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  1. playableUnits is the array of players. find each player in it, and place marker on it, replace markers on new positions every second with while-loop
  2. I have no despawn issue with the latest experimental build. Isn't it caused by your modification?
  3. They don't despawn in my server (though they die in weird stance and they lay after getting close like 10 m or less) How are your setting and other scripts?
  4. I noticed VGS calls EPOCH_server_save_killedVehicle on storing, so I think I need to check it. so the code to add (into EPOCH_server_save_killedVehicle) maybe
  5. So I've made a partial solution for this ghost code 1. To save vehicle data, in epoch_server\init\server_init.sqf add: at the bottom. 2. In epoch_server\compile\epoch_vehicle\EPOCH_load_vehicles.sqf add: at just before the last line "true", to save allVehicles array. 3. Finally, To spawn crashLoot on destruction, in epoch_server/compile/epoch_vehicle/EPOCH_server_save_killedVehicle.sqf, add at the bottom of "if (_vehSlot != "ABORT") then {" block. It will be I dont know how to check vehicles which players just opened its inventory without getting in it, without checking all EPOCH_allVehicles array. Is there any function that treats vehicle contents, when players opend&closed its inventory?
  6. I'm listing my repositories - modification or original scripts - in "About Me" tab.

  7. I got these errors and not working at all. maybe fn_vgsInitClient.sqf isn't loaded. cfgFunctions.hpp's ```postInit = 1;``` seems not working in current version. one more suspicious malfunction is that VGS menu can't be opened when I'm not getting in the vehicle. Both problem seem to be solved by adding in init.sqf of mission file.
  8. Do you have $PBOPREFIX$ file in the folder? I caught the same kind of error, because that the file is lost on unpacking. the contents is simple:
  9. Map changed to Napf. PORT 3302 (A3 Epoch is also under testing)
  10. I tried installing this in Tanoa, and got an issue that the dialog doesn't open. The problem found in my client RPT is "Spawn Menu Aborted..." , so that spawndialog.sqf has something wrong in It seems players don't spawn on respawn_west marker in this Tanoa map. They start on {9969.2129,298.72415,12166.665}, instead of respawn_west marker at {8649.86,1.29866,6146.53}. Replace that part with :
  11. what are those double-quotations? I can't believe you joined here October 26, 2014 ...
  12. old version has it. but current version lost it. add this in the top of your sqf
  13. ”downloadable content is missing ” means that you forgot to add the "missing" addon in addons[]={}; block of mission.sqm if players really don't have the addon, then they can't join your server. BTW, use Q&A section next time. https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/96-qa-section/
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