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  1. Thanks . Strangely I did just that myself yesterday and found that it works
  2. Thanks for work on update 

    Do you know of any mod to essv3 that would enable selection spawning next to, or very near , body 

    would need zero load out to avoid suicide duping inventory 

  3. Can anyone help with changing the trader scenery map items. I believe that the trader map items are set in dayz_code/system/mission/"***whatever map***.sqf I have made changes to coordinates and item class name but when I check on server nothing has altered I even deleted all but one item and still all was same When i removed the init call for this file every thing vanished this i think seems to suggest it is correct file i am a bit confused . I could remove all and make complete new map additions with editor but would like to use existing method. I can add and moved the actual traders but not their suroundings
  4. Thanks to all developers for their work on the new release. Having the mod options available in config variables will make a lot of common mods easily added to many servers. This will obviously make a lot of severs similar so i want to change the trader scenery in mine. This is proving to be a problem as when i change coordinates in dayz_code/system/mission /napf which i believe is the source of trader map items nothing changes . Can anyone tell me where i am going wrong?? Ps on another matter when i enabled points of interest on napf it caused a freight train to appear on map is this intentional?
  5. Hi Thanks to all developers for your work on new release. I would like to customize the trader location scenery but i am having no luck . I have tried changing what i thought to be the correct file in dayz_code/ system /mission Napf.sqf but this seems to be set in concrete as nothing happens. I thought this must be correct file because i tried not calling it and all trader scenery went away. Can anyone help with how to do this
  6. As i mentioned in question the string table is present now in pbo dayzcode but just in case i also put it in my mission mpm
  7. I have a question and hope you can help me.I installed WAI and Client Side Marker Manager both from worldwidesorrow and the newest Version, but in Game on Map there is the Circle but no Info which Mission is running.On Top it works the Mission Announcement. I get the mission announcement and a circle on map but no title on map or AI count As you know in 1.0.7 the community resource string table file is in server DayZ_code PBO and as i get announcement this is working . i did try putting it in mission but still no title
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