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Found 9 results

  1. Deploy Anything in version 3.0.1 updated for Epoch 1.0.7. https://github.com/oiad/deployAnything
  2. Outdated, does not work with Epoch 1.0.7 DEPLOYABLE BIKE 2.8.2 all of this information is available in an easier-to-read format on github pages>> version 2.8.2 updates the code to work with Epoch Mod 1.0.6. Thanks @ebaydayz! version 2.8.1 should hopefully fix the long-standing non-moving-bike problem! Thanks @SchwEde! FYI: 2.8.0 adds the _condition and _ammo parameters to the config array so you will need to add a value for these parameter in each record of the DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG array in the appropriate spot if you are upgrading from 2.6 Out of the box, it adds a deployable bike with a right click action on a toolbox and a couple other neat deployables. Really, it can be used to deploy just about anything. See the configuration section below. For some samples of what it can do, check out this gallery on imgur Installation download the files extract the addons and overwrites folder from the downloaded zip file into your mission file root find this line in your mission file init.sqf (warning: if you have a custom compiles file, find that line instead of the one below!) call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; place this line directly after the line you found call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\bike\init.sqf"; edit addons\bike\config.sqf to change some options or add different deployables (see configuration section for more info) Warning: due to the way the way arma handles numbers and the way addon is coded, using the save-to-database option may not allow you to re-pack some objects if you have Character ID's over 500,000 (which I don't think will be an issue for 99.99% of people). Adding Your Own Custom Actions If you use another right click method like extra_rc.hpp and want to switch to my method, see my click actions configuration github page. The click actions script is included in the deploy script as part of the core, so you don't need to download anything, just follow the instructions for adding your own actions. * note: before attempting to troubleshoot issues with adding your own actions, make sure you are using the most recent version of the addon. Configuration This addon is highly configurable, you can deploy just about anything, not just bikes. open addons\bike\config.sqf and edit the array to add your own deployables. DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG format -- (note no comma after last array entry) DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG = [ [_clickItem,_deployOffset,_packDistance,_damageLimit,_packAny,_cargo,_hive,_plot,_simulation,_deployables,_near,_parts], [_clickItem,_deployOffset,_packDistance,_damageLimit,_packAny,_cargo,_hive,_plot,_simulation,_deployables,_near,_parts], [...more stuff here...] ]; DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG array values (view on github to read easier): parameter | description | type | example --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- _clickItem | class name of the item to click on | string | "ItemToolbox" _deployOffset | [_side,_front,_up] array to offset the deployable when buiding | array | [0,2,1] _packDistance | how close does the packer need to be to pack the object? | number | 5 _damageLimit | item can't be repacked if damage is > this. (-1 = no re-packing) | number | 0.1 _packAny | can anyone repack the deployable? | bool | false _cargo | clear the cargo of the deployable? | bool | false _ammo | should vehicle ammo be cleared? (does not persist through restart) | bool | true _hive | write deployable to database? | bool | false _plot | require a plot from the owner to build the deployable? | bool | false _simulation | enable simulation (movement/damage) for the object? (true for cars) | bool | true _road | enable road building for this object? | bool | true _deployables | array of class names that can be deployed with this method | array | ["MMT_Civ"] _near | array of items required nearby to build (workshop/fire/fueltank) | array | [] _parts | array of parts required to build (will be taken from player) | array | ["ItemToolbox"] _condition | string of code to evaluate to determine whether action is shown | string | "!(isNull player) && {(getPlayerUID player) in DZE_DEPLOYABLE_ADMINS}" DZE_DEPLOYABLE_NAME_MAP array -- allows you to rename the deployable (on the right click/messages) format (note no comma after last array entry) DZE_DEPLOYABLE_NAME_MAP = [ [_class,_name], [_class,_name], [... more ...] ]; array parameters parameter | description | type | example --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- _class | class name of the item you want to replace the name of | string | "Notebook" _name | new name to display when right clicking | string | "Macbook Pro" Change Log version | change --------|------- 2.8.2 | updates for 1.0.6! Thanks @ebaydayz! 2.8.1 | fix from SchwEde that should fix bike not moving. Thanks @SchwEde! 2.8.0 | option to clear vehicle ammo 2.7.1 | better exit reasons 2.7.0 | option to add condition for showing action in config 2.6.1 | fix for unrideable bikes 2.6.0 | road building options, deployable name mapping 2.5.1 | fix a bug where preview items would sometimes disappear 2.5.0 | now uses a modified epoch building system to deploy the objects 2.4.3 | better click actions build conflict detection 2.4.2 | updated for new click actions handler build 2.4.1 | fixed deployables spawning in locked after restart 2.4.0 | multi-part deployables. yay! 2.3.1 | big fix on packing temp objects 2.3.0 | optional saving to database with post-restart memory of deployed items (see warning below about this) | configurable damage limits on re-packing | admin list for packing/deploying instantly & being able to remove all deployables 2.2.1 | positioning fix for deployed items 2.2.0 | option for clearing cargo of spawned items 2.1.0 | change way dependency call is made, only one line needed in init.sqf now for setup 2.0.0 | major update, allow multiple deployables, pretty much any class 1.1.0 | configuration options / code optimization 1.0.0 | release Issues/FAQ 1) people are getting kicked for createvehicle restriction when building a stone wall open your battleye filter createvehicle.txt and change this line 5 "Fort_" !="Fort_RazorWire" !="Fort_RazorWirePreview" to this: 5 "Fort_" !="Fort_RazorWire" !="Fort_RazorWirePreview" != "Fort_StoneWall_EP1" 2) I am using "A Plot For Life" and this is not working!
  3. Hi Epoch community, Have you ever wanted a way for players to be able to see your server rules while in-game? Are you tired of repeating yourself with simple answers to simple questions? Looking for a different way to deploy items or call certain scripts? Our community uses mostly scripts from this awesome epoch community. Its our time to give back :) I've decided to make a release version of my GUI for everyone to use. Download UPDATED FOR 1061: https://github.com/theduke77/Custom-Menu Or follow this link https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43462-release-custom-gui-menu-updated-for-1061/In the video, i have my community colors in the GUI, the release version I tried to match the zupa colors. Video I've received tremendous help from SHIX. Most of the credit goes to him for explaining to me how to do this. also, I've used the code he provided as a template and built this from that. He kindly allowed me to share with all of you Ok, now for the fun part. This is NOT for someone new to the world of epoch server management. (probly because of my instructions lol) This is NOT a plug-n-play addon. You must configure all the files and customize the menu I would strongly suggest you have a test server to be able to test it as you create new pages. Try one page to make sure it looks good, then go from there. If you want to change the colors of stuff, check out the options section before creating pages. I will do my best to explain to the best of my knowledge. I'm far from being a coder lol Tools required Notepad ++ PBO Tool patience...with my instructions ;) TextView (optional) Installation: How to create new pages OPTIONAL Known issues Many thanks to SHIX. Without him explaining this GUI stuff to me I wouldn't of made it lol Thanks to Kill Zone kids blogs, they are amazing to learn from. Hope you guys enjoy it. I will support this to the best of my knowledge :) 16/02/2017 UPDATE Thank you to @Casual_Jeff for this 1.0.6 FIX
  4. There are a number of Action Menus out there, but all of the ones I have found have outdated scripts or are plagued with a large number of bugs that render half of the scripts unusable. Because of this, I had created my own for use with my server and decided to go ahead and release it for all of you to use it if you wish. To my knowledge there are not bugs in this. If you happen to find any please report them, but I don't believe there are any game-breaking bugs. Features: Build a bike Build a mozzie Flip a vehicle right-side up Krix's Self Blood Bag Server Rules (So players can always know the rules) Suicide Dance/Workout movements Animal transforms have been fixed (added zombie transform too) If you have some ideas that you would like added into it and the community as a whole would like these features, I will add them if possible. Installation, changes, additional information, FAQ, credits, issues and everything else can be found at the project page: Custom Action Menu on GitHub Error Reporting: BEFORE posting an issue on Github or on this forum: Review the installation instructions and be sure you've done every step EXACTLY as stated. They are not forgiving. If one step is done incorrectly, it won't work. Check your server's RPT log for errors. This will identify 99% of problems with the menu. Be ready to copy/paste the RPT log into Pastebin or Gist in an issue or in the discussion forum for help with troubleshooting. If all else fails, install these tools onto a fresh, unedited mission.pbo and server.pbo to get it working, then start installing additional addons/mods one at a time until the admin tools break in order to identify the conflict. If your problem persists after doing the above: Do a quick search on this forum for a fix to your problem. If you do not find a fix to your problem: post your problem on forum If the problem you are posting is a bug and not a general install problem then post it to this forum and to the github issues page. Notable work: Krix for blood bag My buddy grave for compilation and server rules setup Don't know how to code, but still want to help? Donate! I also accept Crypto Currency: Bitcoin: 1GkzMzwnVwVpnUCVFaAyLDsgD9cqSfigdm Litecoin: LbUrUxXzA557VeTWXM8jP7hNf3uZHEqW5b
  5. Hey, i working on deployable drug plants. Using right click on a shovel. and using the old deploy bike script. The plant spawn fine. but when i extract the drug, this plant explote. and kill me:) heres the drug.sqf and the call for extra_rc.hpp (this work fine) and i put "fiberplant" into variables.sqf in section: dayz_allowedObjects = []
  6. Hello community, With a lot of hard work and amazing help from GZA, we were able to get Virtual Garage to work on our hosted test server. Here is the link to his awesome script https://seafile.zomb...u/d/1cdde343bd/! GZA uses deploy his garages. I don't want to use this large script for just this single reason. I was hoping someone in this awesome community with the knowledge of scripting would be able to develop an addon that would allow the following: 1) Allow the item to be purchased from a trader eg. gem. 2) Deployment of: Land_MBG_Garage_Single_A Land_MBG_Garage_Single_B Land_MBG_Garage_Single_C Land_MBG_Garage_Single_D Helipad 3) Allow the player to adjust positioning of the garage or helipad before placement. 4) Have the item consumed after garage or helipad is placed. I can't wait to see if someone is able to come up with something that works. This could be a great way to help with database performance by reducing the amount of cars on the server. Also help reduce the complaints of players vehicles "disappearing". Thanks in advance!!
  7. Im using a version of right click deploy bike script, making use of maca's right click system. Anyways I'm trying to do 2 things. 1. Im trying to allow an interrupt which will cancel the build when the player moves. For example if the player is deploying the bike and gets shot at and needs to cancel the build. 2. Currently my deploy script nicely places the bike in front of you. But I have seen servers which attach the buildable to the player, and allows the player to move the buildable into position before placing it. Obviously the 2 would have to work together, so that moving to place the buildable doesn't cancel the build until you've actually started to build it. Here is my current deploy script. Here is an example of what Im talking about. Although I dont want to use the EVD script which he is using and has modified. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oASs2_RUX88&feature=youtu.be Thanks for any help!
  8. Hello All, So I have a custom Deploy Bike script however I can't figure out why the menu to deploy the bike will not work. Just wondering if anyone wouldn't mind taking a look and seeing what I might be doing wrong. The folders are named correctly and I am not getting any errors in my RPT file. Here is what I have at the very end of my fn_selfactions.sqf: //BIKE DEPLOY if ("ItemToolbox" in _weapons) then { hasBikeItem = true; } else { hasBikeItem = false;}; if((speed player <= 1) && hasBikeItem && _canDo) then { if (s_player_deploybike < 0) then { s_player_deploybike = player addaction[("<t color=""#007ab7"">" + ("Deploy Bike") +"</t>"),"custom\Spawn_Bike\deploy.sqf","",5,false,true,"", ""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_deploybike; s_player_deploybike = -1; }; //PACK BIKE if((_isBike) and _canDo) then { if (s_player_deploybike2 < 0) then { s_player_deploybike2 = player addaction[("<t color=""#007ab7"">" + ("Re-Pack Bike") +"</t>"),"custom\Spawn_Bike\pack.sqf","",5,false,true,"", ""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_deploybike2; s_player_deploybike2 = -1; Deploy.sqf private ["_Secondary"]; Deploy=nil; canAbort = true; DamiSpawn = [ ["Deploy Bike Confirmation",true], ["Are you sure?", [-1], "", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "0"], ["", [-1], "", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "0"], ["No", [2], "", -5, [["expression", "Deploy=false;"]], "1", "1"], ["Yes", [3], "", -5, [["expression", "Deploy=true;"]], "1", "1"], ["", [-1], "", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "0"], ["Exit", [-1], "", -3, [["expression", "Deploy=false;"]], "1", "1"] ]; showCommandingMenu "#USER:DamiSpawn"; waitUntil {((!isNil 'Deploy')||(commandingMenu == ""))}; if (isNil 'Deploy') then {Deploy=false;}; if (Deploy) then { canAbort = false; player removeAction s_player_deploybike; player playActionNow "Medic"; r_interrupt = false; player removeWeapon "ItemToolbox"; _dis=10; _sfx = "repair"; [player,_sfx,0,false,_dis] call dayz_zombieSpeak; [player,_dis,true,(getPosATL player)] spawn player_alertZombies; sleep 6; _object = "Old_bike_TK_INS_EP1" createVehicle (position player); _object setVariable ["ObjectID", "1", true]; _object setVariable ["ObjectUID", "1", true]; player reveal _object; cutText [format["You've used your toolbox to build a bike! How magical!"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; r_interrupt = false; player switchMove ""; player playActionNow "stop"; sleep 10; cutText [format["Warning: Spawned bikes DO NOT SAVE after server restart!"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; } else { systemChat ("Deploy canceled."); }; Pack.sqf private ["_dis","_sfx","_targetBike"]; if (dayz_combat == 1) then { cutText [format["You are in combat and cannot re-build your bike."], "PLAIN DOWN"]; } else { _targetBike = cursorTarget; player removeAction s_player_deploybike2; player playActionNow "Medic"; r_interrupt = false; sleep 2; player addWeapon "ItemToolbox"; _nearbybikes = (getPosATL player) nearObjects ["Old_bike_TK_INS_EP1", 5]; {deletevehicle _x;} forEach _nearbybikes; _dis = 5; _sfx = "repair"; [player,_sfx,0,false,_dis] call dayz_zombieSpeak; [player,_dis,true,(getPosATL player)] spawn player_alertZombies; sleep 8; cutText [format["You have packed your bike and got back your toolbox!"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; r_interrupt = false; player switchMove ""; player playActionNow "stop"; }; Thank you for taking the time to look. ; )
  9. Hello. Just wondering if anyone ever got this to work: http://dayz.st/w/Deployable_Bike/Motorcycle/GyroCopter ? I've installed it and nothing happens when you have a tool box and scroll wheel or right click the tool box. No option comes up. The way it is meant to work is you scroll wheel and click 'Deploy Bike'. You can then upgrade your deployed bicycle to a motor bike if you have 1 scrap metal and 1 engine part. You can then upgrade your motor bike to a gyrocopter if you have another scrap metal and MRA. Any help is appreciated!
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