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  1. Hello, i will inform you, that the work at the new complete build of Sauerland has startet. In the old Version are too many Bugs, so that a complete rebuild will be better. I will post the building process and pictures here in this Topic. The new Sauerland map area will be changed for aprox. 3 km to the North and 2 km to the West. During the waitingtime for new Sauerland, you can play my new map Rügen. You will find it at my Homepage www.dayz-ruegen.com regards falconsan
  2. Yes, the truth is, i can't hold the releasedate. i have canceled all Work with the Sauerlandmap. Dont worry about this, it will come a fully new Sauerland Map. Why new? As i worked at the Update, i saw the lot of work to made the map "updated". This insight let me think about a completely rebuild. Whats will be new in Sauerland 2.0 "Reloaded"? Absolutly all!!! New german buildings, 100% roadmap, 100% original city positions, real "height" of hills between 300 and 850 meters. Must i play Sauerland the old version or is there a comparing map? yes, there is! My new map "isle ruegen" is finished to release version in the next few days. it can be played for the waiting Time for the new Sauerland map. Download here: http://www.dayz-ruegen.com regards
  3. hello, here some Pictures from Rügen from the Arma III Version: For the Arma III Version is the CUP Mod needed. regards
  4. Hello, thanks for your help. My first problem is, that the Worldbuilder doesn't import my A2 source correctly. My own PBO's will be not imported, but there are more than 300 new models in my PBO's. ;-( The second Problem is, that buldozer doesn't start. I use the following Tools: Nasa Worldwind ---> Original heightmaps from any region of the world ;-) L3DT ---> to adjust and rework of the original NASA heigmaps Oxygen2 ---> Modelmaking Photoshop CS6 ---> texturework Visitor 3 ---> Map creating regards
  5. Hello, at beginning of my work, two years ago, Epoch 3 (Arma 3 Tools) was not aviable. i am trying to port my map to Arma 3, but the worldbuilder doesnt do, what i want. ;-) regards
  6. Hello, The map Dayz Rügen is now in alphastatus. Yo can download the map here: http://www.dayz-ruegen.com/ regards
  7. Hello, it was a long time ago, that i posted here, but here the good news. I am working at two maps. DayZ Ruegen and DayZ Sauerland SAUERLAND 2.00 Summer will be approximately released in the next four Weeks. Dayz-Sauerland.com is down for rebuild and will updated with the release from Sauerland 2.00 Summer. The Map includes all the changes and Fixes of the Wintermap. Regards
  8. Hello, yes i still work on at Sauerland Winter, but my new project has the higher priority. Yes, the links are broken. Reallifework let my have no time at the moment to work at the maps and Internetpage. Download: WINTER VERSION 19003 regards
  9. Not the Wintermap. The Wintermap has many many bugfixes and changes. The Sauerland Winteredition will be aviable this sunday. My homepage was hacked and my provider erased the whole Page so that i must make a complete new page.
  10. i wish all Fans from Sauerland and Epoch a merry christmas. regards
  11. Hello, i will check this out later, and report here if it works. Thx. regards
  12. OK. I want to port my new project to A3 if it finished. Can you help me to setup A3 Tools? The damn Terrainbuilder dont wants to show my build into Buldozer. :) regards
  13. @Richie: have yo solved the problem? If not, can you post your Setup of BinPbo? If the Addonfolder not into the CA folder, the Bin Pbo sometimes crashes or will not binarize. Try to binarize a copy of your addon into the CA folder. regards
  14. My homepage is not finished yet, i am inserting at this moment pictures of the new models into the page, but here some pictures of the new project: Picture above: you can see all the new german Style Models. To the right you will see the parking garage. Some models are enterable. A road with some new models. btw: How can i put pictures from my webspace in here? I only can upload two pics.. :( regards
  15. Hello, i am working since january 2015 at a new project for Epoch A2. Its a real Part of the Isle Rügen in East Germany. You can download a preview version or find all information here: Dayz Epoch Rügen A previewserver is running here: Previewserver (german Site) @vbawol: hope its Ok, to post it here. regards falconsan
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