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    No I haven't used this tool before. Adding the three lines as additional filters has solved the #32 kick but there is a bunch of other restrictions in the log after I ran the server with the action being taken change from 5 to 3 to just log violations. The BEM tool doesn't seem to be correctly importing from the log files, I just get an empty screen with a loading bar that says done. Should I be going through my scripts.log and adding every violation as a new filter to the correct lines using BEM? I did this and haven't run into any issues yet so I'll keep adding any restrictions as they pop up. Thanks for the help.
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    Are you using the BEM BattlEye Filter tool to update your .txt files? Link for tool: http://bem.themeq.xyz/index.php Line #32, this is where all script restriction #32's go: 5 createAgent !="bis_revive_ratioLethal = createAgent [\"Logic\", [10,10,0], [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent[_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 256, \"FORM\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 120, \"FORM\"];" !="_animal = createAgent[_randomAIClass, _animalPos, [], 5, \"NONE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Cloak_F\", _pos, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _targetPos, [], 180, \"FORM\"];" !="_sapper = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", getPos _cage2, [], 0, \"FORM\"];" !="_unit = createAgent[_unitClass, position player, [], _zRange, \"FORM\"];" !="_animal = createAgent[_randomAIClass, _animalPos, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_axeSapper = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _pos, [], 12, \"FORM\"];" !="_nestMate = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _garrPos, [], 0, \"FORM\"];" Your script restriction #32. You need to use the BEM tool to add this to the above line: "pos0 = [(_coords select 0),(_coords select 1),0]; _unit = createAgent [_agent, _pos0, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _unitdir = _objects" Download the .log and .txt file to your PC. The edit takes place on your PC in the BattlEye folder where you installed Arma3. You will upload the updated file to your server and restart for it to take effect or wait until your server restarts if its scheduled to do so.
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    Epoch Server Performance

    Ryans Zombies is a massive performance hit, according to every server host that has ever used it. They say it is badly optimised. Maps can also affect performance sometimes, hosts say the Chern. Redux is a performance hog, for example. Personally I would not be bothered by those numbers, and only really be worried when players come to you with reports of server lag - (which is VERY different from client lag, and often includes things like AI rubber banding over 30 meters, or building objects not saving because the Database is struggling) - or stuttering or worse, like not being able to connect to the server at all. for more info, you could repeat the test with only Epoch active on Altis, this way you get baseline and you modded server results.
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    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    epoch_server_settings/config.cpp says how much Vehicles from any type will be handled by epoch. Reserved Slots say, how much additional (non Epoch) Vehicles can be on the map. So set reserved slots to 200 for example and everything should be okay
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    Do not run Arma 2 OA beta, it is outdated as the word obsolete mean. Your players do no need Day 1.9.0 to play on your epoch server. Epoch has Dayz 1.9.0 as base already,
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    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    Remove all Vehicles here (or set the numbers to 0): https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_server_settings/config.cpp#L198-L245 And increase the reserved Vehicle Slots to how much Vehicles you want max possible on the Server: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Server_Install_Pack/%40epochhive/epochconfig.hpp#L68 Do NOT set the reserved Slots to a too high number, or the Server Boot will take a long time (it checks every single slot from the DB on Boot)
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    Over9000 Epoch Panthera

    10/10 server. Played on many arma servers but this is by far the one with the most love Came back after wipe (which is the first I'm aware of) Now you have XP-perks, which can enhance your character in the most unique ways Just some of the stuff you can do with perks Growing weed at your base, harvesting tabacco, better metabolism or zombie camo, base spawn and so much more... Also has home made missions. I think litterly everything of this server has been customized. In a good way. The server economy is also brilliant. Scripting: 10/10 Feeling bored of Chernarus? Try this server. You won't regret it :) Thanks A Man, for this amazing server!
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    mission_check.sqf takes a lot of time

    Hi, i had the problem that joining the server after a restart took like 4 minutes. To spot the problem, i added many diag_log-Lines to specific serverfiles so I can see where the server gets stuck. The problematic files were dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf and dayz_server\init\mission_check.sqf (the second file gets included in the first file) Here you see my RPT: As you can see nearly 2 minutes are used between SERVER_FUNCTIONS 21 kk_functions and MISSION_CHECK 22. Thats exactly where the mission_check.sqf is doing his work. Even with the default version of this file, it takes two minutes on my server. When I comment everything out there, the server starts noticeable faster. So in short terms: With no mission_check.sqf my server starts noticeable faster. Does anyone know how I can tackle this? Did I do something wrong?
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    Afterlife Dayz OVerpoch Script Pack -7 custom build... (Basebor,Balota,Basenovy,Elektro (trader) Gem trader, Hilltop) -Wai Mission -Bank traders ( disabled) //MODULES// -abandonedvault -deathcorpse -drug_bust -gems -player_supply -weed Scripts: -safeZoneRelocate -Stormz Craft menu -AntiDupe -Tow/and Lift -Plot management (maintain) 10 days -New Effect map right click -remove grass, map right click -Custom trader -Added trader (Gem and sniper trader) -Custom loot -Remove zombies plot pole and trader zone -Tab menu script -Stary parking custom build script -Hard loot -Hotwire door and vehicles ...etc //Battleye// -Fix full script -Bec auto restart 3 hours Server start: -Restart.bat Donate paypal: [email protected] use it with health Afterlife Server scripts Download
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    EpochZ: Bandit Country

    You have to add every single weapon to addweaponcargo.txt, if you don't want to remove this file (not recommend). The No entry message comes, if in any loot is a wrong itemclass defined (in your case 'acc_flashligh' instead of 'acc_flashligh(t)'). If the message also comes up witjout any missions / loot on the server, a player has already taken this not defined item and put it in his storages. Then it is hard to find and remove it...
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    ZSC trader menus

    If you want you can send me your mission folder in mp I will try to find the error.
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    Buried Treasure Event

    Hello all, Here is a new random event. These are tombs that appear randomly on the map with only zombies, Once the players on the spot an action is available to search the graves, On eight of the tombs only one contains loot. Github Link
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    NEW Custom NEAF

    For the epoch community!!! HI mates, this time I bring the airport northeast. Imagen.1 imagen.2 imagen.3 1. create folder "custom_maps" and put in your server. // You can put the name that you want. 2. put into the custom folder "NEAF_S4M.sqf" // You can put the name that you want. 3. in your server_functions.sqf Files Here!!! P.D: I'm still working on this, I'll update it again...And sorry for my english.
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    BattlEye Kick

    Thanks for the help, now I've sorted it out, all set up no problems, thanks again for the help.
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    BattlEye Kick

    https://www.battleye.com/support/documentation/ maxCreateVehiclePerInterval [amount] [interval in seconds]Specify the maximum amount of “createVehicle” events a player is allowed to send per interval. If amount is -1 there is no limit (default), if amount is 0 the use of the command is completely forbidden.
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    Use this :
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    stormz crafting menu fixed and up dated

    I took the class names, I did not use your files here is the contents of one of the files:
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    I will release the script as soon as I finish testing and configuring it
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    Mig this is nice would you release the content for everyone ??
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    I make that ,quickly:
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    basically with this script, we can not use buildings or vehicles. to be able to use them, many modifications would have to be made.
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    Epoch Server Restart App

    Hey guys! I've recently started an Epoch Server, which is still in WIP phase. I wanted to add the server autorestart script, but I'll also have to add some extra amendments in the future, so I came up with this: https://github.com/player-zone/EpochServerRestart It's written in node, started as an experiment so please don't judge the codebase. Just thought someone might find this useful. I'll release an .exe soon.
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    Anyone here?

    I finally finished making the changes to DZMS, tested and functional. If you are having problems or bugs let me know. https://github.com/MigSDev5/DZMS-MissionSystem
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    I have a mission similar to what you have in mind. The mission itself, players look at an object and are teleported to a special trader same thing to get back. teleport _to.sqf _pos = [[3436.75,14440.4,2.09933],[3439.35,14441.7,1.74573],[3439.79,14449.9,0.741669],[3434.78,14451.2,0.979614]] call bis_fnc_selectrandom; cutText ["Hold Tight","BLACK OUT"]; sleep 1; cutText ["","WHITE IN"]; player setVariable ["oldPosition",(position player),true]; player setPos _pos; obviously, change your _pos to your positions, Now to get back, you need this teleport_back.sqf player setPos (player getVariable ["oldPosition",[0,0,0]]); you'll also need to edit your fn-selfactions.sqf, like @Mig mentioned in his first post so you get the action on your scroll wheel you also posted in the wrong section, this is for script/mod releases.
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    You know guys if you would give a brief description of how you fixed your problem, it would help others. That is what the forum is all about.