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  2. Does anyone know where i can download this? the link is dead
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  4. Update: New POI:s (I think we are almost up to 70 now) A few new scripts The main city of Chernogorsk may soon has a very unique feature. It seems like the cold weather is hard for many players, but all the speznas clothes and some of the other suits are warm, Also classic varm clothes from Namalsk exists. Best feature is that you can craft your own warm clothes from boar skin, leather and string. Staying indoors is another thing that keeps you warm. We really hope for more players soon :)
  5. Just messaged you! Very interested in this project and am very very willing to endorse in whatever way!
  6. Guys do you know any active server with player in epoch?
  7. The mod reached one million players in its first four months on August 6, 2012, with hundreds of thousands of people purchasing ARMA 2 just to play it. In response to its popularity, Bohemia Interactive made a standalone game. The mod remains in continued development by its community.
  8. Also New traders added Hunter trader now has new features and buys Bloodsucker skins Updated loot on the oil rig and on the market-events
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  10. Hello, fellow survivors! We have added even more POI:s to the Winter Chernarus server, and we are now up to between 65-70 new or modded POI:s. We have added some new scripts and added batteries to some of the electric items/tools and the possibility to recharge batteries with the generator. Three types of Ghillie Suits can now be crafted. Broken safes and lockboxes can be found and set up as open containers, or repaired and used as normal. Some very special POI:s and secrets are on the way. More will be added to the Toxic Zones.
  11. Wow really? a new update. cant believe infinity Epoch Work Du Wahnsinniger, super Sache
  12. A bit late, but I would like to give you developers of Epoch mod a really big and heartfelt THANK YOU! It really warms an old gamers heart to see there is still such dedication, talent and love for a game that has been my favourite (ok, I'll admit together with Origins mod) game/mod of all times, since I first played it in the summer of 2014. Since then I have been absolutely hooked on Arma 2. Played it, made a lot of friends, learnt how to use editors, made some videos, modded maps, and just recently helped getting a new server up. I have played this game for almost a year of my life in-game time (it is a lot even for and old guy to be in a game) and I don't see myself ever quitting. The Arma 2 atmosphere and feel has not been present for me in A3 or SA. Love this game and love what you are doing! Thanks! Big hugs!
  13. You are very welcome! We haven't really gotten a stable playerbase yet and players are scattered over several time zones, but we really hope that we can slowly build towards a nice playerbase. In time there will be more servers from us, if players prefer other maps or other modes :)
  14. Since I put up the advertisement for our server, The Last Frontier, today, I might as well put up a video :) Maybe someone will even like it...
  15. The Last Frontier – Winter Chernarus – IP Arma 2 Epoch Hello, fellow survivors! We are a couple of DayZ/Epoch/Origins mods superfans that has spent a lot of time creating a server that we really want to play on. Originally, we had so many ideas and visions that it felt more like a dream of a server than an actual real server. My Canadian friend “Canadian” had some very valuable knowledge and really good ideas, and I, “Kane”, made crazy map mods for Epoch (that I never released) and spent an unhealthy amount of time playing the game and making some YouTube videos that actually, to my surprise, got views and even some subscribers, even though I sometimes struggle with my spoken English… About a year ago we found a very, very talented American scripter, called “Bomb” who could actually help us turn our crazy ideas into reality. And this fall we released our first server (first of several I hope) under the name “The Last Frontier Winter Survival” which is on the Winter Chernarus map. We are very enthusiastic about our server. We will add more stuff, fix problems, mod mods and have events as we go along and we hope players show up, even if the numbers playing Arma 2 is not what it used to be. We are experienced Arma 2 players, but admittedly maybe not as experienced admins, and we got lives and jobs that sometimes get in the way of the important gaming. We hope to get the nice players to our server that cheer for us and recognize what we are trying to achieve more than the ones bringing complaints (even if that is also necessary at times). -- Our vision with this server is to have both an old school PvP hard survival server with the best stuff from Epoch implemented, boosted with some really creative scripts. We wish that players will remember the olden DayZ were PvP and cooperation could be combined in a glorious and fun way. We want to give players a unique experience with our very modded map and our numerous scripts for crafting, repairing, building etc. Exploring our secrets and discovering things from the myths of old DayZ, now revived and also made real. We also want to revive a nice community and offer discord, homepage and forums for discussions, polls, stories and more. You will find: - Tons of unique scripts and right-click options - Scripts for repairing basically anything in existence - Scripts for crafting warm clothes and thawing frozen water and food - Scripts and functions for radio, telephone and APSI - 60+ map modifications and unique POI:s (and more is coming) - Custom traders and custom trader locations (some of them move between restarts) - Custom events - Custom static missions - Custom Sector B (and a Sector A on the way) - Custom loot and revised loot tables - Custom weather - Toxic Zones - Lore and stories are being written (check our forum for some of it) - Old myths will be brought back and made real (like “The Curse of Green Mountain”) Welcome to The Last Frontier! The Last Frontier Winter Survival (IP Homepage/forums: https://thelastfrontier.elementfx.com/ //Kane and Canadian Very special thanks to: Bomb, the God of scripting. Special thanks for ideas and playtesting: Dark_Loki, Thorns, ALUCARD. Special thanks for fixing homepage and forums: Dark_Loki and Jack.
  16. Hey Sun, I am not sure if you remember me but my username was PriceTHEKILLER, or Price, or Jonas. I used to be one of the main players back on your sundowners epoch server on NAPF. Can I add you on discord? or steam?



  17. Okay. I decided to assign some values to the DZE_safeVehicle variable and place it inside the sched_safetyVehicle.sqf file which is located in dayz_server\system\scheduler This fixed the issue. I now can deploy anything I place inside the DZE_safeVehicle variable as a Deploy Anything object. My first line of the sched_safetyVehicle.sqf file is: DZE_safeVehicle = ["pook_medevac_CIV_DZE","MMT_Civ_DZE"]; I will check tomorrow to see if it blows up other vehicles that aren't deployed via the Deploy Anything mod. If not, it's good to go.
  18. Okay, I deployed a UH1Y from the toolbox and it also explodes while flying it. I added it to the createVehicles to ignore it but that doesn't help. Anyone know what might be causing this?
  19. With and without the BE filters after deploying a pook from the toolbox, it explodes within 30 seconds or less of flying it. It can sit on the server and not explode. I can use infistar to spawn the same pook and it's no problem. I've added the filter in scripts.txt and still get the explosion issue when trying to fly a player deployed pook. What am I missing? I'm going to attempt to deploy a different flying vehicle and see if it also explodes.
  20. Thank you for your interest in my work! As I mentioned in my post, I unfortunately can not make my work publicly available yet. If you are interested in individual parts of my server menu however, I may be able to provide you with such files though.
  21. Hello, very good work, how to get it?
  22. Hello Everyone! During the past year, I spent a great amount of time on getting into Arma 2 modding & scripting with the goal of creating a private server which comes along with some modern UI and gameplay approaches. The script I am showcasing in this post is a Server Menu which includes a lot of my favourite scripts while also looking as good as it is user friendly. However, by NO means was this script entirely made by myself. It can rather be seen as a visually enhanced repack of the best and most useful scripts from this community (that I came across). Working on this script was done to better understand scripting and learn from the experience of others and not to re-invent the wheel. With this post, I therefore would like to ask for some opinions and feedback (maybe someone can think of some nice tweaks or additional features?), but I will certainly not release any files at this point. If there should be an actual interest in my project, I would be more than happy to re-do all Icons and graphics which I have borrowed from other artists and ask for permission from all individuals, who´s codes I have used, so that I can actually publish this work. The current features include: o Crafting Menu, based on Stormz Menu o Rules/ Info Screen o Health and Money Display o Integrated Group Menu o Time & User Name o Statistics Distance travelled Health in Percent and Blood, Distance travelled Money Kills (Zombies and PvP) o Basic reward system (based on NPC kills) Supply drop Trader drop Guided Missile Scan surrounding for Players or NPC´s o Settings Menu View Distance Gras Settings Ambient Sound Colour Filter Slider Menu to create own colour settings All settings & stats are saved in ProfileNamespace and loaded when logging in My script (partially) includes work from the following user, which I would like to thank for sharing their work and enabling users like me to learn from them: Albertfish, H8ermaker, JTS, Ch0x, R3vo & cybercoco, Reaper5150, AsReMixhud, Zupa, Peter Beer, Iceman77, Venori, Matt L, Big Egg, Choc, Salival, JSD, Juandayz, GEORGE FLOROS GR, ventzer0, 0verHeaT, Big Dawg KS, Logi, the Exile Mod Team and the Epoch Mod Team
  23. Is there a way to fix the last section of bridge so it connects to the island evenly? Right now it offset and I can't fix it in the editor. It prevents passage to the island via vehicle.
  24. I ended up making 3 folders and copy/paste the files of each into the folders as well to solve this issue.
  25. Is there a way to arm some of the AI with hand weapons? crowbars, hatchets, bats and such?
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