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  1. Mig

    Flashlights not working

    No difference, I change the time with infistar. just equip the lamp in your hands and press the L key
  2. Mig

    Help please...

    possible to send me your dayz_server.pbo? I will test on my server.
  3. Mig

    Help please...

    a question, did you create the users in the database?
  4. Mig

    Help please...

    it is in the same folder as the .rpt and the HiveExt.ini
  5. Mig

    Help please...

    also post your HiveExt.log please
  6. Mig

    Help please...

    Post your HiveExt.ini and rpt please
  7. Mig

    Help please...

    did you configure your hive settings correctly (password, username etc.)?
  8. Mig

    Flashlights not working

    Hi no problem with the Flashlight on my server:
  9. Mig

    Help please...

    have you installed all Visual Studio Ç ++ redistributables ? and net framework package ?
  10. Hello In file config.sqf around the line 26 add this line : DeployInSafeZones = true; In file player_deploy.sqf replace this line : if(!canbuild) then { _cancel = true; _reason = "Cannot build in a city."; }; by this: if(!canbuild and !DeployInSafeZones) then { _cancel = true; _reason = "Cannot build in a city."; };
  11. it would be necessary to see your code which generates the houses
  12. no, there is too much to update it is simpler to start from scratch with the epoch server file. Yes
  13. inform me of the evolution of the problem
  14. I did not take the ElDubya files as a base, I left on a blank epoch server files.