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  1. Golden River, chernarus epoch

    I have added AIs for WAI. This will spawn some MGs and men on the roof of buildings, and one AA pod on the top of tower put this code in the sqf you need this customized spawn_group.sqf (spawn_groupATL in the code) : btw, link to sqf in main post is dead
  2. [RELEASE] Chernarus Racetrack

    I have paved roads from Pavlovo to this racetrack. Add this code in racetrack.sqf
  3. Base Maintain

    does this work?
  4. Time Control

    I had heard of lags in higher multiplier. Changing it to slower seems to help the issue.

    Thanks, but the script seems to have those statements to check vehicle lock. monitor_action.sqf: compiles.sqf: I'll check where the actual vehicle gets lifted.

    To save position after tow/lifting , there must be some fix about dayz_HungerThirst and PVDZE_veh_Update change may be on lines 17-20 of logistic\compiles.sqf to by the way, I heard one can lift a locked vehicle even with LOG_CFG_ALLOW_LOCKED = false; how can I fix it
  7. [RELEASE] DZAI for 1.0.6+

    maybe you need to add humanity separately for them like I haven't tested this yet
  8. higher loot on wai

    Increase the numbers in each missionfile like from if(_complete) then { [_crate,6,5,[20,crate_items_crop_raider],10,3] call dynamic_crate; }; to if(_complete) then { [_crate,100,100,[100,crate_items_crop_raider],100,10] call dynamic_crate; };
  9. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.1

    Thank you. Maybe I can also use array like ["revolver_gold_EP1","RPG18"] with this fix.
  10. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.1

    Thanks, I will try this.
  11. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.1

    when I try to spawn units with giving an exact wapon like , it fails at line 76-79 of spawn_group.sqf To make it work, I think, those lines sould be changed to ?
  12. Time Control

    Infistar seems to have something to do with this script, I dont know what do as I dont have one.
  13. Time Control

    it's working well in my server now.
  14. DayZ Overpoch Origins Trader Rework

    he is'nt here for 2 years. I don't like dropbox and Google Drive users...
  15. Time Control

    Updated a bit