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  1. if you don't like traders, you are probably wrong with epoch, you should play normal DayZ then. Epoch was made for traders and object ownerships.
  2. It doesn't prevent zombies in safezones tho. It just disabled their aggression. Means they still walk through the safezones but they won't attack anyone.
  3. https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/45094-how-to-report-bugs-and-getting-help/
  4. Disgusting that you stick your head into a rabbit
  5. DZAI needs an update anyways, more a rewrite since it not coded very well.
  6. That's not possible with DZAI, that's simply not supported. You could add it yourself if you want to.
  7. You can adjust the skill level of an AI by simple commands. Look in the DZAI, WAI, DZMS repositories how it's done there. The health could be a problem tho. That would need an external scripts which makes the AI invulnerable as long as you want to (e.g. for 50 hits).
  8. Still need somebody who knows perl very well to update the writer.pl otherwise linux can't be supported.
  9. Do you have this? DZE_AllowedObjects = ["MetalFloor_Preview_DZ"];
  10. Then you are using another map than chernarus and copied the wrong trader files. That's not the fualt of ZSC. You just installed it wrong.
  11. You actually have to talk there in order to get help. I thought this was self-explanatory.
  12. Cool idea, thanks for sharing
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