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    Hey Survivors, i started this new Thread for the Mod so it's easier for players to find it and for me to support it! This will also stop the confusion with the mod when you use Maca's or mine and have problems with it. I got Maca's permission to do it and ALL credits for the idea and the first coding goes to Maca! Thanks again Maca for this amazing idea/script! Ok here we go... This Mod adds a "Toggle Snapping" function to these Epoch Buildable objects: MetalFloor_DZ WoodFloor_DZ CinderWall_DZ CinderWallDoorway_DZ CinderWallDoorLocked_DZ CinderWallDoor_DZ CinderWallSmallDoorway_DZ CinderWallDoorSmallLocked_DZ CinderWallHalf_DZ CinderWallDoorSmall_DZ WoodLargeWall_DZ Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoor WoodLargeWallWin_DZ WoodLargeWallDoor_DZ Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoor Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoorLocked Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoorLocked WoodSmallWallThird_DZ WoodSmallWallDoor_DZ WoodSmallWall_DZ WoodSmallWallWin_DZ Land_DZE_WoodDoor Land_DZE_WoodDoorLocked Sandbag1_DZ MetalPanel_DZ Fence_corrugated_DZ StickFence_DZ Land_HBarrier1_DZ Land_HBarrier3_DZ Land_HBarrier5_DZ Fort_RazorWire Objects can be snapped to another object of the same type like: Metal_Floor_DZ <-> Metal_Floor_DZ Sandbag1_DZ <-> Sandbag1_DZ or any Wall combination if its the same Material like: WoodSmallWall_DZ <-> WoodSmallWall_DZ WoodSmallWall_DZ <-> WoodSmallWallWin_DZ CinderWallHalf_DZ <-> CinderWallHalf_DZ CinderWallHalf_DZ <-> CinderWallDoorway_DZ When you start building a new object you will get a "Toggle Snapping" option if the object is supported. Hit it to activate the snapping. Distance between the two objects has to be lower then 1.5m. So move your object to almost same height and next to one side, near the top or near the bottom of the object you want to snap it to. SNAP! This allows you to build a Floor or a Wall on the same height in a perfect line. It is also possible to make perfect 90° angles with it, for this you also have to bring the object almost in the desired angle to the other object and it will snap to it. So What makes this version "Extended"? Well... Snapping will work on more then one Floor Snapping will work while building over Water Snapping a object on Top/Bottom of eachother Snapping with set rotation (for set Door open directions) More objects supported Code for finding snap points redone Demo Video: http://youtu.be/j5SXctN8WHA Download (install instructions included): https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1x7mcfuvy7mwyj/Snapping_v1.6.zip Installation instructions: 1. Download and extract Snapping_v1.6.zip 2. unpbo MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME.pbo 3. Copy custom folder from the extracted Snapping_v1.6 to MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\ 4. Open MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\init.sqf Find this line: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; and add this line RIGHT BELOW it: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\snap_build\compiles.sqf"; so it will look like: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\snap_build\compiles.sqf"; 5. Open MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\description.ext Add this line to the VERY BOTTOM of it! (Yeah this means AFTER the last closing bracket!) It has to be the VERY LAST LINE of the File! #include "custom\snap_build\points.hpp" 6. repbo MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\ - upaload - reload - snap - smile! I hope i could clarify the !IMPORTANCE! that you copy the lines i mentioned to the VERY BOTTOM! Else: No Snap - No Smile - unneded questions Have fun with it, Otter aka Bob der Baumeister - If you like it - Like it - So I can count Downloads - I like that ##################################### # Support my work # # & # # Donate # #####################################
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    Official Server Files Release Date!

    Since we are making great strides on the backend development thanks to our newest team member Fank. I feel that we should be ready for a public release of our server files on approximately December 1st. I know there was a thread for those "Trusted Communities" but the demand has been so great that we feel the need to make it public for everyone. Leading up to Dec. 1st, our code developers will all be hard at work adding features and fixing as many bugs as we can. Also, our content developers will be adding more content as it becomes ready. The version number will likely be 0.2.5 or 0.3 by this time and not the 0.5 as I stated before. Please keep in mind that we are still very much in Alpha and will be for some time. Running a server is not going to be easy or without problems, errors, and plenty of headaches. After the files are released GSP's may start selling servers and private server hosts can host on there own hardware. I will be getting in touch with each of our current GSP supporters before release to make sure they have had a chance to test and report any bugs so they can be prepared to host when we do release the files. Everyone that runs a server must acknowledge that you are not to break BI terms of use http://www.bistudio.com/community/game-content-usage-rulesand that you accept our license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ Failing to comply with the above terms will result in a Cease and Desist notice and or legal action if necessary.
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    vbawol / RC2 Changelog

    0.3 RC1 Changelog: [Added] Wood and cinder base objects now show damage state when over 50% damaged. [Added] Car Jack item added to every fresh spawned vehicle. [Added] Can now loot a dead UAV Drone and in return get Electronic components. [Added] Ability to specify starter items for freshly spawned traders via epochconfig. [Added] New custom epoch weapons: SR-25 and L85A2 (Grenade Launcher and Pink Painted) by Kiory. [Added] Vehicle lock time is now stored in hive and will persist across server restarts. [Added] 3d interaction visuals to show you when an action is available. [Added] New loot bias system with nestable tables and overall loot balance. [Added] LootMultiplier in epochconfig, (0.5 default, 1 = high loot, 0.1 = low loot). [Added] Goldenseal plant can be consumed to reduce toxicity. [Added] Pumpkin food item can be harvested from pumpkin patches on Chernarus and found randomly. [Added] Dynamic Air Supply Drop Event. Use smoke grenades to signal. [Added] Trader mission accessed with "Talk" on trader: Pikes Peak Express. [Added] Ability to eat raw foods but at the risk of toxicity. [Added] New items (Rock, Stick, and Rope) for crafting and added to trash loot. [Added] New craftable primitive melee weapons: Crude Hatchet, Wood Club, Maul Hammer. [Added] Keesha default character now has shoes. [Added] Crafting of Rope from Hemp. [Added] Harvest Sticks from a bush using a Hatchet. [Added] Mining of Iron Ore and Rocks with sledgehammer. [Added] Removal with refund of Base building items. Respects Jammer Owner and group. [Added] Most base building items now use a hybrid Static/Physx system with ghost preview on first placement. [Added] Epoch Events 2.0. All server time based events moved to server settings pbo. Scripts are executed with execVM using a simple timer. New events and timers can be changed via epochconfig. [Added] New "Boss" Sapper variant with a larger bang. [Added] Both Sapper variants put off toxic gas if killed without blowing up. [Added] Player can now select gender after each death. [Added] Frequency Jammer now required by default to build a base. Can be controlled with desc.ext mission variable: buildingRequireJammer. [Added] Building limit (default: 100) added to Frequency Jammer. Change with desc.ext mission variable: buildingCountLimit. [Added] Building Jammer Range (default: 75m). Change with desc.ext mission variable: buildingJammerRange. [Added] Hive weather control system as well as Static override var WeatherStaticForecast via epochconfig. [Added] Trader purchased vehicle position can now be controlled with a smoke grenade or a chemlight within 50m of trader. [Added] Wood foundations can be crafted with 8x lumber. [Added] Bornholm Support: Custom a2 building classes for loot spawns and mission file and config support from http://urogaming.co.uk/ [Added] Base building objects now persist damage and armor increased substantially. [Added] Suppress loot spawn within the range of a Frequency Jammer. [Added] Blocked base building areas for Chernarus. [Added] Logging of building, storage, and vehicle killed events to hive log. (StorageKilled, VehicleKilled, BuildingKilled) [Added] Offroad MG Pickup. (Classname: B_G_Offroad_01_armed_EPOCH) [Added] Server FPS to the debug monitor. (Max: 50, recommend fps are >15 to keep the game stable) [Added] Chance to spawn Lockbox and Backpacks in lockers or wardrobes. [Added] Variable when Loadingscreen finish. (EPOCH_loadingScreenDone change from nil to true) [Added] Base object interact menu (Remove,Move,Upgrade) shown only in build mode after targeting object with Space Bar. [Changed] Toxicity increase from consuming a toxic food item is now random. [Changed] Increased default antagonist spawn chances. [Changed] NPC Trader inventory menu now stacks like items and shows quantity. [Changed] Players are now sent to the lobby after dead, simply press ok to respawn. [Changed] Can now sell and buy uniforms from traders. [Changed] NPC trader data (AI_ITEMS) will now expire in 7 days if no changes are made within that time. Change this with expiresAIdata in epochconfig. [Changed] Added chance to spawn Lockbox and Backpacks in lockers, wardrobes, shipping containers. [Changed] Fireplace recipe changed to require 2 Rocks and 1 Stick to make empty fireplace. Then upgrade with 1 Wood Log to start the fire. [Changed] Player names saved to a separate data set on player connect. [Changed] Deathlog now logs distance and position. [Changed] Sapper brain reworked. [Changed] Display of personal Crypto balance when opening bank interface. [Changed] Loot Balance: Lowered heavy muzzles count & increased pistol muzzle. [Changed] Increased loot bias for Ferris Wheel and corrected z height on loot positions. [Changed] Improve Cleanup System on Server. [Changed] Behavior changed on UAV troop support. [Changed] Dog to glitch less, reduced whines and more chance to wander. [Fixed] Accuracy and fire rates of custom ported A2 weapons fixed (M107, AKM, M4A3, M16, M14, M249). [Fixed] Sharks not spawning off shipwrecks. [Fixed] Black icons on admin panel spawn menu. [Fixed] Soiled and Wet calculation corrected. [Fixed] Pumpkin patches on Chernarus now payout proper loot. [Fixed] Traders now only allow one vehicle per trade. [Fixed] Alpha transparency issue with empty clone vats. [Fixed] Attempt to prevent vehicle damage during server startup. [Fixed] Removed fireplace sound for now due to Arma issues with sound cleanup. [Fixed] Frequency Jammer can not be built or placed within 3x Jammer radius. (default 225m) [Fixed] GUI scale issues with additional button menu (Group Menu, Requests) on inventory. [Fixed] Missing sounds on Ruger pistol and removed ability to use silencer. [Fixed] Dupe fixes for backpacks, vests, uniforms. [Fixed] Player revive did not work even after respawn. [Fixed] zasleh1_proxy.p3d error with M4A3. [Fixed] Prevent loot objects from spawning under the ground. [Fixed] Group kick and mod options did not work. [Fixed] Cleanup and removal of unneeded rpt debug logs. [Fixed] Removed spoiler button in Welcome Screen. [Fixed] Misspelling in debug monitor (crypto). [Fixed] Welcome screen will be now displayed only once after a major patch (eg. 0.3/0.4/0.5). [info] Requires Arma version 1.40 or higher. Admin Tool: [Added] Different Map Marker for Vehicles, AI, Player, Loot, Base Building and Dead Player. [Added] Different 3D Tools for: Player, Vehicles and Loot. [Added] Features: God Mode, Spawn Loot, Teleport Infront.
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    Epoch 0.2 Patch Changelog

    [Changed] "T" key action moved to Inventory Button. Use your inventory key (Default "I") once to smash trash piles and again to open gear. [New] Two halloween masks Pumpkin head and Warewolf. [New] Fireplace model. [New] Custom Anti Hack Framework by Skaronator. [New] Replacement First Aid Kit double click on the item and use. Heals other players or your self. [New] Wooden Ramp/Roof base object can be crafted with 6 lumber packs. [New] Three new food items: Snooters and Meeps Candy and Walk N' Sons Soda. [New] Electric Motorcycle has been added. [New] Car Jack added and has a chance to be found in freshly spawned vehicles. [New] New lootable furniture "Shoebox" added. [New] Military variant of the bed now spawns in specific military buildings. [New] Unisex vest called "side pack". All fresh spawns start with this item. [New] Group request menu, Group requests can now be accessed via the "Requests" button in the inventory. [New] Player trading now started with the inventory key (Default "I") and accepted with the "T" key. [New] Use paint cans to paint corrugated walls and use paint thinner to remove paint. [New] Wood stairs upgradable for additional landing area. [New] Circuit Parts found in the world to be used for crafting. [New] Lockable Cinder And Wood Doors upgrade with Circuit Parts. Ownership is controlled by frequency jammer group owner. [New] 9 more radios have been added and can be crafted using gems. [New] Many Inventory items now have proper icons instead of placeholder. [New] Give player energy if within 75m of a solar tower or wind tower. [New] Temp Lockable vehicles each time you lock a vehicle it will remain locked to you or your group for 30 minutes. [New] Base building objects get deleted after 7 days. Moving the object or Painting walls extends this for 7 more days. [New] Player Character are cleaned up after 30 days inactivity. [Fixed] Mineral veins now spawn at epicenters. [Fixed] Geometry changed on cinder wall to prevent phasing though it [Fixed] Lockbox can no longer be destroyed while open. [Fixed] Dump items on the ground if packed with items in lockbox. [Fixed] Overflow items to the ground if player does not have space when trading with another player. [Fixed] Added prices for Chainsaw so it is now possible to sell/buy to traders. [Fixed] It wasn't possible to snap the foundation to other foundations. [Fixed] Group Leader can no longer enter the commander vision. [Fixed] false PublicVariable Restriction on server start. [Fixed] Night Vision wasn't disabled when the player run out of energy. [Fixed] Added prices for Karts so it is now possible to sell/buy to traders. [Fixed] Shelf and Tipi storage devices are no longer indestructible and have limited storage space. [Fixed] Trader purchased vehicles should now look for a safer place to spawn vehicle within 120m. [Fixed] Text output from certain actions now show proper display names instead of classnames. [Fixed] Vehicles now persist exact position, angle, and direction so it should result in less damage at spawn. [Fixed] Some false BE kicks for base building. [Changed] Increased storage of all vests by 50% and reduced armor by half. [Changed] Building base objects from inventory kits now instantly forces build mode and consumes item. [Changed] P2p trading now more reliable, however now places traded items at your feet. [Changed] Reduced Dog and snake spawn chances. [Changed] Respawn button disabled. [Changed] Increased Building material spawns on trash piles. [Changed] Increased chances for Tools to spawn on Tool Rack. [Changed] Hunger and Thirst loss rates increased. [Changed] Increased purchase price of Ammo by a total of 100%. [Changed] Reduced Hunter armor levels by 50%. [Changed] Trader "Steal" option removed for now. [Changed] Traders now only wear uniforms that spawn in the world. [Removed] Hellcat Helicopter and and Nightstalker scope till balance issues are sorted. [Removed] Uniform storage space and selling of uniforms to traders removed due to dupe issues. [info] new bikey for 0.2 added remove any previous ones. [info] Improved backend DLL by Fank [Known Issues] Weapon attachments get wiped when player to player trading. (workaround for now take the items off the weapon first). [Known Issues] Moving a painted corrugated wall causes it to loose its color.
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    Hey Survivors, time for my next release! JAEM - Just another Evac-Chopper Mod! If you ever wanted to have your own Evac-Chopper you can place anywhere you want, that picks you up where and when you want. This is the Mod you would like to have! This Mod allows you to make a Evac-Chopper Field next to your Base or another place you like and use it with any Chopper on it as a Evac-Chopper. If you start fresh all you need is a Chopper with a Key, which you should have in your Inventory, and for the Evac-Field marking a full Briefcase as payment. This will make a Evac-Chopper field under your Chopper. If this Chopper gets destroyed or stolen or just lost, no problem just place any other Chopper you like on it and it will act as your Evac-Chopper! The "Call Evac-Chopper" action menu entry is just shown if you have a Evac-Chopper field, it checks on activation for: Chopper is on the field Enough fuel Damage status The Evac-Chopper locks itself on start so no passenger can hop in. It will stay locked when reaching the Evac-Zone until the player who called it gets close to the Evac-Chopper. This way no thief could get it before the player is in it. If the player dies, before or after the Evac-Chopper has reached the Evac-Zone, the Evac-Chopper will be reset to Evac-Field! JAEM 1.4 changelog: "evac_AllowedChoppers = ["x","y","z"]" A new configuration entry is in the EvacChopper_init.sqf With that configuration entry you can decide which Choppers are allowed as Evac-Choppers! With many thanks to ebayn0.0b for the Chopper-List in his post, the default config should now implement all available Choppers from Arma2 and Epoch. I'm really not sure and never tested it if you can use the MV-22 aka Osprey as a Evac-Chopper i just leaved it in the list. "BE Filters" Again thanks to ebayn0.0b for solving that, never got very familiar with these BE filters anyway ^^ Changed the files as you suggested! "Join lag" The lag was due to the fact that every player had to search for all Evac-Chopper-Fields on Server themself. To support all kinda Maps, also the hughe ones like Sauerland, i had to put in a very high number to the "nearestObjects" call, that caused the join lag I decided to put the Evac-Chopper-Fields in a Array now. A function in the scripts send a PublicVariableServer call to the server to add/rem a field from that array and send that array again via publicVariable to all players. On Serverstart the Array gets filled with all available Evac-Chopper-Fields on Server and is then send via publicVariable to connecting players. This should remove the join lag! "PlayerUID with Characters" A new check is implemented for these Players with the Arma2 anniversary edition. Like RimBlock wrote me in a PM these Players have characters in their PlayerUID and cause the Database entry just hold numeric it doesnt worked good for them. I tooked the function from RimBlock his "A Plot for life v1.1" and implemented it in the JAEM scripts so that should not be a problem anymore As i took this function from RimBlock his scripts i gave Credits to him here! Dont know who wrote it first if it not was RimBlock himself! "Cant call after Die / Call is always available even if no Evac-Field / and other cal/set/clear related errors" Clear Evac-Chopper so Field gets delted - CHECK Set new Evac-Chopper so old field gets deleted - CHECK Call-Evac-Chopper on login - CHECK Call-Evac-Chopper on relog - CHECK Call-Evac-Chopper after die - CHECK Sorry that the update took such a long time now but this mod was now completely running on my Headless-Client and the port to a working Missionfile system was not that easy! JAEM 1.4 changelog END Demo Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui5lm70ii8I Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k19pqd6k77rp4d7/JAEM_v1.4.zip Install instructions: 1. Download JAEM_v1.4.zip and extract it 2. unpbo MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME.pbo 3. copy the custom folder from the extracted JAEM_v1.4.zip to MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\ 4. Edit MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\init.sqf Find this block: if (!isDedicated) then { 0 fadeSound 0; waitUntil {!isNil "dayz_loadScreenMsg"}; dayz_loadScreenMsg = (localize "STR_AUTHENTICATING"); _id = player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_id = [] spawn player_death;}]; }; And insert this line above the closing bracket }; _nil = [] execVM "custom\JAEM\EvacChopper_init.sqf"; If you dont have already a custom variables.sqf do step 4a) else do step 4b) 4a) Find this line: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "z\addons\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf"; and ADD BELOW call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\JAEM\variables.sqf"; 4b) Copy this line to the very bottom of your custom variables.sqf dayz_allowedObjects = dayz_allowedObjects + ["HeliHRescue"]; Whoever says that this line not works, i do it like this for almost a year now on my Server! 5. Copy these 3 files from the downloaded JAEM_v1.4 to your Servers BattlEye filters folder: If you already have edited ones you need to compare my changes! remoteexec.txt waypointcondition.txt waypointstatement.txt 6. Configuration: Edit custom\JAEM\EvacChopper_init.sqf Edit this block to your likings! ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// // Edit these settings to fit your needs/likes // ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// /// Amount of Briefcases a Evac-Chopper costs /// /////////// Any amount between 1-12 ///////////// evac_chopperPrice = 3; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ////// Need a Radio to call Evac-Chopper? /////// ////// 1 = Need Radio | 0 = No need Radio /////// evac_needRadio = 0; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// // Evac-Zone marker type Smoke or Landingpad? /// ////////// 0 = Landingpad | 1 = Smoke /////////// evac_zoneMarker = 0; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// /// Minimum Distance to call for Evac-Chopper /// ///////// Dont set this lower then 500! ///////// evac_minDistance = 500; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// /// Allowed Choppers to use as Evac-Chopper /// evac_AllowedChoppers = [ "AH1Z","AH64D_EP1","AH64D","AH64D_Sidewinders","AH6X_DZ", "AH6X_EP1","AH6J_EP1","AW159_Lynx_BAF","BAF_Apache_AH1_D","BAF_Merlin_HC3_D", "CH_47F_BAF","CH_47F_EP1","CH_47F_EP1_DZ","CH_47F_EP1_DZE","CSJ_GyroC", "CSJ_GyroCover","CSJ_GyroP","Ka137_MG_PMC","Ka137_PMC","Ka52", "Ka52Black","Ka60_GL_PMC","Ka60_PMC","Mi17_CDF","Mi17_Civilian", "Mi17_Civilian_DZ","Mi17_DZ","Mi17_Ins","Mi17_medevac_CDF","Mi17_medevac_INS", "Mi17_medevac_RU","Mi17_rockets_RU","Mi17_TK_EP1","Mi17_UN_CDF_EP1","Mi171Sh_CZ_EP1", "Mi171Sh_rockets_CZ_EP1","Mi24_D","Mi24_D_TK_EP1","Mi24_P","Mi24_V", "MH60S","MH6J_DZ","MH6J_EP1","MV22","MV22_DZ", "pook_H13_medevac","pook_H13_medevac_CDF","pook_H13_medevac_TAK","pook_H13_medevac_INS","pook_H13_medevac_UNO", "pook_H13_medevac_PMC","pook_H13_medevac_GUE","pook_H13_medevac_CIV","pook_H13_medevac_CIV_RU","pook_H13_gunship", "pook_H13_gunship_CDF","pook_H13_gunship_UNO","pook_H13_gunship_PMC","pook_H13_gunship_GUE","pook_H13_gunship_TAK", "pook_H13_gunship_INS","pook_H13_transport","pook_H13_transport_CDF","pook_H13_transport_UNO","pook_H13_transport_PMC", "pook_H13_transport_GUE","pook_H13_transport_TAK","pook_H13_transport_INS","pook_H13_civ","pook_H13_civ_white", "pook_H13_civ_slate","pook_H13_civ_black","pook_H13_civ_yellow","pook_H13_civ_ru","pook_H13_civ_ru_white", "pook_H13_civ_ru_slate","pook_H13_civ_ru_black","pook_H13_civ_ru_yellow","UH1H_DZ","UH1H_DZE", "UH1H_TK_EP1","UH1H_TK_GUE_EP1","UH1Y_DZ","UH1Y_DZE","UH60M_EP1", "UH60M_EP1_DZ","UH60M_EP1_DZE","UH60M_MEV_EP1" ]; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////// DONT EDIT BELOW ! /////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// - Config notes - If you set evac_needRadio to 1 and you dont have Radios in your respawn loadout, this breaks the call Evac-Chopper for respawners! If you set evac_zoneMarker to 1 the Smoke in the evac-zone will not last until the Chopper arrives if the distance is very far! In "evac_AllowedChoppers" the LAST entry in the list DOES NOT HAVE A COMMA ON THE END! 7. repbo MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME - upload - 8. unpbo @DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server.pbo 9. Edit @DayZ_Epoch_server\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf Find this line: _totalvehicles = 0; and ADD BELOW: PVDZE_EvacChopperFields = []; Find this line: if ((typeOf _object) in dayz_allowedObjects) then { and ADD ABOVE: if ((typeOf _object) == "HeliHRescue") then { PVDZE_EvacChopperFields set [count PVDZE_EvacChopperFields, _object]; }; Copy this to the VERY BOTTOM of the file if (isServer && (isNil "EvacServerPreload")) then { publicVariable "PVDZE_EvacChopperFields"; ON_fnc_evacChopperFieldsUpdate = { private ["_action","_targetField"]; _action = _this select 0; _targetField = _this select 1; if (_action == "add") then { PVDZE_EvacChopperFields = PVDZE_EvacChopperFields + [_targetField]; }; if (_action == "rem") then { PVDZE_EvacChopperFields = PVDZE_EvacChopperFields - [_targetField]; }; publicVariable "PVDZE_EvacChopperFields"; }; "PVDZE_EvacChopperFieldsUpdate" addPublicVariableEventHandler {(_this select 1) spawn ON_fnc_evacChopperFieldsUpdate}; EvacServerPreload = true; }; 10. repbo @DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server - upload - restart - smile - 11. EVAC ME RIGHT NOW! - Addition Information for all Infistar users: in publicvariable.txt: 5 "PVDZE_" !"PVDZE_player" !"PVDZE_send" !="PVDZE_veh_Update" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBody" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBodyZ" !="PVDZE_veh_Lock" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathB" !="PVDZE_maintainArea" !="PVDZE_obj_Publish" !="PVDZE_obj_Swap" !="PVDZE_plr_Save" !="PVDZE_obj_Delete" !="PVDZE_obj_Trade" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish2" !="PVDZE_zed_Spawn" !="PVDZE_plr_Died" !="PVDZE_obj_setlocalVars" !="PVDZE_plr_TradeMenu" !="PVDZE_obj_getlocalVars" !="PVDZE_veh_Upgrade" !="PVDZE_atp" !="PVDZE_plr_Login" !="PVDZE_plr_Login2" !="PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathBResult" !="PVDZE_veh_SFix" !="PVDZE_plr_Hit" !="PVDZE_plr_HitV" !="PVDZE_veh_SFuel" !="PVDZE_plr_HideBody" !="PVDZE_plr_Morph" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish" !="PVDZE_plr_Characters" !="PVDZE_lockVault" replace with: 5 "PVDZE_" !"PVDZE_player" !"PVDZE_send" !="PVDZE_veh_Update" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBody" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBodyZ" !="PVDZE_veh_Lock" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathB" !="PVDZE_maintainArea" !="PVDZE_obj_Publish" !="PVDZE_obj_Swap" !="PVDZE_plr_Save" !="PVDZE_obj_Delete" !="PVDZE_obj_Trade" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish2" !="PVDZE_zed_Spawn" !="PVDZE_plr_Died" !="PVDZE_obj_setlocalVars" !="PVDZE_plr_TradeMenu" !="PVDZE_obj_getlocalVars" !="PVDZE_veh_Upgrade" !="PVDZE_atp" !="PVDZE_plr_Login" !="PVDZE_plr_Login2" !="PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathBResult" !="PVDZE_veh_SFix" !="PVDZE_plr_Hit" !="PVDZE_plr_HitV" !="PVDZE_veh_SFuel" !="PVDZE_plr_HideBody" !="PVDZE_plr_Morph" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish" !="PVDZE_plr_Characters" !="PVDZE_lockVault" !="PVDZE_EvacChopperFieldsUpdate" Have fun with it! - If you like it - Like it - So I can count Downloads - I like that ##################################### # Support my work # # & # # Donate # #####################################
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    Just finished it and thought someone could like it... You have many, many (many, ...) Vehicles? You have many, many (many, ...) different Keys? Already need to attach a list with Key = Vehicle to your Monitor to keep track of em? Need 30 minutes to start driving because you dont have such a list? Frustrated? ALL OVER! This little script allows you and the Players on your Server to copy Vehicles, that you got the Key for, to another Key that's in your Inventory! Example: Car 1: Red Skoda - Red Key (1234) Car 2: Green Skoda - Green Key (4321) You need a Keymakers Kit! Put both keys in your Inventory, look at the Car 1 and select "Change Vehicle Key" from the action menu. You get a list with all Keys in your Inventory, to select from a menu. In this case the list would just be one: Green Key (4321) Not in the list is the Key for Car 1, so no Red Key (1234) Select the new Key you want to put the car on and: voila! You can throw away the unneeded Red Key (1234) The Old vehicle Key gets added to your Backpack Car 1 & Car 2 are both now on the Green Key (4321) You can allow players to "Claim" Vehicles that are dynamic spawned on the Map and does not yet need a Key. This is a option you can turn On/Off! You can set a price for claiming vehicles also. THIS DOES NOT HOWEVER INCLUDE MISSIONVEHICLES THAT ARE NOT SPAWNED CORRECTLY! IF YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO CLAIM MISSIONVEHICLES, TELL THE MISSION DEVELOPER TO SETUP HIS SPAWNCODE FOR VEHICLES TO A CORRECT WAY! Changelog 1.4 I changed some functions and implemented some small fixes mentioned by other users in this Thread. Specially for just bought vehicles and the "get not saved after driving" thing. This should also fix the duping for some of you, i never had it yet and cant reproduce. just made the call a bit different now. If it doesnt work as it should, gimme a shout. And for people that think this Mod is a total mess. Dont use it? It works on my Server for a loooooooooooooong time now without any errors! Demo Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEUmLrje_5o Like? DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mq0dvpzawtwmam8/VehicleKeyChanger_v1.4.zip Install Instructions: 1. Download and unzip VehicleKeyChanger_v1.4.zip 2. unpbo MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME.pbo 3. copy the custom folder from the unziped VehicleKeyChanger_v1.4.zip to MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\ 4. open MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\init.sqf Find this block: if (!isDedicated) then { 0 fadeSound 0; waitUntil {!isNil "dayz_loadScreenMsg"}; dayz_loadScreenMsg = (localize "STR_AUTHENTICATING"); _id = player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_id = [] spawn player_death;}]; }; And insert this line above the closing bracket }; _nil = [] execVM "custom\VehicleKeyChanger\VehicleKeyChanger_init.sqf"; 5. Configuration: Edit custom\VehicleKeyChanger\VehicleKeyChanger_init.sqf Edit this block to your likings! ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// // Edit these settings to fit your needs/likes // ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// /// Claim Vehicles that does not yet need Key /// ///////// 0 = Not allowed | 1 = Allowed ///////// vkc_claiming = 0; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// //////// Claim Vehicles costs this Item ///////// /// Any Item can be used here, some examples: /// //// ItemTinBar, ItemSilverBar, ItemGoldBar, //// ////// ItemSilverBar10oz, ItemGoldBar10oz, ////// ///// ItemBriefcase20oz, ItemBriefcase100oz ///// //////// set to "0" to disable the costs //////// vkc_claimingPrice = "ItemGoldBar10oz"; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////// Change Key costs this Item /////////// ////////////// see above examples /////////////// //////// set to "0" to disable the costs //////// vkc_Price = "ItemSilverBar"; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// /////// Need KeyKit to use this function //////// ////////// 0 = Not needed | 1 = Needed ////////// vkc_needKeykit = 1; ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////// DONT EDIT BELOW ! /////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// 5. repbo MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\ - upload it to your server - 6. unpbo @DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server.pbo 7 copy server_updateObject.sqf from your unziped VehicleKeyChanger_v1.4.zip to @DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\compile\ and overwrite the existing one. (This just adds a function for this mod nothing else changed) If you already have a custom server_updateObjects.sqf you need to compare my file with yours and make the changes yourself! 8. repbo @DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\ - upload it to your server - 9 copy this file to your Servers BattlEye filters folder: publicvariableval.txt FYI: INFISTAR AdminCheat, ummm sorry meant AntiCheat, users! Cause he uses his own BE filter files should not copy paste this file over your existing one, else you will get kicked for all the cool nice admin functions that comes with your Infistar! You need to do the change yourself if you get kicked for anything regarding this script. I dont had and will not have a look at Infistar's BE files to sort things out! 10. Restart your server 11. Enjoy it and cleanup your vaults! 12. DONT LOOSE YOUR MASTERKEY! :rolleyes: -- Additional Information --- For InfiStar AdminCheat (ummm sorry meant AntiCheat...) users: Have fun with it! - If you like it - Like it - So I can count Downloads - I like that ##################################### # Support my work # # & # # Donate # #####################################
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    Small update to the exploit. I think we got their attention.
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    Epoch Mod for Arma 3

    Arma 3 Epoch Mod will be a total conversion mod coded from the ground up, and no longer based on DayZ. Many of the key ideas from DayZ Epoch will play a major role in Epoch Mod however everything else will change! More will be announced early this year.
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    Epoch 0.2.5 Patch Changelog

    [New] Custom single seater "Mosquito" Light helicopter. [New] Consumables can now give the player multiple attributes on use. [New] Honey can now be consumed and an empty jar is returned. [New] Empty Food cooler added. To be used with food crafting. [New] Metal Scraps added and can be found in many places as well as crafted into Salvage Metal. [New] 3 new Soda cans some with unique attributes. [New] Player Krypto account added. Accessed by pressing the Inventory key next to a phonebooth or an ATM. Larger the transaction the longer it takes. [New] Custom Weapons: AK47, M14, m249, m107, m4a3 ported from Arma 2. [New] Camo version of female wetsuit. [New] Female Ghillie Suits Tan, Light Green, Dark Green. [New] SteamAPI support added for future features and VAC ban check system. [New] In-game Admin Panel cleanup and features added: Spawn Menu, 3D ESP, Map ESP, Basic Admin levels. [Changed] Removed all "Take" and "Rearm" actions to prevent taking items from locked vehicles. A new take option will be added soon to allow item access underwater. [Changed] Sledge Hammer damage increased 2x. [Changed] Loot now spawns more readily. [Changed] Loot table tweaks to increase building materials. [Changed] setTimeMultiplier 4x enabled by default. Can be changed with timeMultiplier in epochconfig. [Changed] Shelf, tipi, and Frequency Jammer are now built using the physx build mode. [Changed] Combat Logging: Players now leave a Doppelganger behind for 60 seconds after disconnect. This can be changed or disabled in epochconfig.hpp server side. [Changed] Death trigger now spawns shark if player is killed at sea. [Changed] Added Override vars to epochconfig that control object expiry. vehicle, building, storage (7 days), players (30 days). [Changed] Vehicle slots limit now based directly on total of per vehicle counts in allowed vehicles list. [Changed] Reworked backend of NPC trader mechanism to be more accurate and optimized. [Changed] Land vehicles now spawn in cities near roads instead of anywhere on roads. [Changed] Many performance and security changes server side. [Changed] Vehicle save queue system for better performance. [Changed] Seasonal items like Meeps and Halloween masks removed from loot tables. [Fixed] UAV's are no longer static and now move like they are supposed to. [Fixed] Fully disabled thermal equipment for all vehicles. [Fixed] Geometry of walls changed to help reduce glitching. [Fixed] Disallow Holster and GetOver action near base walls, to reduce wall glitching. [Fixed] Global setdamage event with Communication towers. [info] Reworked server configs. InstanceID is now set in EpochServer.ini and the rest in epochconfig.hpp now found in @EpochHive folder. [Known Issues] Weapon attachments get wiped when player to player trading. (workaround for now take the items off the weapon first). [Known Issues] Moving a painted corrugated wall causes it to lose its color.
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    Arma has so much to offer and is a very flexible and fun game to play and mod. With this flexibility comes insecurity and a dark side. Yesterday I spoke with one of the "kids" that have been terrorizing our servers. He is demanding server files in exchange for stopping the attacks. I told him that the server files would have been released to more communities by now if we had something proven stable and secure. Something that this hack-a-thon is stopping us from doing. He offered up one exploit and then immediately started demanding that we give the server files in exchange. He then said that if we did not give them the server files in 24 hours the hacking would continue, and it has. Simply put, the current exploit they are using is a fault in ARMA and not an issue with our mod and will ultimately need to be fixed by BI. Please vote for this issue to get the attention it deserves: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=20994 Until this issue is fixed by BI or another fix is found we will no longer be running any public servers. All servers run my me will only be accessible with a password obtained from me or Axle. We will have a few communities that will likely run whitelisted servers so look out for them to pop up on our servers page: http://epochmod.com/servers.php Now back to developing.
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    - What is VEMF? - VEMF is the Spiritual Successor to DZMS. VEMF Stands for Vampire's Epoch Mission Framework. VEMF is going to be a mission system designed specifically for Arma 3: Epoch. - How is VEMF different from DZMS? - VEMF is being designed to be a Mission Framework. VEMF will be more modular than DZMS allowing anyone to easily create an "Addon" for it. VEMF will not be a "fetch the box" mission system, it will be much much broader; A-B, Multiple Ending, Vehicle Convoys, Vehicle Capture, Manhunts, Investigation/Exploration, and more! VEMF will run entirely on the server side, in a server-side PBO. - When Will it be Done? - VEMF is still a work in progress. The current version is WIP. - Example Videos - - Github - https://github.com/SMVampire/VEMF
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    Welcome Messages Credit Style Messages When a player Spawns in Install Instructions: If not done already, create a blank init.sqf in your mission root. In your Init.sqf Add this line to the very bottom // Welcome Credits by Gr8 [] execVM "custom\welcome.sqf"; Make a Custom Folder in your mission file Make a file called Welcome.sqf in your Custom Folder Add this into your Welcome.sqf if(isDedicated) exitWith {}; _sizeTitle = 0.55; // Font Size of the Title Messages _sizeSubText = 0.45; // Font Size of the SubTitle Messages _colorTitle = "#0969ee"; // HTML Color Code of the Title Messages (must start with '#' ) _colorSubText = "#1cee09"; // HTML Color Code of the SubTitle Messages (must start with '#' ) _alignTitle = "left"; // Alignment of the Title Message (right or left) _alignSubText = "right"; // Alignment of the SubTitle Message (right or left) _fontTitle = "PuristaSemibold"; // Font Type Of Title Messages _fontSubText = "PuristaLight"; // Font Type Of SubTitle Messages _Delay = 10; // Wait in seconds before the credits start after player IS ingame _FadeIn = 3; //how long one role should stay on screen. Use value from 0 to 10 where 0 is almost instant transition to next role _IntroMusic = true; // Welcome Intro Song During the credits (true or false) _posDefault = [0.3,0.55,0.5]; // Defualt Positions of all Credits _title = "Welcome Survivor"; _shorttext = "Arma 3 Epoch By MyServer"; _posText = [0.8,0.5,0.4]; _title2 = "Website"; _shorttext2 = "www.my-site.com"; _posText2 = [0.8,0.5,0.25]; _title3 = "Teamspeak 3"; _shorttext3 = "ts.my-site.com"; _posText3 = [0.8,0.5,0.25]; _title4 = "Donate"; _shorttext4 = "Support the server and Help it stay up"; _posText4 = [0.8,0.5,0.28]; _title5 = "Custom Scripts"; _shorttext5 = "Welcome Messages <br />AI Missions<br />Custom Traders<br /> "; _posText5 = [0.8,0.5,0.335]; _title6 = "Play Fair And Enjoy"; _shorttext6 = "Admins are Always Active"; _posText6 = [0.8,0.5,0.4]; /***********************************************************************************************************************************************/ /***********************************************************************************************************************************************/ /* /!\ DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE. DO NOT REMOVE CREDITS /!\ /* /* SCRIPTING BY: GR8 [GhostzGamerz.com] /* VERSION: 2.1 /* DATE: 21 December 2014 /* /***********************************************************************************************************************************************/ /***********************************************************************************************************************************************/ _ms = []; for "_i" from 1 to 50 do { _t = if (_i!=1) then { format["_title%1",_i] } else { "_title" }; _s = if (_i!=1) then { format["_shorttext%1",_i] } else { "_shorttext" }; _p = if (_i!=1) then { format["_postext%1",_i] } else { "_postext" }; if (!isNil _t or !isNil _s) then { _at = if (!isNil _t) then { call compile _t } else { "" }; _as = if (!isNil _s) then { call compile _s } else { "" }; _ap = if (!isNil _p) then { call compile _p } else { _posDefault }; _ms = _ms + [[_at,_as,_ap]]; } }; waitUntil {!isNuLL(uiNameSpace getVariable ["EPOCH_loadingScreen",displayNull])}; waitUntil {isNuLL(uiNameSpace getVariable ["EPOCH_loadingScreen",displayNull])}; sleep _Delay; if (_IntroMusic) then { playMusic "intro";}; player enableSimulation true; { _t = _x select 0; _s = _x select 1; _pX = _x select 2 select 0; _pY = _x select 2 select 1; _pW = _x select 2 select 2; _m = format ["<t size='%1' color='%2' align='%3' font='%4'>%5<br /></t>", _sizeTitle, _colorTitle, _alignTitle, _fontTitle, _t]; _m = _m + format ["<t size='%1' color='%2' align='%3' font='%4'>%5<br /></t>", _sizeSubText, _colorSubText, _alignSubText, _fontSubText, _s]; _tm = round (count toArray (_t+_s) / 6 / 2) + 3; [ _m, [_pX * safeZoneW + safeZoneX, _pW], [_pY * safezoneH + safezoneY, 1 * safezoneH + safezoneY], _tm, _FadeIn ] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; sleep (_tm+_FadeIn+4); } forEach _ms; Download this Intro Song and put it in your mission root. Note : You can always use your own music. Just make sure its in .ogg format In your Description.ext add this at the bottom: class cfgMusic{ class intro { name = "intro"; sound = {"IntroSong.ogg", db+1,1}; }; }; Modify Your BattlEye Filters Go to your Config folder (By Default called SC) / BattlEye and open Scripts.txt Then Then find the line 2 which looks like this: 7 "BIS_fnc_dynamictext" !", 0, 1, 5, 2, 0, 1] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext;" !", 0, 0.4, 5, 2, 0, 2] spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext;" !"snil '_fnc_scriptName') then {_fnc_scriptName}" and add following to the end of the line: "sleep (_onScreenTime) spawn bis_fnc_dynamictext;" Then in same file find line 21 which looks like this: 7 exec !="<execute expression=" !"RscDebugConsole_execute" !"execFSM" !"_executeStackedEventHandler" !"fn_execVM" !"fn_moduleExecute" !"fn_execRemote" !"fn_MPexec" !"bis_fnc_moduleExecute_activate" !"fn_tridentExecute" !"randomize_civ1" !"executed from" !"EPOCH_DebugGUI_exec" !"_handle = [_display] execVM _script;" !"execVM \"\A3\Structures_F\scripts" !="execVM \"\A3\Structures_F_EPC\Civ\PlayGround\scripts\Carousel_spin.sqf\"" and add following to the end of the line (modify this if you need to): !="execVM \"\MPMissions\epoch.altis\scripts\welcome.sqf\"" CLICK HERE TO SHOOT ME A LIKE
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    Unofficial Epoch Redis Database Manager BROKEN IN CURRENT EPOCH. To help out on the Dev team and server owners i present you my current project i'm working on. This will allow you to manage your redis databases with a nice friendly user-interface. This will be handmade on the Epoch data structure. It will require a php-capable invironment. It will allow viewing, editing and deleting of all server data in redis in a admin-friendly interface. You can request features you want implemented in this topic. OPEN BETA PRE ALPHA UPDATE 2 0.2 Release Data & MAP Whats new in 0.2? [ADDED] More maps [ADDED] Own maps support [ADDED] More customisable settings [ADDED] Import/export server data ( for other admins forexample) [ADDED] Use own images [ADDED] View buildings, storages,players,vehicle details. [FIXED] Charnarus and altis are calibrated, other maps that are default in are theoreticle correct but not tested. [FIXED] Working dashboard page. Whats Gonna be new in 0.3 ( Rolling Changelogs)? [CHANGED] PHP laravel backend. [ADDED] Statistic Graphs at listdetail screens. [ADDED] Login System. [ADDED] User Rights on pages system. (Configurable by full admins). [ADDED] Inegrated ZupaStats for admin purposes. [FIXED] Some performance issues. [FIXED] Changing server on dashboard now also refreshes dashboard. [FIXED] Server name now correctly displays on title text. More to come Download: On 24 feb 2015: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rd1c8wldmldgi2z/ZRDBM.rar This is not an optimised build. Keep the html and php on the same host for this release. TCP redis should work if configured corretly ( not tested, so I can be wrong). Server data is saved in localhost in your browser for time being. Default included maps: Chernarus Altis Stratis Takistan Namalsk Download Extra Maps These maps are not default in the download to make the file not too big for people that don't need them. To use these maps just place the folder in the "maps" folder and add the map to the settings. Credits to Scott AKA Uro to make these possible and easy for me. These images are ingame images and should not have an offset Bornholm http://www.mediafire.com/download/n7bbqkf8899hiex/bornholm.rar Mapsize : 22528 x 22528 : Needs testing! Image: http://i.imgur.com/jNXbfeC.jpg Lingor http://www.mediafire.com/download/1af9wb3zxlif2xc/lingor.rar Mapsize : 10240 x 10239 : Needs testing! Image: http://i.imgur.com/yeIAi8v.jpg Zargabad http://www.mediafire.com/download/0gjq7617zl3uc36/zargabad.rar Mapsize : 8191 x 8194: Needs testing! Image: http://i.imgur.com/CoJLIXL.jpg Panthera 3 http://www.mediafire.com/download/gqumsm2s2niskl7/panthera.rar Mapsize : 10240 x 10239: Needs testing! Image: http://i.imgur.com/cf7fsqd.jpg Taviana 3 http://www.mediafire.com/download/an38c1rbidxmdcr/taviana.rar Mapsize : 21333 x 21332: Needs testing! Image: http://i.imgur.com/jHZyDz5.jpg Alternative Altis http://www.mediafire.com/download/1dd962bff7wo4dr/altis2.rar Mapsize : 30700x 30700. Image: http://i.imgur.com/XNgVFMJ.jpg Alternative Chernarus http://www.mediafire.com/download/2qc9jri1ccj38ym/chernarus2.rar Mapsize : 15360 x 15360. Image: http://i.imgur.com/88ilDD9.png Alternative Stratis http://www.mediafire.com/download/c29odtoquazjki6/stratis2.rar Mapsize : 8191 x 8192 Image: http://i.imgur.com/x0xy0zR.jpg Instructions: Unzip the folder in your apache enviremont ( xampp htdocs) for example. ( More info about this later). Add extra maps to the map folder if necessary (Not all are included in default download. Otherwise the size will get too big). Go to the server/config.php and fill in your server data ( if you want multiple servers on different IP's , i recommend making a server2 folder with that config then). $myRedisPass = "redispass"; $myRedisPort = 6379; $myRedisHost = ''; // If php and redis are on the same server, this suffices IF PHP and REDIS are on different servers ( you need to open the redis Port on that server AND bind your public ip in redis config !) EXAMPLE in redis.conf: ( Restart redis to activate this). bind Now browse to your folder in a browser. ( localhost or externally). The webapp automaticly lets u add a server, fill in the data correctly or import an exported server. Screenschots: IN DEV More functions added later.
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    There have many bugfixes since the initial release of the 0.3.x client files and we will have more fixes to come soon. A Client side hotfix build will likely be released in about 2 weeks to roll up any client side fixes. Now for the best part, A small taste of what you can expect from future major milestone updates (0.4,0.5,...): Advanced crafting with total UI overhaul fully extensible and customizable. [Released] Refined P2P and NPC trade systems. More Custom Base building objects and base building refinements. More server and user configurable options. [Released] Documentation on backend DLL calls and usage. [Released] More antagonists and AI refinements. CRC check and server file obfuscation removed. [Released] Custom Vehicles, Weapons, Uniforms and apparel. Custom map based in America. Linux server support. [Released] Bugfixes and much more. Download server files here: http://epochmod.com/download_server.php
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    vbawol Changelog

    [Added] Started on Basic food crafting: Cooked Meat + Sweet corn + empty cooler equals full hunger; returns empty cooler. [Added] Crafting of Large Energy packs: 3x small energy pack + Circuit Parts and a nearby fire. [Added] Basic wild plant spawner: Poppy [Added] New dynamic event object: Ferris Wheel [Added] Antagonist chances moved to epochconfig. [Added] Split server events from weather and added separate timers for each in epochconfig. [Added] Direction labels added to teleport pads. [Added] Epoch Story: Debug area is now Epoch Cloning facility. [Added] Started support for all "AiA Terrain Pack" maps, starting with Chernarus. [Added] Support for Krypto account access from classed ATM and phonebooth objects. [Added] New loot objects: Tarp covered pallet and freezer chest. [Added] Tree support for Bornholm. [Added] Player Krypto accounts now expire after 90 days of inactivity. Can be changed with expiresBank. [Added] Further enhanced DLL logging. [Added] Paint stripper & building parts pricing has been added to Traders. [Added] Extra logging of player connects and disconnects. [updated] Further optimized sound system. [Fixed] Group invite not working [Fixed] Vests and Headgear now populate with correct epoch variants in spawn menu. [Fixed] Item spawning now will add the items to a vehicle if target is in one. [Fixed] Disable SteamAPI VAC ban calls for now as it was reported to cause CPU high load, it will be renabled in a future patch. [Fixed] Better way to track dead state of player. [Fixed] Losing group when logging out while dead. [Fixed] Revive statistics were not persisting. [Fixed] Optimize cleanup system for more stable server fps. [Fixed] Removed doppleganger code for now, as it was not working as intended. [Fixed] Epoch welcome message encoding issue and fixed Scroll bar. [Fixed] Parachutes are now safe to use. [Fixed] Increased the amount of thirst gained from Drinks/Sodas. [Fixed] Increased the amount of hunger gained from Can Food and Cooked Meats. [Fixed] Bug in sound system with Cultist caused error that broke master loop. [Fixed] False publicVariable kicks that happen since the ArmA 3 update 1.36. (BattlEye Log shows PLAYER_REJECT_NoResponse) [Fixed] False script restriction kicks that happen when player destroy electric wire. Release date: 12/23/2014
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    [1.4.1] Snap Building PRO

    Download files, updates and Installation instructions on: Github HQ Screenshot of an in-game Tutorial dialog Ever wanted to run hardcore server with 3rd person cam disabled? Now's your chance. Credits and Contributors: Awol - player_build.sqf, Epoch and permission to modify script. Mudzereli - Commanding menus Rimblock - with modular build (github) PryMary - with Plot for Life KamikazeXeX - Support for striker - using snap pro as a base for Github contributors - mattispro, Mikeeeyy Legal: You can use/modify/redistribute this file as long as it complies with License. You can not use this script to promote donations or shops. This script is open source, you are allowed to add it to your @mods as long as appropriate credits and terms of license are met.
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    Epoch launcher is out of date but you can still download the new patch. It will require you to manually extract and install the client files. Downloads: Client http://epochmod.com/download.php Server http://epochmod.com/download_server.php Changelogs: Report Bugs: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/forum/53-bug-reports/ Provide Feedback: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/forum/54-feedback/
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    What is A3EAI: A3EAI is a general-purpose AI addon designed specifically around A3 Epoch and its unique features, built from a heavily modified version of DZAI 2.2.1. "A3EAI" simply stands for "ArmA 3 Epoch AI". For users of DZAI, you'll know exactly what to expect from A3EAI. A3EAI Features: Automatically-generated static AI spawns: A3EAI will spawn an AI group at various named locations on the map if players are nearby. Dynamic AI spawns: A3EAI will create ambient threat for each player by periodically spawning AI to create unexpected ambush encounters. These AI may occasionally seek out and hunt a player.Random AI spawns: A3EAI will create spawns that are randomly placed around the map and are periodically relocated. These spawns are preferentially created in named locations, but may be also created anywhere in the world.Air and land vehicle AI: AI patrol in vehicles around the map, looking for players to hunt down. Cars and trucks may roam the road, and helicopters (or jets) search the skies for players. Helicopters with available cargo space may also occasionally deploy an AI group by parachute. Dynamic AI may also sometimes summon an air vehicle to their location for support.Custom AI spawns: Users may also define custom infantry and vehicle AI spawns at specified locations.Adaptive classname system: A3EAI reads Epoch's loot tables to find items that AI can use, such as weapons and equipment. Users may also choose to manually specify classnames to use instead.Error-checking ability: A3EAI checks config files for errors upon startup. If errors are found, A3EAI will use backup settings and continue operating as normal.Classname verification: A3EAI filters out invalid or banned classnames and prevents them from being used by AI.Universal map support: A3EAI supports any and every map for Arma 3 without changing any settings.Plug-and-play installation: Installing and upgrading A3EAI is a simple copy and paste job and does not require modifying any Epoch files.Easy configuration: A single configuration file contains all settings for A3EAI. This config file is external to the A3EAI pbo, so configuration changes can be made without ever having to unpack or repack the pbo file. What's new about A3EAI: A3EAI is intended to be a near-total redesign of DZAI in terms of how the three major AI spawning systems (Static, Dynamic, and Random) work together. In DZAI, the 3 systems worked mostly in isolation: Static AI was for cities and towns, dynamic was for everywhere else, and random was just... random. A3EAI seeks to change things up by using "zero-configuration heterogenous spawning system" that lets all three major spawning systems to work together as one. Instead of having manual static spawn definitions for each city, town, etc, A3EAI will place a single spawn area at each city/town/etc directly. The upgraded dynamic and random AI spawning systems will fill in the gaps by spawning AI wherever necessary. AI group sizes, skill levels, and to a certain extent, loadouts, will be assigned to suit the location - small villages will have the lowest level AI, with larger cities having tougher AI. "Remote" areas such as factories and military bases will have the highest difficulty AI. To put it simply, many changes have been made to A3EAI that I simply can't list here. You will have to see for yourself when it is released. Where to download A3EAI: Download at: https://github.com/dayzai/A3EAI How to install A3EAI: A3EAI install instructions are located in the download package as well as the A3EAI Wikia site: http://a3eai.wikia.com/wiki/A3EAI_Installation.
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    Epoch Hotfix Changelog

    [Added] New Dog Brain with many new features. [Added] More event driven chances to spawn antagonists. [Added] Great White Shark. [Added] Speargun found only in boats. [Added] NVG goggles now require Energy to use (5 Energy every 10 sec). [Added] Alert sound to drones when they spot you. [Added] AI Soldiers should now attack you even in a vehicle. [updated] Group System - Invite List is alphabetically sorted. [Fixed] Fixed typo that caused storage devices not to save correctly. [Fixed] Overhaul of vehicle selling code to prevent issues. [Fixed] incorrect scope with ItemKiloHemp. [Fixed] Fixed and improved group system. [Fixed] Double click action button text had incorrect text for some items like "Vehicle Repair Parts". [Fixed] Fixed UI icons disappearing due to conflicting resource layer with dynamic text. [Fixed] Added workaround for players not saving due to specific character in player name. [Fixed] When first building a base item it will spawn as simulated and start to save. [Fixed] Only allow owner or members of group to upgrade-in-place base objects if a Frequency jammer is placed. [Fixed] Players can now trade Krypto using P2P trade menu. [Fixed] P2P trading now correctly removes weapons from backpacks. [Fixed] AI soldiers now spawn with the correct radio, vest, and hat. [Fixed] Random traders can no longer occupy the same building. [Fixed] Preview of building objects now use proper ghost preview models. [Fixed] "Mine" trader city teleport point moved so that protection zone covers area. [Changed] Suppress some group leader options by disabling use of 0-9, f1-f12, backspace, and commandmode. [Changed] Code lockout added to Take Krypto code to prevent spam. [Changed] Improved quality of shipwreak and pelican loots. [Changed] Disabled side chat on all servers, use Quartz radio instead. [Optimize] Furniture spawning moved client side for better server performance. [Optimize] Added cleanup on furniture, weaponholders, and Krypto devices every 20min if no players within 45m. [Known Issue] Unable to loot dead fish with "T" to get Seafood.
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    SEM - Simple Epoch Missions by KiloSwiss This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License What is SEM? - A simple AI mission script, nothing fancy, just some static random mission with AI and some loot. Wow great Idea! - No, this was buildt upon the original work from drsubo, which was shared in this thread How does it work? - Magic How do I install it? - There is a readme.txt file inside the download, read it carefully and do the installation step-by-step! What is currently included/what are the features? - Static AI missions (only one mission at the time). - Every mission has a box with loot (more AI equals better loot). - Missions will eventually time out if no player is nearby. What will be implemented in the next versions? - More missions (AI take over towns, vehicles, convoys, etc.). - New outposts, maybe a maze would be funny, who knows. - HC support (only if enough admins ask for that). - Suggest your idea in this thread, I'm open for new ideas! Where can I download it? - The newest Version is always available on GitHub: https://github.com/KiloSwiss/Simple-Epoch-Missions I have a question can I write You a PM? - NO! I give support only here in this thread. Any PM with questions/asking for support will be ignored, NO EXCEPTIONS! Also check the previous/old thread to see if Your question has been answered before: Do You want something for this? - No, this script is free to use, edit and share for anyone out there (SEM is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License). Altough, if You like to donate me something for my work, any kind of donation is well appreciated. Here are some PayPal donation Links: $ £ € Choose Your currency and the amount You would like to donate Many thanks in advance to everyone who donates! For those having issues adding exceptions to their BE filters: See here which lines inside the scripts.txt needs to be changed: LINK (scripts.txt) And read this thread to understand more about BE filters and adding exceptions: Have fun Greez KiloSwiss Edit: This Addon / Script has an update to stay compatible to EpochMod. All credits for the core will stay on @KiloSwiss The updated version can be found here: https://github.com/Ignatz-HeMan/SEM
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    M3Editor - A3 3D Editor

    More info goto http://maca134.co.uk/portfolio/m3editor-arma-3-map-editor/ I will not be announcing updates on this forums anymore. a3_epoch_custom.zip @m3editor.zip convert.htm
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    Patch 0.2.5 RC testing.

    It's getting close and we need some large scale testing. Mells House server will be hosting the RC patch. You can download the test client here. http://epochmod.com/downloads/Epoch_0.2.5_RC1.zip.torrent Once the RC files are tested and we pack the live version, server files will follow.
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    Epoch Hotfix Changelog

    [New] Added crafting of Salvage Metal from Iron Ore found at mineral veins. [New] Added proper ghost models for TiPi and shelf. [Changed] Updated Red Gull Texture and Icon. [Changed] Increased chance to find Mortar Buckets. [Changed] Ctrl+T now used for Trade requests to other players. [Changed] Increased chances for shark to spawn. [Fixed] Traders spawning smoke grenades after selling them. [Fixed] Just built base objects now use player direction for initial object direction. [Fixed] Player logs out while dead will now correctly spawn fresh on login. [Fixed] False kicks on Global setdamage due to destroyed powerlines. [Fixed] Traders can no longer spawn on top of each other. [Fixed] Multiple players could double spawn loot in the same building. [Fixed] Can now build Frequency Jammer properly. [Fixed] Player rollback after revive and relog. [Fixed] Many server side fixes. [Known Issues] Weapon attachments get wiped when player to player trading. (workaround for now take the items off the weapon first). [Known Issues] Moving a painted corrugated wall causes it to loose its color.
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    Epoch Hotfix Changelog

    [Added] Test adding mineral spawns at a 30% chance to earthquakes epicenters. [Added] Added spawning of semi-secure lockbox storage (shared with your group) (only owner can pack). [Added] Loot added to Sapper and Cultist (press "T" to loot dead body). [Fixed] Incorrect path for snake corpse model. [Fixed] Fixed double chickens. [Fixed] Frequency jammer (Plot pole) now works for both owner and group members. [Fixed] Group invite system. [Fixed] Missing alert sound added to Sapper. [Fixed] fixed description for .22 ruger. [Fixed] Check for invalid player data and revert to default (fixes some bugged players issues with joining servers). [Fixed] fixed AI cleanup on player disconnect. [Changed] Reduced multi gun ammo count to 10 from 99. [Changed] Increased crafting requirements on many base items (it was kept low for testing). [Changed] Lower chances to spawn Dogs and lowered animal spawn limit from 6 to 3. [Changed] Shipping containers now have more loot and (building mats & backpacks). [Changed] Removed ammo and weapons from Fridge and stove. [Changed] Increased cultist and sapper armor levels. [Changed] Try to find a better place to spawn purchased vehicles. [Changed] Player must be local (last driver) to sell a vehicle. [Changed] Increased range for buying and selling vehicles. [Changed] Lowered volume on Dog and Chicken sounds. [Changed] Server side tax rate on NPC trader purchases (currently 10%). [Changed] Manipulating base objects now have varying energy consumption. [Optimize] Disable simulation on any ThingX props at trader cities. Report bugs via Github: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/issues
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    Ghost of Chernarus A map pack specifically made for Epoch Hello guys and girls. I'd like to preview the Chernarus Overhaul I am working on - a collection of map packs focusing on Epoch's Core zones. Features: Better protection at Trader Cities Immersive, some pretty eccentric structures Fully modular - each spot is a seperate sqf Hours of optimization work to reduce file size and increase performance Two projects of Fortresses ready for NPCs - one small, one excessively large (approx. 2x2 kilometers of platforms in the ocean) Alternative versions of the maps coming in the future to offer options and variants: No fuelpump in Klen / No Zombies / Less Objects / More entrances etc. More alternative versions tailored to your personal wishes, just post em here =) Current Progress: - Traders - Trader City Klen Enhancement: - 100% (+Optimization ! ) (+Alternative Versions ! ) Trader City Stary Enhancement: - 100% (+Optimization ! ) (+Alternative Versions ! ) Trader City Bash Enhancement: - 100% (+Optimization ! ) (+Alternative Versions ! ) Northeast Aircraft Dealer Overhaul "The Boneyard" - 100% (+Optimization ! ) (+Alternative Versions ! ) Bandit Trader Overhaul "Cutthroat's Corner" - 100% (+Optimization ! ) Hero Trader Overhaul "Last Home" - 100% - Landmarks - Willow Lake Castle Ruin: 100% (+Optimization ! ) "The Unburied" Battlefield Remnants: 100% (+Optimization ! ) (+Alternative Versions ! ) - Structure Improvements - Zelenogorsk - Rehabilitation Center & Warehouses: 100% Grishino - Construction Sites : 100% Files: Preliminary Release Work-In-Progress: http://www.charlatan.at/DayZ/GOC.rar PDF Readme / Screenshots / Map Locations: http://www.charlatan.at/DayZ/GOC.pdf FAQ: OMG I get an Error Message about "missing content" for "aif1_buildings" or "pook_h13" Don't worry, that didn't do any harm. Standard Epoch includes these two files, but they are not used on Chernarus so the Mod does not find them. The Readme file included in the download has instructions on page 2 how to remove the error message ! You can play without any problems despite getting the error message, btw. How do I install this? I suggest using the server.pbo, the Readme file has installation instructions ! Do I need to change/add the traders manually? No, the traders and their market stalls all remain unchanged. Does the Castle in Klen disappear? No, it will all be normal ingame. The Castle is simply not visible in the editor, thus missing on my screenshots. Permissions/Credits: As long as players enjoy them, feel free to edit / modify my maps however you like. Just don't claim them as your own work ;) Without the Epoch Mod, I wouldn't have worked on these map upgrades for Chernarus, so most credit goes to the Epoch Team!
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    Hey folks, some time ago i pushed something to the public, but here is next! "Damn which Truck was the open Camouflage one?" "Bah cant remember which of the Vehicles holds the most amount of Magazines and Weapons..." "How many Players can Drive in XYZ Vehicle?" "How fast can that Vehicle go?" "What the hell a 'Donald' skin look like?" "'Rocker 1 2 3 whats the difference?" Ever had such questions? Here you go - VASP - Vehicle and Skin Preview This little Mod let you Preview any Vehicle or Skin in the TraderMenu. Vehicles will show additional Infos like: Max Speed Max Seats Max Cargo Weapons Max Cargo Magazines Max Cargo Backpacks Max Fuel Max Armor All stuff is totally client side spawned and will not be visible to any other Player on Server! The Player clicks in the Tradermenu on a Vehicle or a Skin and he will get a hint message to press F5 for a preview of it. While in preview, you can use these Hotkeys: Zoom in/out: Arrowkeys up/down Rotate left/right: Arrowkeys left/right Close preview: F5 After preview the Tradermenu will open again on the same spot the Player left it for the preview. Just hit Buy and the last previewed item get bought. Easy as Pie. Demo Video http://youtu.be/KN8MAEpTC8I Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a2ziauc6rudqk97/VASP_v1.2.zip Install instructions: 1. Download und unzip VASP_v1.2.zip 2. unpbo MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME.pbo (If your hoster has just folders you can skip this obviously ^^) 3. Copy the custom folder from unziped VASP_v1.2.zip to MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\ 4. open MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\init.sqf Find this block: if (!isDedicated) then { 0 fadeSound 0; waitUntil {!isNil "dayz_loadScreenMsg"}; dayz_loadScreenMsg = (localize "STR_AUTHENTICATING"); _id = player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_id = [] spawn player_death;}]; }; And insert this line above the last closing bracket }; _nil = [] execVM "custom\VASP\VASP_init.sqf"; If you dont have already a custom pulicEH.sqf continue on 5a) else continue on 5b) 5a) Still in the init.sqf Find this line: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\publicEH.sqf"; and replace with: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\VASP\publicEH.sqf"; 5b) open your custom publicEH.sqf and find this line: "PVDZE_plr_SetDate" addPublicVariableEventHandler {setDate (_this select 1);}; and replace with: "PVDZE_plr_SetDate" addPublicVariableEventHandler {if (!(player getVariable["Preview",false])) then {setDate (_this select 1);};}; If you dont have already a custom compiles.sqf continue on 6a) else continue on 6b) 6a) Still in the init.sqf Find this line: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; and replace with: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\VASP\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions 6b) Open your custom compiles.sqf and find this block: // trader menu code if (DZE_ConfigTrader) then { call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_traderMenuConfig.sqf"; }else{ call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_traderMenuHive.sqf"; }; and replace with: // trader menu code if (DZE_ConfigTrader) then { call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\VASP\player_traderMenuConfig.sqf"; }else{ call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\VASP\player_traderMenuHive.sqf"; }; Find this line: fnc_usec_selfActions = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\fn_selfActions.sqf"; //Checks which actions for self and replace with: fnc_usec_selfActions = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\VASP\fn_selfActions.sqf"; //Checks which actions for self If you already use a custom fn_selfActions.sqf open it and find this line: _buy = player addAction [localize "STR_EPOCH_PLAYER_289", "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\show_dialog.sqf",(_traderMenu select 0), 999, true, false, "",""]; and add ABOVE: LastTraderMenu = (_traderMenu select 0); 7. repbo MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\ - upload - restart server - enjoy! - Configuration - Open VASP_init.sqf and edit this block to your liking: /****************************/ /* Configuration */ /****************************/ /* Vehicle Preview on/off */ /* true = ON / false = OFF */ VASP_VehiclePreview = true; /****************************/ /* Skin Preview on/off */ /* true = ON / false = OFF */ VASP_SkinPreview = true; /****************************/ /* !!! DONT EDIT BELOW !!! */ - Additional Information - For those who have MORE then the standard Epoch Skins buyable at the Traders you would need to open MPMissions\YOURMISSIONNAME\custom\VASP\VASP_init.sqf and add them to this block: AllAllowedSkins = [ "Skin_Survivor2_DZ","Skin_SurvivorWcombat_DZ","Skin_SurvivorWdesert_DZ", "Skin_SurvivorWurban_DZ","Skin_SurvivorWsequishaD_DZ","Skin_SurvivorWsequisha_DZ", "Skin_SurvivorWpink_DZ","Skin_SurvivorW3_DZ","Skin_SurvivorW2_DZ", "Skin_Bandit1_DZ","Skin_Bandit2_DZ","Skin_BanditW1_DZ", "Skin_BanditW2_DZ","Skin_Soldier_Crew_PMC","Skin_Sniper1_DZ", "Skin_Camo1_DZ","Skin_Soldier1_DZ","Skin_Rocket_DZ", "Skin_Rocker1_DZ","Skin_Rocker2_DZ","Skin_Rocker3_DZ", "Skin_Rocker4_DZ","Skin_Priest_DZ","Skin_Functionary1_EP1_DZ", "Skin_GUE_Commander_DZ","Skin_Ins_Soldier_GL_DZ","Skin_Haris_Press_EP1_DZ", "Skin_Pilot_EP1_DZ","Skin_RU_Policeman_DZ","Skin_Soldier_TL_PMC_DZ", "Skin_Soldier_Sniper_PMC_DZ","Skin_Soldier_Bodyguard_AA12_PMC_DZ","Skin_Drake_Light_DZ", "Skin_CZ_Special_Forces_GL_DES_EP1_DZ","Skin_TK_INS_Soldier_EP1_DZ","Skin_TK_INS_Warlord_EP1_DZ", "Skin_FR_OHara_DZ","Skin_FR_Rodriguez_DZ","Skin_CZ_Soldier_Sniper_EP1_DZ", "Skin_GUE_Soldier_MG_DZ","Skin_GUE_Soldier_Sniper_DZ","Skin_GUE_Soldier_Crew_DZ", "Skin_GUE_Soldier_CO_DZ","Skin_GUE_Soldier_2_DZ","Skin_TK_Special_Forces_MG_EP1_DZ", "Skin_TK_Soldier_Sniper_EP1_DZ","Skin_TK_Commander_EP1_DZ","Skin_RU_Soldier_Crew_DZ", "Skin_INS_Lopotev_DZ","Skin_INS_Soldier_AR_DZ","Skin_INS_Soldier_CO_DZ", "Skin_INS_Bardak_DZ","Skin_INS_Worker2_DZ" ]; This is ONLY needed if you have custom Skins that are buyable on the Traders! ~ Have fun with it ~ Questions - Bugs - Tell me! - If you like it - Like it - So I can count Downloads - I like that ##################################### # Support my work # # & # # Donate # #####################################
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    [How To] [CPC] Indestructible Bases

    Patch 1.0.3 Information I would just like to point out that my script is working entirely flawlessly however the line numbers are wrong in some cases in the tutorials below but they are easy enough to see where it goes instead by searching for the correct words. All the information you need is in this post. At present I do not have time to write the tutorial on pulling the maintain_area.sqf from the DayZ code files, however you will need to do this as Axe Cop's script is now part of Epoch as standard. When I get time I will add this if someone hasn't done it already, its very quick and easy to do but I want to make sure I write it as perfectly as possible to avoid confusion. Its as simple as finding it in the file structure, placing it in your mission folder and then changing the path inside the self actions file. If you do not pull the maintain_area.sqf from the code and add my fix to it, when you maintain your base using the area function on the plot pole it will make your base vulnerable to attack until the restart. [CPC] Indestructible Bases - PART1: On Server Restart What it does: Anything you define inside the _cpcimmune tag will respawn on server restart entirely indestructible and will also not be able to be knocked down. You can add anything you like to the list. the list currently only comprises of the new modular base buildables. How to: Step 1) Unpack your dayz_server.pbo Step 2) Find \system\server_monitor.sqf add copy this at around line 6 _script = getText(missionConfigFile >> "onPauseScript"); // ### [CPC] Indestructible Buildables Fix _cpcimmune =[ "WoodFloor_DZ", "WoodFloorHalf_DZ", "WoodFloorQuarter_DZ", "Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoorLocked", "WoodLargeWallDoor_DZ", "WoodLargeWallWin_DZ", "WoodLargeWall_DZ", "Land_DZE_WoodDoorLocked", "WoodSmallWallDoor_DZ", "WoodSmallWallWin_DZ", "Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoor", "Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoorLocked", "WoodLadder_DZ", "WoodStairsSans_DZ", "WoodStairs_DZ", "WoodSmallWall_DZ", "WoodSmallWallThird_DZ", "CinderWallHalf_DZ", "CinderWall_DZ", "CinderWallDoorway_DZ", "Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoor", "MetalFloor_DZ", "CinderWallDoorSmallLocked_DZ", "CinderWallSmallDoorway_DZ", "CinderWallDoor_DZ" ]; // ### [CPC] Indestructible Buildables Fix if ((count playableUnits == 0) and !isDedicated) then { Step 3) Scroll down to around line 180 and copy this _object setdir _dir; _object setpos _pos; _object setDamage _damage; // ### [CPC] Indestructible Buildables Fix if (typeOf(_object) in _cpcimmune) then { _object addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; _object enableSimulation false; }; // ### [CPC] Indestructible Buildables Fix Step 4) Repack your dayz_server.pbo Notes: You're done, its as simple as that. This has been tested on my server for well over a few weeks and is entirely stable. We don't have buildables destructible until a server restart to allow players to remove them by force themselves if neccesary to reduce admin intervention. If you wish to contribute and add your a tutorial for spawning items indestructible without need for a server restart then send me a PM and I'll update this post. [CPC] Indestructible Base Fix - PART2: On Object Creation What it does This is how to make your base objects spawn immediately indestructible without the need for a restart - Credit to Snowmobil for the player_build.sqf coding. If you already have a custom compiles.sqf you can skip the first 3 steps Create a custom compiles.sqf in your mission file. Creating a custom compiles.sqf Step 1) Unpack your dayz_code.pbo in Dayz_Epoch\addons\ Step 2) Pull out the compiles.sqf from dayz_code\init\ and place into your root mission folder (where mission.sqm is) Step 3) Edit your init.sqf inside your mission file around line 58 to look like this call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions Step 4) If not already done due to step 1, unpack your dayz_code.pbo in DayZ_Epoch\addons\ Step 5) Find your player_build.sqf in your dayz_code\actions\ Step 6) Around line 231 copy to look like this // Start Build _tmpbuilt = createVehicle [_classname, _location, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; // ### [CPC] Indestructible Base Fix _tmpbuilt addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; _tmpbuilt enableSimulation false; // ### [CPC] Indestructible Base Fix Save the file in its current location if not already made a copy elsewhere. Step 7) In your mission folder create a folder called "fixes" and place the player_build.sqf in there. Step 8) Edit your compiles.sqf around line 95 player_build = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\player_build.sqf"; Notes: You're now done. You don't need to repack your dayz_code folder as the fix overwrites the original file due to where its called from, you also don't need to save the player_buid.sqf in the folder you copied it from, you can copy it elsewhere if you wish to keep an original version incase you need to revert for what ever reason. This does not need the buildable array that the first part of this tutorial needs, however you will need the first part that edits the server side files for a restart to keep these buildables indestructible. Locations of files are optional, the compiles.sqf does not have to be in the root folder if you wish to have it in your fixes folder just amend the file path. This also means you do not need to name the folder where player_build.sqf goes to "fixes" it can be called anything you like, I just happen to use "fixes" for my custom files. If you use this fix or think its a good idea, please hit the like button on this post. It doesn't do anything for me but shows interest in having indestructible bases. Thanks. [CPC] Indestructible Base Fix - PART3: Prevent Maintenance Exploit Currently you can "maintain" an object and it becomes destructible. This stops players from "maintaining" your buildables and then destroying them, as the server swaps them out to destructible types. There are several ways to implement this fix. If someone wishes to modify the server_dayzswap file so that the swapped buildables are also indestructible I will update this post. This however is suitable for my servers needs and helps players to register their base. If you have a custom fn_selfActions file you can skip to step 3. Step 1) Unpack your dayz_code.pbo in your @DayZ_Epoch client folder Step 2) Put the \addons\dayz_code\compile\fn_selfActions.sqf inside your fixes folder. Step 3) Modify your fn_selfActions.sqf this around line 501 and save if (s_player_maint_build < 0) then { s_player_lastTarget set [1,_cursorTarget]; // ### [CPC] Maintenance Fix s_player_maint_build = player addAction [format["Maintain %1",_text], "fixes\cpcmaintfix.sqf",_cursorTarget, -2, false, true, "",""]; // ### [CPC] Maintenance Fix }; } else { Step 4) Create a new .sqf file, either by copying an existing one or renaming the file extension of a newly created .txt document. Name this file cpcmaintfix.sqf, place this in your fixes folder and put this code inside the newly created .sqf cutText [format["Maintenance is disabled on this server as it is not required. Please see our website on how to ensure your base is not deleted."], "PLAIN DOWN"]; Optionally customize the message to what you like, we run a base registration system so that we can delete old bases due to there being no viable cleanup system thanks to indestructible buildables and believing that maintenance as it stands, its too much work for base owners. Step 5) Modify your compiles.sqf (see above on this post on how to create one, you should have already done it by now if you're this far though) around line 17 fnc_usec_selfActions = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\fn_selfActions.sqf"; //Checks which actions for self Notes: None [CPC] Indestructible Base Fix - PART4: Swap Objects Fix When you maintain an object either through Axe Cop's areal maintenance script or by doing it individually on each object, it swaps out the object for a new one. You don't see a change but it does happen. This spawns it in using server_swapObject.sqf which does not have the indestructible code inside. You don't have to do this as a restart will make your objects indestructible again however, if you maintain many objects they will be vulnerable to normal attacks until a restart, so it is advised that you do this. Part 4a: Normal DayZ Epoch maintenance system Step 1) Decompile dayz_server.pbo Step 2) Goto: @DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\compile\ and find server_swapObject.sqf Step 3) Around line 44 change this: _object addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled",{_this call object_handleServerKilled;}]; // Test disabling simulation server side on buildables only. _object enableSimulation false; to this: _object addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled",{_this call object_handleServerKilled;}]; // Test disabling simulation server side on buildables only. _object enableSimulation false; // ### CPC Swap Object Fix _object addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; // ### CPC Swap Object Fix Step 4) Recompile your dayz_server.pbo and you're now done. Notes: None Part 4b: Axe Cop's Maintain Area Script Step 1) In your mission file, or where ever you have stored the script, open the file e.g mine: D:\Gameservers\testserver\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\fixes\maintain_area.sqf If neccesary you might need to unpack your mission.pbo Step 2) Go to around line 104 // Set location _object setPosATL _location; PVDZE_obj_Swap = [_objectCharacterID,_object,[_dir,_location],_classname,_obj,_objectID,_objectUID]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_obj_Swap"; player reveal _object; } forEach _objects; and change to this // Set location _object setPosATL _location; // ### CPC Swap Object Fix _object enableSimulation false; _object addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; // ### CPC Swap Object Fix PVDZE_obj_Swap = [_objectCharacterID,_object,[_dir,_location],_classname,_obj,_objectID,_objectUID]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_obj_Swap"; player reveal _object; } forEach _objects; Step 3) Save your file and if necessary, repack your mission.pbo and you're done. Notes: None
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    vbawol / RC2 Changelog

    Testing is going well with only a few critical bugs reported so far, a new server build has been pushed to our test servers that address the following issues. Server Side Changelog b4: [Fixed] Crypto reset bug on death or fresh character. [Fixed] Server side vehicle immunity for 1 minute after initial server startup, should prevent accidental damage on spawn.
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    vbawol / RC2 Changelog

    0.3 RC1 has had a lot of good feedback and bug reports so far. We will be addressing as many of these as we can this week and should have a new client build RC2 ( released by the end of the week. Build ( rolling change log: [Added] Owner of a Frequency Jammer device can now remove and get full refund of Jammer kit. [Added] Ability to remove normal storage devices (Shelf and Tipi). Items will be dumped on the ground along with a partial refund of items. [Added] Edit or add Trader prices "CfgPricing" via the missionConfigFile. (Documentation link) [Added] Edit or add Crafting recipes "CfgCrafting" via the missionConfigFile. (Documentation link) [Added] Antagonists spawn system overhaul with spawn bias system. (Documentation link) [Changed] Crypto is now only tracked and stored via the server. [Changed] Moved loot configs to epoch server settings pbo. (Documentation link) [Changed] Antagonists spawn system overhaul. (Documentation link) [Changed] Chance to spawn sapper every 5 minutes (max of 3 within 800m). Chances increase while in a city and if the player is soiled. [Changed] Chance to spawn drone when player fires weapon (max of 3 within 800m). Chances increase while in a city and are reduced if player uses a silencer. [Changed] Initial Sapper spawn distance increased. [Changed] SR-25 and L85a2 use existing ammo now. [Changed] Increased damage for speargun x2. [Changed] Updated 3d interact system with new icons (Unknown, Dead Body). [Fixed] UAV drone now spawns correctly at a distance so that it is longer audible on spawn. [Fixed] Incorrect text output if trader is at max limit for item. [Fixed] rvmat texture path issues with Pink L85A2 [Fixed] Mission document payout now uses unified loot spawn function. [Fixed] Lower example NPC starter items to 50. [Fixed] Removed developer debug from AH admin. [info] Updated example server.cfg for 1.40.
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    Axle Changelog

    Before After
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    [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.0

    THIS VERSION WILL NOT WORK WITH DAYZ EPOCH PLEASE USE THIS VERSION: https://github.com/ebayShopper/WICKED-AI WICKED AI 2.2.0 Since I really like (read love) the Wicked AI missions and support for them has gone in the latest patches, I decided to dust off the old files and start making these 1.0.5+ compatible. Starting with a few minor bugfixes and some custom loadouts, but quickly turning into a proper redo with awesome help of the - very much alive - mod community! --- Error reporting Please use the form below for reporting errors. I will not reply on help requests that fail to do a proper problem report. [b][size=6](Problem title, e.g. Kill type missions sometimes fail to despawn)[/size][/b] [b]WAI Version[/b] (E.g. 2.1.4) [b]World:[/b] (E.g. Taviana 2.0) [b]Mods:[/b] (E.g. @Overpoch, @Origins, @Epoch1051,) [b]Installed add-ons[/b] (Especially the ones that spawn AI, E.g. DZMS, EMT, etc.) [b]Custom loot files[/b] Yes or No [b]Problem description[/b] Tell us your exact problem in as much details as possible [b]What i tried so far[/b] Tell us exactly what you have done to try and fix this problem [b]Config file[/b] [spoiler] -- paste config.sqf here --[/spoiler] [b]Server RPT[/b] [spoiler] -- paste arma2oaserver.RPT here --[/spoiler] --- Release 2.2.0 Native Linux server support Multiple mission support Automatic ammo finder (no need to specify ammo in weaponarray - config.sqf) Option: Locked vehicles with keys randomly on AI Option: Friendly AI Added: Bandit Patrol mission And much more Version history 06-06-2015 : Release 2.2.0 11-11-2014 : BETA release v3 (2.2.0) 11-11-2014 : BETA release v2 (2.2.0) 16-10-2014 : BETA release (2.2.0) 03-09-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.1.4) 03-09-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.1.3) 02-09-2014 : Minor bugfixes and improvements (2.1.2) 01-09-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.1.1) 31-08-2014 : Release (2.1.0) 26-08-2014 : BETA release (2.1.0) 24-08-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.0.5) 20-08-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.0.4) 20-08-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.0.3) 19-08-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.0.2) 17-08-2014 : Minor bugfixes (2.0.1) 17-08-2014 : Major update to (2.0.0) 13-08-2014 : Added anti abuse options (1.9.3) 12-08-2014 : Normalization update (1.9.2) 12-08-2014 : Bugfix medi camp (1.9.1) 09-08-2014 : Major dynamic update (1.9.0) 03-08-2014 : Bugfix MV22 mission (1.8.2) 02-08-2014 : Restructured and code cleaned (1.8.1) Installation Instructions Download the latest release. Extract the downloaded folder to your desktop and open it Go to your server pbo and unpack it. Navigate to the new dayz_server folder and copy the WAI folder into this folder. Navigate to the system folder and open server_monitor.sqf Find this code at the bottom of the file: allowConnection = true; And past the following code above it: [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\init.sqf"; Repack your server pbo. Optional Radio messages Note: These are on by default, change wai_radio_announce in config.sqf to false in order to disable them. Go to your mission pbo and unpack it. Open init.sqf Find: //[false,12] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_lights_init.sqf"; Add below: _nil = [] execVM "custom\remote\remote.sqf"; Copy the remote_message folder into your custom folder, if you do not have this one yet simply create it. If you want to be able to switch the radio on or off go to step 5 (note: right click by maca required), else go to step 6 and both remove switch_on_off.sqf and radio.ogg from the remote folder. Open extra_hc.hpp Find: class ExtraRc { Add below: class ItemRadio { class switchOnOff { text = "Switch ON/OFF"; script = "execVM 'custom\remote\switch_on_off.sqf'"; }; }; Open description.ext Find: class DayZ_loadingScreen Add above class CfgSounds { sounds[] = { Radio_Message_Sound }; class Radio_Message_Sound { name = "Radio_Message_Sound"; sound[] = {custom\remote\radio.ogg,0.4,1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; Repack your mission pbo. Versioning For transparency into our release cycle and in striving to maintain backward compatibility, bootstrap is maintained under the Semantic Versioning guidelines. Sometimes we screw up, but we'll adhere to those rules whenever possible. Dev team Developer f3cuk Developer Jossy Linux support BangL Helping hand nerdalertdk Download Wicked AI 2.2.0
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    Status Bar With Icons & Server FPS display After seeing all the struggles people were having in other threads I decided to redo this script to make it easier for folks to understand and edit. This has much of the same functionality and generally appears similar to Scarr's build but the back end code is much simpler and should therefore be easier for scripting noobs like myself to see what's going on where and make changes as needed. The color gradients can be edited to suite your liking, but I feel it's pretty well spot on the way it is. Your mileage may vary. Admins can add their UIDs to have the status bar show a real-time server FPS reading and also display their world space coords, which will be very helpful when doing map edits and object placement without having to use an editor just for a few small items. UPDATE - v1.36 Released Due to multiple requests I have added a feature to the status bar where the bar will resize automatically based on player interface size. To update: Remove the current 'status_bar' folder from your mission file and replace it with the 'status_bar' folder you will download from Github. No other changes should be needed. BE filters are the same. Here are a couple screenshot showing what it looks like For Admins For Players Install Instructions DOWNLOAD Credits: See Github
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    Just made a new script for proper vehicle service points where you are able to refuel, repair and rearm your vehicles! (I could not find a good one, so I did it myself) "Proper" meaning everything is done like it should be in Epoch and saved to the database, e.g. the script is really repairing all vehicle parts and not just setting the damage to 0, so it's the same as if you would repair every damaged part yourself. Main Features: dynamic service points where you are able to select the options (default at every fuel station, if you want it's easy to add the epoch fuel pumps so you can build a service point in your base, you can also add vehicles or units if you want, like a NPC trader) you can refuel and repair any vehicle by just sitting inside and get close to a service station (default 10m), then you get the actions menu attached to the vehicle, with rearm you have to be in the gunner seat because only that turret will be rearmed (for all cases the vehicle has to be local to your PC, so your have to be the driver/pilot or are alone in the vehicle) the services don't have to be for free, you can add a price to every option like the traders (e.g. refuel is free but repair would cost 2 gold and rearm 3 10oz gold) dynamic costs based on vehicle type you can also disable any option if you don't want or need it, like disabling the rearm option completely anything important is configurable in one place with config variables (there are comments in the config block, just take a look at the file service_point.sqf) The Installation is pretty simple, it's just a client side script. Add this to your init.sqf in the "if (!isDedicated) then { PUT HERE SOMEWHERE (at the end is ok) }" block (so it will only be started on your client and not the server): if (!isDedicated) then { // ... some other stuff ... // add the next line somewhere in this block execVM "service_point\service_point.sqf"; }; Download all files from here into a folder "service_point" inside your mission folder: https://github.com/vos/dayz/tree/master/service_point If you want to change the path, there is one config variable in the file service_point.sqf called "_folder", you have to change that so it can access the other files needed for the script. Here a screenshot how it looks like (click on the preview to show a full screenshot with the UAZ DShKM): Feel free to add features and tell me your ideas. :)
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    vbawol / RC2 Changelog client files are being released and updated today. Server files are being tested by our approved official server testers group starting today. Public release of server files is expected to be 1-2 weeks.
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    Epoch 1.0 Release Changelog

    I am proud to present to you Arma 3 Epoch Mod version 1.0. This update represents the cumulative volunteer effort over 4 years by me and more than a dozen people and this latest update would not possible without help from these great developers: @He-Man, @DirtySanchez, @Raymix, @orangesherbet , @pumba and @Helion4. An extra thanks go to our donors and GSP sponsors for your ongoing support. Full Changelogs: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/changelog.md Release Notes: Added Favorites bar - Players can pin (almost) any item to the bar by dragging items from inventory to equip/un-equip (Weapons, attachments, headgear, etc.) or consume (eat, drink, build etc) using keyboard mapping without having gear open. Use ESC menu to change the mappings. Server admins, see client_init.sqf for config. Advanced Vehicle Repair System - Repairing your vehicle just got more realistic. Patch a leaky fuel tank with Duct Tape. If you blow a tire you now need to find a Spare. Engine too damaged? you'll need to grab an engine block to repair it. Repair Items: Duct Tape - Used to repair fuel tanks. Fuel Tank - Replacement fuel tank. Spare Tire - Repairs a blown out tire. Engine Parts - Repair parts for Engines. Engine Block - Replacement engine block. Glass - Fixes broken window glass. Rotors - Repairs helicopter rotors. Vehicles Armed Mosquito: helicopter variant that comes with 3 Grenades. Vehicle Upgrade System - Upgrade your ride by using one of the new vehicle upgrade documents found in the world. Vehicle Ammo Reloading from Inventory and Vehicle Ammo. Vector Base Building - Build in any direction or angle you want. (uses Arrow keys by default and with SHIFT / ALT you can control the steps). Base Building: Quarter and Half wood floors. Concrete floor. Cinder wall with a window. Cinder wall with a metal door and window shutter. Barbed Wire. Concrete and Metal Towers. A-frame and Domed Tents. Burn Barrel Wooden Light Pole Small (forest and desert) Camo Nets Large (forest and desert) Camo Nets Camp Fire Field Toilet Scaffolding Sink (water source), Single and Double Portable Lights Lifeguard Tower Sun Shade Fuel Pump Small Sandbag Bunker Short Sandbag Wall Long Sandbag Wall Bar Gate Water Pump Crafting Canvas Smelting Tools Female outfits 84 new outfits based on 20 top designs and 4 new pairs of jeans. Halloween masks Witch Skull Ghostface Plague Hockey Medical items: Adrenaline Shot Caffeine Pills Orlistat Pills Vitamins Antibiotic Atropine (Radiation Toxicity) Nanite Pills, Cream, and Shot (Radiation Toxicity) Iodide Pills (Radiation Toxicity) Food items: 100 Krypto Candy Bar RedKing Burger BluKing Burger Gyro Wrap Ice Cream Cereal Powdered Milk Box o Rice Farming System: Craftable farm garden plot, Just place seeds and watch it grow. Seeds for growing: Goldenseal, Hemp, Poppy, Pumpkin, Sunflower. Karma System: Will affect your ability to perform certain missions and purchase some items in the future. Karma changes for deaths, suicides, PvP, trader kills, revives, trading sales and purchases. Radiation System Out of bounds radiation Digital Geiger counter Satellite crash event Dynamic Debris Vehicle wrecks that can be broken down to scrap metal using the sledgehammer. Trash and other debris on the roadways that can be "Examined" for loot. Epoch Events 3.0: Support for external pbo based events. see epoch_server_vip_event or epoch_server_debris_event for examples. VIP Event: Reveals the map location of a random player that possesses a specific item (default: ItemBriefcaseGold100oz) every X (default: 15) minutes. Epoch Dev Libs: See https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/experimental/Tools/DevFrameWork for more info. Dynamic Simulation is now fully enabled. See "CfgDynamicSimulation" for configs. Misc Items: Seed-based dynamic "underground" bunker concept using VR map. Barrel Bomb: large craft-able explosive that can be placed and detonated. Brown Briefcase: that contains 100oz Silver. Bio Hazard bag "Zombie Parts Bag". Custom map markers and icons. Option to drink with your hands from water sources found in the world with an added chance for toxicity. Md5 hash function, See usage example with EPOCH_fnc_server_hiveMD5 SQF function. Map support for Malden 2035. Map support for Chernarus Redux. Changed Crafting recipes can now have item requirements and Crafting metal bars now require Smelting Tools. Karma now persists death and was moved to community stats. Optimized player saving and loading. CBA extended event handler and zeus curator support for Epoch Vehicles. Base PlotPole ESP added to Epoch Admin Panel. Helper arrow to indicate the door-opening direction for Base Building. Made ServicePoint more configurable. Base Building: Elements can be detached to walk around the Element before saving. Replaced 0/90/180/270° direction build mode with "Rotate 90°". Max building height now will be checked directly at building element placement. Separated Hunger and Thirst loss values. Hunger and Thirst loss rates are now affected by server time Multiplier. Gas Station Auto-Refuel is now disabled on all maps by default. Note that this update requires extension (epochserver.dll/so) updates server side. Fixed Player stats variables are now obfuscated, and hitpoints tracked via the server. Bad conversion: bool RPT spam caused by incorrect usage of configClasses. Snapping issues with base building. Sounds not working due to changes to 3dSay command in recent A3 updates. Spawning at base above Water was not working correctly. One step is higher on stairs, can't run up while crouched. L85 Elcan optic issues. Zombie falsely triggers Mission success. Base Building 90° and 270° Snap was broken. Sometimes snapped Base Building elements rotated back on save. BE kicks since 1.76.
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    This Video Tutorial covers: Add custom Traders anywhere on map Find positions on map (also covering safezones/sensors a little bit) Add your own custom Menus to traders Add all Overwatch weapons, ammo and vehicles to your menus Use notepad++ to convert Loot CFG (or literary ANY) file into SQL query that you can to insert items faster into database. Notepad++ tricks: I will show you some cool tricks how to clean out junk data from files, filter out only stuff you need and convert it into a different code that can be used elsewhere. In this video I will be using Macros, TextFX and Find&Replace options to show you awesome stuff you can do with notepad++ to affect thousands of lines automatically! You will need TextFX plugin. SQL: I am using Heidi SQL to edit my databases. Any other tool is very well capable of doing the same job well. I just love filtering on heidi. It's also free. This is by no means targeted towards advanced users, beginners only. If you are advanced user and dislike the method, please share your method instead for all of us to learn from. I am not sharing actual SQL code because database names differs for different hosts, also I think notepad++ tricks are awesome thing to know, might be handy in future. In fact If database structure ever changes, you can reuse tricks learned here instead to update it quickly. Overwatch vehicles used in video: Alternative list of all Overwatch weapons/ammo/vehicles (Test out your new Notepad++ skill and convert it into SQL!) PROTIP: if using alternative list - to filter out ammo from weapons Write Ammo Type: in search, leave search window open. Then create macro: [Home] > [F3] > [shift]+[END] > [DEL] > [Down] > [Home] This will delete last part on all rows that says ammo and leave weapons only. Apply similar method to delete weapons instead. Credits and [How to] Install server: infiSTAR for awesome AH/Admin tool 00:00 - 20:00 Adding traders 20:00 - 35:05 Notepad++ filtering out the junk 35:05 - 36:40 Notepad++ TextFX deleting duplicate rows 36:40 - 41:55 Notepad++ Seperating ammo from weapons using macros 41:55 - 57:42 Converting classnames into SQL query (adding stuff to traders in database) 57:42 - Final in-game test
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    We had a long day testing/fixing some major issues that popped up this morning and I think at this point we have sorted most of them. Server files release should be later today.
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    Dayz style heli crash sites

    My first release and i'm sure the code could be better, so don't shoot me :P What this does is spawn a fixed number of heli crash sites with random loot round it. The script works on all maps (Thank you Andrew_S90) and will spawn the crash sites randomly round the map. The loot spawns on both sides of the crash, I did want it spawning 360 degrees but that's over my scripting ability. The crash sites and loot stay in game until the next restart. What can be changed : Number of crash sites that spawn - default is 5 Number of loot piles at the crash sites - default is 15 Loot that spawns - Edit the loot array Installation : To use simply drop the helicrash.pbo inside @epochhive/addons/ (Same location as a3_epoch_server.pbo and a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo) No BE filters to edit :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FmTthtULBw&feature=youtu.be This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License You may not charge for installing this script ! Credits - Richie, TheVampire & xBowBii Download link is Here Map center points, thank you Aale and San :) Chernarus: [6968.66, 324.481, 8345.91] Altis: [14939.9, 0.0534991, 15083.3] Bornholm: [10058.3, 117.542, 9015.85] Stratis: [4031.66, 110.605, 4222.18] Taviana [12800,0,12800]
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    Version 2.1 Released. Alternative selling/buying system. ( Run default & this one next to each other ). Supported: Config traders Single Currency & Default Currency Selling/Buying everything from and to Gear/Vehicle/Backpack Not supported No database traders (database traders make your server slow) No ability to buy or sell vehicles. What was added to 2.0 Default Currency Supported Item Filter Info display of selected Item Buying to gear and backpack What was added to 2.1Fixed content display of vehicles and backpacks. Description Sell directly from backpack, gear or the vehicle ( close) where you were driver from. Decide which items you sell. Traders will only make it possible to trade the items they accept ( goes fully automatic, so only items they accept will be listed on the left). You push items to the right to sell, only the items on the right willl get sold. Safety measurements Double checks what was deleted from backpacks/vehicles so that people can not cheat. Can only sell from your backpack and the vehicle were u was the last driver from ( in 30m radius) Update 1.0 - 2.0 instructions Delete your old 'zupa' folder Paste the new 'zupa' folder Edit the config.sqf to match your server Done https://github.com/DevZupa/AdvancedTrading/releases/tag/v2.1 Items only show for admins when using infiSTAR AH & Admintools ?! Update infiSTAR to latest version. edit config.sqf to reflect your server correctly. Installation instructions Code: https://github.com/DevZupa/AdvancedTrading/releases/tag/v2.1 Install Instructions 0. Drop the zupa folder in your mission file 1. In your fn_selfactions.sqf Place: _buyV = player addAction ["<t color='#0059FF'>Advanced Trading</t>", "zupa\advancedTrading\init.sqf",(_traderMenu select 0), 999, true, false, "",""]; s_player_parts set [count s_player_parts,_buyV]; above // Database menu _buy = player addAction [localize "STR_EPOCH_PLAYER_289", "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\show_dialog.sqf",(_traderMenu select 0), 999, true, false, "",""]; s_player_parts set [count s_player_parts,_buy]; 2. in description.ext, add the following on the bottom #include "zupa\advancedTrading\ZSCdefines.hpp" // if u don't have it from ZSC #include "zupa\advancedTrading\advancedTrading.hpp" 3. Add the following exceptions to your antihack if needed AdvancedTrading 711197 4. Edit the config.sqf to match your server. Screenshots:
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    Congrats to the MANW winners!

    Check out the winners here! Looks like it was a close race for quite a few entries. Now with that out of the way we at the Epoch house would like to thank everyone for the support you provide. In the end it's our main driving force. Although it would have been nice to win :P It's not what was driving us to do what we do. So you guys know we were working on A3 Epoch before the contest was even known about and we will continue to be here well after the fact. So "Stay Tuned" because we have some awesome stuff planned and we would love to share it with everyone!
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    Outdated, does not work with Epoch 1.0.7 DEPLOYABLE BIKE 2.8.2 all of this information is available in an easier-to-read format on github pages>> version 2.8.2 updates the code to work with Epoch Mod 1.0.6. Thanks @ebaydayz! version 2.8.1 should hopefully fix the long-standing non-moving-bike problem! Thanks @SchwEde! FYI: 2.8.0 adds the _condition and _ammo parameters to the config array so you will need to add a value for these parameter in each record of the DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG array in the appropriate spot if you are upgrading from 2.6 Out of the box, it adds a deployable bike with a right click action on a toolbox and a couple other neat deployables. Really, it can be used to deploy just about anything. See the configuration section below. For some samples of what it can do, check out this gallery on imgur Installation download the files extract the addons and overwrites folder from the downloaded zip file into your mission file root find this line in your mission file init.sqf (warning: if you have a custom compiles file, find that line instead of the one below!) call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; place this line directly after the line you found call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\bike\init.sqf"; edit addons\bike\config.sqf to change some options or add different deployables (see configuration section for more info) Warning: due to the way the way arma handles numbers and the way addon is coded, using the save-to-database option may not allow you to re-pack some objects if you have Character ID's over 500,000 (which I don't think will be an issue for 99.99% of people). Adding Your Own Custom Actions If you use another right click method like extra_rc.hpp and want to switch to my method, see my click actions configuration github page. The click actions script is included in the deploy script as part of the core, so you don't need to download anything, just follow the instructions for adding your own actions. * note: before attempting to troubleshoot issues with adding your own actions, make sure you are using the most recent version of the addon. Configuration This addon is highly configurable, you can deploy just about anything, not just bikes. open addons\bike\config.sqf and edit the array to add your own deployables. DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG format -- (note no comma after last array entry) DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG = [ [_clickItem,_deployOffset,_packDistance,_damageLimit,_packAny,_cargo,_hive,_plot,_simulation,_deployables,_near,_parts], [_clickItem,_deployOffset,_packDistance,_damageLimit,_packAny,_cargo,_hive,_plot,_simulation,_deployables,_near,_parts], [...more stuff here...] ]; DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG array values (view on github to read easier): parameter | description | type | example --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- _clickItem | class name of the item to click on | string | "ItemToolbox" _deployOffset | [_side,_front,_up] array to offset the deployable when buiding | array | [0,2,1] _packDistance | how close does the packer need to be to pack the object? | number | 5 _damageLimit | item can't be repacked if damage is > this. (-1 = no re-packing) | number | 0.1 _packAny | can anyone repack the deployable? | bool | false _cargo | clear the cargo of the deployable? | bool | false _ammo | should vehicle ammo be cleared? (does not persist through restart) | bool | true _hive | write deployable to database? | bool | false _plot | require a plot from the owner to build the deployable? | bool | false _simulation | enable simulation (movement/damage) for the object? (true for cars) | bool | true _road | enable road building for this object? | bool | true _deployables | array of class names that can be deployed with this method | array | ["MMT_Civ"] _near | array of items required nearby to build (workshop/fire/fueltank) | array | [] _parts | array of parts required to build (will be taken from player) | array | ["ItemToolbox"] _condition | string of code to evaluate to determine whether action is shown | string | "!(isNull player) && {(getPlayerUID player) in DZE_DEPLOYABLE_ADMINS}" DZE_DEPLOYABLE_NAME_MAP array -- allows you to rename the deployable (on the right click/messages) format (note no comma after last array entry) DZE_DEPLOYABLE_NAME_MAP = [ [_class,_name], [_class,_name], [... more ...] ]; array parameters parameter | description | type | example --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- _class | class name of the item you want to replace the name of | string | "Notebook" _name | new name to display when right clicking | string | "Macbook Pro" Change Log version | change --------|------- 2.8.2 | updates for 1.0.6! Thanks @ebaydayz! 2.8.1 | fix from SchwEde that should fix bike not moving. Thanks @SchwEde! 2.8.0 | option to clear vehicle ammo 2.7.1 | better exit reasons 2.7.0 | option to add condition for showing action in config 2.6.1 | fix for unrideable bikes 2.6.0 | road building options, deployable name mapping 2.5.1 | fix a bug where preview items would sometimes disappear 2.5.0 | now uses a modified epoch building system to deploy the objects 2.4.3 | better click actions build conflict detection 2.4.2 | updated for new click actions handler build 2.4.1 | fixed deployables spawning in locked after restart 2.4.0 | multi-part deployables. yay! 2.3.1 | big fix on packing temp objects 2.3.0 | optional saving to database with post-restart memory of deployed items (see warning below about this) | configurable damage limits on re-packing | admin list for packing/deploying instantly & being able to remove all deployables 2.2.1 | positioning fix for deployed items 2.2.0 | option for clearing cargo of spawned items 2.1.0 | change way dependency call is made, only one line needed in init.sqf now for setup 2.0.0 | major update, allow multiple deployables, pretty much any class 1.1.0 | configuration options / code optimization 1.0.0 | release Issues/FAQ 1) people are getting kicked for createvehicle restriction when building a stone wall open your battleye filter createvehicle.txt and change this line 5 "Fort_" !="Fort_RazorWire" !="Fort_RazorWirePreview" to this: 5 "Fort_" !="Fort_RazorWire" !="Fort_RazorWirePreview" != "Fort_StoneWall_EP1" 2) I am using "A Plot For Life" and this is not working!
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    Let me point out what this pack / mission file has got and why you should use it Includes all the fixes that has been posted on this section and more from me No Errors in the logs (RPT) File structure has completely changed for easier navigating though files in future Instant trading Can be turned on and off though the variables.sqf Files been cleaned up for a smaller mission file Banks changed to large Ammo crate and doesn't take damage or move Includes my Custom Debug Monitor Can be found in the download called ReadMe.txt ------------------------------------------------------- v0.1 : Includes all the fixes that has been posted on the forums and more from me No Errors in the logs (RPT) File structure has completely changed for easier navigating though files in future Instant trading Can be turned on and off though the variables.sqf (InstantTrading = false; // True = No Animation / False = Animation) Files been cleaned up for a smaller mission file Banks changed to large Ammo crate and doesn't take damage or move Includes my Custom Debug ------------------------------------------------------- v0.2 : File Stricture Has been redone (Folders named to what they do) dayz_server.pbo has been cleaned up Duplicated marker removed on one of the banks Changed the prices of most items in traders / added some more guns etc. ------------------------------------------------------- v0.3 : Mission file had some unused files been removed Included Battleye filters (For security and logging) Instant trading option redone should work better now Fixed the message "need scalar more any" Changed more prices on the traders Removed "£" because not everyone is British ------------------------------------------------------- v0.4 : • Fixed the slow saving time to database ------------------------------------------------------- v0.5 : • Fixed the storing over 999,999 duplicating ------------------------------------------------------- Can be found here : Scripts\Variables\Variables.sqf //----------------------------------- Configs Start ---------------------------------// CurrencyName = "Coins"; // name of your currency Bank_Object = ["BAF_VehicleBox"]; // Object to get option to bank LimitOnBank = false; // false = no limits, true = banks are limited on the value below MaxBankMoney = 500000; // limit on bank for normal players DonatorBank = [""]; // Bigger banks, Players ID MaxDonatorBankMoney = 1000000; // Bank size for donators InstantTrading = false; // (True = No Animation / False = Animation) //----------------------------------- Configs End -----------------------------------// If you like it, Like it, Nice to know if people are using this :)
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    Hi all, I have decided to zip and release my OverpochOrigins server as I had a heart attack recently which was followed by complicated surgery and feel I need to scale back on things in my life that aren't as important as other stuff (like my family, kids, etc) so I am shutting this server down, so here are the files. First a bit about the server and what it has installed. Please note, this server is FULLY WORKING with no errors either server or client side. It has : Origins as base mod. All Origins vehicles. Fully working Excavator, Taviander, Beast Kamaz, Buhanker, Scrap Ferry, M3 Bimmer, Submarine, etc, etc. (apart from upgrading them with armour, but SchwEde has a solution for that in one of his threads) Most Origins buildings. (Thanks SchwEde) Level 1, 2 and 3 HERO houses, garages, pyramid and stronghold (except electronests). No bandit houses as I run PVE servers but isn't hard to add them in. Mudzereli's Deploy Anything. R3F Towing/Lifting Zupa's Single Currency Axecop/Zupa Single Currency Service Points Zupa's Advanced Trading eBay's ESSv2 Graphical Spawn Select Central Locking Car Sounds, ore mining sounds, stronghold door sounds. MV22/Armed SUV/Submarine and Excavator animations. Smoke Hemp Script. Zupa's Plot Management. Adjust View Distance With Binoculars Right Click Pistol for Suicide Right Click Toolbox for Personal Bike Mikeeeys Precise Base Building Raymix's Snap Build Pro Striker's Vector Building Piggd's Chameleon Skin Changer The Farix's Enhanced Vehicle Deployment (for Origins Housing) 2 Missions Systems (WAI and DZMS for missions, Sector B mayor, guards and Isle Krk guards) Fully working Sector B with mayor, AI helipatrols, AI and loot Urals on both Sector B and Isle Krk) 4 Roaming AI Heli Patrols over Taviana and Novistrana. 2 seperate mining areas using sledgehammer to get ore to build origins housing. Use animated excavator to knock down Origins housing. (Thanks SchwEde). Submarine submerge and rise animations (Thanks SchwEde). Trader Safezones Lots of zombies. Zombie Free Plotpole Areas. Vehicle Godmode in Plotpole Areas (After a restart). Coins on dead AI. Remote execution of events (Only admins and must have "cobalt file" in their inventory to trigger menu). Zombie Free Sector B. Players can't log out on Sector B. Map Markers for traders, mining area and Isle Krk. Custom Loading Screen (will need to be changed for your own). Custom Welcome Credits (will need to be changed for your own). Custom Loot Tables. Overwatch Weapons and Skins Right Click Base Buildables Custom Billboards (will need to be changed for your own). Custom GUI. Aircraft Vendors sell Origins vehicles. 2 Hero vendors (as I run PVE servers, you will need to change one to a bandit vendor for PVP). Enhanced Death Messages. Forced Name Tags (disable for PVP). Force Save Vehicle Location. Full Moon Nights. R3F Weight Disabled. Self Bloodbag. God Mode Bases. Reduced Construction Count. (1) Config Based Single Currency Traders. New Spawn Loadouts. Plus MANY, MANY bug fixes, etc. As I said, this server was running live until recently and totally error free. Many thanks to the people I mentioned whose scripts I used, to SchwEde for the HOURS and HOURS of coding he provided to animate vehicles, houses and other Origins stuff and to anyone else I forgot to thank for the minor scripts, bug fixes and help along the way. This server was great to play on as it had everything you could ever want from an Overpochins server. I had infiSTAR running on this server (that I have removed so you will need to add your own copy or use Admin Tools from Noxicarius) and was using infiSTAR to add money to players, spawn donator boxes, spawn origins boxes so players could build houses, spawn Origins vehicles, etc, etc. Players can build houses themselves by having the required humanity, a toolbox, etool and sledgehammer in their inventory, right clicking on the toolbox which will give the option to build a wooden crate in front of them that they then have to put the required items into to build the respective house. The building recipes I used were : DZE_Origins_Humanity = [ ["Hero1",5000], ["Hero2",12000], ["Hero3",25000], ["Bandit1",-5000], ["Bandit2",-12000], ["Bandit3",-25000] ]; //Whats needed for Building Houses DZE_Origins_House1 = [ ["PartWoodPile", 20], ["PartOreSilver", 20], ["ItemCombolock", 1], ["PartGlass", 1], ["CinderBlocks", 5], ["MortarBucket", 2], ["PartGeneric", 5], ["ItemWire", 4], ["ItemWoodWall", 3], ["ItemWoodWallDoor", 1], ["ItemTankTrap", 5], ["ItemORP", 5] ]; DZE_Origins_House2 = [ ["PartWoodPile", 40], ["PartOreSilver", 40], ["ItemCombolock", 1], ["ItemCorrugated", 2], ["CinderBlocks", 10], ["MortarBucket", 4], ["PartGeneric", 10], ["ItemWire", 8], ["ItemWoodWall", 6], ["ItemWoodWallDoor", 1], ["ItemTankTrap", 10], ["ItemAVE", 10] ]; DZE_Origins_House3 = [ ["PartWoodPile", 60], ["PartOreSilver", 60], ["ItemCombolock", 1], ["PartVRotor", 2], ["CinderBlocks", 15], ["MortarBucket", 6], ["PartGeneric", 15], ["ItemWire", 12], ["ItemWoodWall", 9], ["ItemWoodWallDoor", 1], ["ItemTankTrap", 15], ["ItemARM", 15] ]; DZE_Origins_SG = [ ["PartWoodPile", 80], ["PartOreSilver", 80], ["ItemCombolock", 1], ["PartFueltank", 1], ["CinderBlocks", 20], ["MortarBucket", 8], ["PartGeneric", 20], ["ItemWire", 16], ["ItemWoodWall", 12], ["ItemWoodWallDoor", 1], ["ItemTankTrap", 20], ["ItemLRK", 20] ]; DZE_Origins_LG = [ ["PartWoodPile", 100], ["PartOreSilver", 100], ["ItemCombolock", 1], ["ItemJerrycan", 1], ["PartVRotor", 1], ["CinderBlocks", 25], ["MortarBucket", 10], ["PartGeneric", 25], ["ItemWire", 20], ["ItemWoodWall", 12], ["ItemWoodWallDoor", 1], ["ItemTankTrap", 25], ["ItemTNK", 25] ]; DZE_Origins_King = [ ["PartWoodPile", 150], ["PartOreSilver", 75], ["ItemCombolock", 1], ["ItemLightBulb", 1], ["CinderBlocks", 300], ["MortarBucket", 50], ["PartGeneric", 50], ["ItemWire", 40], ["ItemWoodWall", 12], ["ItemWoodWallDoor", 1], ["ItemTankTrap", 50], ["ItemAVE", 30] ]; DZE_Origins_Stronghold = [ ["PartWoodPile", 500], ["PartOreSilver", 75], ["ItemCombolock", 1], ["ItemGenerator", 1], ["PartEngine", 1], ["CinderBlocks", 50], ["MortarBucket", 50], ["PartGeneric", 50], ["ItemWire", 40], ["ItemWoodWall", 25], ["ItemWoodWallDoor", 12], ["ItemTankTrap", 50], ["ItemARM", 35] ]; Documents required to build houses are found on Sector B AI, the Mayor on Sector B, Isle Krk AI and some mission crates/AI. Only 2 ore veins spawn on the map, but players can "mine" for ore using sledgehammers at the two marked "mining" locations to gather enough ore to build the houses. Traders do not buy or sell ore. Anyway, enjoy the server. It is super easy to set up. Just copy the files in the "Server" folder to your server root directory : DayZ_Epoch_Server Battleye Folder Keys folder DayzOrigins1.7.9.5 (not included) DayzOverwatch (not included) And copy the folder in the "Client" folder to your missions folder : DayZ_Epoch_13.Tavi Adjust the loading screen, welcome credits and change the configs and variables in the init.sqf to your liking and away you go! The server also has support for JSRS (Jarhead Sounds) and Blastcore Visual Effects. If you don't want them, just delete the following from the keys folder : jsrs15_v2.bikey six_blastcore_visuals.bikey warfxpe.bikey Please note : I will NOT be providing ANY support to get this working. It's a straightforward install that anyone that knows what they are doing could do blindfolded. Have fun! PS : Don't forget to adjust your launch parameters. Mine were : "[email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;" EDIT : This might help you out a bit as well if you will be using infiSTAR with this : _ALLOWED_Dialogs = [-1,106,2200,6900,6901,6902,6903,420420,41144,88890,711194,711197]; // -1 Epoch Safe/Lockbox Keycode UI // 106 Inventory (Gear) // 2200 Blood Test // 6900,6901,6902,6903 New Player (select Gender and such things) // 20001,20002,20003,20004,20005, 20006 Chameleon Skin Changer // 420420 Epoch Trader // 41144 Epoch Door Keycode UI // 129 Diary // 666,667 Clay Car Radio // 4444 Radio Communication // 65431,65432,65433,65434,65440,65441,65442 R3F ARTY Lift/Tow/Transport. // 88890 ESS Spawn Selection v2 // 711194 Plot Management (http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16166-release-plot-management/) // 711197 Zupa Advanced Trading _ALLOWED_Dialogs = _ALLOWED_Dialogs + [81000,20001,20002,20003,20004,20005,20006,118338,118339,711197,711195]; // adding some others from community addons /* ALLOWED CMDMenus "_cMenu" are only used if you have "_BCM = false;" which I would not recommend. */ _cMenu = [ "","RscMainMenu","RscMoveHigh","#WATCH","#WATCH0", "RscWatchDir","RscDisplayClassSelecter","RscDisplayGenderSelect","#USER:adminmenu", "RscDisplaySpawnSelecter","RscWatchMoreDir","#GETIN","RscStatus","#USER:ChameleonMenu", "RscCombatMode","#USER:playermenustart","#USER:Helpmenu","RscFormations","RscTeam","RscSelectTeam","RscReply", "RscCallSupport","#ACTION","#CUSTOM_RADIO","RscRadio","RscGroupRootMenu", "BTC_Hud","PlotManagement" ]; /* ALLOWED Actions "_dayzActions" are only used if you have "_CSA = true;" */ _dayzActions = [ "DonorSkins","wardrobe","s_player_maintain_area","s_player_maintain_area_preview","BTC_SganciaActionId","BTC_liftActionId","BTC_liftHudId","dayz_myLiftVehicle","s_player_heli_detach", "dayz_myCursorTarget","s_player_craftZombieBait","s_player_butcher_human","s_player_makeBomb","s_player_zombieShield","s_player_upgrademoto", "s_player_smeltRecipes","null","churchie_check","churchie_defuse","churchie_rig_veh","player_Cannibalism","s_player_fillfuel210","s_player_knockout","s_player_upgradegyro","ActionMenu", "manatee_craft_menu","manatee_craft_menu_wea","manatee_craft_menu_sur","manatee_craft_menu_ind","s_player_craftZombieBaitBomb","horror_traders","s_player_takeOwnership","s_siphon","s_player_suicide", "silver_myCursorTarget","stow_vehicle","menu_Worker2","neutral","menu_RU_Citizen1","menu_RU_Citizen4","menu_TK_CIV_Takistani04_EP1","menu_RU_Villager3","menu_RU_Functionary1","menu_Doctor", "menu_Dr_Hladik_EP1","menu_Profiteer4","menu_Worker3","menu_Pilot_EP1","menu_RU_Citizen3","menu_CIV_EuroMan02_EP1","menu_Rita_Ensler_EP1","menu_RU_WorkWoman5","menu_RU_WorkWoman1", "menu_Woodlander1","menu_Woodlander3","menu_Rocker4","menu_CIV_EuroMan01_EP1","Tow_settings_action_heliporter","Tow_settings_action_heliport_larguer", "Tow_settings_action_deplacer_objet","Tow_settings_action_relacher_objet","Tow_settings_action_selectionner_objet_charge","Tow_settings_action_charger_selection", "Tow_settings_action_charger_deplace","Tow_settings_action_selectionner_objet_remorque","Tow_settings_action_remorquer_selection","Tow_settings_action_remorquer_deplace", "Tow_settings_action_detacher","Tow_settings_action_contenu_vehicule","Tow_settings_dlg_CV_titre","Tow_settings_dlg_CV_btn_decharger","Tow_settings_dlg_CV_btn_fermer", "s_player_makePLBomb","s_player_stats","s_player_deploybike","s_player_packbike","s_player_deploygyro","s_player_upgradebike","nul", "s_player_equip_carry","s_player_showname","s_player_showname1","s_player_smeltItems","s_building_snapping","s_player_downgrade_build", "s_player_debug","s_player_calldog","s_player_speeddog","s_player_movedog","s_player_followdog","s_player_warndog","s_player_barkdog","s_player_trackdog", "s_player_staydog","s_player_waterdog","s_player_feeddog","s_player_tamedog","s_player_repair_crtl","s_player_towing", "s_player_fillgen","s_player_maint_build","s_player_fuelauto2","s_player_fuelauto","s_player_information", "s_player_upgrade_build","s_player_packvault","s_player_unlockvault","s_player_checkGear","s_player_run_events", "s_player_lockUnlock_crtl","s_player_deleteBuild","s_player_pzombiesfeed","s_player_pzombiesattack", "s_player_pzombiesvision","s_player_callzombies","s_player_removeflare","s_player_fishing_veh", "s_player_forceSave","s_player_fillfuel20","s_player_fillfuel5","s_player_lockvault","s_player_dragbody", "s_player_packFdp","s_player_otkdv","s_player_isCruse","s_player_cnbb","bis_fnc_halo_action", "s_player_rest","s_player_flipvehiclelight","s_player_flipvehicleheavy","s_player_1bupd", "s_halo_action","s_player_smelt_scrapmetal","s_player_grabflare","s_player_fishing", "s_player_smelt_engineparts","s_player_smelt_fueltank","s_player_smelt_windscreenglass", "s_player_smelt_mainrotoraryparts","s_player_smelt_wheel","s_player_smelt_jerrycan","s_player_siphonfuel", "s_player_flipveh","s_player_fillfuel","s_player_dropflare","s_player_butcher","s_player_cook", "s_player_boil","s_player_fireout","s_player_packtent","s_player_sleep","s_player_studybody", "NORRN_dropAction","s_player_selfBloodbag","s_clothes","s_player_holderPickup","s_player_gather", "s_player_recipeMenu","s_player_deleteCamoNet","s_player_netCodeObject","s_player_codeRemoveNet", "s_player_enterCode","s_player_codeObject","s_player_codeRemove","s_player_disarmBomb", "unpackRavenAct","disassembleRavenAct","launchRavenAct","strobeRavenResetAct","strobeRavenTestAct", "batteryLevelCheckRavenAct","batteryRechargeRavenAct","mavBaseStationActionName_00","mavBaseStationActionName_001", "mavBaseStationActionName_01","mavBaseStationActionName_02","mavBaseStationActionName_03","mavBaseStationActionName_04", "s_player_dance","s_player_igniteTent","s_player_clothes","s_player_scrollBandage", "STR_R3F_LOG_action_heliporter","STR_R3F_LOG_action_heliport_larguer","s_vehicle_lockUnlock_crtl", "STR_R3F_LOG_action_relacher_objet","STR_R3F_LOG_action_deplacer_objet","STR_R3F_LOG_action_remorquer_deplace", "STR_R3F_LOG_action_selectionner_objet_remorque","STR_R3F_LOG_action_detacher","STR_R3F_LOG_action_charger_deplace", "STR_R3F_LOG_action_selectionner_objet_charge","STR_R3F_LOG_action_remorquer_selection","STR_R3F_LOG_action_charger_selection", "STR_R3F_LOG_action_contenu_vehicule","STR_R3F_ARTY_action_ouvrir_dlg_SM", "s_player_removeActions","s_player_repairActions","r_player_actions","r_player_actions2","s_player_parts","s_player_combi","s_player_parts", "s_player_lockunlock","s_vehicle_lockunlock","s_player_toggleSnap","s_player_toggleSnapSelect","s_player_toggleSnapSelectPoint", "s_player_evacCall","s_player_makeEvacChopper","s_player_clearEvacChopper", "s_player_deploybike2","s_player_deploymoped","s_player_deploymoped2","s_player_deploymozzie","s_player_deploymozzie2", "2066","SP_refuel_action","SP_repair_action","SP_rearm_actions","s_player_setVectorsReset","s_player_setVectorsForward", "s_player_setVectorsBack","s_player_setVectorsLeft","s_player_setVectorsRight","s_player_setVectors1","s_player_setVectors5","s_player_setVectors45", "s_player_setVectors90","s_player_paint","DoorManagement","Entercode","mv22_fold","mv22_unfold","mv22_open","mv22_close","suv_close","suv_open" ];
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    NOTICE For those who want to use this in 1.0.6 Instead of using this one, I suggest visiting the following thread for game version 1.0.6 and up The tools are partially updated for the new release. Most features are working so far and it can be downloaded from here (follow the readme for install): https://github.com/noxsicarius/Epoch-Admin-Tools/tree/TestBranch IMPORTANT: Under NO circumstances should you download this tool from a different source. I have been notified of numerous virus downloads listed as my work (usually second page of google and farther). I have petitioned to have all of the ones I know of blacklisted and have sent virus profiles to all major antivirus companies. If you find a .exe in any work claiming to be mine, it is a virus and should be shredded. Please only download from MY github link or the links in this post. My github repo will NEVER be removed and if I leave the project and someone wishes to take over, they will be given rights to the repo. Features: For help with Administration: Multiple Admin levels Spectate players "Display code" for locked vaults/doors "Create key" for vehicles with lost keys Force lock and unlock vehicles without keys Base Destruction - Destroy all buildables/vehicles within a customizable radius Spawnable crates with weapons, items, and supplies Spawn locked or temporary vehicles via the menu or a custom-made graphical vehicle menu (screenshot) Other features: Godmode Teleport self (or others to you) Flying Invisibility Delete and repair/refuel vehicle on crosshairs ESP - display players, zombies, safes, tents, vehicles, and AI on the map ...and more! Installation, changes, additional information, FAQ, credits, issues and everything else can be found at the project page on Github: Epoch Admin Tools on GitHub Click here for an install tutorial video for the tool I have been informed that some places block GitHub, so here are direct links hosted by me: Newest full release: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pjvj07u5yemo7we/Epoch-Admin-Tools-master.zip?dl=0 Beta build: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xm6t1k3gvp3t8ex/Epoch-Admin-Tools-TestBranch.zip?dl=0 If you have an improvement you would like to add, make a pull request and make these tools even better! Error Reporting: BEFORE posting an issue on Github or on this forum: If you think you might have installed it incorrectly, follow the YouTube Video Install Tutorial Try reinstalling the tool. You more than likely missed something important. Do a quick search on this forum for a fix to your problem. Check your server's RPT log for errors. This will identify 99% of problems with the menu. Be ready to copy/paste the RPT log into Pastebin or Gist in an issue or in the discussion forum for help with troubleshooting. If your problem persists after doing the above: Open your arma2oaserver.rpt file in a text editor and copy/paste the RPT log into Pastebin and post your issue in this forum with the rpt log. If you post something like "It doesn't work" I will not acknowledge you. Not giving all possible details in the first post simply makes it take longer to resolve and will waste everyone's time. I am hard pressed for time these days so if you won't take the initiative to provide information, I won't ask for it either. I am not trying to be mean, but I am quite tired of getting 5 or less word posts that provide no information other than this person has some kind of problem somewhere on their server that may or may not be related to this mod. If the problem you are posting is a bug and not a general install problem then post it to this forum AND to the github issues page. I have been asked by someone if they can donate to the project so I am adding the link here. I have invested a good deal of time into this so if you find it useful please give a little donation. (DONATE) I also accept Crypto Currency: Bitcoin: 1GkzMzwnVwVpnUCVFaAyLDsgD9cqSfigdm Litecoin: LbUrUxXzA557VeTWXM8jP7hNf3uZHEqW5b A sincere thanks to those who made a monetary contribution to this project: calamity, CRHASH, BMovieQueen, zixxel, 8BitSigdom, Anarior, f3cuk, Caveman1, Nathan, [member=WootyWoop], [member=Terrance Smith] A huge thanks to those who make the community a better place by answering questions on this project: @juandayz, @EditedSnowHD Please leave your name in a note if you donate so that I can list you above.
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    My new mod may change the way you play DayZ, simply put this mod enables all players on the server to get the choice of using multiple characters (without having to buy multiple copies of ArmA2:CO :P). I've set up a prototype on my test server with a 3 character selection dialog (see picture below), this may be improved but the base mechanics itself are working great so far. So when you join a server after the loading screen you see a dialog like this: you have to chose one of 3 character slots every time you log into the server, each character slot is completely independent (different humanity and other stats, like different players). the slot count isn't static but I though 3 is a good start, admins can change the character selection dialog to a different number of slots, if you want you can have 100 slots for each player. :D This mod can't be archived with a little script, but I've tried to made the installation as easy as possible. For an overview this is what I've done to get this mod working: Database schema: added one extra column "Slot" to the "character_data" table (the database stays fully compatible to the default HiveExt.dll) Custom HiveExt.dll to add a new method for loading all character data of a player (CHILD:100), also a small change to the current load player method to support multiple characters (CHILD:101). I could have made completely new methods for the login process, but this way only a very few modifications are necessary in the Hive code and the script files, but this also means my modified HiveExt.dll is not compatible with servers who don't have the "Slot" column in the "character_data" table one new script for the server and a small change in the server_playerLogin.sqf (to send the slot id to the hive) for the client files I've changed the player monitor to inject the character selection before the login process (see player_monitor.fsm changes below) To visualize the changes made to the login process, take a look at this state machine diagram of the player_monitor.fsm (changes are highlighted in green): Download latest version for Epoch 1.0.5 and http://dl.bintray.com/vos/dayz/multichar1.3.3.zip Older versions are available here (for other Epoch version since Installation instructions I've tried to make the installation as easy as possible and still do it the proper way and change the files like the Epoch devs would do it. Some steps could be changed and the code simply be put in the init.sqf instead of changing the Epoch files, if you have some experience with ArmA script you can do that but if you follow my instructions it is the best way to do it like this in my opinion. Pre-requirements: a PBO manager and basic knowledge of ArmA script editing. Note: I've added all changed files to the download package, so you can see how they should look like with the changes applied. If you didn't make any custom changes to those files you can also just use them instead of following my instructions to change the files below. run the SQL query to add the "Slot" column to the "Character_DATA" table in your Epoch database: ALTER TABLE `Character_DATA` ADD COLUMN `Slot` TINYINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 1 AFTER `PlayerUID`; copy the file HiveExt.dll to the @DayZ_Epoch_Server folder (overwrite the Epoch file) Note: the source code of the HiveExt with my changes can be found here. unpack your dayz_server.pbo and copy the file server_playerCharacters.sqf to the compile sub-folder open the file compile\server_playerLogin.sqf, around line 47 replace _key = format["CHILD:101:%1:%2:%3:",_playerID,dayZ_instance,_playerName]; with _key = format["CHILD:101:%1:%2:%3:%4:",_playerID,dayZ_instance,_playerName,_this select 2]; open the file init\server_functions.sqf and add the line server_playerCharacters = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerCharacters.sqf"; after the line 9 BIS_Effects_Burn = {}; repack your dayz_server.pbo unpack your mission.pbo (e.g. DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus.pbo) if necessary and copy the file RscDisplayCharacterSelect.hpp into the mission folder, open the file description.ext and add this line at the very bottom: #include "RscDisplayCharacterSelect.hpp" unpack your dayz_code.pbo (on your PC @DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code.pbo) and copy the files init\publicEH.sqf and system\player_monitor.sqf to a "custom" folder in your mission folder (if you don't already have custom versions of those files), change the references to those files in your init.sqf to something like "custom\publicEH.sqf" and "custom\player_monitor.sqf" copy my custom file player_monitor.fsm to your "custom" folder (the changes in this file are not easy to reproduce, so it may be best you use my custom file instead of adding the changes yourself) open the file publicEH.sqf and add this line above the line starting with "PVDZE_plr_Login" (around line 54): "PVDZE_plr_Characters" addPublicVariableEventHandler {_id = (_this select 1) spawn server_playerCharacters}; open the file player_monitor.sqf and change the path to my custom player_monitor.fsm so that the line looks something like this: _id = [] execFSM "custom\player_monitor.fsm"; repack your mission.pbo if necessary That's it! Yeah I know not the easiest mod to install, but that is DayZ/Epoch.. I Hope I didn't forget anything, but I think that is all. :P Restrictions (since version 1.1) I've added two restrictions to minimize the possibilities for players to abuse quick character switching: character switch timeout - how often a player can switch to another living character (in minutes), the last used slot is always available and the player can also spawn fresh if he has a dead character or never used slot minimum distance to dead bodies of the same player - calculates the distance to previously died characters of the player (in meters), this will prevent the player from "stacking" two or more characters at the same place (like a base) and switch to another character if one dies There are global config variables for changing the default settings for the restrictions: DZE_CharacterSwitchTimeout = 30; // default 30 minutes timeout (0 to disable) DZE_CharacterMinDistance = 1000; // default 1000 meters min distance (0 to disable) You can add those variables to the config section in the init.sqf. Here a screenshot how it may look like with active restrictions: Disabled character slots are displayed with a red disabled button (cannot be pressed) with info text on the button. If one or more restrictions apply there is also be an info text displayed at the bottom of the screen. Note: at the moment there is no automatic timer or anything to count the timeout down, you have to manually press the refresh button to refresh the character data and last login time. Suggestions and ideas welcome. Also for the character selection dialog what do you like to see on there?
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    What is Overpoch?

    Overpoch is not a mod it is an attempt to rebrand Epoch by Maca from CCG. It is nothing more than Epoch with a weapon pack and a few changes. It is easy criticize something that is already made for you. We released A3 Epoch for Alpha testing not so it could be modded, that will come later after sources are released. I challenge Maca, and company to make there own mod from scratch like we did for A3 Epoch.
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