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  1. Run this, and it will log all weapons, magazines, backpacks, clothing, vehicles and buildings to your RPT
  2. Hiveext uses callExtension too :)
  3. Hi, Has anyone tested or does anyone know the difference between speeds of ExtDB and Arma2Net for running MySQL queries compared to the traditional HiveExt?
  4. You can use a remote message script, those shouldn't cause BE kicks. as for the name, make sure _killerName and _victimName are defined (_killerName = name _source;_victimName = name player;) << add this above the script somewhere Edit: updated OP with fix
  5. So i just copied the config.bin from dayz_code to test with my pbo and it seems to work now..? Thanks for all the help though :)
  6. DayZ SA already has most of the core epoch features (loot spawns, zombies, vehicle damage/repair system, food/water/blood) if there was to be an epoch standalone mod it would most likely be for buildings objects (base building) and trader cities.
  7. I dont have any config.bin D: How would i make a config.bin, i had no idea it was needed?
  8. When you say do that same for the bikey is this the .biprivatekey or just the .bikey key? Thanks, Josh
  9. For generating the private key, should i just drag my pbo onto DSCreateKey?
  10. When using Arma2AS: When using Sign forge, i have managed to make a .bisign file however it is not being accepted by the server for some reason. Here's the process of what i did: My pbo is named Joshyy_HC.pbo I dragged my pbo onto DSCreateKey.exe which made two files, Joshyy_HC.pbo.bikey and Joshyy_HC.pbo.biprivatekey then i used SignForge to sign them heres what i used: it produced hcv1.bikey hcv1.biprivatekey Joshyy_HC.pbo.hcv1.bisign Now, i tried to put the .bikey there into my server keys folder and turned verification for signatures on, however my headless client kept getting kicked for bad signature Sorry if i sound dumb, this is my first time doing this D:
  11. After downloading Bin PBO and correctly setting the path of folders ect and attempting to sign the pbo while packing it i am given a .txt file which contains: without binarize enabled: with binarize enabled:
  12. Hello All, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to sign PBO's with arma 2? I have searched online and got DSUtils and such however they are not signing my pbo properly, i have made a private .bikey and a .bikey but am unsure what to use to get a signature file. Any help is much appreciated :) Thanks, Josh
  13. I believe the scheduler has an anti tp thing that you might need to disable.
  14. Joshyy

    Mods for 1.0.6

    Nice, i've never seen that mod before :)
  15. Try disabling the ghosting system
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