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    I wanted to add a little something else to this to make it a little more fun for my players...So here it is! This adds a green smoke grenade to the player and plays a sound file (Whatever you want to add) The sound can be heard by players in the area within 100m (Tested and working) :) Remove your old smoke.sqf and replace with this one if you want the smoke and sound. smoke.sqf /* rewritten by juandayz for epoch 1.6 modified by Reaper5150 //Added smoke and sound credits to ZeroK00L... */ [] spawn {; player removeMagazine 'ItemKiloHemp'; Remove_Drug_effects = { { ppEffectDestroy _x; } forEach (_this select 0); ppEffectDestroy ppe2; ppEffectDestroy ppe3; setaperture 0; }; _grenade = "SmokeShellGreen" createVehicle position player; _grenade attachto [player, [0, 0.15, 0], "neck"]; _time = time; _effects = []; player playMoveNow "ActsPercMstpSnonWpstDnon_sceneBardak01"; [nil, player, rSAY, "YOURSOUNDNAME", 100] call RE; //Add your own sound name here while {true} do { ppe2 = ppEffectCreate ["chromAberration", 1555]; _effects = _effects + [ppe2]; ppe2 ppEffectAdjust [random 0.25,random 0.25,true]; ppe2 ppEffectCommit 1; ppe2 ppEffectEnable true; ppe3 = ppEffectCreate ["radialBlur", 1555]; _effects = _effects + [ppe3]; ppe3 ppEffectEnable true; ppe3 ppEffectAdjust [random 0.02,random 0.02,0.15,0.15]; ppe3 ppEffectCommit 1; sleep random(1); [nil, player, rSAY, "YOURSOUNDNAME", 100] call RE; //And again here uiSleep 10; if (_time + 10 < time) exitWith {[_effects] call Remove_Drug_effects;}; }; }; To add sound: In your description.ext add under class CfgSounds { class YOURFILENAME{ name="YOURFILENAME"; sound[]={Sounds\YOURFILENAME.ogg,0.9,1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; Grab a sound you like from wherever and use Audacity to convert to a .ogg file Add that .ogg to wherever you keep your sounds at or just make a new folder named Sounds and drop it in your mission root. There you go, Thanks juandayz and ZeroK00L for this cool script :)
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    DayZ SA PvP Game mode | Vanilla++ Project

    DayZ Deathmatch game-mode: Newly open, fully modded game mode providing quick action for those who wish to practice surviving better in Chernarus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Features: -Global chat to satisfy your sh!t talking needs. -Voting system (vote for next area to PvP in) -New modded weapon collection -leader board and score system (long term stats and progress all saved, system still in development) -Killfeed UI -Minimal mods to download --> More Screenshots!
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    DayZ SA PvP Game mode | Vanilla++ Project

    These guys are killing the DayZ scene with their mods, and now a Fully Custom Death Match Server !!! Once again VPP 4 THE WIN!!!
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    DayZ SA PvP Game mode | Vanilla++ Project

    nice spelling on that title
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    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    That was it, TY!
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    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    what are those double-quotations? I can't believe you joined here October 26, 2014 ...
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    This would best be achived via the server_monitor.sqf. if (_ownerID != "0") then { means its a locked vehicle. if (_object isKindOf "Air") then { means its an air vehicle, like helis or airplanes. then you would set _object setFuel 1; for it to be fully refueled at server startup. _object setDamage 0; _hitpoints = _object call vehicle_getHitpoints; { _hitpoint = _x; _selection = getText(configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> (typeof _object) >> "HitPoints" >> _hitpoint >> "name"); _object setHit[_selection,0]; _strH = ("hit_" + (_selection)); _object setVariable[_strH,0,true]; } forEach _hitpoints; [_object,"repair"] call server_updateObject; This makes it fully repaired on server startup. Someone correct me if I made a mistake somewhere.
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    DMG Problem in Base

    As he-man said in the post, changing from 1 to 0, not 0 to 1 fixes it! misread it or something
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    [Pc][NO KOS] Dusk Of Mankind!

    We're a friendly server with a lot of great people! Great event's held every so often with great rewards! Server Features -Six hour restarts -4x increased speed acceleration -30 minute night cycle -Active Admins! -Custom Bridge leading to Prison Island and our custom Skalisty Island Military zone New groups! With a 3+ faction made we will give you a small base building kit to get started! We're currently a 60 slot dayz server looking for more players! We have multiple traders scattered around along with custom milly zones to add more areas to explore. (Suggestions are welcome!) Discord - https://discord.gg/nbaGtRa Server IP: 192.140.78:2702 Hope to see you there!
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