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  1. I just rename the folder of whatever version I need to @DayZ_Epoch and the one I don't need to, say, '@DayZ_Epoch old'. It always fools the launcher.
  2. Kodabar - where people used to post SP versions of the mod, including SP Epoch - which is why I was visiting there, as I had forgotten how to run SP Epoch. I clicked my bookmark today, and it was gone. Does anyone know if SP creators have re-located to a new site ?
  3. Well, what I wrote spells it out pretty clearly. The zeds see you through walls from 100+m away and charge straight for you. They respawn constantly.
  4. What happened to them ? They now see you from 100m+, and they respawn within 30 seconds and run immediately to the last place they last saw you. It is absolutely no fun, it is just a grind to get anywhere.
  5. Hello. I have been following the text instructions on how to make this work. Actually, I have started from scratch 3 times. But I still can't get the menu to appear in game The FAQ errors says that it is likely a syntax error in server/admintool/init.sqf where the Admins are defined. I'll paste the relevant section of init.sqf, because I can't see a syntax error, and the Player ID is copy/pasted straight from the RPT file incase I mistyped it from the photo I took of my A2OA profile screen. Yeah I see the Superadmin thing, but it is commented out when I read that it's usage is not recommended. Can anyone spot a missing comma or semi colon or whatever in the 2 relevant lines ? I also uploaded a 21k RPT to Pastebin (see link). I can't see anything obvious pertaining to EAT ? Though i'm a complete noob at RPT files. (see link at the bottom) Perhaps I should also mention that is for SINGLE PLAYER EPOCH (https://spp-forum.de/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=31 ). But the only difference really (to my noob self) is that the PBOs are unpacked and stored locally instead of on a remote server. It would be awesome if someone had a solution to my problem, as I don't want to have to keep using @LokiLostTools as it is semi-functional at best in Epoch (ie weapons creator and vehicle creator don't list anything) EDit - PS, All I did for the RPT was login, press F2, then logout. // Add UIDs and names of Admins and Mods Here. If an admin or mod wants to play with no admin tools, change name in profile. //#define SUPER_ADMIN_LIST ["76561198035726780","76500000000000000","76500000000000000"] //#define SUPER_ADMIN_NAMES ["Malau","SuperAdminName","SuperAdminName"] #define ADMIN_LIST ["76561198035726780"] #define ADMIN_NAMES ["Malau"] #define MOD_LIST ["76500000000000000","76500000000000000","76500000000000000"] #define MOD_NAMES ["ModeratorName","ModeratorName","ModeratorName"] https://pastebin.com/wT8rD6rR
  6. I wish the Epoch team would allow another team to take over development of the Arma 2oa version. There's alot of mileage left in that version yet.
  7. Does my problem have the same solution as przewodnik's ???? My problem occurs upon upgrading. I have an issue with v4, which used to work great in v3..... Placing 2 block garage doors on top of each other, the bottom one upside down, the upper one snapped to the lower one in the normal block garage door position (so an MTVR can easily get through) The problem comes when I want to upgrade the lower door. When I do this, it resets the door's angles/vectors and places it in the same position as the top garage door, and deletes the original upside version. I have tried this with snap turned on and off, the problem exists under both sets of circumstances. I am not running any other unusual addons. Just DZMS, WAI, Refuel/Rearm/Repair, and Zupa Coins (non-hive version). Chernarus Overpoch on a GTX server.
  8. The installation instructions just say to do the same as DZMS - they need to be EXACT and clear for n00bs like myself.... Do I need to add 2 lines to server_monitor.sqf in order to run this with DZMS ? At present, the relevant section of my server_monitor.sqf looks like this............. [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\DZMSInit.sqf"; [] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\DZMSHotSpots\DZMSHotSpotsInit.sqf"; allowConnection = true;
  9. It's absolutely stunning what ONE MAN has achieved in making a map this enormous and with such incredible attention to detail. I don't know how you will find the energy to carry on and complete such an enormous map, it must completely take over your life ? 655 sq km !! That's almost 3 x bigger than Altis !
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