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  1. Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    3D building has started air fields first after that towns then roads https://imgur.com/wKXkt4l
  2. Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    i fixed it don't get why in the .rvmats paa's are defined as .tga's
  3. Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    i'm having a error texture_01_nopx.paa can't load texture some thing like when i load buldozer
  4. ACR and Arma 2 Free

    can't just pull the data from acr and add it to epoch
  5. Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    ok i'm just done rendering map look really good flat spots for towns and mini city's... i will make the map first release it then i will do the items and Object ect https://imgur.com/dzPVA2x new screen shot
  6. Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    dose any one know how to use Oxygen 2 Personal Edition for arma 2 i need help on this map taking longer than ex-spaced
  7. Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    ok i'm building the 3d part map now i'm running buldozer getting in to the 3d world soon.. it's big map so takes a long time build the roads buildings https://imgur.com/ajVntgn
  8. RPT Error

    have you added a loot script of any kind
  9. Karl

    when i have a mine or two can have my old mission spawns every restart take 30 mins to spawn
  10. dam i was hoping for some good midget porn lol
  11. hello all i'm making a new map for epoch mod.. that will have some new guns and ammo added to the map.. maybe some building items... the map will be 10,000m by 10,000m (10k by 10k) i am building this so boats have a good point in the game... there will be Bridges leading to big highways (roads) vast forests and few caves built in to hill sides.... there will be one big city i will try to make all buildings enter-able.. i mite add a custom select spawn with many spawn point with wilderness spawns to i build the spawn ui and script my self... i been working on this for a long time here is a some pre screenshots just of the land being built soon will be building roads and towns.... https://imgur.com/2zv1cYK https://imgur.com/0iKzfkH https://imgur.com/wKXkt4l any town city wilderness mountain and field names want in the map just ask me ok i made a webpage for the map i will update it when i can to go more in to detail http://killerkiwi96.wixsite.com/stormz-work-shop if want own builds or textures added in let me know i can sort some thing out
  12. stormz crafting menu fixed and up dated

    ok i got it to work i will up date this soon with better colours as well