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  1. Schalldampfer

    Taser Fix Overpoch

    Nice but it spams rpt (not error) remove 87th line of ddopp\init.sqf to reduce log. And, for battleye filter, add this in the first 5 !=*** line of publicvariable.txt
  2. you connect it with a global ip "", but did you allow log-in with it? whyn't you use or something like 192.168.*.*
  3. Schalldampfer

    Parsley PvE Overpoch Chernarus

    now I updated it to Overpoch
  4. Schalldampfer

    Custom Attachments

    As I wanted to make attachments attach/detachable to AK107 and SCARs, I have customized attachments system a bit. I forgot I made this one and a half years ago, but I now post it here. You can attach/detach attachments from right clink action on weapons (not attachments currently) with these scripts; 1. add these two scripts in DayZ_Epoch_**.map\Custom folder: Custom\attachAttachment.sqf Custom\removeAttachment.sqf * these scripts are based on vanilla DayZ Epoch's attachment system. not original 2. Add these lines in your clickAction config for Arma2CO weapons: for some of Overwatch weapons: The array for evecVM is ['Attachment_item','Attached_weapon','Base_weapon'] . You can use any item and any weapon. BTW, I hope SCARs and AK107s will be included in next DayZ Epoch update, as we already have them without attachments. (I'll someday try changing click option from weapons to attachments like vanilla DayZ/DayZEpoch attachment system, but not soon.)
  5. Schalldampfer

    Parsley PvE Overpoch Chernarus

    JSRS adapted.
  6. so I have updated the variables.sqf so that you don't need to add classnames manually
  7. Schalldampfer

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

  8. Schalldampfer

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    maybe not, the find_position function reads only first component of array [30] or [4884. ..., ... , ... ]. and use it as safe zone radius. not position. if you want to check a position suitable for mission or not, read WAI\missions\MISSION_EXAMPLE_WITH_SINGLE_SPAWN_POINT.sqf for sample.
  9. Schalldampfer

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    wai_keep_vehicles = false; // save vehicles to database and keep them after restart (if you want to make only a certain vehicle not to be permanent, then set wai_*** = false just before spawning it and wai_*** = true after it spawned.)
  10. Schalldampfer

    How do i remove exisiting trader zones?

    it's not in mission pbo. it's in dayz_code.pbo if you want to edit it, search "z\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\***.sqf" and replace with your customized one, which must be saved in mission pbo
  11. now I made it to return items when you remove objects. put these lines in the bottom of custom\Buildables\variables.sqf This code adds all objects in AAC into DZE_modularConfig array. (maybe in this way, you can make it not to require writing everything into variables.sqf) -- btw, I have forked and edited AAC for https://github.com/Schalldampfer/Advanced-Gem-crafting
  12. Schalldampfer

    How do i remove exisiting trader zones?

    trader people dayz_server\traders\***.sqf trader object and some other map additions dayz_code\system\mission\***.sqf markers and announcement MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_*.*\mission.sqm I have removed all traders and replaced with my custom one. you can find editor data for normal traders here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/tree/master/TraderCitySources/11.Chernarus
  13. Schalldampfer

    [RELEASE] RLNT Update Panel (26.09.2017, v1.4)

    The server stops while loading data after installing. I followed the instructions in README.md, it must be updated also. battleye kicks not only "RLNT_up_client" but "rlnt_initLoaded" and so on. now it works well after changing the position of ' execVM "rlnt\addons\RLNT_init.sqf"; '
  14. Schalldampfer

    Parsley PvE Overpoch Chernarus

    A3 had stopped, but A2 is still active.