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  • Epoch is set in the year 2035, just two years after a massive world wide extinction. The exact cause is unknown and the only people left are clones with no memory of the past. Documents found in the world tell a us that before the mass extinction event, The largest technology corporation had made great breakthroughs. This technology changed the world in many ways and is thought to be the cause of the extinction. Those that remain are left with remnants of a once technological society. Try to survive, build, or explore your way through the harsh dynamic environment.

  • Epoch Survival Sandbox Gamemode

    Open source survival gamemode for Arma 3.

    Mod: @EpochHive + Mission Files
    Sources: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch
    Releases: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/releases
    License: Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA).

    • Current Server Build: 1.0.0 build(1077) for Arma 3 v1.76

      Created: 2017-11-05 13:57:57
      Published: 2017-11-05 13:58:49
      ## Build: 1077 ### Added - Make temp Vehicles Lockable + Lock hints. - FuelTank to Loot / Crafting / Pricing. - Missing itemPipe to loot tables. ### Fixed - Rpt error for community stats. - CameraView Check moved to master loop. ### Changed - Make use of traderUniforms config for AI trader classes. - Adjust the order of marker sets. ## Build: 1074 ### Added - Missing Prices / Itemsorts + Objectinteracts configs. - Note about a possible crash point on server startup if Redis is not running. - Hint for Building to move / remove / upgrade. - Config variable radiationEffectsThreshold to control what level PP effects are seen, (default 10%). ### Fixed - Fix for radiation post process effects when under 10% irradiated. - Fix inherits for metal and cinder floor. - Forced restart is now working properly again. - Fav Bar now returns "Not enough Space" message if there isn't enough space to store current accessory. - Fix for Horizontal Barrel Bomb BE kick. ### Changed - Random attributes now use 2 decimal places instead of rounding. - Shipwrecks now use safe pos for shipwreck loot containers positions. ## Build: 1070 ### Added - Favorites bar. Users can pin (almost) any item to the bar by dragging items from inventory to equip/un-equip (Weapons, attachments, head gear, etc.) or consume (eat, drink, build, etc.) using keyboard mapping without having gear open. Use ESC menu to change the mappings. Server admins, see client_init.sqf for config. @raymix - Advanced Vehicle Repair System - Repairing your vehicle just got more realistic. Patch a leaky fuel tank with Duct Tape. If you blow a tire you now need to find a Spare. Engine too damaged? grab an engine block to repair it. @Ignatz-Heman - Repair Items: (ItemDuctTape, SpareTire, EngineParts, EngineBlock, ItemGlass, FuelTank, ItemRotor). @Helion4 - Vehicle Upgrade System - Upgrade your ride by using one of the new vehicle upgrade documents found in the world. @DirtySanchez - Vector Base Building (uses Arrow keys by default and with SHIFT / ALT you can control the steps). @DirtySanchez & @Ignatz-Heman - New Base Building Objects: Quarter and Half wood floors @DirtySanchez, Cinder block floor, Cinder wall with a window. Metal and Cinder Towers @Helion4. - Added the following new buildables (bringing most buildables from A2/Epoch to A3 using standard ARMA models): Burn Barrel, Light Pole, Small (forest and desert) Camo Nets, Large (forest and desert) Camo Nets, Camp Fire, Field Toilet, Scaffolding, Sink (water source), Single and Double Portable Lights, Lifeguard Tower, Sun Shade, Fuel Pump, Small Sandbag Bunker, Short Sandbag Wall, Long Sandbag Wall, Bar Gate and Water Pump, @morgoth0 (Grahame) and @DirtySanchez - A-frame and Dome tents as insecure storage objects. @morgoth0, @DirtySanchez, @Helion4 - Farming system - craft-able garden plot allows you to grow seeds into mature plants. Models by @Helion4, configs by @DirtySanchez - Medical items: Adrenaline Shot (adrenaline_epoch), Caffeine Pills (caffeinepills_epoch). Orlistat Pills (orlistat_epoch) by @Helion4 and configs by @DirtySanchez - Food items: ItemCereals, ItemPowderMilk_F, ItemRiceBox, ItemVitamins. @DirtySanchez - 84 new Female outfits based on 20 top designs and 4 new pairs of jeans(Blue Patched, Arid Brown, Black/Brown, Black). @DirtySanchez, @ComatoseBadger - Pricing and loot table additions for 65 additional male uniforms. - Vehicle Ammo Reloading from Inventory and Vehicle Ammo. @DirtySanchez - Radiation System with radioactive out of bounds, locations, and random crashed satellites. Model @Helion4 - Digital Geiger Counter - used to detect Radiation levels by pointing at radioactive objects. (Sounds @vbawol, Model @Helion4, and UI + digital font @raymix) - Radiation meds - pills, creme and injector to reduce radiation effects @Helion4 - Barrel Bomb - large craft-able explosive that can be placed and detonated. @DirtySanchez - Brown Briefcase that contains 100oz Silver. @DirtySanchez - Old "Zombie Parts" Bag (ItemBioHazardBag). - 5 new Halloween masks for October. @Helion4, @DirtySanchez - Option to drink directly from water sources. @Ignatz-HeMan - Karma changes for deaths, suicides, PvP(including hero* and bandit* levels), trader kills, revives, trading sales and purchases. - Custom map markers and icons by @xDrokZ, @DirtySanchez - Epoch Events 3.0: External pbo based events. see epoch_server_vip_event or epoch_server_debris_event for examples. - VIP Event - Reveals the map location of a random player that possesses a specific item (default: ItemBriefcaseGold100oz) every X (default: 15) minutes. - Dynamic Debris: Dynamically spawns vehicle and other debris on the roadways. Scans the roads on startup and uses a random seed generator to determine the locations of debris. Debris is spawned using createSimpleObject for best performance and is made to conform with the uppermost roadway surface. - Epoch Dev Libs, See https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/experimental/Tools/DevFrameWork for more info. @raymix - Md5 hash function and Unit test to the hive. See usage example with EPOCH_fnc_server_hiveMD5 SQF function. - Dynamic Simulation is now fully enabled. See "CfgDynamicSimulation" for configs. @DirtySanchez - Conditional loot table options to allow omitting items from loot tables via custom logic. - Map support for Malden 2035. @morgoth0 - Map support for Chernarus Redux. @xDrokZ and @morgoth0 - Burgers! @Helion4 - New masks - Hockey, Plague, ghostface, skull, witch @Helion4 ### Changed - Mineral nodes can now only be harvested using the sledge hammer. - Crafting recipes can now have item requirements and Crafting metal bars now require Smelting Tools. - Player save and login optimized to use get|setUnitLoadout. - Karma now persists death and moved to community stats. - CBA extended event handler and zeus curator support for Epoch Vehicles. @DirtySanchez - Base PlotPole ESP added to Epoch Admin Panel. @SMVampire - Helper arrow to indicate the door-opening direction for Base Building. @Ignatz-Heman - Base Building elements can be detached to walk around the Element before saving. @Ignatz-Heman - Made ServicePoint more configurable @Ignatz-Heman - Base Building: Replaced 0/90/180/270° direction build mode with "Rotate 90°". @Ignatz-Heman - Base Building: Max building height now will be checked directly at building element placement. @Ignatz-Heman - Separated Hunger and Thirst loss values to baseHungerLoss/baseThirstLoss and removed baseHTLoss from CfgEpochClient. - Hunger and Thirst loss rates are now affected by timeMultiplier. - Bump to hive version, Note: this requires epochserver hive extension updates server side. - Gas Station Auto-Refuel is now disabled on all maps. Use disableAutoRefuel = false; via epochconfig.hpp to disable. @SMVampire ### Fixed - Players are given negative rating so that AI will attack properly even if player side is civilian. @morgoth0, @Ignatz-Heman - Player stats variables are now obfuscated, and hitpoints tracked via the server. - Bad conversion: bool RPT spam caused by incorrect usage of configClasses. @DirtySanchez - Snapping issues base building @DirtySanchez - Sounds not working due to changes to 3dSay command in recent A3 updates. @DirtySanchez - Spawning at base above Water was not working correctly. @Ignatz-Heman - One step is higher on stairs, can't run up while crouched. #447 @Helion44 - L85 Elcan optic issues. #678 @Helion44, @DirtySanchez - Zombie falsely triggers Mission success. @Ignatz-Heman - Base Building 90° and 270° Snap was broken. - Sometimes snapped Base Building elements rotated back on save. - BE kicks since 1.76.
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    • Credits

      • Aaron Clark ([VB]AWOL): Code, Configs, Textures
      • Kenneth Bente (Axle): Tester, Models
      • Paul Tomany (Sequisha): Models, Textures
      • Andrew Gregory (Axeman): AI Code
      • Raimonds Virtoss (Raymix): UI Code
      • Florian Kinder (Fank): Code
      • Denis Erygin (devd): Linux Code Support
      • Darren Harrison (Kiory): Models, Textures, Configs
      • Paden Sturtevant (SteamPunkGears): Models, Textures
      • Niklas Wagner (Skaronator): Code
      • Damian Clark ([VB]GREEN): Graphics


      • Dan (OrangeSherbet): Tester, Videos, Wiki Editor
      • Poulmba: Wiki Editor, Tester
      • Richie: Map Support, Forum Moderator
      • Tobias Solem: Tester

      Special Thanks!

      • Bohemia Interactive for an incredible and versatile game engine.
      • Top Donors: dean4310, Robio, rhinoCRUNCH, B3nzi, Madman2077
      • GTXGaming - Dedicated Dev Server
      • Survival Servers - Dedicated Dev Server
      • Vilayer - Dedicated Dev Server
      • Nitrado - Dedicated Dev Server
      • Vert Hosting - Shared Arma 2 and 3 Dev servers.
      • Also a thanks goes to all the testers and supporters we missed, you know who you are!