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  1. porting from A2 to A3

    Yes, of course, first I changed the fighter's models, unit's model, selectRandom and getPos functions. But in my version of this script I have a line: dayz_serverObjectMonitor set [count dayz_serverObjectMonitor,_aircraft]; ...from this topic: So, in arma3 this script does not work. But I commented that line and that's ok! :) And I will use your worldName's choice. :)
  2. porting from A2 to A3

    I'm trying to port this simple script:
  3. porting from A2 to A3

    Hi All! Trying porting one script from a2 to a3. That script have a variable "dayz_serverObjectMonitor". What a variable i need for a3? Now I have an error: 22:38:01 Error in expression <gineOn true; _aircraft flyInHeight 100; dayz_serverObjectMonitor set [count dayz> 22:38:01 Error position: <dayz_serverObjectMonitor set [count dayz> 22:38:01 Error Undefined variable in expression: dayz_serverobjectmonitor
  4. [Redis] Server not reachable

    Hi all! I have a same error. start.bat: redis.conf: epochserver.ini: server.cfg: servers's rpt
  5. Can't see text in the vehicle chat

    omg, its works! thx! What about my pull request for TestKit?
  6. Can't see text in the vehicle chat

    Just type in box "cursortarget setdamage 1;". Of course you should look to a vehicle at this time.
  7. Can't see text in the vehicle chat

    you should to see the "Tilde '~' to open testkit" in system chat if you right install this script.
  8. Can't see text in the vehicle chat

    TestKit by ebayShopper
  9. Why I don't see the text in the vehicle chat? I noticed this when I tested the Service Point script. Screenshot
  10. [RELEASE] RLNT Update Panel (26.09.2017, v1.4)

    Hi! After installing this script, the game load gets stuck during the server identification. Client rpt: Server rpt:
  11. [RELEASE] RLNT Weapon HUD (21.01.2018, v1.1.0)

    Hello again! I changed a rlnt_wh_item1 to "ItemAntibiotic" and rlnt_wh_item2 to "ItemBloodbag" in RLNT_wh_config.sqf. I press "5", animation begins, but I havent a message about using bloodbag and amount of blood not increased. With default values of rlnt_wh_item1 and rlnt_wh_item2 all works fine.
  12. [RELEASE] RLNT Weapon HUD (21.01.2018, v1.1.0)

    Hi! 1. Is it possible to extend a number of hotkeys (6,7,8,9)? 1a. Is it possible to use a key modificators for hot keys (Shift+4 for Bandage, Alt+5 for Painkillers)? 2. Is it possible to make 'rlnt_wh_item1_keyName' a little less and move it in a corner of box? (of course, optionally) 3. Is it possible to remove a double background of boxes (I mean a frame around of each boxes)? 4. Is it possible to make a whole interface of WeaponHUD a little bit smaller?
  13. Hi Salival ! What about the global config? That is, for example, if I don't use "take clothes" or "bury" or "garage door opener" on my server, I could turn them off.
  14. [Release] ESSV3 - Enhanced Spawn Selection

    Just try add an ItemMap to START_ITEMS line.
  15. It's for testing only: TEST.bat