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  1. Parsley PvE Epoch Chernarus

    I have replaced the hardware, and increased the capacity of players.
  2. PvE (No PvP) server at Japan. Details on website - too many scripts to write down! Server IP : (may accidentally change) Website : http://www.geocities.jp/outnposton/ Discord : https://discord.gg/czZr3xW i5-8500 / DDR4 / SSD
  3. AxeCops Elevators in

    The transparent elevator stops can't be removed. To remove them, I had to add these codes. elevator_init.sqf line 24: DZE_maintainClasses = DZE_maintainClasses + [ELE_StopClass]; DZE_isRemovable = DZE_isRemovable + [ELE_StopClass]; If you don't want anyone to remove the stop, the function to convert metal floor into elevator stop must be fixed to log the owner ac_functions.sqf line 54: PVDZE_obj_Swap = [_objectCharacterID,_object,[_dir,_location,dayz_playerUID],_classname,_obj,player,[],dayz_authKey];
  4. AxeCops Elevators in

    DZE_AllowedObjects is not called from any scripts. Isn't it DayZ_SafeObjects ?
  5. [Release] ESSV3 - Enhanced Spawn Selection

    The latest version of ESSV3 does not support Login scheme is changed in Upgrade your Epoch to
  6. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    I found a small mistake in heli_patrol.sqf setvariable for crews in Line 66-70 is before creating _gunner2 unit. Those lines must be after creating the unit in Line 74-77
  7. [1.6 Harvestable hemp, smoking weed, pot farms]

    we can harvest with knife without cuthemp.sqf now
  8. Time Acceleration for 1061

  9. I added this code to make the unlocked safe as bank ZSC_bankObjects = DZE_UnLockedStorage;
  10. ESS spawning players at coast

    I had the same problem and managed to fix it. but I forgot how I did. maybe old functions in ESS or vanila server scripts.
  11. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    I've updated to new version. I needed to move(copy) `garage` table from extdb to dayz_epoch. I'll see whether it's working
  12. [RELEASE] IWAC - Autoclaim addon for WAI [v1.3.1]

    I have merged some updates on WAI itself and my original changes into IWAC, but.... it's hard to compare, all tabs are replaced by spaces...
  13. Help with "Safe Zones 1.6" by - Juandayz

    I think so, it's also there in my server, the signs spawn and safezone is working.
  14. Help with "Safe Zones 1.6" by - Juandayz

    your safezone script is in !isDedicated area. that prevent server to run safezone script (thus no sign would spawn) (I forgot to say, the signs are spawned in the server, not each client.) Let's move it really at the very bottom. The bottom is after any "};"
  15. Help with "Safe Zones 1.6" by - Juandayz

    how did you call the script itself (maybe in init.sqf)? if it's in if (!isDedicated) then {~~~~~}; , the script will not work on server. show us your server *.rpt file if you want more help. BTW, Q&A section is not here. Let's go here next time https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/35-scripting/ Or, Reply to the exact thread of script you used.