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  1. [Relese] Plot Boundaries v1.0 [BugHuntin]

    1062 hasnt been released yet
  2. [RELEASE] DZAI for 1.0.6+

    @Schalldampfer na didnt work :( maybe will eventually get added as default in an update
  3. [RELEASE] DZAI for 1.0.6+

    ty for the reply. i will test this tomorrow when i am able and let you know
  4. [RELEASE] DZAI for 1.0.6+

    @Schalldampfer i know this works when you are the gunner of vehicle but is there a way for it to work with say an armed littlebird or mi17 rockets? you are the pilot and gunner but doesnt seem to give humanity the way a vehicle with a driver and a separate gunner works.
  5. @salival you mentioned 1062. do you happen to know when its released? i know its off topic for this post but thought ide ask hehe
  6. I am having an issue with deployable weapons like the D30_TK_GUE_EP1 or any other varients saving to the data base. Anyone know how to fix this? I have the _hive option set to true. Other than that everythign else is just fine. Even buildings save to database but just not static weapons.
  7. Hello. I was wondering if there was a way for when players take down their own wall or door for the item to go back into their inventory instead of it being deleted.
  8. Release: Local Server Messages

    @juandayz thank you very much!
  9. Release: Local Server Messages

    needs to be called with execVM "YOUR\PATH\msg.sqf"; in the if (!isDedicated) then { where do you put this? init.sqf? @Cherdenko
  10. The Lonely World ** [Epoch]Coins[Fullmil,HighLoot,CustomMissions] Chernarus IP: Port:2302 1 Mill Start coins (no bank (takes risk away if there was)) Tow/Lift Adv Trading Self Blood Deploy mozzie/bike Deploy Buildings/Static Weapons (example: mansion, houses, air port hanger, AGS Static, DSHkM Mini TriPod) DZMS (also custom made missions) Service Point Safe Zones Higher Than Average Loot High FPS Active Admins Humanity Based Spawn/traders And Much More! thelonelyworld.enjin.com/ Discord.gg/pgFND9Y TS: ts12.gamersvoip.net:9991
  11. Hacked Vehicles

    @Blestda86ta do you happen to know a way to add radar to vehicles that dont have radar using this script? or any other means?
  12. Hacked Vehicles

    @Blestda86ta thank you!
  13. Hacked Vehicles

    @Hooty How do you add the customized vehicles into a trader? And also have the regular vehicles in the trader aswell?