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  2. The minimum of players is one (1). Your RPT should show something like this after someone join: If not, you do something wrong at the installation.
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  4. I love you choc!
  5. Ugh, cant get this to work... Is there a line asking the minimum players to be online before any AI apawn? Also, RPT log shows no errors... Spawn time has been set to 1 second just to see if I can get it to work... :/
  6. wow, just googled a german keyboard! Wow that looks confusing xD Just change the dik code to whatever you prefer :D https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes
  7. Uhmm ........ is this not the key for prone? Mistake ...... I´m sure you mean the english layout of the keyboard ........ so it should be the Z key at german layout .......
  8. Thank you guys for all the help! But i have some questions though, do i need to change the IP/port in the config.cfg? And when i open up the BEC program, it closes automaticly.. And the BattleEye Extended Contol gives an error: Login failed : Wrong! Password Thank you for your time!
  9. Plenty of times I wished I could do this when I could not find an axe lol.
  10. I was bored and zombies get annoying, so now we can punch em in the head and kill them lol (or change "zZombie_base" to "Man" and punch your teammates when they spam comms) Install. Open your custom keyboard.sqf above the last instance of _handled Paste. if (_dikCode == 0x15) then {[]execVM "PATH\TO\YOUR\player_melee.sqf";}; // Y Key change the dik code to suit your keybinds. player_melee.sqf If you'd like to punch any living creature (pyscho) find if ((cursorTarget isKindOf "zZombie_base") && (alive cursorTarget) && (cursorTarget distance player < 3)) then { replace with if ((alive cursorTarget) && (cursorTarget distance player < 3)) then { Warning though. This is a 1 punch kill with setDamage 1, you can change to setDamage 0.5 but it will not stack and if they're 8000 blood I'm guessing you'll just being healing them? not 100% sure about that though. Video. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes
  11. I like it. Reminds me of the hard times when my lighter went out. Gotta get a new one.
  12. Thank you, I'll give it a try.
  13. Yep it still working Hux Thx to He-Man all I had to do was place inSafeZone = false; in my init.sqf and it now works every time you can grab my mission file here mate and help yourself https://github.com/natoed/Arma-3---Epoch-0.5--With-ExileZ-2.0/tree/master/MPMissions
  14. Thx :)
  15. Yesterday
  16. Hello! How to change the mapping of traders or ?
  17. Yep, I see your point. @DAmNRelentless Haha to be honest I didn't think too many would care about dayz_matchboxCount = true; being set to true. I did start to do a variable for if a server had dayz_matchboxCount set to true to just remove the matchbox but it was lost while doing other parts of the script and i completely forgot about it haha. I'll add something back in ;) Thanks :D
  18. Cool idea, i like it. :) But there is something that is not that cool in my opinion. Let's say someone wants a server without the advanced matchbox system so no count. In your code you set the configVariables - variable to true so the server owner is forced to have it turned on. // Remove items if (_removeMatches) then { dayz_matchboxCount = true; ["matches",0.3] call fn_dynamicTool; // Use 30% of Matchbox player removeMagazine _BluntPapers; } else { player removeMagazine _BluntPapers; }; As I said, this is just a suggestion but couldn't you add another condition instead of changing it to true? So if someone doesn't like this system, this is automatically applied? So either this // Remove items if (_removeMatches && (dayz_matchboxCount == false)) then { player removeMagazine itemMatchbox; //don't know if this classname is correct but you get the point i guess player removeMagazine _BluntPapers; } else { player removeMagazine _BluntPapers; }; if (_removeMatches && dayz_matchboxCount) then { ["matches",0.3] call fn_dynamicTool; // Use 30% of Matchbox player removeMagazine _BluntPapers; } else { player removeMagazine _BluntPapers; }; or this: // Remove items if (_removeMatches) then { if (dayz_matchboxCount) then { ["matches",0.3] call fn_dynamicTool; // Use 30% of Matchbox player removeMagazine _BluntPapers; } else { player removeMagazine itemMatchbox; //don't know if this classname is correct but you get the point i guess player removeMagazine _BluntPapers; } else { player removeMagazine _BluntPapers; }; I'd prefer that but that's your decision. Greetz Relentless, keep it on! :)
  19. Working on a few different projects atm:

    • VEMF - All of it in general
    • DZMS - Get 50Cals and Static AI working
    • Halv's Paintshop - I'd like to update this and get it saving to the database.
    • Possibly some other scripts related to realism. (Ex. VCOM AI, Addon-Free Arma Radio, ArmSTALKER Compatability, etc)
  20. How can i add to server Vault Management
  21. With this players can sit and have a smoke when near other players. The smoke session can be medicinal or just for a laugh. Animations, Sounds and random color filters. Easy config options - _isMedicinal = true; // Heal full blood, broken legs, infection & injuries. _StonedFX = true; // Random colour filter when smoking. _RemoveMatches = true; // If false will only delete _BluntPapers, If true will use 30% of the matches from matchbox. _BuddiesNeeded = 1; // Players Nearby to allow a session _SmokersCough = 2; // Chance for player to get sick after smoking Default: 20% set t 0 to disable. _BluntPapers = "ItemDocument"; // Blunt Papers eg. ItemTrashPaper, ItemDocument, ItemBookBible Default setup requires - minimum "Item3Matchbox","ItemDocument" and "ItemKiloHemp" for the right click option. Install. Add a right click action to your item. Deploy Anything ["ItemKiloHemp","Smoke Session","execVM 'PATH\TO\YOUR\player_smokesession.sqf';","true"], Macas Right Click Options class ItemKiloHemp { class smokesession { text = "Smoke Session"; script = "execVM 'PATH\TO\YOUR\player_smokesession.sqf'"; }; }; Dont forget to correct "PATH\TO\YOUR" Make a new file called player_smokesession.sqf and move it to your mission folder player_smokesession.sqf Have fun and please feel free to cherry pick and share your creations! :D
  22. I just updated the github to add Static AI. Now you can fill your AI Bases with DZMS AI. I have also adjusted some code to allow the addition of 50 cals. If someone wants to get some locations set up in the existing missions I will add them and setup the config for it. Here's a code snippet you can add to missions to configure them manually for now. { _m2 = createVehicle ["M2StaticMG",(_x select 0),[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _m2 setDir (_x select 1); [_m2] call DZMSSetupVehicle; [(_x select 0),1,2,"DZMS50CalSpawn"] call DZMSAISpawn; (DZMS50CalSpawn select 0) moveInGunner _m2; DZMS50CalSpawn = []; [_m2] spawn { waitUntil{((count crew (_this select 0) < 1) || !alive ((crew (_this select 0)) select 0))}; (_this select 1) setDamage 1; }; _m2 setVehicleLock "LOCKED"; } forEach [ [[0,0,0],dir], [[0,0,0],dir] ]; If someone can test the current version and confirm it is working that would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Good Day all ! Its easy, im searching a programmer or some files to edit the newest version Epoch. If theres someone that want to give a try to work with me and is experienced with missions and Buildings that can be saved and will stay, we can work together :) . My experience was on where i got a private Server running for me and a friend and learned from this forum how to change, edit. Status is that i have a half Root half V-Server from Germany and i talk that too but dont got problems if there is a English/American talking person interessted. Now its on you!
  24. doesn't this throw errors? - dayz_combat --> no longer exists use (player getVariable["inCombat",false]) https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/46355aed389be663a3cc2276392c2a950961a793/Documents/1.0.6 Variable Name Changes.txt#L19 Edited*** Didn't see bigegg's fixed up version. *facepalm
  25. Who remembers the wasteland utes server called fpsu?
  26. Look toi for more informations to how install it and set parameters
  27. Updated to V1.1. Should be working much better now and give better performance. Thanks to @He-Man for recommending some changes. Be aware the install varies slightly now.
  28. Hi natoed. I can't get this script to work. Does it still work for you? I tried your example but no luck... Thanks.
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