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  1. Now it's DayZ Epoch 1.0.7 + OriginsMod 1.8.3
  2. I've updated the server to DayZ Epoch 1.0.7 RC2 with OriginsMod 1.8.3. Welcome to test them!
  3. My players told me they get unconscious on self-transfusing or be transfused any type of blood. (I'll test myself later)
  4. both of them are in the mission file.
  5. set it to a negative value like -50
  6. Isn't the patrol mission enough?
  7. A few of them works well, but the others does not.
  8. Most missions are hard-coded to have "M2StaticMG" in their mission files. You need to change them to "Random".
  9. only positions. I've also added one for Napf, so please check difference between them
  10. I'm using this, https://github.com/Schalldampfer/A2Epoch_Logistic I heard there's some others though I only find older ones,
  11. I have made some fixes and updates. 1. Fix for MLRS/GRAD/StrykerMC's ammo issue. Add after of servicePointActions.sqf 2. If you don't want planes to have many bombs that it should not fly, Add this on the same place of servicePointActions.sqf, it must be before 3. Fuel cost depends on the amount of fuel to refuel Add after of init.sqf Also, I have two more updates in my repository. 1. I've changed the list of _rearm_costs to use "classname" of weapon instead of fucking "localized name" of weapon ( that sometimes makes the cost of 2 rnd stinger be the same as 8 rnd one. ) 2. I have separated the service points of refuel, repair and rearm. (Refuel at fuel stations, repair at repair center and rearm at heavy factory of military base.) https://github.com/Schalldampfer/service_points
  12. We stopped Arma3 to concentrate on Arma2. Welcome here.
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