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  2. so a dzai M1126_ICV_M2_EP1 just drove down the road and shot at me. without any of the changes to ai skills or anything discussed here. only difference is the server went to night? anyhow he didnt kill me (god mode) and he drove off rather than keep shooting. find the armored suv... shoot the gunner out. driver starts the engine and moves the suv, does not drive around but moves. as soon as the gunner is dead he starts. using infistar "show locked vehicles" the lav appears as ["Error: No unit"] in LAV "Error: No unit" "Error: No unit" "Error: No unit" "Error: No unit"] in LAV however it appears as there are 2 errors overlapping each other. cant seem to screengrab this window to show you what i mean.
  3. Today
  4. shit sorry forgotten to tell you to do this // { 1800, "ChangeWeather", 1 , 1}, yes its is multiplayer (hosted and dedicated), and is JIP compatible. I run my serverside btw
  5. Can you post on a Dropbox or similar what you have ready? It works fine for me.
  6. Nice, i've never seen that mod before :)
  7. thnx for your reply, will check this out as well
  8. ok, great! so it will work better in the next update? after 5k hours on dayzmod i'm still not bored of it lol, i really want to continue to play. (especially now that there's a real snap pro, i love to build since forever) i didnt had a chance to speak to our server owner atm, that's why i came here, to directly ask you guys ^^ it seemed really REALLY hard to me, the way the food and drink go away... glad to hear you plan to make it work better! :D
  9. You can look through the files I've posted in my replies to the Single Currency 1.1 thread, they may be helpful as to what has changed
  10. yes, that will revert it to the old style. We have made some changes to the nutrition system to better balance food and drink for Init.sqf is in the mission file. If you do not host a server, then this is not applicable to you. If that is the case, request to the server admin that they set dayz_nutritionValuesSystem = false in init.sqf
  11. hmmm sorry i'm not used to this, where do i find this file? :O
  12. 1/20/2017 Server have been updating with the following Addon Please Download it to ensure accessibility to the server Unlocked Uniforms
  13. dayz_nutritionValuesSystem = false; You've got that line set to false in your init.sqf?
  14. I have tried changing up parts of the script to reflect on these variables and all that, but for some reason, I'm just struggling. Currently struggling getting the coins to display in the dialog that allows me to withdraw or deposit. I have the coin display on the right side of my screen working just fine, but not this dialog box.
  15. Could it even be a manoeuver to disgust people from playing dayzmod to the benefit of dayz sa?
  16. Hi :) I'm the player of a brand new 1.0.6 epoch server, arma2. Just tried it, it seems awesome and all, but i got a very shitty surprise about that new food/drink food. I explain. I go to the place where i want to make my base. i eat/drink enough to fill both at 100% which already means killing half of my reserves. great. i take my chainsaw, cut what, 5 to 6 trees... VISION IS ALL GREY and i have 6k hp è_é i say it to the other dude on the server, he laugh and say it's normal, i made an effort (really? 5/6 trees with a chainsaw and 50% of my hp go poof???) and it's 1.0.6. Can the admins of a server change it, or is it something that cannot change? all i have now is a safe and 2 storage sheds. i didnt even crafted a single wood wall. Am i going mad for no reason? this is going from an extreme to another: almost no need to eat............ 1.0.6: climb stairs and eat. go down and eat. cut 5/6 trees and eat (or try cutting 5/6 more... and die???) Wtf????
  17. the ai vehilces are still not moving, same as before :/
  18. so ive installed this script but im having some troubles with the missions with things such mission vehicles not spawning, the marker not disappearing off the map to say the missions cleared, bodies disappearing instanstly when shot. its not all the missions but some. Any ideas what it could be?
  19. Yesterday
  20. Correct. DZAI provides patrols by foot, by air, and by surface vehicle, but no missions. Christmas, you need to study the contents of your init files, look at the examples, etc. I'm getting surface vehicles stuck whether they're configured for map-wide random or for marker spawns. The marker based custom spawns appear to wake up more easily, and shoot at things. Sometimes they just sit there and shoot into the air forever... No one has any ideas about this? Anyone see any Epoch 1.0.6 servers with normally moving bandit surface vics chasing waypoints and shooting at players??
  21. i dont think DZAI has mission by default.... WAI and DZMS are the ones that usually pop missions. i use DZAI only for roaming ai and town ai.
  22. DZE_maintainCurrencyRate op is idiot.
  23. anyone know where to find the cost of maintenance? I feel like i should have seen it after looking thru so many files!
  24. no problem pill i am not so sensitive haha glad to know you have your srver running!
  25. that's neat idea. Replacing battery let's say, every other day or every week or so would make so much more sense.
  26. @juandayz No, it wasnt meant in a bad way. The server re-install worked. I was just rushing the first time. Sorry if I came off as being mad.
  27. hi all, I hope you like it Required files https://mega.nz/#!lhViRbhJ!w9JVoNIZdcpV_ZDlbFsDoPJCJUxe5OLJB50WjUAg4IU Installation Instructions 1. Download and unpack your server.pbo 2. Create a folder called buildings in the root of it. 3. Now place the airportN.sqf you fetched from the above link into that folder 4. Add the following line to the very bottom of server_functions.sqf in the init folder of your server.pbo execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\airportN.sqf"; 5. Now repack and upload your server.pbo
  28. edited the CfgArma.hpp in dayz_code on both the test server and my client. edited verifySignatures and connected. Tried a variety of vehicles in DZAI DZAI_vehList = [ ["LAV25",1], //--- sits still. turret turns to aim at me does not fire. no one exits vehicle when i fire at it ["ArmoredSUV_PMC",1], //-- sits still, gunner lights me up. Deleted the vehicle and all ai get out and fire, i killed 3 of them and 1 ran off ["M1126_ICV_M2_EP1",1], //--same as lav ["MTVR",1], //--drove past me then stopped. driver got out and shot at me. i killed him and others sat in vehicle ["SUV_Charcoal",1] //--drove past me stopped driver got out and shot at me then got back in when i fired at him ]; edit : wai also spawned a bandit patrol, uaz dshkm and they just looked at me, didnt drive, got out and fired at me eventually
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