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  1. Thanks again for the rapid reply. Still no joy... I'll double-check my server_traders.sqf against the Category header files and get back to you. Thanks for the help. Update: IT WORKS!! Still getting that script not found message though after removing it from my _files = [......] list in mission_check.sqf Thanks for the pointers salival. The guys are going to love this.
  2. @salival Ok, so my stubbornness got the better of me and I decided to persue my dream of a Panthera map with ZSC. (whilst my Napf server is entertaining a couple of people in the mean time) Would you be willing to guide me while I "Frankenstein" it together? I've done the following thus far: 1. Created a server_traders.sqf derived from \z\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\server_traders\panthera2.sqf and verified the "tid" in my database traders_data table 2. Backed up scripts\traders\server_traders.sqf and replaced it with my new server_traders.sqf 3. call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\traders\server_traders.sqf"; in the mission init.sqf 4. execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\traders\panthera2.sqf"; to add the trader agents I haven't bothered editing anything in the dayz_code\configs\cfgServerTrader.hpp and Category headers, as they seem to be common to all maps. Now I get a "Sctrip server_traders.sqf not found" warning before entering the game and the inventory of som traders are still empty... <-- This seems to be the big clue (side note: this is for me alone and I do not intend to distribute it at all without due permission from the original authors)
  3. Thanks for the quick reply salival. Well that's quite unfortunate (for me)... I quite enjoyed Panthera. :) I'll just save myself some time and host a different / supported server.
  4. Hi guys. I'm having quite an odd problem vir my ZSC installation. Background: I've just installed a clean copy of Dayz Epoch Panthera and only added admin tools. Everything is running as expected. Only notable change that I made is to move the server_traders.sqf from the root of the mission file to the scripts\traders (backing up the default Chernarus sqf), as the Panthera *.sqf isn't supplied with ZSC. This all works fine with the standard Gold currency. The Problem: As soon as I add ZSC to the server, the traders "lose" most their inventory. Only certain inventory items remain such as "Attacments" at the weapons dealer. No weapons are displayed. I've even recreated the Epoch database and verified the IDs in the database match those specified in the server_traders.sqf. Any ideas on where I might start searching for the cause of the problem?