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  1. old version has it. but current version lost it. add this in the top of your sqf
  2. ”downloadable content is missing ” means that you forgot to add the "missing" addon in addons[]={}; block of mission.sqm if players really don't have the addon, then they can't join your server. BTW, use Q&A section next time. https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/96-qa-section/
  3. do not add space after pook_H13_medevac_CIV DZE_safeVehicle = ["ParachuteWest","ParachuteC","pook_H13_medevac_CIV"];
  4. The classname seems to be wrong. it's not "pook_H13_medevac_CIV". it must be "pook_H13_medevac_CIV". I or I
  5. what is your database? you failed to create garage table.
  6. select database before executing SQL when did you store a vehicle?
  7. Did you update HiveExt.dll with one comes with the modpack? Did you execute the sql in the modpack to create `garage` table?
  8. make new addon to overwrite it.
  9. players spawn with broken leg, when they spawn on mountains. wtf?
  10. I think he hasn't even found where to put your codes, because server_functions.sqf does never have the closing bracket at the bottom, if he hasn't modified it. BTW, the last closing blacket of server_functions.sqf is here in a code definition; So we must not add "at the bottom before the closing bracket"
  11. Maybe. Move it with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setGroupIcon
  12. Checking isNil "_c" may work?
  13. I've found a way to maintain crafted objects with items, in addition to coins. Follow instructions below: 1. Activate maintainance for all custom objects in dayz_code\compiles\fn_selfActions.sqf . find and replace with this line: This will activate some more missing maintainance menu for objects like Workbench and so on. 2-A. Customize dayz_code\actions\player_building_Maint,sqf . after Line 36 ( _requirements = [["PartGeneric",1]]; ), add these lines : and activate this customized file in dayz_code\compiles\fn_selfActions.sqf , from to like This line can be found after "s_player_maint_build < 0" 2-B. Customize settings in variables.sqf , like
  14. I think it's already combined to DZE 1.0.6.x, In other word, it's already installed in
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