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  1. https://github.com/MigSDev5/chrismasTree
  2. Hello i'm working on it
  3. Hello ,Mauvaise section ,et les post doivent êtres rédiger en anglais
  4. https://github.com/MigSDev5/DZMS-MissionSystem
  5. I'll unlock it so that players can take it I have deliberately shift the point in the middle of the marker so as not to give the exact position of the fugitive,but that can be changed. he is supposed to patrol with the vehicle in the given radius, there may be a bug I will perform tests, if you have suggestions, let me know
  6. https://github.com/MigSDev5/BankRobery/commit/9e97477eefc0dd82d36418599c74d4bf069d821c
  7. I made some changes. https://github.com/MigSDev5/BankRobery
  8. @sjd6795 Try this: replace this bloc: with this: cutText [format["Jackpot!!!."], "PLAIN DOWN"]; player addMagazine _briefcase; player addMagazine _briefcase; player addMagazine _briefcase; player addMagazine _briefcase; systemChat "The robber got: 4 briefcases!";
  9. Mig

    Tow and lift for

    Hello Send your .rpt file please.
  10. Download link : https://github.com/MigSDev5/BankRobery
  11. Mig

    Make an event stay active

    just remove the timer in the event,and it will stay active until a player finish him.
  12. Mig

    Zombie Shield Generator

  13. Mig

    vehicles not being removed

    something to do with the variable PVDZ_obj_Destroy , I guess
  14. it is between these two values that the action is triggered