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  1. missing the Epoch key server side? DayZ_Epoch1062.bikey
  2. There is no problem with trees in 1.3 the issue is clients using 1.2 when the server is running 1.3 as the bikey still lets the old version in. Just get them to upgrade to 1.3 and all is fixed. Change log for 1.3 - Optimized island (removed another 5000 trees, and made openings in forests) I guess they are cutting down trees that are not there server side.
  3. Thank you Zupa that may save the last few hairs on my head I will keep an eye on that forum
  4. If someone has fixed the double humanity thing please let us know it driving me mad. I will take another look the weekend to see if I can find out what is causing it.
  5. Everything is working fine but I have peoples humanity doubling on death. I have searched the forums and found a few people with the doubling humanity issue but cannot see a fix anywhere can someone help me out?
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