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  1. Schalldampfer

    AxeCops Elevators in

    I found a bug that the elevator moves walls and floors. Fix : 214th line of elevator_functions.sqf from to (If you don't want players to move vehicles with elevators, then change "AllVehicles" to "Man")
  2. Schalldampfer

    Intro Music with Welcome Messages for 1061

    Error Missing ; Isn't it exactly the answer? Can you paste the if(!isDedicated){...}; block you edited here?
  3. Schalldampfer

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    and...Sorry, I think it also does not work because in heli_para.sqf this mean, the heli_para function don't allow ["Random","AT"] style weapon setting. (Direct setting like"AKS_GOLD" also won't work.) To make it work, the "call { ... };" part of heli_para must be changed to (oops, spawn_group also forgot a ";" in this code block... ?)
  4. Schalldampfer

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    ["Random","AT"], better see how other missions doing first
  5. Schalldampfer

    DZRLauncher Public Test v1 (server/mod manager)

    DayZ Mod is still active enough.
  6. Schalldampfer

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    I have modified the radio shack mission to jam your ear within 1.6km from mission. dayz_server\WAI\missions\hero\radioshack.sqf the noise will finish some tens seconds after the mission. Next, I have made roadblock mission inspired by and partially copied from DZMS-HotSpot missions dayz_server\WAI\missions\hero\roadblock.sqf
  7. Schalldampfer

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    didn't you forget some "}"?
  8. Schalldampfer

    Parsley PvE Epoch Chernarus

    ip changed. wai update and maze script in.
  9. for me, (latter 3 lines are from another repository that was abandoned last year.) There are " create dialog ***; "s for me. in original extra_what_the.fuck, there's also "create dialog ***;"
  10. Schalldampfer

    Someone have a Logistic Script?

  11. Schalldampfer

    SQF Maze Generator

    new version to despawn maze after clearing maze.sqf and this is the script to spawn maze after clearing (maze.sqf must have MazeDone=true;)
  12. Schalldampfer

    Help me with this

    it's not error. just debug output
  13. Schalldampfer

    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    heli_patrol forgot [7] argument (please left _mission argument, I use it in mission)tiny issue : mission_winorfail forgot declaration of private variable
  14. Schalldampfer

    SQF Maze Generator

    the second sqf (mission) updated for new WAI:
  15. Schalldampfer

    Prevent Zombie Spawn in specific area

    all those scripts are client side. use it like safe zone scripts