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  1. JakeQue

    Infistar scroll wheel issue

    v1450 from 02-06-2018 I enabled _CSA which is : /* ALLOWED Actions "_dayzActions" are only used if you have "_CSA = true;" */ _dayzActions =
  2. JakeQue

    Infistar scroll wheel issue

    Hi, I've enabled infistars check scroll wheel option, but it seems to be blocking pack vehicles and opening safes ect. Does anyone know the action variable for each of these mods so I can add them in my list please? Would appreciate the help!
  3. JakeQue

    King Kong Overpoch

    IP: dedi.kkoverpoch.co.uk:2302Teamspeak: ts.kkoverpoch.co.ukDiscord: http://kkoverpoch.co.uk/discord##King Kong Overpoch.SERVER RESET AND WIPED 6TH SEPTEMBER 2018[Click Here to see our server mods](https://kkoverpoch.co.uk/media/categories/server-mods.2/)• Right Alt Menu• XP System. USE F4 FOR XP PERK STORE > XP TRADER WILL SPAWN DIFFERENT LOCATION EACH RESTART• Bounty (REQUIRES 5 PLAYERS ONLINE, RANDOM SELECT. SPAWNS MOTORBIKE, GUN, BLOOD BAG AND MARKER ON THE MAP OVER A TIME FRAME. 20 MINUTES TO ESCAPE AND AVOID BEING CAPTURED TO WIN 200K BRIEF. CANNOT CAMP PLOT POLE OR TRADER.)• Starter Kit• Custom Change Clothes (RIGHT CLICK ANY CLOTHES AND CLICK WEAR FOR OVER 500 SKINS)• Drag Box AND LOAD MISSION CRATES ONTO VEHICLES• Trader Server Price List (ON RIGHT ALT MENU)• Gamble• Paint VehiclesSCROLL ON PLOT POLE TO " MANAGE WORKSHOP " FOR:• CCTV Surveillance | • Static Weapons | • Electric Fences | • Base and Safe Raiding• Auction House• Custom GPS (Right Ctrl)• Plot For Life (Maintain every 10 days)• Vehicle key changer• Remote vehicle unlocker / ejecter (right click key)• Base Jump• Tow/Lift• Set custom safe / lockbox codes• Bury / butcher dead bodies• Mystery briefcase• Jobs• Auto Deploy Mountain Bike + Mozzie• Virtual Garage• Custom areas (Castles, Military areas, Bandit, Kozlovka trader, NEAF, Meat trader in Cherno)• Custom mission including abandoned vaults (Spawn in box outside base), gems, Bomb crate, player supply, gas station & more. https://kkoverpoch.co.uk/ Our Discord TeamSpeak
  4. JakeQue

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Thank you! I'll take a look
  5. JakeQue

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Is there any way of customising the messages that come in into a nicer style? I've seen some servers with boxes around the server announcements and it looks nice!
  6. JakeQue

    Need scripter

    Will pay, need some code modifying. Must have extensive knowledge of external database.
  7. JakeQue

    Mega Loot Tables Epoch

    bump on this. I've added military barracks around the map, but most of them aren't spawning loot. There is lootpos for Land_Barracks_i in the loot tables for example, do I need to add each barrack pos to this list or just their rough location? Or can I remove lootpos entirely to spawn loot in every barrack on the map?
  8. JakeQue


    Nah mate, it's stopped doing it all of a sudden but now it's started doing this everytime someone logs in or logs out.. 18:27:31 Server: Object 5:11 not found (message 94) 18:28:27 Server: Object 10:89 not found (message 94) 18:28:28 Server: Object 10:96 not found (message 94) 18:28:28 Server: Object 10:97 not found (message 94) 18:28:43 Server: Object 5:28 not found (message 70)
  9. JakeQue


    Everytime the server deletes an object that happens. Nothing is wrong with the server_functions file it matches the DayZ Epoch default
  10. JakeQue

    Maintain bug?

    You need to enable your events in your sql database. make sure they are adding in the database, things like RemoveBases ect . Check your database scheduler is on. In your database my.ini file, look for this and make sure it is turned on. If it doesn't exist, add it, save the file and restart your mysql service. GLOBAL event_scheduler=ON
  11. JakeQue


    Yeah this fix still doesn't unlock them on restart, only removes ammo
  12. JakeQue

    Mute players in side?

    Thanks dude! Just as I thought, appreciate your help.
  13. JakeQue

    Server: Object 3:1056 not found (message 94)

    Sorted it man. I loaded a new admintool called Nagaski, made by Cuddles from QG. It was messing up completely and utterly, something wasn't right with it so I removed it and upgraded back to Infistar, server is working fine now!
  14. JakeQue

    Server: Object 3:1056 not found (message 94)

    Players are getting red and yellow chain though dude. I haven't a fuck what's going on!
  15. RPT is spamming this: Haven't got a clue what's going on, it's proper messed up and it's really straining my head. I've tried all sorts :'(