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  1. I'm sure there maybe a way to have this set up like that, Unfortunately I do not know how to have the script check to see what is in a players backpack or in the gear as that is something pretty hard to do from what I have learned here before. I'm sure someone better at scripting then my noob self could figure it out? Although you could for now just change the 'ItemObsidian' to anything you would like to use.
  2. Sweet, thanks I will work on update for this script and test :)
  3. Please remove this release from the forums till I can figure out what happened here. I have tried adding the original payment from Pyro's script back where it was, but I think the (Z_MoneyVariable) has changed as it no longer works when I run a test on my server? Sorry about that. Example of what was added with no luck! Worth a try I guess :( under: _work = _work; added: _wealth = player getVariable[Z_MoneyVariable,0]; player setVariable[Z_MoneyVariable,(_wealth + _pay),true];
  4. Hello all, So due to people stealing my work over the years and this one being one of the most stolen from me and my mate PyroMatic who passed away in 2017. I'm gonna go ahead a release it to everyone to use! What this script does: Allows players to select a random job and pays them on a set amount of time, No it does not track if they are doing the job or not! :) You can config it anyway you want! P.S If you have seen this script on a server before? You can thank them for this release...smh! Download Here: https://github.com/DevReaper5150/GetAjobscript
  5. @Mig Can we get this updated for 1.0.7? It is not allowing players to build without saying wait for previous action to complete and they are having to soft log to place anything? Thanks
  6. Unless you can get it to pick up on when a player is near a safezone or players plot, it won't work!
  7. I apologize for that as it was tested on an earlier version not the updated 1.0.7. With that said there is a problem with the variable as I have now tried loading it to my test server and getting the same error. This script is very outdated and will need some fixes in order to run with Epoch 1.0.7. I have no idea if the original author @Donnovan is still active and if not someone might be able to take a wack at it?
  8. ...How are you gonna expect any help from anyone when you leave remarks like that? Question here is why did you not provide us with a image of the .hpp call included in that file? First thing anyone would see is that you did not have that in your description.ext and that would be the first thing they figure would help. Exactly what I did. Post your RPT and next time don't overreact with rude responses like that or no one will be willing to help you! ..smh
  9. Paste this #include "scripts\recipes\chx_buildings.hpp" at the bottom of file ( description.ext )
  10. I'm currently working on a body armor script based off right click functions with Ceramic plates. I'm having a bit of an issue getting it to work though cause of the variables for increasing the players blood. Here is the bit I have in variables.sqf but can't figure out where to put it? _pb = player getVariable["pb",0]; if (isNil "_pb") then { _pb = 0; }; _bloodCap = 12000; if (_pb== 1) then { _bloodCap = 13500; }; r_player_blood = _bloodCap; r_player_bloodTotal = r_player_blood; }; The script i have so far: Will be released when I can get it working! :) private ["_humanity","_humanity2","_item","_inVehicle","_countplayers","_hasitems","P_hasarmor"]; _humanity = player getVariable["humanity", 5000]; _humanity2 = player getVariable["humanity", -5000]; _item = ["ItemCeramicParts"]; _hasitems = [_item] call player_checkItems; _inVehicle = (_vehicle = player); _countplayers = count nearestObjects [player, ["CAManBase"], 1]; // Check if player is in skin with armor plate carrier while {true} do { if (_humanity >= 2500) exitWith { cutText [format["You need 5000 humanity to do that!"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; if (_humanity2 <= -2500) exitWith { cutText [format["You need -5000 humanity to do that!"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; // Let's check if they are in a vehicle if (_inVehicle) exitWith { cutText [format["You can't put on armor in a vehicle!"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; // No players should be around them if (_countplayers > 1) exitWith { cutText [format["You are too close to another player!"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; // Remove item from the gear if (call {_hasitems}) then { player removeMagazine "ItemCeramicParts"; sleep 2; player playActionNow "PutDown"; }; // Player has armor on - Let others know P_hasarmor = "Sign_sphere10cm_EP1" createVehicle position player; P_hasarmor attachto [player,[0, 0.10, 0] "RightHandMiddle1"]; // Let's change blood value and act as armor _pb = player getVariable["pb",0]; r_player_bloodTotal = 12000; if (_pb == 1) then { r_player_bloodTotal = 13500; }; // Adds nice text [format["<t size='1.2' color='#960000'size='0.9'>You have put on Body Armor</t>"],0,0,4,1] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; // Has player died - Then remove marker if (r_player_bloodTotal = 0) then { deleteVehicle P_hasarmor; }; I will give credit for those who want to help out here? Thanks
  11. No sir, I just have god mode, unlimited ammo, no recoil, player markers and the tp functions turned on.
  12. @BigEgg I getting these errors in RPT?
  13. We use a offline raiding blocker so players can only raid while the owner is online, So this comes in handy for players wanting to find out who owns the base! Great work and thanks for sharing! :)
  14. Modify your player_alertZombies.sqf (_dis) dayz_code/compile from the dayz_code.pbo and move it to your mission side. Lower the amount of zed spawns in your init.sqf dayz_maxGlobalZeds = 25; If you don't want the zeds running and walk instead configVariables.sqf DZE_ZombieSpeed = [2,2]; walking DZE_ZombieSpeed = [2,6]; walk and run DZE_ZombieSpeed = [6,6]; running
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