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  • Epoch is set in the year 2035, just two years after a massive world wide extinction. The exact cause is unknown and the only people left are clones with no memory of the past. Documents found in the world tell a us that before the mass extinction event, The largest technology corporation had made great breakthroughs. This technology changed the world in many ways and is thought to be the cause of the extinction. Those that remain are left with remnants of a once technological society. Try to survive, build, or explore your way through the harsh dynamic environment.

  • Epoch Survival Sandbox Gamemode

    Open source survival gamemode for Arma 3.

    Mod: @EpochHive + Mission Files
    Sources: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch
    Releases: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/releases
    License: Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA).

    • Current Server Build: build(1549) for Arma 3 v1.98+

      Created: 2020-09-01 19:29:27
      Published: 2020-09-01 19:30:52
      ## [] - 2020-09-01 ### Added - Clear message that the server is not fully loaded when Players login to early - Optional Black Market Traders - Build in RyanZ Zombiespawner (when RyanZ is enabled on the Server) - Trader Filter for useable items on currently equipped weapons ### Fixed - On farming wracks / cinder, sometimes the more far away object was looted instead of the nearest - Purchased Boats from Traders sometimes spawned damaged - In some cases, purchased Vehicles spawned on top of already existing vehicles -> crashed ### Changed ### Server Owners - Added missing predefined variable "Epoch_BaseSpawnSkips" (no issues, just a rpt error) - Krypto Limit from 250000 to 1000000 to prevent unwanted bans - Some loot positions were not in correct syntax - Black Market Traders can be configured within CfgBlackMarket.hpp (within the mission file) - RyanZ Zombiespawner can be configured within epoch_server_RyanZ_Spawner.pbo (server side) - To disable this spawner, you can remove this pbo from your Server
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    • Credits

      • Aaron Clark ([VB]AWOL): Code, Configs, Textures
      • Kenneth Bente (Axle): Tester, Models
      • Sequisha: Models, Textures
      • Andrew Gregory (Axeman): AI Code
      • Raimonds Virtoss (Raymix): UI Code
      • Florian Kinder (Fank): Code
      • Denis Erygin (devd): Linux Code Support
      • Darren Harrison (Kiory): Models, Textures, Configs
      • Paden Sturtevant (SteamPunkGears): Models, Textures
      • Niklas Wagner (Skaronator): Code
      • Damian Clark ([VB]GREEN): Graphics


      • Dan (OrangeSherbet): Tester, Videos, Wiki Editor
      • Poulmba: Wiki Editor, Tester
      • Richie: Map Support, Forum Moderator
      • Tobias Solem: Tester

      Special Thanks!

      • Bohemia Interactive for an incredible and versatile game engine.
      • Top Donors: dean4310, Robio, rhinoCRUNCH, B3nzi, Madman2077
      • GTXGaming - Dedicated Dev Server
      • Survival Servers - Dedicated Dev Server
      • Vilayer - Dedicated Dev Server
      • Nitrado - Dedicated Dev Server
      • Vert Hosting - Shared Arma 2 and 3 Dev servers.
      • Also a thanks goes to all the testers and supporters we missed, you know who you are!
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