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    A3 Epoch v1.3 Update

    Thursday 31 Jan will be the date of the update. This update has seen us focus on adding some ported Vehicles, Weapons & Backpacks. Those of you that played Arma 2 & DayZ Epoch will recognize some of the included content. As well as adding more content, we have improved many things, and also fixed some others, some highlights of the update also include:- The E-pad Tablet, can be used for server hosts to add custom scripts, server info and even supports html - some apps are included by default (see github changelog) Suicide option with animation Rusty textures for some vanilla A3 Vehicles Admin Menu - you can now 'Search All' configs when spawning objects Loot Rebalance - improvements to the logic of the loot spawner. Jail wall & lockable jail door models are now included in the base building object selection As always, please visit the Epoch discord or post here on the forum if you have suggestions, ideas and requests for further updates. To view a more detailed Changelog visit - Changelog - GitHub Enjoy Epoch 1.3
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    A3 Epoch v1.3 Update

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    The development of Epoch Mod for DayZ Standalone has officially begun and we are seeking community collaborators to help develop Epoch Mod for DayZ Standalone. The goal will be to make an open source and a community developed mod licensed as DayZ Public License Share Alike (DPL-SA). We are looking for community developers that want to work towards a common goal: Everyone working together to make all their work properly compatible and in one place. If you want to become a Collaborator on the project you must: Have references showing some of your work. Be able to fork, compile, test, and merge your changes on your own. Submit work via pull request to the experimental GitHub branch found here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ_SA_Epoch/tree/experimental Contact one of the Epoch Devs in discord to get added to the community dev roles on discord. Agree to the code of conduct and that your work will be released via steam workshop by EpochModTeam and licensed as DPL-SA . We are accepting merge requests for following features: Barter based NPC Traders - that only sell what has been sold to them and use in-game items as currency, Enemy Soldier AI, Trader Missions, Better Zombie AI, End game improvements, Lockable storage, Vehicle Ownership, Custom Items weapons, and vehicles of all types, End game improvements like skills and attributes. The development process is slower now due to the lack of documentation however progress should speed up with time. The first release of an experimental build should happen soon but we cannot give any time frames. Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/p35Rr2P
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    Buried Treasure Event

    Hello all, Here is a new random event. These are tombs that appear randomly on the map with only zombies, Once the players on the spot an action is available to search the graves, On eight of the tombs only one contains loot. Github Link
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    A DayZ server with an Epoch vibe. NA East, check it out; For Science. Running Mods: Trader, WeaponRedux, BuildAnywhere, DisableBaseDestruct, ClassicNames. Traders/Safezones around the map: Cherno 6576.35,2278.77, 5620.58,2486.35 Novo 11573.5,14750.1, theArena 500,11050 !ip |||
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    Are you looking for a Super-Dooper OMG we've got 100000 cars, 4x loot and safezones server with flying unicorns pooping out loot all over the map? Well then, this isn't the server for you. If you don't want any of that mamby-pamby BS, read on! The Killin Zedz community, which was formed in early 2013, has returned to run a DayZ SA server! Over the years, we've had servers for DayZ mod as well as it's offspring (Epoch mod for example). We expanded into Arma 3 mods as well, but the community was shut down earlier this year due to a lack of anything new to play and boredom. Now we're back! IP AND PORT: Features include: Custom coastal spawns Increased zombie spawns - Good luck getting into a military area on your own! 3PP view with weapon cursor NORMAL loot and stamina Accelerated time (24 hours passes during a 4 hours server cycle) Four hour server restarts Located in New York (East coast USA) MODS ON THE SERVER We are using the following mods on the server: Arctic Latitudes - This causes the sun to be low in the sky and the night time has a twilight effect. No more pitch black nights! Sullen Skies - More clouds and gloominess to help create the atmosphere. DisableBaseDestruction - Bases can only be disassembled from the inside. Increased Lumens - Even with the twilight nights, it can get dark in the woods and buildings, so this will help make light sources brighter. Build Anywhere - Is there a 1% grade on the ground? No problem, now you can build there! Zombies Health Rebalance - The zombie health varies depending on the type/clothing/protection (ie: A soldier zombie is harder to kill than a shirtless old man zombie) DayZ Expansion Chat - Brings back chat in the server! RPCFramework - Required for the Chat mod. Summer Chernarus - Chernarus is so green and colorful! Gorez - Adds blood splatter, a blood trail on wounded players until they bandage and a pool of blood under dead players and zombies. Melee Weapons Pack - A bunch of new melee weapons! HOW TO JOIN THE SERVER I recommend you download DZSALauncher at http://www.dayzsalauncher.com/. Once you've installed it, just search for "killinzedz" and you'll find the server. All mods will download automatically. If you insist on using BI's official DayZ Launcher, you'll need to subscribe to the individual mods in this collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1597575287 You can either join the server using DZSALauncher, and these mods will be downloaded automatically, or you can download the mods, activate them in the official DayZ Launcher, and then join the server from in-game. The DZSALauncher is MUCH MUCH easier. There's no application process. Just join our Discord server at http://Discord.me/killinzedz and join us on the game server. You can even join the Discord server through your browser, without downloading and installing the Discord software! We also have a Steam group that everyone is welcomed to join too! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/killinzedz
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    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Wicked AI 2.2.5 This release is for DayZ Epoch/Overpoch >>>Download<<< Due to reports of poor performance on high population servers. I have rewritten this mod so it runs more efficiently. Most of the work is code optimization and bug fixes, but I did add some new features. Review of changes Each mission only spawns one thread with one loop unless it has a para-drop, then it spawns two. The patrol missions also spawn two threads for now. The mission files no longer suspend, waiting for the mission to complete to spawn the crate loot and remove the mission data. The minefield feature no longer spawns an individual thread for each mine. It uses a player check radius. Players in vehicles receive a bold red warning when they are 200 meters from the edge of a mine field. Optional mission vehicle entry messages. Improved mission clean up. All mission objects and data are deleted including unclaimed vehicles and AI unit groups. The AI monitor loop has been replaced by a modified version of the server scheduled function sched_corpses. AI vehicles no longer spawn their own vehicle monitoring threads. It is all handled in the mission thread in a queue. The invisible static gun glitch has been fixed. The static spawns have a dedicated monitoring loop much like the mission system. One loop manages all vehicles and deletes AI unit groups. Where possible, I moved commonly used code blocks to compiled functions. I made a few new missions - hero outpost, bandit outpost, and farmer. Captured MV-22, medical camp, and weapon cache missions have been reworked for improved aesthetics and/or functionality. Rewritten auto claim feature that is fully integrated. Boat patrols - examples in the static mission files. Redundant and\or unnecessary code has been removed from some of the files. I cleaned up and standardized the formatting in the mission files and elsewhere. Helicopters for AI drops and patrols start at a random distance of 3k to 4k away from the mission instead of way down by debug island. Added a new check for mission locations. As they are used, positions get added to an array and checked in find_position.sqf, so missions will not spawn in the same spot twice. Optional indestructible mission vehicles. The AI and mission clean up times and spawn schedule in config.sqf have been converted to minutes for easier reading. Fixed an issue with the spawn time delays in the mission init file. Adjusted the distance the vehicles spawn from the crate so there is no trouble with accessing gear when near a locked vehicle. You can disable static gun placements, vehicle patrols, and paratrooper drops on missions with variables in config.sqf AI numbers have been standardized on all missions. You can adjust the numbers. Easy = 5-10, Medium = 10-15, Hard = 15-20, Extreme = 20-25. I removed the cache units feature because it spawns a thread with a monitoring loop for each unit group and it only works on ground troops. I moved the Dynamic Text mission announcements up the screen and made the text a little smaller so it is not so overwhelming. Added a second dynamic text option for the minefield warnings. Fixed the "auto-repair" glitch on mission vehicles. This also fixes the inability to repair mission vehicles due to the hitpoint variables not being set. Notes The AK_74 and RPK_74 variants have been disabled in config.sqf until the patch because the 45rnd 5.45mm magazine was removed in the A2 OA 1.64 corepatch and they post errors to the logs. The format of the missions has changed, so if you have your own custom missions they will have to be adjusted. I have updated the mission example file and created a new mission example file for a single spawn point mission. They are heavy on comments to help server owners create their own missions. I have left extensive comments throughout the updated files if you want to understand more about how the updated code and functions work. Since this is a major coding overhaul, this release will not be merged into the main github repository until all potential bugs, errors, and incompatibilities have been corrected. Please report errors, discrepancies, and general weirdness in this topic. Also, most of the files have been altered, so please use this version as a base and merge your custom files into it, paying attention to the changes. Optional Mission Vehicle Entry Messages If you turn this option on players will get a message that says either "You have claimed this vehicle! It is now saved to the database." or "WARNING: This vehicle will be deleted at restart!" depending on if you have vehicle hive saving turned on or not. This feature can be toggled with this variable: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/config.sqf#L101 Indestructible Mission Vehicles This option will disable the damage handlers on mission vehicles until a player enters them. It can be toggled on and off with this variable: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/config.sqf#L99 Avoid Same Spot This option will prevent a mission spawning in the same spot twice by adding the position to an array. The find position function will check that a new position will not be selected that is within 200 meters of one that was previously used. https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/config.sqf#L80 Enable/Disable Static Gun Placements, Vehicle Patrols, and Paradrops I added this feature for scalability and because someone asked for it. These are the variables to set true or false. https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/config.sqf#L115-L117 Auto-Claim The original author of the auto-claim feature is no longer a part of this community. I wrote my own version of it which is fully integrated. I never really used this mod myself in the past, so please let me know if I need to add features that were there previously. https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/config.sqf#L222-L229 Boat Patrols There is really no difference between a boat patrol and a land vehicle patrol other than the classname of the vehicle the fact that they spawn offshore. I have placed examples in the static mission files and I left my Skalisty Island test boat patrols commented in the chernarus.sqf file. To activate them, enable the static_per_world feature in config.sqf and remove the comments from this section: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/static/Chernarus.sqf#L114-L147 When creating boat patrols you should make sure that the distance you place them offshore is at least the distance of the radius used for waypoints, otherwise the waypoints will be on land and the AI might not handle the boat correctly. https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/static/Chernarus.sqf#L140 Mission Cleanup All mission data and mission objects will be removed from the map after mission completion or mission timeout, including the ai unit groups and unclaimed mission vehicles. You can remove the crates from cleanup if you want them to remain on the map for looting by toggling this variable to false: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/config.sqf#L94 If a player is within 75 meters of the crate, it will not be deleted as it is assumed that it is still being looted. To "claim" a mission vehicle, a player simply has to get into it and it will not be deleted. Invisible Static Gun Glitch Credit to salival for discovering that this was a JIP issue and the fix is to have the AI get out and back into the static gun at regular intervals. During testing, I could not even see this happening unless I added a sleep, so players shouldn't notice. Static Spawn Manager Instead of having each static spawned group and vehicle spawn its own monitoring thread, the data is added to a multi-dimensional array and monitored in one loop. The monitor is spawned from the static init.sqf file and will shut down when all null AI groups have been removed from the array. The Overwatch configs have been moved to its own file in the configs folder. The file is not loaded unless the Overwatch mod is detected. According to KillZone Kid and other Arma super nerds, when selecting random things from arrays, it is faster to use a statement like this: selection = array select (floor (random (count array))); instead of calling BIS_fnc_selectRandom. I replaced several instances in files where it is called repeatedly like dynamic crate and group spawning. This might save a millisecond or two :). That is all of the updates I can think of right now. If I can remember more, I will add them. Thanks to @MerlijnD and @LadyVal for testing my initial files. Credit to @salivalfor the invisible static gun glitch fix. Credit to @ibenfor the original IWAC. Credit to @BigEgg for the localization solution Credit to @Schalldampfer for testing and finding bugs Credit to @Grahame for assistance in discord with mission vehicle spawning issue
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    [Release] Anti Combat Log

    Updated version of this script: In server_playerSync.sqf Find this block of code: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/Release_1.0.6.2/SQF/dayz_server/compile/server_playerSync.sqf#L142-L149 Replace with: if (_this select 4) then { //combat logged _medical set [1, true]; //set unconcious to true _medical set [10, 150]; //combat timeout //_character setVariable ["NORRN_unconscious",true,true]; // Set status to unconscious //_character setVariable ["unconsciousTime",150,true]; // Set knock out timer to 2 minutes 30 seconds //_character setVariable ["USEC_injured",true]; // Set status to bleeding //_character setVariable ["USEC_BloodQty",3000]; // Set blood to 3000 //Begin anti combat log _weapons = _playerGear select 0; _weapons_backpack = _playerBackp select 1; _current_magazine = currentMagazine _playerObj; _magazines_backpack = _playerBackp select 2; _magazinesRemove = _magazines; if ((typeName (_magazinesRemove select 0)) == "ARRAY") then { if ((count _magazinesRemove > 1) && {((typeName (_magazinesRemove select 1)) == "STRING") && {((_magazinesRemove select 1) != "")}}) then { _weapons set [(count _weapons), (_magazinesRemove select 1)]; }; _magazinesRemove = _magazines select 0; }; _loot_box = "USBasicAmmunitionBox" createVehicle [0,0,0]; clearMagazineCargoGlobal _loot_box; clearWeaponCargoGlobal _loot_box; { _loot_box addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x,1]; } forEach _weapons; _magazinesRemove set [(count _magazinesRemove),_current_magazine]; { _loot_box addMagazineCargoGlobal [_x,1]; } forEach _magazinesRemove; if (typeOf _backpack != "") then { if ((typename _weapons_backpack) == "ARRAY") then { { _loot_box addWeaponCargoGlobal [_x,((_weapons_backpack select 1) select _forEachIndex)]; } forEach (_weapons_backpack select 0); }; if ((typename _magazines_backpack) == "ARRAY") then { { _loot_box addMagazineCargoGlobal [_x,((_magazines_backpack select 1) select _forEachIndex)]; } forEach (_magazines_backpack select 0); }; _loot_box addBackpackCargoGlobal[(typeOf _backpack),1]; }; _playerBackp = ["",[[],[]],[[],[]]]; _playerGear = [[],[]]; _currentAnim = ""; _currentWpn = ""; //End anti combat log }; Above this line: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/Release_1.0.6.2/SQF/dayz_server/compile/server_playerSync.sqf#L180 place this code: if (!isNil "_loot_box") then { //anti combat-log _loot_box setPos _charPos; }; YOU MUST ADD "_loot_box" TO YOUR PRIVATE ARRAY AT THE TOP OF THE FILE!
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    @WeepiestLem0n Hello and welcome, take a look at that link. There is everything you need with a decent explanation:
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    Server Review

    Locked. This is not the appropriate place for your complaints.
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    ответ был выше. обновить инфистар до актуальной версии
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    Reload at Service Point

    thx a lot he-man, working fine now !
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    Deployable Sleeping Bags as Spawn Points

    FYI Step 2 and step 5 there are issues with copying and pasting. If you manually type those lines out then its fine.
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    hello all i'll be helping out more, for those that fine it hard to read. i'll be starting tutorial videos and try to keep it simple not over complicate things just ask for a script you will like a tutorial video on i'll try get one made soon as i can much love&peace.. stormz first tutorial video here server install video will be up loaded shortly https://youtu.be/NjTEshKtMo8
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    A Man

    Over9000 Epoch Panthera

    Guys we just released Update 1.57. Here are the last changes: https://github.com/AirwavesMan/Over9000-Panthera/blob/Server-Version-1.57/Changelog%201.57.txt
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    I am a bit confused, because the player masscheck has failed. But... "DEBUG: Final Player mass check: FAILED (973.9 != 973.9)" the masscheck should return true here. Eventually @vbawol has an idea? Is the output not as accurate as the internal values? Should we eventually add a small tolerance into the script? 0.1 or so?
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    Community brought back from Arma 2 DayZ Mod! Server name - [RS]Rising Sun DayZ|PvP|x20 Loot|x15 Heli|No-Stamina|Loadout IP - Filter for [RS] in community servers Features - Custom Loadout No Stamina x20 Loot x15 Heli spawns (Suggested by players) Semi- Hardcore (removed Crosshair) Public Server for anyone to join! 24/7 Daylight Time = x1 No mods needed! Server saving every 3 min Server Restarts (Every 4hr) Messages for Restarts Discord Community Join here - https://discord.gg/GJWMtQe
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    My Overpoch server is doing the same thing but I am not using infiSTAR. I get the key, the red arrow on the ground, but the vehicle spawns in only after the server restarts. Not holding my breath but really need some help here.
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    Over9000 Epoch Panthera

    Man does good with his servers.
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    Over9000 Epoch Panthera

    Some Feedback: If you want a unique Server with unique Scripts and a lot of costum then play on this server. the most server are copy and paste . Why can i this say? I had own Servers a few years :-) btw english not my native ;-)
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    A Man

    Over9000 Epoch Panthera

    Updated main post Feature List. We have released 51 big server updates until now and we will go on updating.
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    A Man

    Mute players in side?

    @JakeQue You can only mute a single player for yourself client side if that is enough. Press P for the player list and click on the name of the speaking player. There is a mute button somewhere in the field. Otherwise you need a punish script that handle speaking in side chat. The punishment is already inculed in epoch by DZE_DisabledChannels.
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    [Release] Epoch Admin Tools V1.10.0

    after installing the new tools, im going to a blank white screen after death. Any reason you can think of why this would happen? server RPT shows nothing. This is the client rpt at the time of death
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    "And become one of many in this amazing community!"
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    Add ATMs in traders (Altis)

    Wouldn't it be easier just to add it to the config.cpp in a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo? :huh: Would be something like this: // ATMs {"Land_Atm_01_F", { 13326.2, 14498.5, 0 }, 0 }, {"Land_Atm_01_F", { 6199.3, 16847.2, 0 }, 0 }, {"Land_Atm_01_F", { 18468.7, 14268.9, 0 }, 0}