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Found 16 results

  1. Hello there, just want to release DZAI for the new Epoch version. This addon is not made by me. The original author is SnarkIndustries. Visit his GitHub: https://github.com/SnarkIndustries Sadly, he is no longer active and also his donation link is suspended, so I can just give some credits. Special thanks to Salival who updated the addon. I just updated the install instructions, cleaned up the repository a bit and fixed broken links and paths. Download and installation is provided on salivals github. https://github.com/oiad/DZAI Greetz Relentless :)
  2. Hello i created my server from this thread: . How to fix it?
  3. Hi guys, I've had requests for a pack of all my mods that i've written or updated tested and working so here it is. Everything is tested as working but there may be little things I have missed, I've done all the installs the way I like to do them (super anal ocd) The pack comes with Battleye filters. # Supported mods: Bury Bodies Click Actions Deploy Anything Garage Door Opener Locate Vehicle Safe Zone Relocate Service Points Take Clothes Virtual Garage Vehicle Key Changer Remote Vehicles Please visit: https://github.com/oiad/modPack for more information.
  4. This is the official Epoch 1.0.7 Release. Thanks to everbody who took part on this especially helion4. Changelog: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/Release_1.0.7/CHANGE LOG 1.0.7.txt Report bugs: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/issues/2123 Download via Google Drive at the moment: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z94OU_-yz8SGz14Se2txNbcIYu8sEV-p The password for the Server Files is: 123456 Edit: Epoch 1.0.7 is now in the DayZ Launcher. Unfortunately Epoch got completely removed. Server Admins have to update to Epoch 1.0.7 now.
  5. Deploy Anything in version 3.0.1 updated for Epoch 1.0.7. https://github.com/oiad/deployAnything
  6. Hi guys, Here's my version of Virtual Garage, it's not far off a full rewrite but includes some of the original code that the original author contributed. Fixes a lot of problems and adds a lot of newer features: Single UI for storing/retrieving vehicles Dynamic pricing based on vehicle type/classname Dynamic limits based on vehicle type/classname Adds support for removing a helipad nearby Able to see storage in stored vehicles RPT logging for storing/retrieving vehicles Fixes dupes for more than 2 people depositing the same vehicle Supports briefcases and coins Localization support (currently german and russian) Please see my github repo for install instructions: https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage
  7. Please consider joining our customised Epoch | DayZ | Expansion | Namalsk servers, we have 2 long term Admins on both UK/US continents and run our servers completely for charity and from 100% clean and renewable energy too! https://discord.gg/eyMymYv DayZSA Expansion Namalsk | DayZSA Expansion Takistan | A2 DayZ Epoch Namalsk (Stalker) | | CPU: Xeon-X5690 @ 3.46GHz RAM: 16GB Storage: SSD Stalker Exclusion Zone Time2Kill Epoch Namalsk (1.0.7/144629) Contents: Epoch Content: - Single Currency Traders & Global Banking tied to your Player ID and NOT your character. (keeps rubles after death) - 200 new zombie models, over 100 new weapons and magazines with attachment support - New Vehicles and trucks, skins, backpacks, items, planes, helis even a submarine - New weapon sounds, Backpack Upgrades, Vehicle Upgrades, Tons of new clothing - Over 30 new base building items like a drawbridge, metal and wood gates, glass floors and many more - Epoch AntiHack, Trader SafeZones, Refundable Base Deconstruction! - Two Primaries, No Stamina Limit, One Step Building, No Plot, Self Bloodbag, Kill Feed, Group System(press F5) Namalsk Content: - Customized Harsh Weather System - Dynamic Snow/Blizzards and Storms! Warm Clothing at hero/bandit zones - Namalsk EVR Blowouts Events - Blood Sucker Monsters! (Note: Killing Strelok will destroy his "PSY" abilities and no more Bloodsuckers will spawn until mission restart) - APSI Masks and Mutant Heart Crystal Artefacts! Stalker Content: - STALKER Factions: Monolith = Bandit Duty = Hero - Stalker Faction Skins at Traders Hero/Bandit - Strelok - Bloodsucker PSY Leader | Search the exclusion zone for tips - Mutant Heart Artefact Crystal - Radioactive Exclusion Zone! (Must have Stalker Hazmat suit to survive here) AI faction Monolith patrols this island heavily Custom Content: - Navy Zone - Military Airfield Zone - LandBridge Zone - Intro Radio Broadcast Story and secret radio broadcasts in the exclusion zone - Roaming AI groups. 1 AI Helicopter Patrol and several Land/Sea Patrols, AI bandits, AI Heros - AI Mission system, AI Cash Wallets, AI Humanity/Cash Rewards System - Custom Player Skins - Vorkuta Hospital - ADDED: over 150 Base Building Kits to traders - Money on Zombies/AI 10-100 // Min/Max - Taking Clothes from the dead Added - Vehicle Towing added - Vehicle Service Stations Added. (Service for coins) - Spawn selection added - Choice Land/Air Spawn(c130 drop), Loadout Spawn Hero/Bandit lvl 1-3 - Custom Server loadingScreen Added - Stalker of course - Craft Bicycle | Craft Mozzi (Press TAB) - Set Custom View Distances (TAB) Server is password protected and will remain so due to the low price of CD keys for this game. To access the server please join the discord "Server Announcements Channel" will have all the info you need to connect. Your admins for this server are "DarkIQ" and "Harkness"
  8. From what I see this was made by user matt-d-rat about 6 years ago. All i did was light up a few smokes and update all the old variable names to get it running on our 1062 + 107 servers from which we use a lot of scripts from here so here is a contribution back from me. I only added Epoch Vehicles in there. Original Instructions Original Thread All you need to do is follow matt-d-rats Original Instructions above, But instead of using the old files he made use my edited versions below mf-tow\init.sqf mf-tow\tow_AttachTow.sqf mf-tow\tow_DetachTow.sqf
  9. Release of salivals Crack Lockables script updated for Epoch 1.0.7. All information here: https://github.com/oiad/crackLockables
  10. Hey guys, this is the release of my O9 Gambling Script. If you like to add this feature to your server you can do it now with that offical release. Go to github download and install the files: O9 Gambling Script If you have cards you get a free gambling try. You can gamble for 1000, 2000 and 3000 Coins and get the price 1x, 2x and 3x. The script is not optimized but it works out of the box and can be used with overpoch.
  11. Hi, Here's a script I wrote that does the following from right clicking your key in your toolbelt: Unlock/lock vehicle. Turn engine on/off. Eject players not in your group. Thanks to @Pattohfor the idea for this script. For downloading and install instructions, see my github: https://github.com/oiad/remoteVehicle
  12. Hi, Here's my version of @OtterNas3 vehicle key changer. It was subsequently modified by @Grahame for epoch 1.0.6. Updated for 1.0.7. This adds support for briefcases, gems and coins as well as using the epoch vehicle upgrade system to do the key changing/claiming. * original discussion url: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/5972-release-vehicle-key-changer-for-making-masterkey-v-14-updated-06152014/ * updated discussion url: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43048-release-vehicle-key-changer-for-making-masterkey-v-141-updated-for-epoch-106/ Github link with install directions: https://github.com/oiad/vkc **EDIT* Link to a working locate Vehicle script that is able to find multiple vehicles per key: **** For Epoch only **** >> Download << Visit this link: https://github.com/oiad/vkc/tree/vkc-Epoch-
  13. Hi guys, Here's an in vehicle garage door opener I wrote a while ago, Original idea was from Sanbird. It will scan while you're inside a vehicle for either a locked cinder or a locked wooden door, providing you have access to it, it will allow you to open/close it from inside the car. https://github.com/oiad/garageDoorOpener **** For Epoch only **** >> Download << Visit this link: https://github.com/oiad/garageDoorOpener/tree/garageDoorOpener-Epoch-
  14. Tested as working on a blank Epoch 1.0.7 This adds support for multiple vehicles per key (https://github.com/oiad/vkc) Designed to be light weight and optimized. REPORTING ERRORS/PROBLEMS Please, if you report issues can you please attach (on pastebin or similar) your CLIENT rpt log file as this helps find out the errors very quickly. To find this logfile: C:\users\<YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Arma 2 OA\ArmA2OA.RPT Install: This uses Click Actions by Mudzereli as a dependancy: https://github.com/mudzereli/DayZEpochDeployableBike/tree/master/overwrites/click_actions LocateVehicle GitHub Repo >> Download << **** For Epoch only **** >> Download << Visit this link: https://github.com/oiad/locateVehicle/tree/locateVehicle-Epoch-
  15. Hi, Since Zabn is MIA I have updated his Take Clothes script to 1.0.7 compatible. Github with install instructions and download location: https://github.com/oiad/TakeClothes **** For Epoch only **** >> Download << Visit this link: https://github.com/oiad/TakeClothes/tree/Epoch_1.0.6.2 (original install url: http://opendayz.net/threads/release-zabns-take-clothes-2-0.19290/) (original discussion url: http://opendayz.net/threads/help-discussion-zabns-take-clothes.13198/)
  16. Hi guys, Here's my version of the bury/butcher body script. Focus'd on optimization and cleanliness. * Tested as working on a blank Epoch 1.0.7 server * Contains a server side scheduler module to clean up old weapon crates, graves and crosses after 25 minutes. * Removes the flies sound when body is buried for performance. To download: https://github.com/oiad/buryBodies **** For Epoch only **** >> Download << Visit this link: https://github.com/oiad/buryBodies/tree/Epoch_1.0.6.2
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