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  2. https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/48580-cannot-find-1051-client-mod-files/?tab=comments#comment-314059
  3. Glad it is useful for you! Let me know if you run into any issues with it or if you have any other feedback :)
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  5. Hello, I still have my 1051 server fully scripted with infistar on my PC. Is there any way, and I will need support and help with this, to revive this server with the version, 1051 in the arma 2 oa version 144629? I can script, but I cant set up a server.
  6. This is great! Thank you for sharing. You have just made a bunch of survivors very happy.
  7. Thanks for sharing this. It's nice to see members still contributing to the community. - Cheers
  8. New to DayZ? Tired of dealing with hackers on Official? Don't want to download a bunch of mods? [REDACTED] Vanilla might be the server for you! Come visit and become part of the growing community. Chernarus Map Address: Server version: 1.19.155542 Required game version: 1.19.0 United States PC Build Anywhere No Mods Active Admins Black and Green plate carriers from Livonia Color variants of the AK, Mosin,SKS and M4 3 hour days 30 minute nights Search REDACTED and join us today! Visit our discord at https://discord.gg/5JdT9A9Cug Visit our discord at https://discord.gg/5JdT9A9Cug Visit our discord at https://discord.gg/5JdT9A9Cug Visit our discord at https://discord.gg/5JdT9A9Cug
  9. Hi, I just released my craftAnything script, where you can literally craft any weapon, magazine, or backpack depending on how you configure it. Maybe check it out, it seems like it may fit your needs. If you need help with adding the configs, just reach out to me on discord! :)
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  11. Yes the CDLC program has yielded several. Global Mobilization-Cold War Germany Sog Prairie Fire CSLA Iron Curtain And Western Sahara
  12. I did not understand this!! Note: Do not copy ArmA 2 addons directory/pbo files into the ArmA 2 OA/Expansion directory, instead load the ArmA 2 addons in a -mod flag (default directory EX) "-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2;EXPANSION;ca"Note: if you have copied your ArmA 2 addons into your ArmA2 OA/Expansion/Addons directory then you should uninstall ArmA 2 OA, completely delete your ArmA 2 OA Expansion folder, then reinstall I have tried to install a local server as usual, but I have not succeeded.
  13. Thank amigo, it works) You have no idea how much I suffered with the list of addons in mission.sqm. I thought it was because of the list of addons. Now you can start to cleanly assemble the assembly. Thanks again a huge amigo!
  14. Yes this could be one of the reasons. Stay away from infistar for Arma 2 it does not work correctly. Use this one instead:
  15. If you are like me and love to make random Arma3 server for fun "LOCALLY". And/or making scripts and want to look for errors or whatever without opening the .rpt manually to keep track of your errors, then you can use this, made in python to stream your .rpt live on a second screen to see whats going on? Then maybe you will find an utility for it. What is this script doing ? Well it's main function is to constantly stream your server .rpt in a seperate window to keep track of anything you like. Right now i use it to see any errors and copy the errors to a file when found. It also copy "tickets" or "idea" from a function i have on the server to a file. Can be expanded to suit your need for anything you like if you know a tiny bit of python like i do. Video link: The script: Can be easily tested in VSCode, to get a cmd prompt like in the video, you will need some setting on opening a .py file. #//=======================================================// import sys, time, os, glob#, psutil #//=======================================================// # §§§ CONFIGS START HERE §§§ #//=======================================================// # # (SET YOUR OWN PATH TO SERVER .rpt FILE!) AUTO OPEN LATEST CREATED .RPT FROM SERVER, NO FILE NEED TO BE CREATED! Server_RPT_location = 'D:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Arma 3/SC_0908_MAIN/*.rpt' # (SET YOUR OWN PATH TO SERVER .err FILE!) YOU HAVE TO CREATE THE FILE FIRST! Error_logs = 'D:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Arma 3/SC_0908_MAIN/-=ERRORS_LOGS=-.err' # (SET YOUR OWN PATH TO SERVER .tck FILE!) YOU HAVE TO CREATE THE FILE FIRST! Tickets_logs = 'D:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Arma 3/SC_0908_MAIN/-=TICKETS_LOGS=-.tck' # #//=======================================================// # §§§ CONFIGS END HERE §§§ #//=======================================================// os.system("") class ColorStyle(): RED = '\033[91m' GREEN = '\033[92m' BLUE = '\033[0;94m' YELLOW = '\033[0;93m' BLACK='\033[0;90m' PURPLE='\033[0;95m' CYAN='\033[0;96m' WHITE='\033[0;97m' RESET = '\033[0m' #//=======================================================// print (ColorStyle.YELLOW + ''' ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ | | | | | | | | | | | | | _ _____ _ _____ _ _ | | | __ \ | | / ____| (_) | | | | ___ __ _| |__) |___ __ _ __| | ___ _ __ | (___ ___ _ __ _ _ __ | |_ | | / _ \ / _` | _ // _ \/ _` |/ _` |/ _ \ '__| \___ \ / __| '__| | '_ \| __| | |___| (_) | (_| | | \ \ __/ (_| | (_| | __/ | ____) | (__| | | | |_) | |_ |______\___/ \__, |_| \_\___|\__,_|\__,_|\___|_| |_____/ \___|_| |_| .__/ \__| __/ | | | |___/ |_| |______|______|______|______|______|______|______|______|______|______|______|______| ''') #//=======================================================// array_char_sel = ['.',':'] time_cnt = 0 log_delay = 30 #wait 15 seconds so server can create .log files first before starting main loop sys.stdout.write('Loading latest Arma3_server log:') # for tick_range in range(log_delay): sys.stdout.write (array_char_sel[0]) sys.stdout.flush() time.sleep(0.5) time_cnt = time_cnt + 1 # if (time_cnt == log_delay): sys.stdout.write (array_char_sel[1]) print(ColorStyle.GREEN + "\n") # # #//=======================================================// open_Server_RPT_location = open(max(glob.glob(Server_RPT_location),key=os.path.getctime), 'r') #read latest .rpt log file from server keep_reading_loop = 1 read_speed = 0.010 #DEFAULT 0.010 #//=======================================================// # SERVER HAS BEEN STARTED AND LOGS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE, STRATING LOOP while (keep_reading_loop == 1): # Server_RPT = open_Server_RPT_location.readline() #read latest .rpt file from server open_Error_RPT_location = open(Error_logs, 'a') #append latest .err errors file from server write_Tickets_logs = open(Tickets_logs,'a') #append latest .tck tickets file from server # #if Server_RPT.isascii(): #Returns True if all characters in the string are ascii characters if Server_RPT.find(":") != -1: time.sleep(read_speed) print(Server_RPT.strip ("\n")) # if (Server_RPT.find("ERROR") != -1) or (Server_RPT.find("Error") != -1) or (Server_RPT.find("error") != -1): print(ColorStyle.RED + Server_RPT.strip ("\n") + ColorStyle.GREEN) open_Error_RPT_location.write("%s %s" % (time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"), Server_RPT)) # if Server_RPT.find("PLAYER CONNECTED") != -1 or Server_RPT.find("PLAYER DISCONNECTED") != -1 or Server_RPT.find("SL_Zeus") != -1: print(ColorStyle.BLUE + Server_RPT.strip ("\n") + ColorStyle.GREEN) # if Server_RPT.find("TIMSBR SUBMITBOX:") != -1: print(ColorStyle.YELLOW + Server_RPT.strip ("\n") + ColorStyle.GREEN) write_Tickets_logs.write("%s %s" % (time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"), Server_RPT)) # if Server_RPT.find("Class CBA_Extended_EventHandlers_base destroyed with lock count") != -1: keep_reading_loop = 0 # else: #Arma3server_Running = "arma3server_x64.exe" in (p.name() for p in psutil.process_iter()) time.sleep(0.5) #if (Arma3server_Running == False): #keep_reading_loop = 0 # #//=======================================================// open_Server_RPT_location.close() open_Error_RPT_location.close() write_Tickets_logs.close() loopEnded = input(ColorStyle.RED + ' -=============(ARMA3 SERVER IS NOT RUNNING OR CRASHED!!! Press enter to exit or restart)=============-' + ColorStyle.RESET) #//=======================================================// # TODO ADD CHOICE TO EITHER EXIT OR RESTART THE SERVER #os.startfile('D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3\SC_0908_MAIN\LogReader_Server.py')
  16. craftAnything for DayZ Epoch A script I originally wrote for TLF servers, but with their permission I am releasing to the public to celebrate getting the A2 Community Dev role in the Epoch Discord. This script allows you to add a ton of craftable items to your server. It is super modular, and takes up very little space. It is also very easy to configure. You can add as many configs as you want. TLF has come up with about 40 custom crafting configs, I have included their turret configs in the example configVariables.sqf file. Installation & Setup Download the code as a zip file here https://github.com/ZzBombardierzZ/DayZ-Epoch-CraftAnything/archive/refs/heads/main.zip Copy the craftAnything.sqf file into your mission folder, inside of a "scripts" folder. Example: "ServerRoot\mpmissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\scripts\craftAnything.sqf" In configVariables.sqf, find the DZE_CLICK_ACTIONS array and add the desired configs to it. See the example configVariables.sqf file for more info. Go into the newly created craftAnything.sqf file and edit the "CONFIG SECTION" to your liking. Read the comments in the file for more info. Battleye Filters If you are using Battleye on your server, you will need to update your scripts.txt file to allow the script to run. I am not going to provide a list of filters unfortunately. It is fairly easy to do yourself. You can look at OpenDayz Guide to BattlEye to learn more about BattlEye filters and use eraser1's BE_AEG to generate scripts.txt filters automatically. Credits As mentioned before, I originally wrote this script for TLF servers. I would like to thank them for allowing me to release this to the public. I would also like to thank the Epoch Discord community for their help and support and for giving me the opportunity to become a Community Developer. License There is none. But please give credit where credit is due. If you do use this script, please let me know. I would love to see what you do with it. Contact If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me on Discord at ZzBombardierzZ#5945 or in the Epoch Discord server. Changelog v1.0.0 - Initial release
  17. Sorry, I just thought ... I'm running infistar, could this be blocking the action?
  18. Thanks for the fast reply! I'm not getting any options when I approach the NPC. I tried the Hooker and I tried my default black market trader. I've obviously done something wrong :/ Here's my Fn_SA section: player removeAction s_garage_dialog; s_garage_dialog = -1; }; // ZSC if (Z_singleCurrency) then { if (_isMan && !_isAlive && {(!(_cursorTarget isKindOf "Animal") && !_isZombie) || (_isZombie && ZSC_ZombieCoins select 0)}) then { ------------------ player removeAction s_bank_dialog3; s_bank_dialog3 = -1; player removeAction s_player_checkWallet; s_player_checkWallet = -1; player removeAction s_garage_dialog; s_garage_dialog = -1; player removeAction s_player_bury_human; s_player_bury_human = -1;
  19. To ulock map and delete "artefacts" on map in init.sqf, on buttom add this: {_x animate ["ani_door1",1];}count(nearestObjects [getMarkerPos "center", ["Land_tav_HouseBlock_D1_ex2"],18000]);
  20. if (!isDedicated) then { dayz_resetSelfActions1 = dayz_resetSelfActions; dayz_resetSelfActions = { call dayz_resetSelfActions1; s_player_gamblefree = -1; s_player_gamble1 = -1; s_player_gamble2 = -1; s_player_gamble3 = -1; }; call dayz_resetSelfActions; } This is correct. What exactly does not work?
  21. Hello, I seem to be doing something wrong. My variables.sqf does not have : s_bank_dialog3 = -1; s_player_checkWallet = -1; Here is my Variables.sqf if (isServer) then { }; if (!isDedicated) then { dayz_resetSelfActions1 = dayz_resetSelfActions; dayz_resetSelfActions = { call dayz_resetSelfActions1; // Add custom reset actions here }; call dayz_resetSelfActions; }; Where should I place this code? s_player_gamblefree = -1; s_player_gamble1 = -1; s_player_gamble2 = -1; s_player_gamble3 = -1; I tried this but no profit. if (isServer) then { }; if (!isDedicated) then { dayz_resetSelfActions1 = dayz_resetSelfActions; dayz_resetSelfActions = { call dayz_resetSelfActions1; s_player_gamblefree = -1; s_player_gamble1 = -1; s_player_gamble2 = -1; s_player_gamble3 = -1; }; call dayz_resetSelfActions; }; Sorry to bother, any help would be appreciated.
  22. Hey guys want to add a cool eartquake script to your server just see below. 1. open notepad++ or whatever text editor you use 2. create new text file. #. Copy And Paste The Following Text Below. earth = {playsound "eq";for "_i" from 0 to 140 do {_vx = vectorup _this select 0;_vy = vectorup _this select 1;_vz = vectorup _this select 2;_coef = 0.01 - (0.0001 * _i);_this setvectorup [_vx+(-_coef+random (2*_coef)),_vy+(-_coef+random (2*_coef)),_vz+(-_coef+random (2*_coef))];sleep (0.01 + random 0.01);};}; $. Save As eartquake.sqf and save. %. Place earthquake script in to your mission pbo &. Open your init file and add the following to the bottom and then save. null = [] execVM "earthquake.sqf"; while {true} do {player spawn earth;sleep (180 + random 60);: thanks guys enjoy
  23. Hello to all survivors! I found a ready-made assembly here on the forum Epoch-OriginsMod-Server-Package (Epoch 1.0.7 & Origins Mod 1.8.3). And the assembly works, well, almost. Equipment is not taken away during the sale, as a result, you can sell one car indefinitely. The fact is that this assembly is for the version of the mod Epoch 1.0.7. And I need to run the server on the version Epoch I try to run a clean server and I get some white walls in the game almost on the entire map. They seem to divide the map into huge rooms. However, they disappear when viewed in an arc direction. Please tell me what am I doing wrong? Sorry for my english, I'm through a translator.
  24. I am not super familiar with custom database stuff, but I believe for something like this you need ExtDB. You may find better luck getting help in the Epoch Discord.
  25. Hey @juandayz! Do you know if the custom debug monitor works still today with 1.0,7.1? I've installed as you explained it but it doesn't display nothing and I can see any error log at rpt file.
  26. Good morning, survivors. Is there anyone out there still hosting A2 Epoch? I'm addicted and can't seem to walk away. I'm looking to add gem crafting to my server but I can't seem to find a working script. I've installed the ones below but they either have problems or I'm doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated! I've installed alchemy crafting in the past but there have been a lot of updates since. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to share a working script with a friend in need Tried and failed with these: Thanks for any help,
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