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  1. Is it possible to duplicate the "Mark site read" button in the upper bar?
  2. It should not be so: _vehicle setVehicleLock "LOCKED"; if (((locked _vehicle && (count(crew _vehicle)) == 0))) then { ... _vehicle allowDamage false; ... } i.e. if a vehicle being locked then it don't be damaged only if no one inside. @juandayz am I right?
  3. It is marker's name, not a coords. At first you need to define area in "\DZAI\init\world_spawn_configs\custom_markers\cust_markers_napf.sqf". At second you can spawn an AI in "\DZAI\init\world_spawn_configs\custom_spawns\cust_spawns_napf.sqf". I do it this way (for cherno): cust_markers_chernarus.sqf: cust_spawns_chernarus.sqf:
  4. Cool! You also have a bug in the editor, when you move the object it spontaneously rotates?
  5. Can anybody tell me what happens when a player kills someone - zed, ai or another player? Which scripts are launched? Which global variables changed? How can I trace the killing of someone in my script?
  6. Arghh! You are right! And first and second. Changing path in safezone.sqf to a custom veh_handleDam.sqf solved the problem. Thanx! Remote engine start on heli (and car too) works after starting it "manually".
  7. https://pastebin.com/Ya865ctu
  8. nope, still gets damage...
  9. I am do not understand where I mistaken... 1. Changed my custom compiles.sqf to: fnc_veh_handleDam = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "remote_key\veh_handleDam.sqf"; 2. veh_handleDam.sqf: 3. Changed ui_selectSlot.sqf to: 4. remote_lock.sqf: So, if I shooting on locked vehicle it gets damage in any case. Of course, remote_key folder is in MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\ folder, and no any errors in both RPTs.
  10. First screenshot was made with very small interface.
  11. It is even worse for big interface size:
  12. Do I need to change something for 'godmode locked' except: ??? 1. Now locked vehicle still get damages, fnc_veh_handleDam was replaced. 2. Is it right that a locked vehicle does not start by 'remote engine on', but if you unlock it, start, lock, it does not turn off? 3. If I start the engine on a helicopter, it, after a while, turns itself off.
  13. How to increase the size of the background for the option?
  14. Where can I download Taviana 2.0?
  15. Both server and client of EPOCH taken from this forum 2 or 3 months ago. Should I download Taviana additionally? I just wanted tavi map that already exists in the archive. No origins, no overpoch. Just epoch. Just on Tavi. And I would be glad to have Tavi 3.0.