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  1. Solved: DZAI_objPatch = true; was the criminal. Turn it false.
  2. I say again. Player:West If you use a unit which belongs EAST or the other (as player), the AIs may shoot you, WAI is just an example. it must be the same as others.
  3. Player:West AIs may be EAST or RESISTANCE. example of WAI:
  4. Now I have merged the custom attachment system into vanilla DayZ/DayZEpoch attachment system. First post is updated for this. You can now attach scopes and silencers to SCARs, AK107s and OverWatch weapons from attachment items. (that was from weapon itself in older version) removeAttachment.sqf is the same as before update. Before 2nd step, Delete clickAction config entries for older version of this script. If you use items else than attachments, you need to add a right-click action that executes "['ItemClassName',1] call player_attachAttachment;"
  5. I don't have this file in my home directory. ↑ home?=preview=brahbrah... please share a valid link.
  6. 404. typical dropbox again, but I didn't know it expires in just 6 days.
  7. there's no release for ver - abandoned before 1.0.6 current version is
  8. Nice but it spams rpt (not error) remove 87th line of ddopp\init.sqf to reduce log. And, for battleye filter, add this in the first 5 !=*** line of publicvariable.txt
  9. you connect it with a global ip "", but did you allow log-in with it? whyn't you use or something like 192.168.*.*
  10. As I wanted to make attachments attach/detachable to AK107 and SCARs, I have customized attachments system a bit. You can attach attachments from right clink action on attachments / detach from that on weapons with these scripts; 1. add these two scripts in DayZ_Epoch_**.map\Custom folder: Custom\attachAttachment.sqf Custom\removeAttachment.sqf * these scripts are based on vanilla DayZ Epoch's attachment system. not original 2. Add these lines in your clickAction config The array in DZE_attachmentList is ['Attachment_item','Attached_weapon','Base_weapon'] . You can use any item and any weapon. BTW, I hope SCARs and AK107s will be included in next DayZ Epoch update, as we already have their variant with iron sight.
  11. so I have updated the variables.sqf so that you don't need to add classnames manually
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