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  1. SKS.Goliath

    [WIP/RELEASE] Bank Robbery V3.

    nice work Mig Thx
  2. SKS.Goliath

    Arma 2 Dayz Epoch Napf Server PzU-Gaming

    Tonight we will do a WIPE at 1800h MEZ Via Dayz_Launcher PzU
  3. SKS.Goliath

    AxeCops Elevators in

    who I build the metalflors for elevator and this metalflors stop elevator makes them invisible
  4. SKS.Goliath

    Buried Treasure Event

    Big Thx Mig https://imgur.com/a/t1OWot9
  5. SKS.Goliath


    thx sir for this fix me see marker :-)
  6. SKS.Goliath

    stormz crafting menu fixed and up dated

    you can also add mozzi, for example private ["_hastools","_hasitems1","_hasitems2"]; _hastools = ["ItemToolbox"] call player_hasTools; _hasitems1 = [["PartVRotor"]] call player_checkItems; _hasitems1 = [["PartEngine"]] call player_checkItems; _hasitems1 = [["PartFueltank"]] call player_checkItems; if (call {_hastools} && {_hasitems1}) then { player removeMagazine "PartVRotor"; sleep 0.1; player removeMagazine "PartEngine"; sleep 1; player removeMagazine "PartFueltank"; sleep 1; player addMagazine "mozzi"; createDialog "PzU_CRAFT_MENU"; }; player addMagazine "mozzi"; // how should I change that?
  7. have this error on the server ErrorMessage: Include file z\addons\dayz_code\system\ca\functions\init.sqf not found.
  8. @A Man believe me that duping is still going on many people got caught and coins duping