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  1. FG_Trap

    *WAI* Static mission

    @RedLink Yes. I am currently working on a way to set triggers so if you guy in the area X,Y,Z It will let all the players know that you are in range of that mission.
  2. FG_Trap

    *WAI* Static mission

    Spawns near Pavlovo
  3. FG_Trap

    *WAI* Static mission

    Made a quick static ai mission that spawns on restart. 12 ai patrol the compound 4 Static m2's 1 Heli Patrolling the compound Crate for who ever clears all the ai. Some screenshots of the compound https://github.com/Trapxxgods/Wai-Static-Mission
  4. FG_Trap


    @Markb make sure your hive dll is up to date and for ai systems their are some great ones on the forums like WAI, EMS and dzai.
  5. FG_Trap

    Server setup

    Wrong place
  6. FG_Trap

    [INFO] DZE Configs & Variables / Init

    Dont know if these were missed by me but enableenvironment false; dayz_maxMaxWeaponHolders = 250; enableCamShake false; enableRadio false; enableSentences false;