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  1. killerkiwi

    Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    Ok i just got my new gpu i am back on track touch wood nothing happens
  2. killerkiwi

    arma 2 / oa classnames

    thanks I will try to posted more stuf like this
  3. killerkiwi

    Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    tell me about it i hardly got much done since this has happen
  4. killerkiwi

    Battleye Issues

    be better on doing it your self all server packs are slammed together aka poorly coded
  5. killerkiwi

    Vehicle Godmode

    it's wai just replace the files with fresh one's if that don't work change your safe zone script
  6. killerkiwi

    Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    well my gpu just gave up after like 4 years i'm on cpu graphics i'm broke af i try to keep this going i'm trying to save up for gt 1030 sorry guys mite be a set back but i'm still in there every thing going wrong hell knows why
  7. killerkiwi

    Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    back on track i forgot i made a logger which records item placement lol looks like this _visitor3_log_obj = ("_tipe_road = ["obj-city_0_2000"]; * _pos = ["8610.5, 8.9 ,6756.8"]; * _dir = ["1.354"];"); && (placed -t 02:30 -d 03.29.2018);
  8. killerkiwi

    endless zombie spawn on helicopter crashes 1062

    hmm no clue then try changing the globe zed spawn to 150 in the init.sqf 250 like so dayz_maxGlobalZeds = 150;
  9. killerkiwi

    Blood bag problem

    np.. if you need classnames i made posted about it
  10. killerkiwi

    Blood bag problem

    did it work ?
  11. killerkiwi

    endless zombie spawn on helicopter crashes 1062

    have you changed any configs in your mission file
  12. killerkiwi

    Blood bag problem

    in your customconfig.sqf not a error you changed some thing to false make sure got this to true like so DZE_ConfigTrader = true; and make sure got the right classnames
  13. killerkiwi

    Blood bag problem

    i can fix it,,, can you send me a link to you mission file plz
  14. killerkiwi

    Storm islands Coming Soon !!!!

    ye i need some help plz can you let him know plz send him my discord https://discord.gg/3ggw5Qq i was going to make a town gen but to much hassle i was thinking of exporting the map to a3 as well