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    A Man

    [RELEASE] Get a Job - Script

    _wealth = player getVariable["cashMoney",0]; player setVariable["cashMoney",(_wealth + _pay),true]; Z_MoneyVariable changed to "cashMoney"
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    Professionnel, investi ! On peut compter sur son aide !
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    DAYZ USONIA started out as a community in Arma 2 back in 2018. Now we are back! We are an oldschool style OverPoch server that aims for a true DayZ OverPoch experience! We have put weeks of development into the server to provide the best and most balanced gameplay we can! I also want to thank @BigEgg for making an awesome admin tool/anti hack! * We have active admins/staff. * We have a very active and friendly community and we want to keep it that way. * Please read the full list of rules on our discord! * I hope you enjoy the server and its features and please leave feedback on our discord! Name - DAYZ USONIA OverPoch NEW |Coins|Groups|Classes|Missions| (1.0.7) IP - (Hosted in Virginia) Discord - https://discord.gg/cbkhGucsRy Server Features - Non Militarized (M2 Humvee and Armored SUV) - Coin System (No Banks, Store Coins in Safes/Lockboxes) - Customized Loot Spawns - Customized Trader Prices and Locations - Bor, Staroye, Klen, Bash, Hero, and Roaming Bandit - Customized Military Bases - Prigorodki, Veresnik, Stary Sobor, Novy Lug, and Berezino - Customized AI and Hidden Crate Missions - Spawn Selection w/ Classes - Running Zombies - No Weight - Reduced Ore Spawns - Vehicle ammo only found in black crates - Always Day w/ Weather System - F5 Groups - Vehicles Locator - Take Clothes - Tow/Lifting - Auto Refuel (NO Rearm) - Toggable Grass/View Distance - Deployable Bike/Mozzie w/Parts - Raidable Bases (No base takeovers) - 300 Max Build Parts with 20m Max Height - Cinder Materials only available @ Hero/Bandit Traders - Chainsaw/Satchel Charges/Hotwire Kits have a 10% Chance to Spawn in all AI Mission Crates - Hotwire Safe (10% Chance to Unlock) - Safes Unlock to 0000 after 8 Days - Rare Cheytac/Anzio spawn @ Heli Crashes - .50 Cal Snipers only purchasable @ Hero/Bandit Traders Much more not listed! Hope to see you around!
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    I apologize for that as it was tested on an earlier version not the updated 1.0.7. With that said there is a problem with the variable as I have now tried loading it to my test server and getting the same error. This script is very outdated and will need some fixes in order to run with Epoch 1.0.7. I have no idea if the original author @Donnovan is still active and if not someone might be able to take a wack at it?
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    I figured it out, it turns out that the directory of traders was a scenario, I accidentally stumbled upon it while browsing the forum) I installed it successfully and now everything works fine. Thanks for assistance!!!
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    Hi choc, This modpack was thrown together for admins that were running around crying after released, the original threads have credits in them for the mods that require them as per the original authors request. If you want to be a pedantic dick about it, where's my credits for my fnc_log I gave you for personal use that you then released without my permission or without credits? There's a few mods that you have highlighted there that probably need more credits to the original authors, sure. Bury bodies, safezone relocate and locate vehicles are all new scripts from scratch, not from existing versions.
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    A Man

    Chernaus North West Airfield

    Hey guys, I was disappointed to find only the same airfields on different server out there. With their huge appartments, supermarkets and non lore conform buildings. So I decided to build my own airfield and share it with the community to get hopefully more different versions of airfields on different servers. The airfield has already the MAP to Land changed for the loot buildings. Download here: https://github.com/AirwavesMan/DayZ-Epoch-Map-Additions/blob/master/Chernaus/NorthWestAirfield/NorthWestAirfield.sqf How to add custom Map Content Server Side Epoch create a folder in your server.pbo called mapaddons or something like that and put the map addon file in there add the following line at the very bottom of your server_functions.sqf in the init folder of your server.pbo E.g. for North West Airfield: execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\mapaddons\NorthWestAirfield.sqf"; Save, pack and upload your server.pbo. add in your mission.sqm from the missionsfile to addOns[]: "aif_arma1buildings" Screens: https://github.com/AirwavesMan/DayZ-Epoch-Map-Additions/blob/master/Chernaus/NorthWestAirfield/20170310153636_1.jpg https://github.com/AirwavesMan/DayZ-Epoch-Map-Additions/blob/master/Chernaus/NorthWestAirfield/20170310153649_1.jpg https://github.com/AirwavesMan/DayZ-Epoch-Map-Additions/blob/master/Chernaus/NorthWestAirfield/20170310153704_1.jpg https://github.com/AirwavesMan/DayZ-Epoch-Map-Additions/blob/master/Chernaus/NorthWestAirfield/20170310153733_1.jpg https://github.com/AirwavesMan/DayZ-Epoch-Map-Additions/blob/master/Chernaus/NorthWestAirfield/20170310153745_1.jpg https://github.com/AirwavesMan/DayZ-Epoch-Map-Additions/blob/master/Chernaus/NorthWestAirfield/20170310153802_1.jpg
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    why no credits to the original authors of these addons? Yes i understand you've updated them but no word of where most of them came from? Bury Bodies (by seaweeduk) Click Actions (mudzereli) Deploy Anything (mudzereli) Locate Vehicle (Logi) Safe Zone Relocate (Halvhjearne) Service Points (axe cop) Take Clothes (Zabans) Virtual Garage (GZA David) Vehicle Key Changer (OtterNas3) ZSC (Zupa) Remote key (david)
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