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  1. hack look in the infi-star logs or server logs see whats it is kicking you for then try find way to add it to infi-star
  2. yess because i think this mite be trying to use other team sides and infi-star mite see it as a hack but not had a chance to have a look at it
  3. all code from here still works fine for arma 2 just put in better order and easyer to find stuff
  4. sorry guys to let you down i can do this no more i haven't got time for it or money and man power i only have on guy helping not even sure he's helping now i will give map file out if some one want to keep this up as long i still have a role in it.. i had a host call gtx i was trying to set up server side of things but they wasted my time and money. end of this project sorry again guys :(
  5. keep in mind that all ways can look in the dayz_code of epoch files make changes in there as server only uses them
  6. try looking in the epoch old posts mite me some thing in there as is now all based on coins
  7. ok i been learning a lot from this wiki about VBS based games sqf sqs dailogs and syntax this has a lot more info how to make your own scripts ect hope you all the best and have fun learning making scripts.. https://sqf.bisimulations.com/
  8. ok when i have time ill remake this so work with dayz epoch but no promises not sure if dayz epoch overwriting any of the arma 2 oa code but i need to work out how this script working before i even try.
  9. try this and add file (.sqf) to your arma 2 oa main folder admin_start.sqf past this code in to it then save it load in game hold alt+F11 and this script will run every time you press alt+F11 but this old work if you have admin on the server
  10. just a heads up need to put that server side not mission infi-star will think players are hacking and turn or anti tp
  11. ye add the numbers from the hpp files don't matter what order but easyer to find a bug down the line and if want to remove it easyer to as well
  12. wait add these i made a boo boo ,00001,00002,00003,00004,00005,00006,00007,00008,00009,00010,00011 like so but i add it i for you but cope pase the bove if made any changes to it _ALLOWED_Dialogs = _ALLOWED_Dialogs + [81000,88890,20001,20002,20003,20004,20005,20006,55510,55511,55514,55515,55516,55517,55518,55519,555120,118338,118339,571113,00001,00002,00003,00004,00005,00006,00007,00008,00009,00010,00011];
  13. yess should do but ill add this to my test server see if i can get it to work.. try it anyway coz i got a mod to make and a epoch server to put up
  14. need to add this to your allow dialogs in infi-star ( JTS_PM )
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