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  2. I'm sorry im rahter new to being Epoch admin. I cant seem to figure out how to find the epoch.sql, server RPT and the HiveExt.Log. I've once tried to get into SQL editing to add some items to the traders but I couldnt connect to the sql with that mysql dolphin program or couldnt find the right ip for that. Saw a tutorial on that but it was as a local host and not as a dedicated server ( Zap-Hosting). Some advice on that be useful. Im not the stupidset guy on editing but, as reported I couldnt find those files
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  4. Hey, You need to make sure you have this function loaded in the database: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/Server Files/SQL/epoch.sql#L111-L146 server RPT and HiveExt.log would be helpful to know what's going on, also
  5. Looking for a server??? Look no further, We have a PvE server with PVP zones, Looking for that classic Dayz Hardcore survival feeling with added MODS, Custom areas, Custom Traders, great community and added vehicles and high tier weapons, Drugs, plus much more please check out -=FORSAKEN LANDS=- *PvE/PvP* - FRESH WIPE giving you some PvE & PvP Experience, (PC) Active admins, Great growing player base with Regular server Events! Join us for a good time. Open to player suggestions and ideas!! FORSAKEN LANDS Great player community for all levels. Check out our discord. look forward to meeting you!! Peace [F.L] SmoggyGaz - Server owner. https://discord.gg/fWPzheu
  6. Peace, I rented a server a while ago and the particular problem is that when I/or other players purchased a vehicle at any given trader (not map related) the vehicle woudnt be spawned in, just after a restart of the server! After testing this and searching for a fix im absolutely sure it hasnt got anything to do with a mod. I had deploy, safezone, and WAI mod. On WAI there is an option to get the key from the mission vehicle. You was able to get the key but the vehicle would just despawn on being entered. Found the last issue also occuring on traders on the internet for others, on which they thought it might be related to the maxVehicle Limit, but it wasnt. Talked to a YT guy (Sicarius) and he suggested it might be the database taking the new bought vehicles into account but wouldnt read back up until server restart. Hope someone can help me out, because this breaks the whole experience especially for the new players on my server! Best Regards LSHJ
  7. Simple little script I made allowing admins to send a server wide message to players when they login. [Install] Can be customized to your liking! Get a sound you like and convert it to .ogg file and place where your sounds are. Create .sqf and name something like adminlogin.sqf Simply call from your init.sqf at the bottom put execVM "scripts\adminlogin.sqf"; [The script] ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////Written by Reaper5150///////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// private ["_uid","_adlogin"]; waitUntil {(getPlayerUID player) != ""}; _uid = getPlayerUID player; _adlogin = [ "0", // <<your admins uids and names after the "//" "0", // "0", // "0" // Don't add comas at the end ]; if (_uid in _adlogin) then { [nil, player, rSAY, "Alert", 50000] call RE; <<YOUSOUND.OGG <<Lower "50000" to 100-200 if you choose [nil, nil, rTitleText, format["<Server name here>: AN ADMIN HAS JUST LOGGED IN:"], "PLAIN"] call RE; // Message the whole server sleep 10; [nil, nil, rTitleText, format["<ADMIN MESSAGE>: YOU WILL BE WATCHED FOR USE OF CHEATS AND RULE BREAKING!!!"], "PLAIN"] call RE; // Message the whole server sleep 10; [nil, nil, rTitleText, format["<ADMIN MESSAGE>: IF YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE? PLEASE ASK THE ADMIN FOR HELP!"], "PLAIN"] call RE; // Message the whole server }; [In description.ext] add class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {Alert}; class Alert { name="Alert"; sound[]={dayz_code\sounds\Alert.ogg,0.9,1}; titles[] = {}; };
  8. Couldn’t get text to go in same post on mobile. It load and let’s me hit join, but it goes to loading mission file 4K, the stops and says lost connection to server or host. This is on host havoc using their pre installed mod stuff.
  9. Arma 3 Jets | jets | true | true | GAME DIR | 6d4e23d0c1fe68d8438e1cd6c5c6307a1bc8d0f3 | b5248842 | jets 6:52:19 Arma 3 Apex | expansion | true | true | GAME DIR | d0e83b78076cea59e76308f628e24147d59c9307 | e0ad2ea9 | expansion 6:52:19 Arma 3 Marksmen | mark | true | true | GAME DIR | dafa5f284c749d9eb0697a53dc892b360d780673 | 76d9cf6d | mark 6:52:19 Arma 3 Helicopters | heli | true | true | GAME DIR | b03aed1402f459bddc6b26e85c7f7b9b41a18193 | 8dddf4ef | heli 6:52:19 Arma 3 Karts | kart | true | true | GAME DIR | fd78439e6d7bffc9a41b269729d74c8b0e8c7250 | 9ecc35b8 | kart 6:52:19 Arma 3 Zeus | curator | true | true | GAME DIR | da7bbccd72ddefe64fffb4e44b20d4d164d64833 | 2546727 | curator 6:52:19 Arma 3 | A3 | true | true | NOT FOUND | | | 6:52:19 ========================================================================================================================================================================================================== 6:52:19 InitSound ... 6:52:19 InitSound - complete 6:52:19 PhysX3 SDK Init started ... 6:52:19 PhysX3 SDK Init ended. 6:52:22 core\skyobject\skyobject.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape 6:52:22 a3\data_f\krater.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape 6:52:22 a3\data_f\koule.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape 6:52:23 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. a3_characters_f 6:52:23 Loading movesType CfgGesturesMale 6:52:23 Creating action map cache 6:52:23 MovesType CfgGesturesMale load time 60 ms 6:52:23 Loading movesType CfgMovesMaleSdr 6:52:23 Reading cached action map data 6:52:24 Warning: looped for animation: a3\anims_f_epa\data\anim\sdr\cts\hubcleaned\briefing\hubbriefing_loop.rtm differs (looped now 0)! MoveName: hubbriefing_ext 6:52:24 Warning: looped for animation: a3\anims_f_epa\data\anim\sdr\cts\hubcleaned\spectator\hubspectator_stand.rtm differs (looped now 0)! MoveName: hubspectator_stand 6:52:25 MovesType CfgMovesMaleSdr load time 1768 ms 6:52:25 a3\characters_f\proxies\flag.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape 6:52:25 Initializing Steam server - Game Port: 2327, Steam Query Port: 2328 6:52:25 Steam AppId from steam_appid.txt: 107410 6:52:25 Connected to Steam servers
  10. Mig

    Epoch - Custom Script

    might look like this: ///VIP 1 //----------------------------------------------------------------------// if (_uid in _Raven_xpAdd) then { if (xpBoosterPack) exitWith {}; _xpAdd = 10000; _reason = "BoosterP"; _AddXP = [player,_xpAdd,_reason]; publicVariableServer "_AddXP"; }; [nil, player, rSAY, "Lootbox", 100] call RE; //Call S_effect when spawning systemchat "<Info> You have successfully bought 10k xp booster pack, Thank you for your purchase!"; xpBoosterPack = true; sleep 10; systemchat "<Info> ONLY ONE CLAIM: DO NOT EXPLOIT THIS SYSTEM OR YOU WILL BE BANNED!!!"; }; //----------------------------------------------------------------------// think about initializing the variable in your variable.sqf
  11. I think Empyrion Galactic Survival is pretty good give that a try (my main fav feature atm is there simulated orbits)
  12. Here, this makes server tell players when they log in if they sold something and has coins. :) Name whatever you want or auction_sold.sqf and execute it in init.sqf waitUntil {uiSleep 30; !isNil ("Dayz_loginCompleted")}; PVDZE_claimmoney = [player,false]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_claimmoney"; waitUntil {!isNil "PVDZE_claimmoneyResults"}; if (PVDZE_claimmoneyResults > 0) then { systemChat "Your auction items sold!"; systemChat "Visit a laptop to collect your money."; [format["<t size='0.75' color='#00d3ff' align='center'>Funds waiting %1</t><br /><t size='0.6' color='#21d8ff' align='center'>You have sold items at the auction </t>",name player],0,0,10,0.5] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; };
  13. Mink

    Epoch - Custom Script

    I'm currently working on a custom script and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to make it so something can only be used once. This is the section of the script that should only be able to be used once. Once the XP is claimed, they shouldn't be able to claim it again. ///VIP 1 //----------------------------------------------------------------------// if (_uid in _Raven_xpAdd) then { _xpAdd = 10000; _reason = "BoosterP"; _AddXP = [player,_xpAdd,_reason]; publicVariableServer "_AddXP"; }; [nil, player, rSAY, "Lootbox", 100] call RE; //Call S_effect when spawning systemchat "<Info> You have successfully bought 10k xp booster pack, Thank you for your purchase!"; sleep 10; systemchat "<Info> ONLY ONE CLAIM: DO NOT EXPLOIT THIS SYSTEM OR YOU WILL BE BANNED!!!"; }; //----------------------------------------------------------------------//
  14. ADDED: Server Automated Restarts 4 hourly with warnings. ADDED: Trader Mod w/SafeZones ADDED: Map Markers for Traders ADDED: Survivor Mission System ADDED: New Currency Item Gold/Silver Bars Worth = 10000 and 5000 Roubles ADDED: Expansion Items to traders! ADDED: No Vehicle Crash Damage (Vehicles/Players still take Damage from players) CHANGED: AirDrops will now spawn every 30 minutes CHANGED: Multiple AirDrops can spawn together. (max 2 for now) ADDED: Fast Travel - Fast Travel Tickets can be bought at the Traders. ADDED: Money Wallet - Purchase a money wallet from the "Money Exchange Trader" ADDED: Expansion_UAZ vehicle to traders ADDED: Expansion_Vodnik vehicle to traders ADDED: All Expansion Loot to the map ADDED: Arma Vehicles
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  16. ADDED: Right Click Crafting (Furniture, Objects, Fortifications etc) Make your base more like a home! Emerald = Barracks and Fortified Nest Small Citrine = Baseball, Loudspeaker, Metal Bucket, Video Projector, Wall Lamp, Notebook, Sat Phone, Radio, Small TV, Suitcase Scrap Metal = Desk, Folding Chair, Folding Table, Small Table, Barrel, Garbage Can Wood Pile = Rack,Table Big, Shelf, Wood Chair, Park Bench, Cinder Blocks = Concrete Hedgehog (TankTrap), Concrete RoadBlock1, Concrete RoadBlock2, Toolbox = Guardhouse Crowbar = Cargo Container1, Cargo Container 2
  17. Client Mods; @Expansion / @Trader / @Trader Wallet / @No-Vehicle-Damage / @Fast Travel / @Dmns_Vehicles Added Mods/Features: DayZ Vehicles / Arma Vehicles / Expansion Vehicles Survivor Missions Stories Fast Travel No Vehicle Damage Trader Money Wallet DayZ Expansion Mods/Features; Global, Admin, Party and Transport Chat Airdrops Notification System Territories System Auto-run System No Stamina System Safezone System Mission System Book (Server Info, Rules, player stats, party management , territory management) System Skin System Map UI and 2D/3D Markers System KillFeed System Towing System Player Attachement Custom mapping in many cities of Chernarus Custom trader locations Custom lighting Custom interiors Custom ocean Working Street lights Builderitems Gravecross KillFeed Notifications Gravecross Horn Autorun No stamina MoreGuns Street lights Car Keys CodeLock Map UI and 2D/3D Markers Global/Transport/Party Chat Extras; Address: Port: 2402 Visit Time2Kill.co.uk for more info Discord Invite Link
  18. Hey Guys, i cant find any current guide how to install Taviana 2.0 on my Nitrado Arma 2 DayZ Epoch Server. Anyone can help or have a link to an updated guide ? Greets
  19. I used to spawn non persistent vehicles that I did not want to save after reboot, and persistent ones that I wanted to stay. Now nothing saves.
  20. Hello Everybody, at the moment i try to start an Arma 2 DayZ Mod Server With Epoch and the Map Taviana. I Downloaded Taviana 2.0 from DayZ Launcher and added it onto my server, after i Downloded the Tavi Keys from here: https://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php And added them too. But now i have a Problem when i want to join my Server. I cant join and get this massage: In English its like: "...are not signed by a key accepted by this server. To Play on this Server, remove listed files or install additional accepted keys." This is my mission.sqm: Did i have the Wrong Keys for Taviana 2.0 ? I dont know what to do. Anybody already got this kind of Errors fixed? Thanks Guys ! Have a nice Evening Fixz
  21. I'm trying to add a map marker when a player fires a weapon on the map for a few seconds for a script I'm working on. I have tried to add it to the player_fired.sqf but can not get it to work. Any help would be great!
  22. Hello all, Last week I attempted to start my own Arma 3 Epoch server to use with friends. Unfortunately I have never been able to get one to work on my computer since I ran Arma 2 Epoch a few years back. I continue to run into one particular unknown module error after seeing Mission Read in the server main log. (Fault address: A699B810 00:A699B810 Unknown module file: epoch (__cur_mp)) Since this is very time consuming to troubleshoot, I've decided that I am willing to pay someone to help me create a server for my friends and I. My intentions for the server are listed below: Server: Arma 3 Epoch 1.3+ Map: Chernarus Redux AI Missions/Patrols Zombies (the integrated Ryan zombies are fine) I will host this on my own machine I am willing to pay upwards of $40 for this. If you are capable and confident in doing this, please reply to this and we can strike out a deal.
  23. Any news on this? Cant really go onward with the missions untill its working :S
  24. Is this still in demand? I can update the files if people still need them?
  25. Here are the latest requests/additions. Have fun. ADDED: X30 Hero Mission: X30 Bandit Mission; Paratroopers Static Machine Guns Armoured Vehicle Mission Patrols Player Vehicle Gunners Awarded / Removed Humanity Points Easy Medium Hard Level Missions MUCH more LOOT crates to be won 08/28/2020 ADDED: AI Count to mission markers ADDED: Pre-Made Item Buildables to Wholesaler Trader(Full Wall/floors/Doors/Ladders etc) ENABLED: Refund Items on Deconstruction ADDED: x20 Weapons and LargeGunBag to Traders INCREASED: Plot Pole Radius - 50mWide 200MHigh ADDED: Sell Hemp to Dr Zoidberg for 1 Briefcase per Kilo FIXED: Missions would not spawn in the last hours before restart. FIXED: All Mission locations to static coords (will cycle through my approved locations) FIXED: Server Keybind info on Debug Monitor STARTED: Custom Loot Tables 09/08/2020 ADDED: Locate Vehicle Mod - Right Click Map - This will be changed to GPS in the next few days ADDED: Vehicle Master Keys - Needs 2.5 10oz Gold, KeyMakers Kit and any Key ADDED: Claim Vehicles - Needs 2.5 10oz Gold, Keymakers Kit and any Key Server Logs and DataBase now backup on every restart (6 backups per day), Warning! Logs and Files older than 7 days are not kept if you have any issues try to report within 7 days ADDED: Vehicle Towing (ATV tow Bikes. Cars tow Cars and Bikes. Trucks tow Cars, Bikes, AIR and other trucks) More info https://www.time2kill.co.uk/forum/viewforum/9912779/m/18288187
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