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    [Release] Epoch Recipes Previews

    - Searches Epoch files for items that can be built by players. The coding could be better optimized but I had trouble getting the return recipe outputs in a way I could display nicely. please have a crack at fixing this! :D https://github.com/ch0c/epoch-recipes
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    [Release] Trader Catalogue / Previews

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    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.6

    I have uploaded the fix for the exploding patrol vehicles. Just replace the whole file called vehicle_patrol.sqf. For some reason the update to CfgAISkill in 1.0.7 is causing the driver and the gunner to exit the vehicle when shot at. This fix prevents them from leaving the vehicle. https://github.com/f3cuk/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/compile/vehicle_patrol.sqf Remember that the vehicle is designed to go up in flames by setting damage to full when both the driver and the gunner are dead. If you do not want the vehicle to do this then edit function wai_monitor_ai_vehicles. Take out the setDamage part. https://github.com/f3cuk/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/compile/functions.sqf#L126-L137 So it's like this: wai_monitor_ai_vehicles = { { local _vehicle = _x; if (alive _vehicle && ({alive _x} count crew _vehicle > 0)) then { _vehicle setVehicleAmmo 1; _vehicle setFuel 1; }; } count _this; };
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    Epoch Antihack / Admin Tools

    Hello everyone, Here is the public release of my Antihack / Admin tools. Both myself and Movinggun put a lot of work into this, so I hope you all can benefit. The culmination of my time spent on this game went into this, and I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I did. Unfortunately due to time, I will not be able to actively add to this project, but I will always be around to approve pull requests. This project can easily live on through the community, and I hope you all the enjoy the complexity of everything involved with it. The repository that contains install instructions can be found here: https://github.com/BigEgg17/Epoch-Antihack-Admin-Tools I will add source code for the DLL as soon as it is received from Movinggun, along with the source for the executable file. I will also create an official release on the Github as soon as everything is successfully converted for compatibility with 1.0.7. Best wishes to the community, I look forward to applying all changes desired, and to answering any questions members may have. It's been a blast and I will never forget some of the memories and friends made on this game. - BigEgg
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    Try this if (!isDedicated) then { //OriginsFix ui_initDisplay = { private ["_ctrlBleed","_ctrlFracture"]; disableSerialization; _display = uiNamespace getVariable 'DAYZ_GUI_display'; _control = _display displayCtrl 1204; _control ctrlShow false; if (!r_player_injured) then { _ctrlBleed = _display displayCtrl 1303; _ctrlBleed ctrlShow false; }; if (!r_fracture_legs && !r_fracture_arms) then { _ctrlFracture = _display displayCtrl 1203; _ctrlFracture ctrlShow false; }; { _ctrl = _display displayCtrl _x; _ctrl ctrlShow false; } count [1705,1706,1707,1708,1709,73190,73180,73191,73181,73192,73182,73193,73183,73194,73184,73195,73185,73196,73186,73197,73187,73198,73188,73199,73189,1206,1209,1210,1211,1212,1213,73173,1308,1309,1310,1311,1312,1313,1314,1315,1316,1205,1214,1317,1712,1711,1713,1704,1703,1710]; }; gear_ui_hide = { private["_display","_BP","_ctrl"]; disableSerialization; _display = findDisplay 106; _BP = unitBackpack player; if (ctrlShown (_display displayCtrl 159)) then {//prevent background images in backpack view for "_i" from 1006 to 1011 do { (_display displayCtrl _i) ctrlShow false; }; } else { for "_i" from 1006 to 1011 do { if (!(ctrlShown (_display displayCtrl _i))) then { (_display displayCtrl _i) ctrlShow true; }; }; }; //hide buttons if unnecessary if (isNull _BP || ((typeOf _BP) == "")) then { (_display displayCtrl 132) ctrlShow false; (_display displayCtrl 157) ctrlShow false; (_display displayCtrl 158) ctrlShow false; }; if ((DZE_TwoPrimaries == 0) && {primaryWeapon player == "" && {dayz_onBack != ""} && {!(dayz_onBack in MeleeWeapons)}}) then { //["gear"] call player_switchWeapon; 0 call dz_fn_switchWeapon; closeDialog 0; }; if ((DZE_TwoPrimaries == 1) && {primaryWeapon player != "" && {dayz_onBack != ""} && {!(dayz_onBack in MeleeWeapons)} && {!(primaryWeapon player in MeleeWeapons)}}) then { //["gear"] call player_switchWeapon; 0 call dz_fn_switchWeapon; closeDialog 0; }; if ((DZE_TwoPrimaries == 0) && {primaryWeapon player != ""} && {primaryWeapon player in MeleeWeapons || dayz_onBack in MeleeWeapons}) then { (_display displayCtrl 1204) ctrlShow true; } else { if ((DZE_TwoPrimaries > 0) && {primaryWeapon player != ""}) then { (_display displayCtrl 1204) ctrlShow true; } else { (_display displayCtrl 1204) ctrlShow false; }; }; if (DayZ_onBack != "") then { (_display displayCtrl 1208) ctrlShow true; } else { (_display displayCtrl 1208) ctrlShow false; }; for "_i" from 0 to (lbSize (_display displayCtrl 105)) - 1 do { (_display displayCtrl 105) lbSetColor [_i, [0.06, 0.05, 0.03, 1]]; }; //Fix Gear menu { _ctrl ctrlShow false; _ctrl = _display displayCtrl _x; _ctrl ctrlSetText ""; _ctrl ctrlSetTextColor [0,0,0,0]; _ctrl ctrlSetActiveColor [0,0,0,0]; _ctrl ctrlSetPosition [0,0,0,0]; _ctrl ctrlSetFade 1; _ctrl ctrlCommit 0; } count [510,73200,73201,73175,73176,73177,73178,73179,73180,73181,73182]; }; };
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    @Vladick Looks like you havent redirected the custom keyboard.sqf In your compiles correctly. add DZ_KeyDown_EH = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "path_to your\keyboard.sqf"; some where under if (!isDedicated) then { in your compiles.sqf
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    @Vladick if (_dikCode == 0x15) then { []execVM "scripts\catalogue\catalog_menu.sqf"; }; 0x15 = Y https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes
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    [Release] Debug Menu

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    Deploy Anything in version 3.0.1 updated for Epoch 1.0.7. https://github.com/oiad/deployAnything
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    Epoch Antihack / Admin Tools

    Firstly, I want to state that I very well could be wrong with my answer, it's been a few years since I ran an Arma server. You should make sure you have read this: guide to BE filters and after reading that, I believe the solution to your problem would be going to the addBackpack line in scripts.txt (line 3) and adding a partial statement (removing the unique ID) like so: !"if (_id == 5) exitWith {\n player addBackpack (_param select 1);\n call player_forceSave;" Again, I could be wrong here, hence why I asked about BE filters in the first place. Doing !"exception" instead of !"whole/exact exception" should be the fix...
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    OASIS Podagorsk Server

    Hello! I host an Australian based Epoch 1.0.7 Server on the Podagorsk Map! It is PvP but friendly about it, oriented about difficult survival, not militarised. Has Roaming AI, Missions, and other scripts. Feedback and suggestions welcomed! Discord: https://discord.gg/6hfjbxyp55 Find us on DayZ Launcher here:
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    A Man

    Epoch 1.0.7 Pre-Release

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Epoch 1.0.7 Pre-Release with signed pbos and the needed server key. This will be in test until the 15th of April to make sure everything works correctly. Joining with the DayZ Launcher Download and install 7-zip from this website: https://7-zip.de/download.html Download the Epoch 1.0.7 Client Files from google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Xx0wq8QJFG4AqeXquxMQADm8y73FYeYO If you have finished the download, unpack the Epoch 1.0.7 Client Files. You need at least 7,4 GB of disk space. Go into the folder where you have installed all your of Arma 2 OA DayZ mods. It depends on where the DayZ Launcher has set the path. Once you found the folder with your mods rename @DayZ_Epoch to @DayZ_Epoch_old. Copy and paste the downloaded and unpacked folder from 3. into the mods folder where you have renamed the Epoch Mod. Keep in mind you need at least 7,4 GB of disk space. There should be a folder with the name @DayZ_Epoch_old and @DayZ_Epoch now. Click on @DayZ_Epoch and check if there is a sub folder called addons. @DayZ_Epoch\addons. If there is another folder called @DayZ_Epoch copy everything from this folder into the root folder called @DayZ_Epoch. So it looks like: that @DayZ_Epoch\addons and not: @[email protected]_Epoch\addons. You are ready to join an Epoch 1.0.7 Server now. Open the DayZ Launcher and join - Offical DayZ Epoch 1.0.7 Pre-Release Version You will get a message that Epoch needs validating/updating. Click ok and ignore it. You can join the Test Server now. If you want to join any other Epoch non 1.0.7 server, just rename @DayZ_Epoch_old back to @DayZ_Epoch For Server Admins: You have to update to the new server files that coming with this Pre-Release update. Download and install 7-zip from this website: https://7-zip.de/download.html Download the Epoch 1.0.7 Server Files from google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gHNE4VBCeYXi0P_hosAI8k-49v15WNdr Take the DayZEpoch107.bikey from the Server Files keys folder and put them into your server keys folder. Also set verifySignatures = 2; in your config.cfg to activate the signatures check. How to test: Do not use any third party scripts or tools. Do not use infistar as an admin tool. Use this testkit: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/TestKit Enable -showscripterrors in the DayZ Launcher and never ever use -nologs for testing. If you have bugs and problems on testing always provide logs. Server(if you are the admin) and Client Logs. You can find the Client Logs under C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\ArmA 2 OA It is possbile that the folder is hidden in windows. You can make it visible: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028316/windows-view-hidden-files-and-folders-in-windows-10 Do not post the logs directly, use pastebin.com, google drive, or something like that and add the link. Report all bugs under this topic.
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