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  1. I know this is a old post but I got everything working and love this script but when I remove the _this addEventHandler ["handleDamage", {false}]; So players can shoot it down it does not spawn the jet. Has anyone found a fix for this?? It would also be great to have it mark the jet on the map so players can see where it is :) Thanks,
  2. I got it working! for some reason or another I messed something up with the sql missing columns in my DB went back and fixed it and changed the Hive.dll to the one provided. I blame it on lack of sleep :) Thanks guys,
  3. Hello, I'm having a issue with the vehicles not being found while searching. I did everything the instructions said but cant figure out what maybe causing this? Tried placing the helo pad and parking on top of it and removing the helo pad and trying it that way but nothing works? nothing is also showing up in my logs.
  4. Where do I add the amount of coins given? I like this idea.
  5. In your infistar AHconfig.sqf turn it off Forbid VON Sidechat */ _VON = false; /* true or false */ /* talking on sidechat will put out a warning and kick if continue Hope that does it for ya?
  6. Anyway to have this work as players get coins for Ai kills as well? I assume I could just change _zed to _AI? Thanks, :)
  7. Well I'm sorry that did not work! I think it maybe infistar doing it cause the pook seems to be taking damage after the player gets in it, you may want to put in a ticket on the infistar website or visit them on discord and the file you are looking for that handles the vehicles spawning by players I believe would be in the AH.sqf, again you can ask them on the infistar discord. Sorry I was of no help with this atm
  8. Try this one! Replace the config.sqf with the one you have, Make sure you keep a copy of the one you have just in case :) // **FORMAT** -- (note no comma after last array entry) // // DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG = [ // [_clickItem,_deployOffset,_packDistance,_damageLimit,_packAny,_cargo,_ammo,_hive,_plot,_simulation,_road,_deployables,_near,_parts,_condition], // [_clickItem,_deployOffset,_packDistance,_damageLimit,_packAny,_cargo,_ammo,_hive,_plot,_simulation,_road,_deployables,_near,_parts,_condition], // [...more stuff here...] // ]; // // parameter | description | type | example // --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- // _clickItem | class name of the item to click on | string | "ItemToolbox" // _deployOffset | [_side,_front,_up] array to offset the deployable when buiding | array | [0,2,1] // _packDistance | how close does the packer need to be to pack the object? | number | 5 // _damageLimit | item can't be repacked if damage is > this. (-1 = no re-packing) | number | 0.1 // _packAny | can anyone repack the deployable? | bool | false // _cargo | clear the cargo of the deployable? | bool | false // _ammo | should vehicle ammo be cleared? (does not persist through restart) | bool | true // _hive | write deployable to database? | bool | false // _plot | require a plot from the owner to build the deployable? | bool | false // _simulation | enable simulation (movement/damage) for the object? (true for cars) | bool | true // _road | enable road building for this object? | bool | true // _deployables | array of class names that can be deployed with this method | array | ["MMT_Civ"] // _near | array of items required nearby to build (workshop/fire/fueltank) | array | [] // _parts | array of parts required to build (will be taken from player) | array | ["ItemToolbox"] // _condition | string of code to evaluate to determine whether action is shown | string | "!(isNull player) && {(getPlayerUID player) in DZE_DEPLOYABLE_ADMINS}" DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG = [ // deploy a non-permanent bike from a toolbox right in front of the player that can be re-packed by the owner as long as it's under 10% damage ["ItemToolbox",[0,8,2],5,0.99,true,false,false,false,false,true,true,["MMT_Civ"],[],["ItemToolbox"],"true"], // deploy a non-permanent motorbike from a toolbox right in front of the player that can be re-packed by the owner as long as it's under 10% damage ["ItemToolbox",[0,8,2],5,0.99,true,false,false,false,false,true,true,["pook_H13_medevac_CIV"],[],["ItemToolbox"],"true"], // deploy a non-permanent CSJ_GyroC from a toolbox right in front of the player that can be re-packed by the owner as long as it's under 10% damage ["ItemToolbox",[0,8,2],7,0.5,true,false,true,false,false,true,true,["CSJ_GyroC"],[],["PartGeneric","PartEngine","PartVRotor"],"true"], //["ItemSapphire",[0,2,0],5,1,true,true,false,true,true,true,false,["DSHKM_CDF","M2StaticMG"],[],["ItemSapphire"],"true"], // deploy concrete barricades from cinderblocks 2m in front of the player, that are permanent and can only be re-packed by the person who placed them ["CinderBlocks",[0,2,0],5,1,false,true,false,false,true,true,true,["Hhedgehog_concrete","Land_CncBlock","Land_CncBlock_Stripes"],[],["MortarBucket","PartGeneric","CinderBlocks"],"true"] ]; // **DZE_DEPLOYABLE_NAME_MAP format // // DZE_DEPLOYABLE_NAME_MAP = [ // [_class,_name], // [_class,_name], // [... more ...] // ]; // // parameter | description | type | example // --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- // _class | class name of the item you want to replace the name of | string | "Notebook" // _name | new name to display when right clicking | string | "Macbook Pro" // DZE_DEPLOYABLE_NAME_MAP = [ ["MMT_Civ","Bicycle"], ["pook_H13_medevac_CIV"] ]; DZE_DEPLOYABLE_ADMINS = [];
  9. Sounds like infistar is doing it! In your AHconfig.sqf line 215 make sure the vehicle ID check is turned off _UIC = false; for some reason this keeps blowing vehicles up when a player gets in or near. Also could you post the edits you made to the deploy anything config.sqf I'll take a look when I get home for ya.
  10. Correct! sorry I should of made that more clear, my mistake guys. Here is how it should look in your server_function.sqf add the code like so... array_reduceSize = { private ["_array1","_array","_count","_num"]; _array1 = _this select 0; _array = _array1 - ["Hatchet_Swing","Crowbar_Swing","Machete_Swing","Bat_Swing","BatBarbed_Swing","BatNails_Swing","Fishing_Swing","Sledge_Swing","CSGAS"]; _count = _this select 1; _num = count _array; if (_num > _count) then { _array resize _count; }; _array}; if (isNil "JustOneTime") then { JustOneTime = true; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\Map\isis_takedown.sqf"; }; 
  11. Is it working for you? I'm unsure what you are meaning here as you don't need any closing brackets, This works fine for me!
  12. I'm looking for a simple kill feed script to work on a Arma 2 Overpoch server with infistar? Something like this would be great! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=12&v=lR82iO8eQ0k Thanks,
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