false,12] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_lights_init.sqf"; Thats it. Enjoy! Hide contents
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    Download mod folder from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kxy4ne6jk58my72/EC_Install_Folder.rar *Include some climatology events executed as epoch events: *SandStorm, *Radioactive Fog, *Acid Rain. *Players will need get covered inside a house or they will die during this events. (use dayz_inside var for it). VIDEO: From minute 0:50 you will see the effect of sandstorm 1- Open the EC_Install folder and place dayz_server\modules folder content into : (\@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\modules\ ) 2-Open the EC_Install folder and place extended_climatology folder into: (...\mpmissions\your instance\ ) 3A-Open your init.sqf 3B-Find lines in red and add lines in blue: 3C-Find lines in red and add lines in blue: 4-in your custom variables.sqf paste in somewhere: 5- open your description.ext
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    [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.1

    Wicked AI 2.2.1 f3cuk has merged the pull request by @ebayShopper and updated the version to 2.2.1. This release is for DayZ Epoch/Overpoch 1.06+ There are 2 versions of this mod, one for DayZ Epoch and one for DayZ Overpoch. Make sure you download the correct version below. >>> Epoch Download <<< >>> Overpoch Download <<< I have updated the Epoch version with the features I added to the Overpoch version and submitted a pull request to f3cuk's master branch. The download link will be updated if/when he merges my pull request. I also added additional weapons to the arrays in config.sqf: UK59, L110, ghillie versions of M14/DMR, etc. The install instructions are in the github readme file for each version. New features in this release: Optional AI counter on mission markers Optional ZSC check wallet on AI Optional static mission spawn points Additional 1.0.6+ weapon and vehicle classnames Caveman's mission pack integrated Pistols added to crate spawning Credits @f3cuk - WAI version 2.2.0 @ebayShopper - 1.0.6+ updates @Caveman - extended mission pack @salival - additional fixes and updates @Zupa - ZSC check wallet @theduke - testing and class name updates @DAmNRelentless - additional configurable variable and check for ZSC option Version 2.2.0 thread Caveman's mission pack thread
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    Fixed: mixture of syntax mistakes in startup.bat, missing database privileges, wrong hiveext.ini and missing c++ redistru.. whatever they are called. Can't spell that xD
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    Looking for a new helper

    Lol, Tech_Support. Perfect nickname for this task xD
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    HELLO. THIS IS THE SECOND VERSION TO TEST. ITS FULLY WORKING JUST RIGHT NOW. BUT NEEDS SOME TESTS IN REAL SERVERS. SO I GONNA POST HERE TO EVERYONE WHO WANNA USE THIS MOD IN HES SERVER AND WANNA SHARE HERE ABOUT HIS EXPERIENSE (cause lag, rpt errors, etc). https://ibb.co/jkBAo5 *WHAT ITS THIS: *Players need piss: ( every time you drink thers a chance to need pee. Get a tree to make pee) *Players need poop: ( every time you eat thers a chance to need poop. Get a tree to make pee) (use toilet paper and waterbottles to get a better clean) *Players need fix tooths: ( every time you drink or eat thers a chance to get a broken/rotten tooth) (use a knife, string and nails to fix your tooth) (use antibacterial wipe and antibiotics to get a better fix) *Players need sex: (every time players spawns thers a chance to need sex) (sex alone, sex with death animals, dead zeds, others players). (get a tent to masturbate if u don like zeds,humans or animals) *Woman characters can be pregnant: (pregnancy gonna made loose blood) *Womans need abort her child: (you will need the sames items to fix tooth to made your abort) *Randoms Heart attacks on players: (get epinephrine to stop the heart attack) Tnks to @iben (take a look on this guy i think he gonna be the next zupa here) for find some errors and fix them. Tnks to @Hooty , @S4M @Kimarik for tests and ideas They was very helpfull. Tnks to @oldmatechoc for helpme with icon positions. And Tnks to @Sandbird this idea becomes to me when i was updating his walk amongst dead mod, So this mod have a strong base on his code. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o9eb7h99202zv5s/zims.rar UNINSTALL THE FIRST TEST REALIZE (only if u already install it) TO GET THE LAST VERSION. *INSTALL THE LAST VERSION YOU GONNA NEED A CUSTOM VARIABLE.sqf and CUSTOM COMPILES.sqf and CUSTOM FN_SELFACTIONS.sqf (i guess you alredy have one or know how to do it.) 1-Open your init.sqf and at VERY BOTTOM PASTE: 2-Open your description.ext 3-Custom Compiles.sqf 4-In your variables.sqf (custom) 5-Changing your custom PublicEH.sqf 6-In your custom fn_selfactions.sqf 7- Paste the zims folder into mpmissions\yourinstance\scripts\
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    try this one if u want that hooker ask for money sexhooker.sqf
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    Your background story reads my mind... thumbs up! Thx for this release... Cheers guys :)
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    Also if you want them to spawn, you should add them to the dynamic vehicle array and adjust their spawn rates.
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    Wtf, this probably took some time to do xD
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    Hey there Epoch-Community, after I had to be pretty inactive here on the forum (caused by studies etc.) I am ready to share my knowledge with you. Although I am sometimes messing around with sqf and don't get everything working at the first time, I am very experienced in creating dialogs. I am offering to post a detailed tutorial on how to create basic dialogs, how to use them and what has to be done to actually call it a dialog. I guess I will also try to update my scripts I released and maybe create some more for you. Let's see whether I can get into sqf again. Nevertheless, I would try to describe it as simple as possible with screenshots showing what to do. So even beginners could use this tutorial to get more experienced with ArmA-Scripting. Those of you who don't even know what these things we'll create are used for, here an example: This is my own script for including a hotbar into the game that lets you choose your current weapon via hotkeys. Those boxes and all the images that are shown in the image are implemented by dialogs. So dialogs are used for HUDs, GUIs, Menus and many things more. If you are interested in this tutorial, leave a reaction, comment down below or leave your opinion in the poll. :) Greetz, Relentless
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    Tracking player name changes...

    Here is an slightly modified version which prevents duplicated on player update without name change. DELIMITER ; DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS `updateName`; DELIMITER // CREATE TRIGGER `updateName` BEFORE UPDATE ON player_data FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF OLD.playerName != NEW.PlayerName THEN INSERT INTO player_alias (tstamp, action, playeruid, PlayerName, notes) select now(), "old", PlayerUID,playerName, "" from player_data where PlayerUID = NEW.playerUID; INSERT INTO player_alias (tstamp, action, playeruid, PlayerName, notes) VALUES (now(), "new", NEW.PlayerUID,NEW.PlayerName, ""); END IF; END// DELIMITER ;
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    @salival I tested it with my Remote Messages and everything is working. Huge thanks salival. That was something I was a long time working on and had never the idea to use my Remote Messages.
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    Just a quick one, not tested at all: If you utilize the player_death from OMC's thread above: //Player kill rewards _killer = _realSource; _coins = _killer getVariable [Z_moneyVariable,0]; _coins = _coins + 250; _killer setVariable[Z_moneyVariable,_coins,true]; and you use my ZSC, you can send a private message to a specific player by their UID: https://github.com/oiad/ZSC/blob/master/dayz_server/compile/server_handleSafeGear.sqf#L122-L123 Add the example below after this line: _killer setVariable[Z_moneyVariable,_coins,true]; example: RemoteMessage = ["private",[getPlayerUID _killer,format ["You killed %1, he had %2 %3.",_name,[_coins] call BIS_fnc_numberText,CurrencyName]]]; publicVariable "RemoteMessage";
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    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    It will only ever give you the option to store 1 at a time since I have it checking if you were the last person in the drivers seat. It helps stop people from duping vehicles by both trying to store the same vehicle
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    hey @salival can't really help with the before and after as I waited until this version to install. However, our feedback from what I would call a medium pop server (15-45) is that it's really good and we aren't having any of the issues previously reported in this thread. Thanks for a cracking script! :thumbsup
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    try this: if (_isPlayer && !_falling) exitWith {};
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    A little refresh to the GUI
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    After a long hiatus from Epoch and a very nice welcome back, some peeps are hitting me up about old scripts. Please dont expect a full rework / remake unless I am going to be adding the feature directly into Epoch. @Drokz mentioned there were a few issues but he was really wanting to use the feature. The issue was with the KeyDown and the AntiHack, he just wanted it to be able to be opened, didnt care about anything else. After a day or so of chat and some time invested, I have made some upgrades and updated the repo. Add DynaMenu self and target actions. Add new temp group icon Remove keyDown EH Remove DonkeyPunch Logo picture Remove old a2 character classnames Add the currentInvites variable which was added to the DonkeyMenu but not this repo
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    This is what i use to allow players to destroy base parts, can pick which objects you wish to be destroyed
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    Execute Code When X Players Are Online

    Apology... I was commenting older stuff, not in current context...
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    Looking for a new helper

    Hey, i can help out if your still looking for someone
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    works a1 tyvm
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    ty for quick post have put it in server this one works no errors gonna make players very happy tyvm im off to work now love this not sure y more servers not running this script
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    if dsnt work.. try replace this code in fn_selfactions.sqf by: and in somewhere of your custom variables.sqf (dsnt matter where) add: DZE_Hookers =["Hooker1","Hooker2","Hooker3","Hooker4"];
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    Hi bud, Not long after this update, I did another upgrade and it is now included in Epoch Experimental for all to enjoy its benefits. This new information will deem this script useless as the included version operates as I originally intended back in 2015. I encourage jumping on one of our servers to test it out or upgrading your test instance to prepare for the 1.0 Epoch release ahead of time! There should be no issue with infistar and this release. The system is built into the dyna menu. Check the installation once more if you could or prepare as mentioned above Have a fantastic weekend and let me know your progress!
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    Aloha, try this on Vanilla Epoch, nothings shows up and no Errors in the rpt i use infi and not the epoch ah
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    [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    @Anhor Your players would also have to do this though. And in my experience players can be lazy, if its not on Dayz Launcher they are not downloading it. The best method I have seen is with @theduke and his custom server.
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    @Emeraldpointgaming another way to do it.. and for prevent the lag as damrelentless said.. is use this one and then create some deployable object allowed only in plot area.. and use the same code from the script above to re-attach the zed in this object. i mean.. pick up some zeds spawned by default .. carry on into vehicles to your base.. deploy an object and attach this zeds into this objects. for deploy the object you can use deploy-anything mod.. or this one here you got another script that you can rewrite easy for use in your idea.
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    nice idea,, or use an object as launcher and place a code runing by server side-- using while {true} do {}; or waituntil nearest players-- to spawn some zeds. something like.. (dirt idea without tests) while {true} do { sleep 1; spawn_area = 10; _playerPos = getPos player; _nearArea = nearestObject [_playerPos, "YOUR OBJECT ID HERE"]; if (!isNull _nearArea) then { _pos2 = getPos _nearArea; waitUntil{{isPlayer _x && _x distance _pos2 < 10 } count playableunits > 0}; _zeds = ["zZombie_Base","z_villager1","z_villager2","z_villager3","z_suit1","z_suit2","z_worker1","z_worker2","z_worker3","z_soldier","z_soldier_heavy","z_soldier_pilot","z_policeman","z_teacher","z_doctor","z_hunter","z_priest"]call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _zCreate = createAgent [_zeds, _pos2, [], spawn_area, "NONE"]; }; };
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    Join our server and start exploring hand-scripted server by Metru! We have active, friendly admins! WELCOME TO OUR BLACKBOX GAMING COMMUNITY!! Server IP : TS IP : ts.blackbox-community.de !!!
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    Well I couldn't sleep wondering if that edit was going to fix it so I got back up and tested - Salival, you nailed it. So now if players use guns or explosives on another player they'll survive. If they shoot AI they die, and vice versa, same for zombies and if zombies attack the player takes damage, and now tested fall damage after re-verifying everything - Case closed! Thanks a ton for the help, this will seriously cut down on the "Bobby shot Tommy over a mission" notifications I have to see each day.
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    Scroll Wheel View Distance

    @WLF very nice. Try use >= and <= to not get issues with 500 and 3500 values. private ["_vd"]; _vd = viewDistance; if (_vd <= 3499) exitWith {_vd = _vd + 100;setViewDistance _vd;systemchat format ["View distance = %1m", viewDistance];}; if (_vd >= 3500) exitWith {_vd = 3500;setViewDistance _vd;systemchat format ["View distance = %1m", viewDistance];}; private ["_vd"]; _vd = viewDistance; if (_vd >= 500) exitWith{_vd = _vd - 100;setViewDistance _vd;systemchat format ["View distance = %1m", viewDistance];}; if (_vd <= 499) exitWith {_vd = 500;setViewDistance _vd;systemchat format ["View distance = %1m", viewDistance];};
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    Brian Soanes

    Forum Updated: this is only a test

    Seems fine here
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    Apologies for the delay in posting this as its been ready for quite some time now. This system adds the vector building system directly to epoch code and the custom keys feature on the escape menu. Download and instructions for install are located here: https://github.com/ravmustang/Arma3_Epoch_VectorBldg To contribute to this system, you are free to fork and do a pull merge request. For support request questions / comments or suggestions please visit here for faster service: https://discord.me/eXpoch