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  1. Just use 2 markers on same place like this: // markers.sqf _i = 0; ... // Zone Alpha _i = _i + 1; _marker = createMarker [("_marker" + str(_i)), [8051,13555]]; _marker setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorBrown"; _marker setMarkerBrush "DiagGrid"; _marker setMarkerSize [300,300]; _i = _i + 1; _marker = createMarker [("_marker" + str(_i)), [8051,13555]]; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorBlack"; _marker setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _marker setMarkerText "Zone Alpha"; Put this file in mission folder and add this line [] execVM "markers.sqf"; somewhere near end of init.sqf.
  2. Sorry, it was private pastebin. Try one more time.
  3. I don't remember where I got this script from, but it removes the AI from the safe zone if you enable this option: https://pastebin.com/aSsP1vjZ
  4. Yes, you just need slightly update the script. In main.sqf find this line: _wealth = player getVariable [Z_MoneyVariable,0]; Replace it with: _wealth = player getVariable[(["cashMoney","globalMoney"] select Z_persistentMoney),0]; Find line: player setVariable [Z_MoneyVariable,(_wealth + _coins),true]; And replace it with: player setVariable[(["cashMoney","globalMoney"] select Z_persistentMoney),(_wealth + _coins),true]; That's all! :)
  5. Hello! Should I use an SQL from 1062 version for installing test server?
  6. What is it "wai_crate_setup"? WAI have not this function.
  7. Post whole file default.sqf
  8. you forgot the semicolon in the file z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\static\default.sqf near line 399.
  9. Hi All! I want use (for test only) custom lada.hpp from "\addons\dayz_code\Configs\CfgVehicles\Car\". How can I do it?
  10. Just edit in Init.sqf in mission folder: DZE_SafeZonePosArray = [[[6325,7807,0],100],[[4063,11664,0],100],[[11447,11364,0],100],[[1606,7803,0],100],[[12944,12766,0],100],[[12060,12638,0],100]]; to DZE_SafeZonePosArray = [[[6325,7807,0],100],[[4063,11664,0],100],[[11447,11364,0],100]]; In mission.sqm delete (or comment) these lines: class Item3 { position[]={1606,289,7803}; TRGDEF name="zonebandit"; expCond="(player distance zonebandit) < 100;"; expActiv="[""Bandit Trader"",false,""enter""] call player_traderCity;"; expDesactiv="[""Bandit Trader"",false,""leave""] call player_traderCity;"; }; class Item4 { position[]={12944,210,12766}; TRGDEF name="zonehero"; expCond="(player distance zonehero) < 100;"; expActiv="[""Hero Trader"",false,""enter""] call player_traderCity;"; expDesactiv="[""Hero Trader"",false,""leave""] call player_traderCity;"; }; class Item5 { position[]={12060,158,12638}; TRGDEF name="zoneaircraft"; expCond="(player distance zoneaircraft) < 100;"; expActiv="[""Aircraft Trader"",false,""enter""] call player_traderCity;"; expDesactiv="[""Aircraft Trader"",false,""leave""] call player_traderCity;"; }; and edit these lines: class Sensors { items=6; to class Sensors { items=3; It should be working.
  11. Hi @salival Logistic mod dropped?
  12. Hi all ! How can I make the boat run between two waypoints? In custom mission: //Uncomment this section for Skalisty Island Boat Patrols [ [13450.0,3610.00,0], // Position to patrol [12900.0,3160.00,0], // Position to spawn at, can be same as patrol location 100, // Radius of patrol 2, // Number of waypoints to give "RHIB", // Classname of armed boat (make sure it has driver and gunner) "Random", // Skill level of units (easy, medium, hard, extreme, Random) "Random", // Skin classname, use "Random" or classname here "Bandit" // AI Type, "Hero" or "Bandit". ] call vehicle_patrol; The boat moves to the second point and patrols around it. I want it to move back to the first, then again to the second, etc.
  13. WLF

    Low FPS on Napf map

    In HiveExt.ini: ;Flag indicating whether hiveext should detect vehicles out of map boundaries (X < 0, or Y > 15360) and reset their position to [] ;Note: YOU MUST have a proper dayz_server.pbo that supports this feature, otherwise you will get script errors ;You can find that file under the SQF directory for your server version ResetOOBVehicles = true This option works fine for Cherno and Lingor maps, and don't work for Napf and Sauerland. These are the maps that I checked. And, maybe my english is very-very poor, but I don't understand how can I check dayz_server.pbo for supporting this feature.
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