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    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    Hi guys, Here's my version of Virtual Garage, it's not far off a full rewrite but includes some of the original code that the original author contributed. Fixes a lot of problems and adds a lot of newer features: Single UI for storing/retrieving vehicles Dynamic pricing based on vehicle type/classname Dynamic limits based on vehicle type/classname Adds support for removing a helipad nearby Able to see storage in stored vehicles RPT logging for storing/retrieving vehicles Fixes dupes for more than 2 people depositing the same vehicle Supports briefcases and coins Localization support (currently german and russian) Has uninstall information for the previous version Please see my github repo for install instructions: https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage
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    [HOW-TO] DankHax Prevention

    Hey everyone, I just figured I would drop a line and save everyone some head-aches for a while at least. Step 1: Remove infistars trash scripts.txt Step 2: Create a new scripts.txt and add the following to it: //new2 4 dedicatedServerInterface 4 openDSInterface !="a _lbindex;\n};\n\nif (_lbselected == \"DSInterface\") then {openDSInterface;};\nif (isMultiplayer) then {player createDiarySubject [\"" 5 reRunCheck This will prevent people from using the server control panel in game, and will block the dankhax injector entirely. This variable could obviously be changed by them, so to be even safer, you could also filter for execVM. Hope it helps :)
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    Time Control

    Now I think I made it work... I hope this script can be the time control script for Installation: 1. in dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf, add at the bottom: This will accelerate the time "_speed" times every "_interval" seconds. In this sample, x4.000 for daytime and x6.666 for dawn and dusk, and x10.000 for night. skipTime will accelerate the time for the server, and dayzSetDate will synchronize the time between the server and clients. 2. in dayz_server\system\scheduler\sched_init.sqf, delete or comment out: This will disable default time synchronization. Now sched_init.sqf will be: That's all! I hope it works well... This is the link to Joelma's Time Control by @Donnovan :
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    virtual garage

    Right, first of all, you can stick that attitude up your ass. Second of all, we can't help you if you don't help your self. The instructions are pretty simple, hey maybe they could be a bit better but there has been a tonne of install with no issues. I spent quite a lot of hours on this rewrite, FOR FREE. I am happy to fix your problem but you work to my schedule. If you like, I can leave work now and invoice you for the time I'll be away from work and my family to fix this for you asap. If you don't like the mod, I'll refund you the price you paid for it. I.e NOTHING.
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    Global variables

    Reading your code this is really over-complicated for what it does. Part of the age old "if you wrote it twice you wrote it too much". You should never need to use random and then a switch unless you are randomizing code to run. A call like that is also poor as I believe each call would create a new thread. The only downside to my code is it is likely biased to one side, only your testing will tell. Your minimums and maxes may need adjusting. Here's my take on it. Much cleaner in less lines and it should be better performance. You also don't need to include it inside (isServer) since I have an exitWith at the top if it isn't a server.
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    And still no one has mentioned their server fps or provided rpts.
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    [Release] modular localization script

    Hi guys. I got the idea to write a modular based localization script since in my experience there's a lot of people that require localization but would struggle to use a stringTable.xml file. I've kind of reinvented the wheel because the stringTable.xml file works great but is confusing. It may be useful for people releasing scripts without the hassle of worrying about admins having to merge the stringTable file, it's only limitation is that it can't be used in dialogs (to my knowledge you cant do text = function) Included with an example script. supported languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Czech, Russian, Polish and Hungarian Github URL: https://github.com/oiad/fnc_localize
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    Damage Map addons.

    Small script for damage default cities. Do not use largest values on ratio... may causes lows fps. damage_cities.sqf and at bottom of init add: execVM "scripts\damage_cities.sqf"; Done! You also can add other things to damage.. for example _target = [4185.0303,4157.5503,0]; _damage_ratio=150; _server_x= _target nearObjects [["vehicles","Man"], _damage_ratio]; {_x setdammage 1} forEach _server_x; i dont know was usefull for me to simulate a nuclear dessease
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    virtual garage

    https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/blob/master/README.md#mission-folder-install Step number one COPY THE DAYZ_CODE AND THE SCRIPTS FOLDER TO YOUR MISSION FOLDER I don't know how i can make this clearer without doing it for you.
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    I'd like to update the problem that @TheBillsProjectwas having. There was a lot of problems stemming from a bad install from his game hosting provider (survival servers) in pretty much every mod they installed. I have fixed their issues and removed their STUPID directory structure (that caused the bulk of the problems) and the server is running correctly now.
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    That was written in 2015 @Thug There was a lot going on back in 2015 that caused some of the attitude you saw in that post. I think most people in the community today are very, very sharing. I personally have learned many things from others here and received a lot of help on fixing problems and adding functionality.
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    Help with a napf bridge.

    at the bottom of serverfunctions.sqf or in a seperate file called from serverfunctions.sqf you put this: fnc_bridgeA2 = { private ["_start","_obj"]; _start = createVehicle [_this select 2,_this select 0,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _start setVectorUp [0,0,1]; _start setDir (_this select 1); _start setPosATL (_this select 0); for "_i" from 1 to (_this select 3) do { _obj = createVehicle [_this select 2,_this select 0,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _obj attachTo [_start, [_i*(_this select 4),_i*(_this select 5),_i*(_this select 6)]]; }; }; //examples of use: //first (array) is the coords, second (number) is the direction, third (classnames) is the object you want to use, //fourth (number) is the count (how many objects), last three (numbers) is the offset. //[[7688.9277, 5936.1899, 1.23430218], 87.44249,"MAP_Bridge_wood_25",4,17,0,0] call fnc_bridgeA2; //[[13640.5,3862.64,-1], 105,"Land_nav_pier_m_2",17,40,0,0] call fnc_bridgeA2; //[[4638.26,2564.16,0.00143909],120,"MAP_runway_main_40",17,0,40,0] call fnc_bridgeA2; //[[4649.19,2515.24,0.00143909],120,"MAP_runway_poj_draha",16,0,40,0] call fnc_bridgeA2; //[[11812.4,12838.6,0.00143433],110,"MAP_runway_main_40",18,0,40,0] call fnc_bridgeA2; //[[11814.2,12799.4,0.00143433],110,"MAP_runway_poj_draha",17,0,40,0] call fnc_bridgeA2; //[[12938.8,3690.2,0.00156188],120,"Land_Ind_Expedice_2",16,3.5,30.65,0] call fnc_bridgeA2; this creates a bridge at a defined spawnpoint and can be made as long as you want it to be.
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    This is how to add an ai counter to your mission markers. During my testing, it counts all ai except helicopter crew. Unpack your server PBO and open file dayz_server/WAI/compile/mission_init.sqf Find this line private["_position","_color","_name","_running","_mission","_type","_marker","_dot"]; and replace with this line private["_position","_color","_name","_running","_mission","_type","_marker","_dot","_text","_airemain"]; Find this line type = (wai_mission_data select _mission) select 1; Place this below it _airemain = (wai_mission_data select _mission) select 0; _text = format["%1 [%2 Remaining]",_name,_airemain]; Find this line _marker setMarkerText _name; Replace with this _marker setMarkerText _text; Find this line _dot setMarkerText _name; Replace with this _dot setMarkerText _text; The new block of code should look like this Save the file and repack your server PBO. I am going to add this as a toggleable option to my github repo later, but this is how you can add it to an existing server.
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    The default fn_selfActions from ZSC check wallet will pick up an AI correctly (https://github.com/oiad/ZSC/blob/master/dayz_code/compile/fn_selfActions.sqf#L930) _isMan = _cursorTarget isKindOf "Man"; //includes animals and zombies Correctly detects AI as _isMan isPlayer cursorTarget will not detect an AI. @novaif your check wallet isn't showing for an AI then something else is amiss, it will show even if the AI has no coins
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    We used these on GG for the longest time. I believe Wicked had them originally and it looks like Gr8 ported them over to Arma 3. I have seen people grab them out of GG's mission file, but I am not going to post them here as they are not my work to release and it isn't anyone else's either. If you want them, shoot a message to the owner of Wicked PVP. If you see something custom on a server, ask the server owner if you can have it, don't post here asking for people to get it for you.
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    Capture Points

    @Expherion here you got one that i wrote with @iben for my deathmatch mod. Thers no crate spawns at the end.. but you can add one very easy. (Players wins money every 60 seconds for hold the position) player_deathmatch_enter.sqf player_deathmatch_leave.sqf mission.sqm (use this file to set a pos and ratio where this area is located) heres another variant that i wrote for nuclear wars.. wheres the script spawns waves of 3 enemy ai. bandits.sqf
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    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    Hi guys, I fixed the issues listed on gitHub / mentioned to me, thanks to @DieTanx @azzdayz and @BigEgg for the heads up. Fix traders not working as a garage: https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/commit/3f074795fcd2f34d8e62c757cd4f96d3c2758ffc Fix wrong price for storing vehicle with gear: https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/commit/61cbd87d1995a5dd43db957b00bd9f98c917aece Fix getVehicle when toolbelt full: https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/commit/4075381933c7909de6fcf1556e8f54abd394119b
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    Global variables

    from what he wrote, I suspect he needs to use the public variable instead? as a global variable per se is not synchronized between clients/ the server.
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    As salival said, it sounds like the server can not keep up with the load. Things like logging in and group management send PVS to the server. If the server FPS is low and script scheduler is busy the corresponding PVEH can take a very long time to fire or seem like it is not firing at all. You should aim to keep server FPS above 15. The biggest server FPS killer is AI units spawned on the server, since they use all the CPU power. And the A2OA server tends to only take advantage of two cores, or two virtual cores on CPUs with hyperthreading. Other than that you also want to avoid running any scripts on the server which are loops with sleeps or long sleeps in general. These stay in the scheduler queue indefinitely or for a long time and slow it down. When server FPS is five a 15 second sleep can take over five minutes for example.
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    With a lot of work (couple days) and lots of help from @salival @juandayz and @JasonTM, ive been able to put together a new method for activating this script. You can choose to have right click actions on skins, a button press or you can have it all operate from looking at a wardrobe/closet. Using this new method will remove the ability to use the dialog to perform a field sex change, but will grant you the ability to change your clothes without having a bunch of extra code for skins but more code than the f9/f10 option (didnt like the idea). so heres the code this should work whether you use the epoch or overpoch version, tested with overpoch version and doing field sex changes, so have fun! EXCELLENT WORK MATE! I was working on doing something like this but yours with the dialog and just so much better looking.... hope you appreciate my 2 cents on using wardrobes...
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    Hacker in my server

    Thanks for posting the solution dumbass :) If you didn't think I knew that, then you need to do a reality check. Hackers aren't that smart and were using public scripts. Great job man
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    Vote day / night bug

    Because Epoch synchs the server time to make sure things don't get out of whack: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/SQF/dayz_server/system/scheduler/sched_sync.sqf If you want to remove this function (which some people have and claim works OK) Comment out or delete this line: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/SQF/dayz_server/system/scheduler/sched_init.sqf#L6 Comment out or delete this line: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/SQF/dayz_server/system/scheduler/sched_init.sqf#L14
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    Execute Code When X Players Are Online

    I would recommend using this method, but also making sure to add a uiSleep, as a continuous loop will cause some lag. You also cannot define the count of playable units before the waitUntil, as it sets the variable to a number, therefore the value will never be true as the amount will always show as the number of players that were on when the variable was set. The correct way would be: private "_neededAmount"; _neededAmount = 10; waitUntil {uiSleep 5; count playableUnits > _neededAmount};
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    DOWNLOAD TL-DR: makes 7 sheds that were not enterable, now enterable. Description: SM_Sheds is an addon that offers more enterable "sheds", all of these sheds are from ArmA 2, and have been modeled, and textured from scratch. Currently there are only 7 NEW enterable sheds, some metal, some wood. All of the sheds look almost identical to the original ones. Notes: - This addon does NOT require a buildings replacement script. - All of the non-enterable versions of the sheds have been replaced with the enterable ones. - THIS IS NOT APL-SA CONTENT Requirements: - CUP Terrains-Core For server owners: All you have to do is download this mod, and add it to the -mod= launch parameters. ClassNames: - Land_Misc_WaterStation - Land_Shed_M01 - Land_Shed_M03 - Land_Shed_W01 - Land_Shed_W02 - Land_Shed_W03 - Land_Shed_W4 All of these sheds were modeled by ComatoseBadger. Credits to those that made this addon come to life: - KamikazeXeX - ComatoseBadger
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    switching from epoch to overpoch

    Nope. Just add the overwatch folder to your root, change your launch command line, and add the overwatch addons to your mission.sqm Youll also need to edit your loot and trader files, and any mission/ai mods to include the new overwatch items.
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    I guess this is something to ask when someone comes in here with problems. "What server host are you using?" Sad that they can't just do a proper install.
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    Hello Everyone, I made some additions to my server awhile ago, since i locked it (no time to admin) i thought i would share them to everyone. My additions include a NorthWest base at the end of the Airfield, a new NorthEast Airfield, Checkpoints around the map and finally a new look to Stary Trader. Hope you enjoy! ;) NOTE!!! If you get errors on your server when you join, simply just copy this code to your "mission.sqm" located on your mission folder. Add this code to the bottom of "addOns" section: "mbg_buildings_3", "mbg_killhouses", "mbg_african_buildings" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NorthWest Airfield Base https://mega.co.nz/#!xVtQRSaT!4P5nLQS7mzIUvqxhMOqROc2DnBbD7qmgbm9fppSVc8E Pictures http://imgur.com/a/EsiHI#0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NorthEast Airfield https://mega.co.nz/#!MYkCyJoL!Rb7aqWliSuVtHvBZXf3BFXrEK3ZWcU6bkkNh0eGfLkQ Pictures http://imgur.com/a/A54VO#0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Checkpoints https://mega.co.nz/#!oYlxiIrb!-bY98PnmN6pTclygYkzKx72cmcSQXPW7Gtg2sheaEzk Pictures http://imgur.com/a/A0vIM#8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stary Trader https://mega.co.nz/#!kQ902JQY!M3WqrQbelewcbC92eZhIQw4v1xLMnqOd-nMjHMDjLHA Pictures http://imgur.com/a/dQDLa#0 How to install: Unpack your dayz_server.pbo Add the following code to the bottom of your server_functions.sqf located at: dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\checkpoints.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\traderstary.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\nwafbase.sqf"; execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\neaf.sqf"; Crate a folder on your dayz_server.pbo and name it "buildings". Copy all the files you just downloaded into that folder. Repack and Upload your dayz_server.pbo
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    @gernika do you say something like... ///structure// _VariableName = [["Item ID",Amount],["Item ID",amount]] call player_removeItems; ///////////// _remove= [["CinderBlocks",2],["ItemBloodbag",3]] call player_removeItems; and if u need check if players have this items: _hasitem = [["CinderBlocks",2], ["ItemBloodbag",3]] call player_checkItems;
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    UAV "Spotted noise" missing?

    The above video for UAV's updated sounds has been approved. Video for round 2 of updates
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    Yup u can add any kind of flying veh since the line about obj monitor was added. dayz_serverObjectMonitor set [count dayz_serverObjectMonitor,_aircraft]; This prevent the veh sched destroy your veh cuz is not signed . I say flying veh cuz cannot imagine landveh in this script. Explain it before cleandirella comes to say me you can add anykind of veh.
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    We all appreciate you helping people Juan, not what I am saying at all. All I am saying is if you want to help people, use your own code to help them. Not knowing the authors can discredit people who put a lot of time into writing their stuff.
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    Hi everyone, we have started a new Project: "Epoch pure Survival". We think for the best survival feeling, Chernarus keeps the best map, so we started next to our Altis and Tanoa Server a Chernarus SURVIVAL Server. We have done a lot for now, but are not finished, so we will add more and more in the next time. Because I will not repeat everything, here just a link to my Facebook announcement for the Server (I hope this is okay, otherwise please delete it or contact me). Server IP:
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    Works great. Clear instructions. Thanks again for your hard work.
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    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    Just put this on my test server and love it. Working great so far. I have been playing around with it and only thing I have found is when getting a vehicle out of the garage it allows you to get the vehicle even if you have no slots available for a key. It appears to just move the inventory to a blank slot so you don't loss anything, but i could see that being an issue possibly. I know if you try to buy a vehicle from a trader they will tell you that you do not have space on your toolbelt or something like that. Not sure if you could add something like that. I will keep lookout for any other things, but great script and I am glad you were able to get it released :)
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    this is exactly what you need to do. Example custom compiles.sqf if (!isDedicated) then { diag_log "Loading custom client compiles"; fnc_usec_selfactions = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\compile\fn_selfActions.sqf"; DZ_KeyDown_EH = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\compile\keyboard.sqf"; };
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    Yeah, I changed how a lot of stuff works in the background with the script, that would work in my version fine but not in yours. It shouldn't be much longer now, I just have to write the documentation and we should be good. I'll release it as it is at the moment then add helipad removal via deploy anything after the fact.
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    Run an experimental server as it looks like it has been added. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/experimental/Server_Install_Pack/mpmissions
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    Global variables

    global variables are global variables, they can be overwritten by any script at any time. for instance: in init.sqf: DZE_ecoMult = round(random 12); Any script can now use that variable to do whatever it likes, i.e: if (DZE_ecoMult >= 5 && ((count playableUnits) >= 20)) then {DZE_echoMult = 2}; // Reduce the economy multiplier when > 20 players are online If you need to run that loop every hour, you would need to do a while loop inside a script, for an example of this, see this loyalty reward script I helped @Pattohwrite: It contains a script that runs in the background and has a sleep in it, easily modifiable to do what you want to do. Also, discord is a really good way to talk about things like this, I am pretty much always available on there as are a few of the other coders. https://discord.gg/AVSQbN6
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    To check the server fps (not just "how it feels") you need to put #login password in chat (password being your admin password from server.cfg)(if you're paranoid you can put it in vehicle chat or something) and you should then have (Admin) next to your name in the lobby. Then do #monitor 15 to monitor fps for 15 seconds and report the fps. The larger the value the better (fps wise). It should go without saying to do this when you are having issues and report it to us. You can have a server that "feels fine", runs perfectly smooth as a player but then you'll still notice lag performing actions and such. You want to check your server.rpt (which you likely have) but you also have a clientside rpt. Every script that runs on the server is either serversided or clientsided or both. If a script is clientsided and is throwing errors you could have server issues even if your server.rpt is clean. Client RPT is located at "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\local\Arma 2 OA\" as an RPT file. If both of your RPT clientside and serverside are clean and your server has more than 15fps i would maybe look at the scripts you are running and maybe reevaluate how often they run or what their settings are. Certain scripts can quickly load up the server scheduler leading to things that are tied to the scheduler to come to a standstill. This is what causes things like VCOMAI to cause so much lag as certain parts of the AI choosing locations and such fill the scheduler up.
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    Hacker in my server

    Then you know very little because they do have the capability (obviously, as they were using it on this guy's server). Grats though, I look forward to the release of DCloud, as I am sure it will stop it ;)
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    Hacker in my server

    There is your problem
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    Use this for your Nuclear Bunkers: Land_MBG_HeavyShelter With this you dont need a TP eventually.
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    Execute Code When X Players Are Online

    very nice! mate! you can reduce all this line with this: (do not take it as a correction, just another way to do it ) _player_amount = count playableunits; _amount_value = 10;//player amount waitUntil{_player_amount >=_amount_value}; //execute the code
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    My version of virtual garage should be out soon (work permitting) it's basically a rewrite and it has the limit features built in This is the code you need for your version anyway: _noStore = ["AH64D"]; if (typeOf (_obj) in _noStore) exitWith { cutText ["Woah, that vehicle is too overpowered. You can't store that here!", "PLAIN DOWN"]; };
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    Script idea - drink red bull and fly

    Is this with godmode? I think touch down from 10 meters would cause in death :D
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    Script idea - drink red bull and fly

    @JakeQue @Cherdenko using noxisacrius flying. using coke drink cuz dont know the id for redbull. (you can add others drinks if u want) 1-create player_consume.sqf in somewhere into mpmissions\instance\ 2-call it from your custom compiles.sqf player_consume = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "your\path\player_consume.sqf"; 3-at bottom of init.sqf call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "your path\flying.sqf"; 4-create flying.sqf in your path.
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    i think that would be possible but a little complicated to fix with the AH e.g. Infistar. If you have such script ideas, just send them to @juandayz. He's always bored and likes to do such scripts :D