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  2. Not sure why im spawning in debug, seems to be no real issues.... only from installing ESSv3 for epoch 1.0.7
  3. How to make it visible to all players I watched the video tutorial and still can't figure out how to make it visible to all players
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  5. I just rename the folder of whatever version I need to @DayZ_Epoch and the one I don't need to, say, '@DayZ_Epoch old'. It always fools the launcher.
  6. Kodabar - where people used to post SP versions of the mod, including SP Epoch - which is why I was visiting there, as I had forgotten how to run SP Epoch. I clicked my bookmark today, and it was gone. Does anyone know if SP creators have re-located to a new site ?
  7. Exactly A Man Its ridiculous, will attempt to add battleye to the server ourselves and go from there, it was just asking to be hacked Thanks for your reply again, all the best :)
  8. If your server provider does not allow the access to the battleye filter you should switch the server provider since you have to adjust the filters with every script you add. It sounds more the server provider has no filters at all.
  9. It basicly makes no sense to have it twice defined, that right. That will be changed for Epoch But if you add variables from the configVariables to your init.sqf make sure you add them under the configVariables call. So you do not overwrite them.
  10. Ive pushed an filter update for the publicVariable.txt. You have to add to the createVehicle.txt to the first filter line all vehicles you want to deploy like that: !MMT_Civ Also make sure you are using the filters from the modpack.
  11. make a bike KICI Install exactly as instructed mod pack used attachto.log 12.01.2022 08:00:25: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - #0 3:16 MMT_Civ 3:4 SurvivorWurban_DZ -1 [0,6,1] scripts 12.01.2022 07:59:55: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - #20 "sqm","rules.sqf","dayz_code\configVariables.sqf","dayz_code\compile\fn_selfActions.sqf","dayz_code\compile\ui_selectSlot.sqf","d" publicvariable.log 12.01.2022 10:44:18: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - #1 "PVDZ_send" = [B 1-1-A:1 (TEEMO) REMOTE,"dayzSetDate",[B 1-1-A:1 (TEEMO) REMOTE]] 12.01.2022 10:44:19: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - Value Restriction #14 "remExField" = [<NULL-object>,B 1-1-B:1 (TEEMO) REMOTE,"switchmove","ainvpknlmstpslaywrfldnon_amovpknlmstpsraswrfldnon"] 12.01.2022 10:44:19: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - #1 "PVDZ_plr_LoginRecord" = ["76561198127675194","1",0,[84,69,69,77,79]] 12.01.2022 10:47:46: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - #0 "PVDZE_veh_Init" = 3f014100# 1055642: mmt.p3d REMOTE 12.01.2022 10:52:40: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - #1 "PVDZ_send" = [B 1-1-A:1 (TEEMO) REMOTE,"dayzSetDate",[B 1-1-A:1 (TEEMO) REMOTE]] 12.01.2022 10:52:41: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - Value Restriction #14 "remExField" = [<NULL-object>,B 1-1-B:1 (TEEMO) REMOTE,"switchmove","ainvpknlmstpslaywrfldnon_medic"] 12.01.2022 10:52:41: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - #1 "PVDZ_plr_LoginRecord" = ["76561198127675194","1",0,[84,69,69,77,79]] 12.01.2022 10:54:14: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - #0 "PVDZE_veh_Init" = 3d178100# 1055638: mmt.p3d REMOTE setvariable.log 12.01.2022 10:46:21: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - #7 "usec_lowblood" = false 3:4 SurvivorWurban_DZ 12.01.2022 10:52:41: TEEMO ( 8d867cdec2d57bf61218dfb2313b33c8 - #7 "usec_lowblood" = true 3:4 SurvivorWurban_DZ I'm very sorry my English is not good, I used google translate @salival @A Man
  12. Hey A Man We were thinking as such, unfortunately the server provider does not allow access to the battleye files you have requested, yeah crazy eh, have decided to wipe the server and try and install battleye properly I do appreciate your reply thanks for your time my friend
  13. Hello, that sounds like a typical hack. Please post all the server logs and filter logs. Otherwise we cannot help you. Use a free file hoster for larger files. Also message me your script.txt and publicvariable.txt in a private message.
  14. Do you have dayz_code/configVariables.sqf in MPmissions/yourmission? Whatever you run? If you do then you need to change this to what I post. DZE_StaticConstructionCount = 1; // Number of animations required for building an object. Leaving set at zero will default to the construction count in the configs for each object.
  15. Hi folks would really appreciate some help with a strange error thats only recently started on my Arma2 Epoch 1.0.7 server At Random times all players on the server get kicked to the lobby, no on screen errors like battleye etc, no info just kicked straight to lobby In the RPT i can see this mentioned every time players are booted to lobby "From play3r UID#***: illegal gr0up m3mber LocationLogic at 10313.9,2158.59... Server may be compromised!" Im totally lost, i actually found the code block in dayz_code.pbo/system/sheduler/sched_security.sqf around line 58 it is mentioned I was that desperate i even tried removing the section of code it was mentioned in but still the same issue Hope someone can point me in the right direction or has some idea what is causing this Many thanks in advance
  16. Thanks to some help on the Epoch Discord channel I may have found the issue. From my Discord conversation:
  17. Hi guys, So I'm looking at the MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\init.sqf. This is where we are suppose to add/modify our config variable changes to Epoch variables for this particular mission. At the top of that init.sqf file is the below line: #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\configVariables.sqf" // Don't remove this line In that file you can see some variables conditionally being set based on the value of other variables. Example from \z\addons\dayz_code\configVariables.sqf below: // ZSC Z_SingleCurrency = false; // Enable single currency system. if (Z_SingleCurrency) then { Z_globalBanking = false; // Enable global banking system. Z_persistentMoney = false; // Enabling this stores currency to player_data instead of character_data. Currency transfers to a new character after death. For PVE servers only. Formerly called "GlobalMoney". CurrencyName = "Coins"; // If using single currency this is the currency display name. DZE_MoneyStorageClasses = ["VaultStorage","VaultStorage2","VaultStorageLocked","VaultStorage2Locked","LockboxStorageLocked","LockboxStorage2Locked","LockboxStorage","LockboxStorage2","LockboxStorageWinterLocked","LockboxStorageWinter2Locked","LockboxStorageWinter","LockboxStorageWinter2","TallSafe","TallSafeLocked"]; // If using single currency this is an array of object classes players can store coins in. E.g.: ["GunRack_DZ","WoodCrate_DZ"] ZSC_VehicleMoneyStorage = true; // Allow players to store money in vehicles. If vehicles are destroyed the money is also destroyed. }; So even if I add "Z_SingleCurrency = true;" to my init.sqf the above condition statement has already ran with "Z_SingleCurrency = false;" skipping those conditional changes. This does not make much sense to me. Do I need to also copy the conditional statements to my init.sqf? Thanks!
  18. Hi guys, My servers are running well with my current configuration (single currency, WAI, DZMS, deploy anything, right click, etc.) but I am having an odd issue with WAI. In my server_pbo\WAI\config.sqf I have ai_hasMoney = true; but the mission AI never have any coins on them but my zombies do. I think I missed a config setting somewhere but not sure where (will continue looking after this post). Maybe there is a setting in DZMS I missed? I haven't tried DZAI yet but I am considering it. Not sure if it is better, much different, etc. Ultimately I am trying to have AI missions with coins on the AI and mission loot. The only part not working is the AI coins. Thanks for the help.
  19. Constructing Motorcycle stage 1 of 3 , move to cancel How to change to 1 base building if changed to 1
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