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  1. @Achef Change your mission file name and in the cfg
  2. @ThrustFrame https://wasteland.arma.su/_a3filters/ use this tool
  3. @spitfirez404 Anything server side you need to trigger the event handler.
  4. @WeepiestLem0n Using others script.txt wont work. And use AEG On a test server once all kicks that are not bad are done you can transfer to the live server
  5. @WeepiestLem0n Use this tool https://github.com/eraser1/BE_AEG
  6. FG_Trap

    Action loop

    Ive made a mine stone into cinder script and i cant think of a way too loop the player action so it does the action more then once.
  7. @[email protected] if (isNil "player_zombieCheck1") then { player_zombieCheck1 = player_zombieCheck; }; player_zombieCheck = {false}; // No zombie aggro. Yes it does
  8. This is a fix for the currently broken taser that comes with overwatch. Download and install instructions-- https://github.com/Trapxxgods/Overpoch-Taser-Fix
  9. @Ryan12312 Line number127 wai_mission_announce = "DynamicText"; // Options: "Radio", "DynamicText", "titleText"
  10. @RedLink Yes. I am currently working on a way to set triggers so if you guy in the area X,Y,Z It will let all the players know that you are in range of that mission.
  11. Spawns near Pavlovo
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