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  1. That I can't be too sure of :/ I haven't touched arma for so long I have forgotten. However does it spam the rpt over and over? If not and if it still works then I wouldn't worry about it too much. But if it becomes a problem then perhaps someone else knows a fix for it. If so i'll add it to the main post.
  2. @Reaper5150 just to be clear that code of yours is for server_maintainarea.sqf right? mine is very different i just wanna make sure lol
  3. hello. i'm having a bit of an issue with maintain. you are still able to maintain the parts however after maintain, force maintain and even picking up the plot and putting it down the text still says x amount of parts need to maintained. anyone with this issue? kinda worrying me lol
  4. anyone know why this isnt saving to database? gets deleted after a restart. but all other names i have in just like it works fine.
  5. try this in ahconfig.sqf. if not then im out of ideas haha
  6. @Vladick AHconfig.sqf i believe you are looking for
  7. @JasonTM awesome ty! ill give this a go later tonight when i can.
  8. if you were to have a full brief and any gem and use the combine bars you would get a ruby. depending on what the worth of stuff on the server that could be a huge dupe. for my server a brief is worth 100k and a citrin i believe is 80k and a ruby is 2 mill to sell.
  9. the dayz_maxMaxWeaponHolders = 200; is there a specific area in the init.sqf you need to put? seems like loot amount doesnt change and 2 out of 5 barracks have loot. i have it set just under this:
  10. @A Man yeah i just tried it and worked I appreciate it. also @Mig i appreciate your time aswell. ty both!
  11. you can access your bank at the safe (vault)? i cant for what ever reason :( i revert back to what i have before the changes and it works.
  12. @Mig I do your steps and works however I found an issue. The issue is I can no longer access the bank at a safe. When I try and access the bank it keeps saying i'm already banking at the bottom of the screen. after that I am still able to deploy a bike and all that so i dont believe its fn_selfactions. Do you happen to know how to fix? I dont see any errors on server and client rpt either.
  13. @Mig Yet again you come to the rescue! You're awesome. Thank you very much!!
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