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  2. I've been trying to run this version of WAI. The default PBO runs fine but if I edit and repbo it I get this error: Warning Message: Script x\addons\wai\fn_init.sqf not found Even if I just repack the PBO without any editing I get the same error in rpt and WAI doesn't load. No missions appear. I know this is old but just wondered what the difference could be between default pbo and repacked? Thank you.
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  5. Epoch 1.0.7 Pre-Release with signed pbos and the needed server key is ready. This will be in test until the 15th of April. If nothing bigger occurs we will release the final version on the same day.
  6. HindruM

    Paid spawn ESS v3

    Hello! I am looking for a person who can add the ability to make paid spawn points. for money!
  7. @WLF Is it possible to make some spawn points paid?
  8. Yes, you just need slightly update the script. In main.sqf find this line: _wealth = player getVariable [Z_MoneyVariable,0]; Replace it with: _wealth = player getVariable[(["cashMoney","globalMoney"] select Z_persistentMoney),0]; Find line: player setVariable [Z_MoneyVariable,(_wealth + _coins),true]; And replace it with: player setVariable[(["cashMoney","globalMoney"] select Z_persistentMoney),(_wealth + _coins),true]; That's all! :)
  9. Hello! How can I redo this script for epoch
  10. Hux

    No antagonists

    I'm not getting any antagonists spawning in my new server. I have default settings. Is there another file I need to enable them in? Thanks.
  11. How do I get permission to send messages in Epoch discord?
  12. yer right...no thanks ill just wait for official now.. can't be faffed with yet another complete re-install (Currently I'd be more likely to do a complete uninstall thanks)
  13. can this script be installed on version 1.0.7
  14. @TuBz sounds like you have messed something up. Re-install everything.
  15. Ohh what has happened since the rc4 update...wearing a ghilli and holding a few different snipers i now have 1 arm about 4 times it usual length :(. also acr ammo is now invisible in inventory both of these where fine before did i miss part of the upgrade to rc4.. also 1/2 my guns now do not show up as held in inventory tell me its just me knackering my install somehow. On the plus side good to see some missions to do now:)
  16. I have a public test server up on if anybody wants to jump on and have a go, i'll on and off over the next few days, no admin tools atm tho, dont think infistar works with it, as i aint used it!
  17. Hello. I have been following the text instructions on how to make this work. Actually, I have started from scratch 3 times. But I still can't get the menu to appear in game The FAQ errors says that it is likely a syntax error in server/admintool/init.sqf where the Admins are defined. I'll paste the relevant section of init.sqf, because I can't see a syntax error, and the Player ID is copy/pasted straight from the RPT file incase I mistyped it from the photo I took of my A2OA profile screen. Yeah I see the Superadmin thing, but it is commented out when I read that it's usage is not recommended. Can anyone spot a missing comma or semi colon or whatever in the 2 relevant lines ? I also uploaded a 21k RPT to Pastebin (see link). I can't see anything obvious pertaining to EAT ? Though i'm a complete noob at RPT files. (see link at the bottom) Perhaps I should also mention that is for SINGLE PLAYER EPOCH (https://spp-forum.de/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=31 ). But the only difference really (to my noob self) is that the PBOs are unpacked and stored locally instead of on a remote server. It would be awesome if someone had a solution to my problem, as I don't want to have to keep using @LokiLostTools as it is semi-functional at best in Epoch (ie weapons creator and vehicle creator don't list anything) EDit - PS, All I did for the RPT was login, press F2, then logout. // Add UIDs and names of Admins and Mods Here. If an admin or mod wants to play with no admin tools, change name in profile. //#define SUPER_ADMIN_LIST ["76561198035726780","76500000000000000","76500000000000000"] //#define SUPER_ADMIN_NAMES ["Malau","SuperAdminName","SuperAdminName"] #define ADMIN_LIST ["76561198035726780"] #define ADMIN_NAMES ["Malau"] #define MOD_LIST ["76500000000000000","76500000000000000","76500000000000000"] #define MOD_NAMES ["ModeratorName","ModeratorName","ModeratorName"] https://pastebin.com/wT8rD6rR
  18. awesome - downloading now, is there a changelog ?
  19. Guys, RC4 is up and should be the last RC before the release. If everything goes as planned we should be ready in about 4 weeks. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/issues/2117
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  21. What do you know with the help of my eyes? Maybe exercises or eye drops?
  22. thanks for the info
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  24. Hello everyone, I need a juicy ass of a good whore, where can I find her
  25. On a good note - switched back to blood groups for blood bags yesterday and now it works, no change to previous settings. Go figure
  26. I think I have a broken sledge then.. tried again for ages this morning... well now I know it should work I will keep going till it breaks:)
  27. Rather than make any bug reports this post is to thank you for all the hard work you have done, Dynamic winter weather is amazing, the cold becomes a real killer to players, when it starts raining or snowing EVERY player switches to pure survival. There is also a special thankyou from my wife for all the female player skins, she is like a lady in a shoe shop, has to try EVERYTHING lol
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