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  1. hi guy been hard at work with textures.. this texture is going to be a shed or hut or sorts. just a little peep what i'm working on sorry about to water making i started doing this as someone stealing my work lately
  2. hayy dude i think i know whats up with this if join me on discord can help you but im busy working on things atm so i don't really have time to be typing way try explain whats up with your mission file https://discord.gg/yEPftT
  3. if your going to do this you my remove some other things from your map than just the traders when you do this. but it dose matter what map you are using
  4. hmm ill have to add it to my test server to find out but can do this to see how many ai there ai_show_count = false; change this to true ai_show_count = true; like so
  5. IT'S in the wai config file in wai folder you will see what i mean
  6. np i will be making more vids i got my hands full atm do you know how to port forward if you do need to open port 2302 or 2303 have to look in server settings not the hive
  7. ok stated to add small items one the map to make it feel and look more real what you think https://pasteboard.co/HZb0YmN.png https://pasteboard.co/HZb2opD.png
  8. thanks bud if got any other i dears let me know we work on something even it crazy this map im making want it to be fun and lot more to do..
  9. hay mig can i add this to my map i'm making link below i give credit of course but i'll like to make few changes to it tho :)
  10. hello all i'll be helping out more, for those that fine it hard to read. i'll be starting tutorial videos and try to keep it simple not over complicate things just ask for a script you will like a tutorial video on i'll try get one made soon as i can much love&peace.. stormz first tutorial video here server install video will be up loaded shortly https://youtu.be/NjTEshKtMo8
  11. everything ok so far just a lot of objects to place like buildings trees roads so on i will be releasing more screen shoots soon
  12. thanks mate don't know whats up with the discord but made a new link -- https://discord.gg/pUQBT5E
  13. hi guys sorry been delays i been really busy with family i have 2 year old kid and one more on the way. to explain what i mean i been unwell i have mental health just got back on my feet been a long road to recovery. i have family and friend had the big C word thank god they made it they all well now. i have still got all the code a work i have done i have set up a home server to back up my work. so for now on no set backs touch wood. hope to see a release soon happy new to you all if want to know whats i done so far or want to join me.. here is the discord to chat a give idears---- https://discord.gg/pUQBT5E
  14. thank for the help RedLink
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