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  1. worked. thank you!
  2. didnt work at all. im not sure what im doing wrong. but heres my rpt errors 18:30:28 Error Type String, expected Number 18:30:28 Error in expression <trader enableSimulation false; _trader setPosATL _x select 1; } count _this; > 18:30:28 Error position: <setPosATL _x select 1; } count _this; > 18:30:28 Error Type String, expected Number
  3. In tavi the origional trader city is a little island out on the bottom right on the map. i call my agents in my in my init in my mission files and my agent file looks like this. the traders work and are there. but the reset position etc is new to me. and not sure how to do it. ive basically got along on a wing and a prayer getting my server together
  4. how would i incorporate that. my file for traders are as such so would it be like ["GUE_Woodlander2", setPosATL [23371.3,5283.87,25],50.2731],
  5. So im running an ORI/epoch server. trying to get my trade npcs to spawn at the original ORI location. No matter where i set their height. they will only spawn on the ground level. almost as if they are loading in before the map models are. is there a way to change the load order of these?
  6. any update on this? i would love to add the hero and bandit bases plus the big wood fort.
  7. im currently running a overpoch origins server ( origins vs 1.7.9) i have coins installed. no rpt errors. anything like that. i can use my infistar to add coins to myself and i see it on the hud.. well i run down to a trader.. and everything has the right numbers for buy and sell price. but its not taking or giving me coins with buy and sell... also. my origins veh. catagory in the car traders shows up.. but no objects... what exactly am i missing here... btw i have snap build pro + vectors.. and wai and dzms
  8. gotta issue.. idk if it has anything to do with vector... but here goes... for some reason... i cant upgrade anything in my plot pole range.. it says "cant upgrade plot pole nearby" also! for anyone having the upgrade issue with cinder doors. i fixed mine by copying my custom self actions. and pasting it over the self actions in dayz_code
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