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  1. @Pakus Choc is the maker i will let him know. He might re upload it for you.
  2. @Achef Change your mission file name and in the cfg
  3. @ThrustFrame https://wasteland.arma.su/_a3filters/ use this tool
  4. @spitfirez404 Anything server side you need to trigger the event handler.
  5. @WeepiestLem0n Using others script.txt wont work. And use AEG On a test server once all kicks that are not bad are done you can transfer to the live server
  6. @WeepiestLem0n Use this tool https://github.com/eraser1/BE_AEG
  7. FG_Trap

    Action loop

    Ive made a mine stone into cinder script and i cant think of a way too loop the player action so it does the action more then once.
  8. @[email protected] if (isNil "player_zombieCheck1") then { player_zombieCheck1 = player_zombieCheck; }; player_zombieCheck = {false}; // No zombie aggro. Yes it does
  9. This is a fix for the currently broken taser that comes with overwatch. Download and install instructions-- https://github.com/Trapxxgods/Overpoch-Taser-Fix
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