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  2. I have resolved the issue by following the steps here.
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  4. Hello friends, I am encountering a serious problem on Steam. I have launched 'DayZ' last week from Steam. But strange when I am going to open this game on Steam, I failed. Its not opening properly. Has anyone faced this kind of issue before? Let me know your thoughts.
  5. Hi, I like this Mapaddon very much, but could you do a further version of the big file without the road from the hospital to pobeda-dam and all the things on the way there? I use this Mapaddon too: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43771-new-roadstownsvillages-north-of-chernarus/ and the streets are clipping into another...
  6. Thats really interesting article. Im just starting my IT career and I want to know everything! The job of a main computer programmer has consistently been damaged by debate because of the equivocal idea of their obligations. It shouldn't come as an unexpected when a representative of a specific organization gives clear gazes once requested to characterize who a central programming designer or programming chief specialist is.Engineering can be inexactly characterized as the imaginative utilization of numerical strategies, science, and experimental proof when planning a construction or framework. All in all, its the taking care of an issue utilizing imaginative arrangements utilizing fundamental things.Development, then again, is the precise use of various SW designer's coding advances to not really settled items in the product climate. Corresponding to programming advancement, it's the mix and utilization of various procedures to achieve a particular objective where you need to work with an expert computer programmer principal.The primary obligations of an essential IT draftsman incorporate checking the intersystem cooperation, their design, and innovations utilized for the assistance. They likewise report, break down, and anticipate an everyday premise. The title head draftsman engineer has for since quite a while ago had a foreboding shadow looming over the head as numerous planners are astounding white paper authors contrasted with regards to planning software.Senior versus chief specialist then again centers around execution and bug fixing on either another framework or in a generally existing one. 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  7. when i installed DZMS im getting this and cant figure out why....... 10:57:06 Error in expression <0) exitWith { _isOk = false; }; } count DZE_SafeZonePosArray; }; _playerNear => 10:57:06 Error position: }; _playerNear => 10:57:06 Error Undefined variable in expression: dze_safezoneposarray 10:57:06 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\Scripts\DZMSFindPos.sqf, line 42 10:57:06 Error in expression <}) exitWith { _isOk = false; }; } count DZE_MissionPositions; if (DZMSEpoch) t> 10:57:06 Error position: if (DZMSEpoch) t> 10:57:06 Error Undefined variable in expression: dze_missionpositions 10:57:06 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\Scripts\DZMSFindPos.sqf, line 34 10:57:06 "[DZMS]: Bandit Armed Vehicles starting at [3760.53,10392.1,0]." 10:57:06 Error in expression DZE_ServerMarkerArray set [count DZE_Ser> 10:57:06 Error position: 10:57:06 Error Undefined variable in expression: dze_servermarkerarray 10:57:06 File z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\Missions\Armed_Vehicles.sqf, line 25
  8. I need crafting system guide
  9. I need crafting system guide
  10. submit them a ticket and ask for DLL access and then upload via the control panel, i use GTX aswell and yes it's shite i agree. noticed you have said you need 1.0.7...
  11. https://www.dawnpatrolgaming.com/mobile https://youtu.be/KfJ9cws7s14 No server wipe 6+ yrs Best arma 2 admin Fully custom coding Chernarus Port: 2302 (minimal mili, super rare, have to work to get the good stuff) Namalsk Militarized Port: 4302 Napf Militarized Port: 3302 Sauerland PVE Militarized Port: 6302 Taviana Militarized Port: 5302 https://youtu.be/0XjKwqOd2IA https://youtu.be/NlOv69Ug1yA
  12. Sweet, thanks I will work on update for this script and test :)
  13. Hey guys, at stated above ive set up an Dayz Epoch Server on Nitrado (Ive updated it manually to 1.0.7) and configured the rest, but as i try to join it always goes to the "authenticating" menu and after that to the briefing menu, so that im not able to join my game. Hopefully someone still ready this sub :D
  14. _wealth = player getVariable["cashMoney",0]; player setVariable["cashMoney",(_wealth + _pay),true]; Z_MoneyVariable changed to "cashMoney"
  15. Please remove this release from the forums till I can figure out what happened here. I have tried adding the original payment from Pyro's script back where it was, but I think the (Z_MoneyVariable) has changed as it no longer works when I run a test on my server? Sorry about that. Example of what was added with no luck! Worth a try I guess :( under: _work = _work; added: _wealth = player getVariable[Z_MoneyVariable,0]; player setVariable[Z_MoneyVariable,(_wealth + _pay),true];
  16. You miss the actual payout in the script. It is just the text about the payout.
  17. Nope! but you can add it I'm sure XD
  18. does it come with "Get a haircut?" ;-)
  19. Silly question, i love the ability to build objects as well through here, however, like when you craft, and you press "F" the item stays and you can walk around, make sure it's where you want it then hit space to build, i cant do this will deploy, anyone ever been able to add this function in the deploy_player ? ive tried with no success. TY
  20. Professionnel, investi ! On peut compter sur son aide ! 

  21. Personally I used Fastpoint web hosting but then refused, because devs (and management) were awful. Plus they did not have a so-called "disaster recovery" tool I needed very much. And when my server on Arma 3 was ddosed very much... I lost some stuff. And then lost the server itself. It was UK 105 name if someone remembers. So I changed to Cloud4u web hosting plus they have offered a "disaster recovery" https://www.cloud4u.com/cloud-hosting/disaster-recovery/ I needed so much. And I was prepared for the next "attack", heh. I hope, that you found your answer. P.S. Sorry for being a necroposter. Just was unable to leave it without my own opinion, ehehe.
  22. Hello all, So due to people stealing my work over the years and this one being one of the most stolen from me and my mate PyroMatic who passed away in 2017. I'm gonna go ahead a release it to everyone to use! What this script does: Allows players to select a random job and pays them on a set amount of time, No it does not track if they are doing the job or not! :) You can config it anyway you want! P.S If you have seen this script on a server before? You can thank them for this release...smh! Download Here: https://github.com/DevReaper5150/GetAjobscript
  23. DAYZ USONIA started out as a community in Arma 2 back in 2018. Now we are back! We are an oldschool style OverPoch server that aims for a true DayZ OverPoch experience! We have put weeks of development into the server to provide the best and most balanced gameplay we can! I also want to thank @BigEgg for making an awesome admin tool/anti hack! * We have active admins/staff. * We have a very active and friendly community and we want to keep it that way. * Please read the full list of rules on our discord! * I hope you enjoy the server and its features and please leave feedback on our discord! Name - DAYZ USONIA OverPoch NEW |Coins|Groups|Classes|Missions| (1.0.7) IP - (Hosted in Virginia) Discord - https://discord.gg/cbkhGucsRy Server Features - Non Militarized (M2 Humvee and Armored SUV) - Coin System (No Banks, Store Coins in Safes/Lockboxes) - Customized Loot Spawns - Customized Trader Prices and Locations - Bor, Staroye, Klen, Bash, Hero, and Roaming Bandit - Customized Military Bases - Prigorodki, Veresnik, Stary Sobor, Novy Lug, and Berezino - Customized AI and Hidden Crate Missions - Spawn Selection w/ Classes - Running Zombies - No Weight - Reduced Ore Spawns - Vehicle ammo only found in black crates - Always Day w/ Weather System - F5 Groups - Vehicles Locator - Take Clothes - Tow/Lifting - Auto Refuel (NO Rearm) - Toggable Grass/View Distance - Deployable Bike/Mozzie w/Parts - Raidable Bases (No base takeovers) - 300 Max Build Parts with 20m Max Height - Cinder Materials only available @ Hero/Bandit Traders - Chainsaw/Satchel Charges/Hotwire Kits have a 10% Chance to Spawn in all AI Mission Crates - Hotwire Safe (10% Chance to Unlock) - Safes Unlock to 0000 after 8 Days - Rare Cheytac/Anzio spawn @ Heli Crashes - .50 Cal Snipers only purchasable @ Hero/Bandit Traders Much more not listed! Hope to see you around!
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