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  2. I have not noticed this by myself for now, but by chance I found something. In general the items should not move, but at least on maintain they could. Is it only after maintaining something? If so, you could try: Find this line: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_server/compile/epoch_bases/EPOCH_saveBuilding.sqf#L25 and change it like this: _worldspace = [(getposATL _this call EPOCH_precisionPos), vectordir _this, vectorup _this]; change to: _worldspace = [(getposATL _this), vectordir _this, vectorup _this]; I am not sure if this works, but it could be the issue you have explained. So please make a backup of your database first! And please give some feedback!
  3. Definitely take a look at the status bar / earplugs / other cool things in He-Man's github at: https://github.com/Ignatz-HeMan For missions you have a few choices. for traditional styles of missions SEM by Kiloswiss is nice (and grahame or He-Man may have an updated one), and I have been developing blckeagls for some time. https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/blckeagles-revisited-RC/tree/Experimental-6.94 Vampire has made a very nice town invasion / base attack system that was updated a while ago. Finally, if you like roaming AI, A3EAI has been working well for me. I can send you a dropbox link if you like.
  4. Thank you! I'll try it out tonight.
  5. @Sneer I have changed the script, so it can also be used in Editor. - Run you Epoch Mission file in Editor - Place all Vehicles you want to configure for the ServicePoint - Run this Script in console - Read out the Variable "NewVehiclesAndAmmo" - Paste the array you get from the variable into an empty file - Replace all [ by { - Replace all ] by } - Replace all 999999 by the price you want for the Ammo - Add it to cfgservicepoint Sure, you have to add some line breaks, to make it a bit easier to get an overview. But in general, you get a final config (with the above changes)
  6. Where would I put this script? and what does "you have to replace the [] by {} " mean?
  7. Placing objects (burn barrel, water pump, sink, sun shade, field toilet, watch tower, portable lights, bar gate) all move after server restart and keep moving to the east in small increments. Very annoying. Light poles, any floors, walls, safes, shelves, solar panels, jammers, work benches do not move and stay firm.
  8. Hello all, Would like to start a new threat about UI and working changes for 2019. I have finally got the game working on the server but would like to do a few things. Add a status bar Add AI missions Add vehicle spawn control ---------------- This would be the basic changes but if you have a functional working addon, please post and link to the thread. I might be just jacking things up and not finding them. This is other new server admin like myself to keep the server alive and healthy. CBlack
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  11. no their isnt. You have to make it or pay someone to make it.
  12. Excellent @He-Man Looks like I migrate to the service points then
  13. @Grahame You can use this script to find all Vehicles on the map with weapons, but not currently in the default Epoch ServicePoint. This Script will give you the needed config within the Variable "NewVehiclesAndAmmo", but you have to replace the [] by {} and have to change the price from 999999 to what you want. _allveh = allmissionobjects "landvehicle" + allmissionobjects "ship" + allmissionobjects "Air"; NewVehiclesAndAmmo = []; _AlreadyFound = []; _VehiclesAndAmmo = getarray (missionconfigfile >> "CfgServicePoint" >> "VehiclesAndAmmo"); { _type = typeof _x; { if (_type == _x select 0) exitwith { _AlreadyFound pushback _type; }; } foreach _VehiclesAndAmmo; if !(_type in _AlreadyFound) then { _AlreadyFound pushback _type; if !(magazinesAllTurrets _x isequalto []) then { _entry = [_type,[]]; { (_entry select 1) pushback []; (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback (_x select 0); (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback (_x select 1); (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback 999999; (_entry select 1 select _foreachindex) pushback (_x select 2); } foreach (magazinesAllTurrets _x); NewVehiclesAndAmmo pushback _entry; }; }; } foreach _allveh;
  14. The UnInfected Community Xbox Welcome to our server. We are always looking for players Server Rules Rules For The Server 1 Inside any mility base is a pvp area so enter at your own risk. 2 No kos outside of fenced millitary places. 3 No dupeing or meatballing or anykind. 4 Rading bases is fair game 5 Do not give out the server password. 6 Saturdays and Sundays are pruge nights all pvp is open. 7 Do not message the admins ingame only use discord. if you want to join us here are discord info for password https://discord.gg/ZtTQm8r
  15. The latest VG update *should* fix this: https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/commit/83d8bc65d858a3f40dfa157d978fa7a31213aef0 Previously deletes were client side, so the player could store the vehicle, dc straight away and bypass the delete stuff
  16. I do not know how they are duping yet, I just know they have duped. Gonna try it out myself and see if i can recreate it.
  17. @kingpapawawa If you are using infistar and you found out how to dupe, deactivate infistar and try it again. Most dupes are just an infistar problem not a problem with the other scripts itself.
  18. somehow there is a dupe going on with this version of VG.. when I sort out how it is being done I will post. Similar to old dupes where they disconnect storing gear/vehicles logs show a player buy 1 ruby, store vehicle, d/c reconnect get vehicle, rinse and repeat a few times then sell 200 ItemRuby from vehicle Salival I know you arent coding much anymore so ill try and determine exactly how it is happening..
  19. their might not be any public ones. that being said your gonna have to create your own or ask someone that runs that map.
  20. Hello, I stumbled across Rügen looking for an Arma 2 DayZ map. Now I have the problem that I don't have any traders, can someone please provide me with the traders if someone has them? I would be very grateful about that... MfG Lord
  21. class_levels not being saved after leaving server. Any suggestion?
  22. обычная опечатка. а вертолет видимо крякнул.
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  24. У вас путь в установке прописан один ( static_crates.sqf) , а имя файла ( static_crate.sqf).
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