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  1. nova

    Fully Integrated Vector Building System

    does this work for exile? pretty new to arma 3 modding so i dont know if epoch stuff can work in exile lol
  2. nova

    [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    @JasonTM Ty for your reply. Can I ask another question? Where can you set the loot for each individual mission or can you? Each mission seems to spawn the same things.
  3. nova

    [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    @JasonTM do you have any idea how to take away static weapons? in config.sqf i put "ai_static_weapons = [""]; // static guns" and static weapons still show up.
  4. nova

    [RELEASE] DZAI for 1.0.6+

    @pudgess is this what you mean?
  5. nova

    [Release] Anti Combat Log

    guess not :(
  6. ah thanks. ur right it was missing. thx for fast reply
  7. @salival there seems to be an error in client rpt: everything seems to be working its just spamming client rpt hard. i think about 20 lines a sec
  8. nova


    you guys need a support group haha
  9. nova

    [RELEASE] RLNT Weapon HUD (21.01.2018, v1.1.0)

    This looks simply amazing!!! well done guys. I'm gunna try this soon
  10. well @salival.. an old friend show me the way.. i dont wanna say his name cuz you gonna get crazy,,, but here is the code for take clothes from ai and from players too.. later you can clean it a little ( my friend way dsnt save the groups if players are in group)..and you can add it latter to the list of ALL YOUR MODS........my friend give you permission but fix the player wear clothes over players using that skins and fix Ai dsnt attack players on other skin faction.... *Allow players to wear clothes from dead ai. *Allow admins to define what skins can be taken *Allow admins to add any kind of model from other factions in ESSV3 in (class spawn) (be care, some models have a small inventory and others do not allow backpacks) *Skins are saved after restart. *Ai still attack players of his same faction. example a player wearing an east side model. *That skins are allowed to use "wear clothes" over default item clothes with right click. *Zabans normal Take Clothes work with that update too. *Issues- If players are in group.. the group get lost after change for this skins, but they can join again. 1-open your custom variables.sqf and at very top paste: (you can change the list of skins.. this ones was tested and all of they allow carry backpacks and have normal inventorys. BUT WARNING DO NOT PUT MODELS DEFINED AS TRADERS in server_traders = []; otherway that bots gonna have the option to trade. PASTE: 2-Now you need asign the boths from the variables.sqf list in your missions files. (WAI.DZAI.DZMS.EVENTS..whatever) A-For WAI for example: \@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\WAI\config.sqf 2-B- For DZAI for example:\@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\DZAI\init\DZAI_config.sqf 3-Open your custom compiles.sqf and made this call into !dedicated section: 4-into mpmissions\your isntance\dayz_code\compile\ create player_wearClothes.sqf and paste this code inside: 5-change your takeClothes.sqf by this one. 6-Open your ESSV3 folder spawn/main.sqf find: BELOW PASTE: FIND: below paste:
  11. nova

    AI Heli Patrols

    That I believe wont be possible cause a.i can only shoot what they can see. Unless of course someone else knows how to make it so. But I never heard of it. You can bump their difficulty in distance though. However maybe you can try in dzai_config.sqf, search for DZAI_skill0 = [ and below that look for ["spotDistance",0.60,0.89], change the 2nd number (60) to maybe 80 to test. If i'm right that would be 80 meters. If that works then see if 100 works and so on. If im wrong mods please correct me