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  1. I tried installing this in Tanoa, and got an issue that the dialog doesn't open. The problem found in my client RPT is "Spawn Menu Aborted..." , so that spawndialog.sqf has something wrong in It seems players don't spawn on respawn_west marker in this Tanoa map. They start on {9969.2129,298.72415,12166.665}, instead of respawn_west marker at {8649.86,1.29866,6146.53}. Replace that part with :
  2. what are those double-quotations? I can't believe you joined here October 26, 2014 ...
  3. old version has it. but current version lost it. add this in the top of your sqf
  4. ”downloadable content is missing ” means that you forgot to add the "missing" addon in addons[]={}; block of mission.sqm if players really don't have the addon, then they can't join your server. BTW, use Q&A section next time. https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/96-qa-section/
  5. do not add space after pook_H13_medevac_CIV DZE_safeVehicle = ["ParachuteWest","ParachuteC","pook_H13_medevac_CIV"];
  6. The classname seems to be wrong. it's not "pook_H13_medevac_CIV". it must be "pook_H13_medevac_CIV". I or I
  7. what is your database? you failed to create garage table.
  8. select database before executing SQL when did you store a vehicle?
  9. Did you update HiveExt.dll with one comes with the modpack? Did you execute the sql in the modpack to create `garage` table?
  10. make new addon to overwrite it.
  11. players spawn with broken leg, when they spawn on mountains. wtf?
  12. I think he hasn't even found where to put your codes, because server_functions.sqf does never have the closing bracket at the bottom, if he hasn't modified it. BTW, the last closing blacket of server_functions.sqf is here in a code definition; So we must not add "at the bottom before the closing bracket"
  13. Maybe. Move it with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setGroupIcon
  14. Checking isNil "_c" may work?
  15. I've found a way to maintain crafted objects with items, in addition to coins. Follow instructions below: 1. Activate maintainance for all custom objects in dayz_code\compiles\fn_selfActions.sqf . find and replace with this line: This will activate some more missing maintainance menu for objects like Workbench and so on. 2-A. Customize dayz_code\actions\player_building_Maint,sqf . after Line 36 ( _requirements = [["PartGeneric",1]]; ), add these lines : and activate this customized file in dayz_code\compiles\fn_selfActions.sqf , from to like This line can be found after "s_player_maint_build < 0" 2-B. Customize settings in variables.sqf , like
  16. I think it's already combined to DZE 1.0.6.x, In other word, it's already installed in
  17. now I'm testing customized maintanance... maintain gem-craftings with parts
  18. and, if you uncomment them, it may still not work. the "scope" of variable _msg is different, so _msg in EventHandler _motor addEventHandler ["getIn",{ _unit = _this select 2; _nil = [nil,_unit,"loc",rTITLETEXT,"\n\nThis vehicle will disappear on server restart!","PLAIN DOWN",5] call RE; // _msg call dayz_rollingMessages; }]; may be different variable from others.
  19. also it may be because "_msg = ***;" and "_msg call dayz_rollingMessage" are commented out everywhere . //Protect Vehicles from players until all crew is off donn_casca_getIn = { _motor = _this select 0; _unit = _this select 2; // _msg = "This vehicle will disappear on server restart!"; if (isPlayer _unit) then { _carGroup = _motor getVariable ["car_group",GrpNull]; _allOff = true; {if (alive _x && assignedVehicle _x == _motor) then {_allOff = false;};} forEach units _carGroup; if (!_allOff) then {_unit action ['getOut', _motor];}; if (_allOff) then { _motor setFuel 0.5; _motor removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; _motor removeAllEventHandlers "Killed"; _motor removeAllEventHandlers "getIn"; _motor removeAllEventHandlers "getOut"; _motor addeventhandler ["handleDamage",{_this call fnc_veh_handleDam}]; _motor addeventhandler ["killed",{_this call fnc_veh_handleKilled}]; PVDZE_veh_Init = _motor; publicVariable "PVDZE_veh_Init"; _nil = [nil,_unit,"loc",rTITLETEXT,"\n\nThis vehicle will disappear on server restart!","PLAIN DOWN",5] call RE; // _msg call dayz_rollingMessages; _motor addEventHandler ["getIn",{ _unit = _this select 2; _nil = [nil,_unit,"loc",rTITLETEXT,"\n\nThis vehicle will disappear on server restart!","PLAIN DOWN",5] call RE; // _msg call dayz_rollingMessages; }]; }; }; };
  20. Solved: DZAI_objPatch = true; was the criminal. Turn it false.
  21. I say again. Player:West If you use a unit which belongs EAST or the other (as player), the AIs may shoot you, WAI is just an example. it must be the same as others.
  22. Player:West AIs may be EAST or RESISTANCE. example of WAI:
  23. Now I have merged the custom attachment system into vanilla DayZ/DayZEpoch attachment system. First post is updated for this. You can now attach scopes and silencers to SCARs, AK107s and OverWatch weapons from attachment items. (that was from weapon itself in older version) removeAttachment.sqf is the same as before update. Before 2nd step, Delete clickAction config entries for older version of this script. If you use items else than attachments, you need to add a right-click action that executes "['ItemClassName',1] call player_attachAttachment;"
  24. I don't have this file in my home directory. ↑ home?=preview=brahbrah... please share a valid link.
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