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  1. Even if you getting no errors paste client and server side rpt. Mayb one of us finds something u missed haha.!!
  2. FG_Trap

    Plot Pole Upgrades

    @Khyron private ["_uid","_1st"]; waitUntil {(getPlayerUID player) != ""}; _uid = getPlayerUID player; _1st = [ "0", // // Add UIDs above, don't forget the comma "0" ]; if (_uid in _1st) then { ZSC_maxBankMoney = 1000000; }; [] execVM "NOTDONOS.sqf";
  3. @Khyron Use this tool. but use it on a test server too do your filters. https://github.com/eraser1/BE_AEG
  4. @TheTrickster Join the epoch discord if you haven't already lots of skilled owners always willing to help out with any issue big or small.
  5. Pretty sure salival has that fixed in the next update
  6. no their isnt. You have to make it or pay someone to make it.
  7. their might not be any public ones. that being said your gonna have to create your own or ask someone that runs that map.
  8. most likely needs to update the hive.dll
  9. Made this in my free time awhile ago thought id make it public. Right Alt is the key to open the menu. Install instructions are inside the download. https://github.com/NWDZ-Trapxxgods/traps-menu here is a picture of the server menu
  10. @Jannis1987 Juan removed his stuff off the forums. Our great friend JasonTM has all the stuff you need on his githubhttps://github.com/worldwidesorrow/Epoch-Server-Events
  11. @Pakus Choc is the maker i will let him know. He might re upload it for you.
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