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  1. Not starting up correctly

    you can download the redists here, you need the x86 versions, but the x64 versions are also included just because. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B--qssYya00oQUU4a1k1dzlHMTQ/view?usp=sharing
  2. Anyone decent with the setVariable / GetVariable command?

    you should know that the DZE_SlowZombie behavior has been replaced in, yet to be release, with a min/max speed selection. this enable a mixture of both walkers and runner zombies. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/CHANGE LOG Edit: expanding a bit on your post. You won't be able to access local variables in any script outside of those you define the variable in. however, you don't really even need an additional variable to tell if the zombie is a runner, you can just get the speed. _speedLimit = _zombie getVariable ["speedLimit", 2]; //2 is speed of slow zombies if (_speedLimit > 2) then { //your code or if you would like to add another variable, then, _isRunner = true; }; Additional note: I wouldn't network any variables related to zombie spawning, considering the amount which can spawn over the course of a restart period you may cause a lot of overhead. especially related to speed since only the client which owns/spawned the zombie can use speed-related commands, i.e. forceSpeed on the unit. using the method I posted above you will be able to detect/limit the amount of runners PER CLIENT IF OWNED BY SAID CLIENT, and per your other criteria
  3. "New Hack"

    here we find ourselves once again
  4. "New Hack"

    that's just one of the OA scripts, fn_AAN.sqf I think. tightening up your BE filters should prevent executing this script across the network
  5. Just a Heads Up "Hackers"

    Also place your BE folder outside of your ArmA 2 or A2 OA directory, I keep mine in C:\RandomFolder\ and point becfg, servercfg, bedirectory startup flags to that
  6. linux epoch

    the language the linux DB extension is written in is not Python, it's PERL. if your friend is willing to update the extension then he should fork this repo and submit a pull request when finished https://github.com/denisio/Dayz-Epoch-Linux-Server Here are the hive changes required for https://github.com/vbawol/DayZhiveEpoch/pull/13 you will need to be able to interpolate the changes between both DB extensions and make applicable changes. The DB itself contains some changes as well, requires a new procedure be added, 1.0.6 required new you should compare the linux extension .SQL file (outdated) and the MySQL files here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/tree/master/Server Files/SQL
  7. extra_rc can not execute files

    use single quotes, inside of a string. ExecVM is a scripting command, not a variable, do not append = after scripting commands i.e. this is a correct example of the script definition. Script = "execVM 'custom\toolbelt\carpet.sqf'";
  8. Epoch Bugs

    I think we're done here. Also you're trying a little too hard, pal.
  9. Pointless Freeze

    it prevents duping, and cheating to leave the mission/combat log with ArmA cheats. Just rebind your zoom out button to something else, like back on your mouse https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Cheats
  10. Next Update

    soon (IDK an exact time window), we have a few things on the agenda and some testing to do
  11. Tracking player name changes...

    Here is an slightly modified version which prevents duplicated on player update without name change. DELIMITER ; DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS `updateName`; DELIMITER // CREATE TRIGGER `updateName` BEFORE UPDATE ON player_data FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF OLD.playerName != NEW.PlayerName THEN INSERT INTO player_alias (tstamp, action, playeruid, PlayerName, notes) select now(), "old", PlayerUID,playerName, "" from player_data where PlayerUID = NEW.playerUID; INSERT INTO player_alias (tstamp, action, playeruid, PlayerName, notes) VALUES (now(), "new", NEW.PlayerUID,NEW.PlayerName, ""); END IF; END// DELIMITER ;
  12. Sauerland rebuild

    Any status updates?
  13. misison loot

    Probably not, we don't know who you are asking for or what you are actually asking. Just search the forums, there's multiple guides for what you might want.
  14. Loot spawns

    yeah, you can configure loot. if you search there should be multiple guides on this
  15. Epoch TP Hack

    you are linking to the wrong filters. You should use the ones in the Epoch server pack, not the Vanilla DayZ filters. logging all execVM with 1 execVM is a really bad idea, your log will be insanely large, but you can use these two filters to monitor compile and execVM https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/Server Files/Battleye/scripts.txt#L77-L78 also, you don't need to copy paste log exclusions to a website as there's a tool which will automatically generate verbose filter exceptions. https://github.com/eraser1/BE_AEG