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  1. I have fixed this issue, thanks anyway. If anyone struggles feel free to message me and I can resolve.
  2. Hi, I am really struggling to understand this. For some reason when I buy a vehicle, the key is in my invent, the server restarts, the key is still in the invent but the car will no longer be able to unlock it. same with the safes It would almost seem that the character ID of the player placing it is not syncing up with the character ID of the object. or vise versa. Any help seriously would be appreciated right now, thank you!
  3. I used to have them working but for some reason they now don't. I've changed to in init.sqf: dayz_maxGlobalAnimals = 5; dayz_maxAnimals = 5; But still nothing, any help would be appreciated!
  4. Hi mate, yeah I have managed to get more working, it would seem that it now uses both limits which is bandit 2 hero 2 and spawns 4 missions but these missions aren't always 2 of each, sometimes it can be 3 bandit and 1 hero. If that makes sense. No server rpt or client rpt errors my man. ANd I didn't realise that was a test branch, I thought f3cuk was the old WAI and you are now helping mod it on worldwidesorrow. My bad! Hahaha thanks man
  5. never mind, i've realised this doesn't use extdb anymore and that's purely for my auction house and xp system. I'll have to figure another way, thanks anyway
  6. @salival if you get chance, is there any way you could upgrade this to extdb3 if possible please with a tutorial? It seems alot more complicated than extdb but I am suffering errors with my extdb now, it still writes as per but every session logs this output: Thanks mate
  7. How would I go about changing he default item title displayed in your gear and the description that’s displayed when clicking on it. thanks in advance.
  8. Seem to be having a problem with the missions only spawning the limit once. so i set 2 bandit missions and that's all that spawns per restart. I added default config file to test too and its doing the same thing
  9. That's great mate thank you, the only problem is when an AI is in the driver seat, you can get in as pilot and it switches them to passenger. Odd one, I know..
  10. Any idea how to remove the scroll option? Trying to remove get in as pilot if the vehicle is MH6J_DZ. I added this into server_monitor.sqf and it creates another "Get in as pilot" dialog. My code... while {(alive player) and (typeOf(vehicle player) == "MH6J_DZ")} do { _vehicle removeAction [localize "str_actions_helipilotseat", "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\veh_seatActions.sqf",["MoveToPilot",_driver], 0, false, true]; };
  11. didn't realise this was for Arma 3 my apologies, this is for Arma 2. Yeah obviously you change _heli to whatever your base vehicle class is named.
  12. For future reference if anyone drags this up, add _heli enableSimulation = true; underneath where you createVehicle. Also add the vehicle classname to your variables > dayZ safe vehicle.
  13. A man god bless you man, it works. Hallelujah!
  14. Going back to this, this only blocks the button from working, I want to still use the function but disable that disgusting annoying backspace menu from appearing...
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