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    Custom Attachments

    As I wanted to make attachments attach/detachable to AK107 and SCARs, I have customized attachments system a bit. I forgot I made this one and a half years ago, but I now post it here. You can attach/detach attachments from right clink action on weapons (not attachments currently) with these scripts; 1. add these two scripts in DayZ_Epoch_**.map\Custom folder: Custom\attachAttachment.sqf Custom\removeAttachment.sqf * these scripts are based on vanilla DayZ Epoch's attachment system. not original 2. Add these lines in your clickAction config for Arma2CO weapons: for some of Overwatch weapons: The array for evecVM is ['Attachment_item','Attached_weapon','Base_weapon'] . You can use any item and any weapon. BTW, I hope SCARs and AK107s will be included in next DayZ Epoch update, as we already have them without attachments. (I'll someday try changing click option from weapons to attachments like vanilla DayZ/DayZEpoch attachment system, but not soon.)
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    Brian Soanes

    arma3 1.86 update

    It's an error with the Arma 3 update, hopefully resolved soon.
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    There is a new build now in testing available on the github which includes many bug fixes and code enhancements. Many thanks to He Man for looking through and working on the code. https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/blckeagles-revisited-RC/tree/V-6.88-Build-160
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    @Schalldampfer I would try: 5 addItem !="_this call HS_additemtolb;false" !="AddItemOK" But not 100% sure if it works
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    arma3 1.86 update

    Thanks Grahame. I verified the update this morning fixed it.
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    arma3 1.86 update

    Since the update my mods all show signature mismatch, I noticed some other epoch servers also show this, what's up?
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    arma3 1.86 update

    ARMA3 discord. Hotfix expected tomorrow morning, US time... may be delayed again. https://discord.gg/7rvJHB
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    Seasonal Trader Bug

    On 2018-12-01 seasonal trader skins got active. Traders are for this month Snowmans. Unfortunately there are issues for the trader missions with Snowmans. To fix this, check out these changes in experimental: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commit/6965609e963de70679ca7539868b32e45ea608a2 If there are problems by implementing, just ask. I will try to help you out.
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    Increase antagonists

    mpmissions\epoch.Altis\epoch_config\Configs\CfgEpochClient.hpp antagonistRngChance there are other variables to play with... cheers
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    Thanks - I expect to be making a few more changes to that branch before merging it with the Master. If anyone notes any odd behavior related to simulation management please let me know.
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    LOL, and I had just downloaded it earlier for the Black Tide relaunch... Nice timing! Good job guys, best A3 mission system right now!
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    A Man

    Remove Backspace menu when hitting F2

    @JakeQue Remove DIK_F2 from the Block Array and add at the end of your F2 code _handled = true;
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    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    wai_keep_vehicles = false; // save vehicles to database and keep them after restart (if you want to make only a certain vehicle not to be permanent, then set wai_*** = false just before spawning it and wai_*** = true after it spawned.)
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    now I made it to return items when you remove objects. put these lines in the bottom of custom\Buildables\variables.sqf This code adds all objects in AAC into DZE_modularConfig array. (maybe in this way, you can make it not to require writing everything into variables.sqf) -- btw, I have forked and edited AAC for https://github.com/Schalldampfer/Advanced-Gem-crafting
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    It's not April 1st yet
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    Its a classic server, not too much militarized. very good FPS !! Server: Teamspeak:
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    Hi guys, I've had requests for a pack of all my mods that i've written or updated tested and working so here it is. Everything is tested as working but there may be little things I have missed, I've done all the installs the way I like to do them (super anal ocd) Infistar is implemented, please see: https://github.com/oiad/modPack#infistar-install THERE ARE CURRENTLY NO BATTLEYE FILTERS FOR FOR ANY OF MY MODS. Feel free to submit! # Supported mods: Bury Bodies Community Localizations Click Actions Deploy Anything Garage Door Opener Locate Vehicle Safe Zone Relocate Service Points Take Clothes Virtual Garage Vehicle Key Changer ZSC Please visit: https://github.com/oiad/modPack for more information.
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    A Man

    Remove Backspace menu when hitting F2

    @JakeQue search for the array that blocks the DIK_F keys in your keyboard.sqf. It should be above of if (dayz_groupSystem) then { Looks mostly like that: [[ DIK_F12, DIK_F8,DIK_F7,DIK_F6,DIK_F5, DIK_F2,DIK_9, DIK_8,DIK_7,DIK_6,DIK_5,DIK_4], _block] call _addArray; If you have not entered DIK_F2 add it there.
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    [WIP/RELEASE] Bank Robbery V3.

    First of all, I'm sorry for not updating this project. I've been very busy. Secondly, I'd like to know if there is still interest in this script. If there is, I'll redo the whole script and make it much more advanced. Please let me know.
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    A Man

    PVCDZ_plr_Login2 change Epoch ?

    @salival Ah well thx, but how I have to change the if call to get it working again? Edit: I found the problem. Ive overwrote my PVCDZ_plr_Login2 = [_worldspace,_state,_randomKey]; Now everything is working again.
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    PVCDZ_plr_Login2 change Epoch ?

    In this commit here for antihack stuff: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/commit/8035df0ba0cd928b84085e288c5cb88260870a3e#diff-ad0636fc2328a27bd80bad9f46126307R241 look at playersetup.sqf