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  1. Roflmao, Yes, walk up to someones vehicle and put a canteen or 2 of water in their fuel tank
  2. @ViktorReznov, Great Work Another thing to think about is if it is an armed vehicle and it has ammo already in a weapon that it might be able to put the ammo in the box. For example, an ArmoredSUV_PMC and it has 2x magazines in the gun already which have no way of being reclaimed. Make it so when scrapping that there is a chance of getting those magazines back. Just a thought ;)
  3. Yupper, They are going at the end Line #2 in Notepad++ < CUT > represents other exceptions I have on that line. Just removed them for this example
  4. When trying to add a couple vehicles to one of the gems. Why would I get kicked for createvehicle restriction #0 on an LAV25 and not on an LAV25_DZ. I do get a createvehicle.log entry as well for the LAV25_DZ. but it is a createvehicle restriction #9. Which is covered because it ends in _DZ. What I am trying to figure out is how would I add the LAV25 itself. I have tried all manor of exceptions on Line 2 to no avail. For example: !(LAV25) !=(LAV25) !("LAV25") !=("LAV25") !"LAV25" !="LAV25" Here is the createvehicle.log Entry: <DATE> <TIME>: <Player Name> (<IP:PORT>) <GUID> - #0 "LAV25" 3:12 [14304,7224,173]
  5. Thank you for the quick reply @salival. I did install it, Btw, Excellent Instructions. It does work very well with VKC but it only sees one vehicle at a time. So, store one, get in/out of drivers seat for next vehicle and store it, etc. If you set it to not take keys then it is not an issue for a master key
  6. Does this support Vehicle Key Changer (VKC) or does it only store the last vehicle applied to the key?
  7. Zoranth

    Call Car

    Ok, got this working but I have a couple of issues. This can be run on multiple vehicles from the same player at the same time. For example, if someone wanted to be malicious, they could buy a bunch of cheap vehicles, go to the opposite side of the map and call each car one right after the other. This can be run multiple times on the same vehicle which create a bunch of instances of it running that can bog down a server. What do we have to do to limit these actions.
  8. Ok, This is really weird. I think I somewhat solved the mystery and brought up a new mystery. If I have this line in "...\spawn\config.sqf": halo_type = "AN2_DZ"; // Type of plane. Tested with C130J_US_EP1_DZ, AN2_DZ, MV22_DZ. Use "" to disable the plane and use regular HALO. I could not manually open my chute. But, If I change it to: halo_type = "C130J_US_EP1_DZ"; // Type of plane. Tested with C130J_US_EP1_DZ, AN2_DZ, MV22_DZ. Use "" to disable the plane and use regular HALO. Then it works fine. I tried the same thing with the MV22_DZ and it does NOT work either. Only the C130J class of planes work. This was tested with my admin and NON admin account with the same results.
  9. For the life of me I could not find anything wrong causing this issue on the server above. So, I just started putting together a brand new server, Only thing installed is InfiSTAR and ESSv3. Still not getting the option to open the chute as soon as It kicks me out of the plane. No errors in either RPT
  10. @Anyone, What would cause the option to "Open Chute" to disappear from the scroll menu 1-2 seconds after leaving the plane on Halo Spawn in ESS (other than already hitting the ground in a puddle of goo)? Nothing is shown in either RPT's Installed as directed, Checked, double checked, triple checked.
  11. I thought I made that mistake myself Lol. Thank you
  12. @salival Thank you for the fix and update ;)
  13. @[email protected] Thank You, This works Great. and again, Thank You @jack for the original work For anyone that wants to use actual Compass Directions in Degree's instead of Points of the Compass (otherwise known as a Compass Rose) you can change the following: If you want to change the output from being displayed in System Chat to Rolling Messages that are in the middle of your screen. Do the following: You could even have two separate files. One that is activated off of the Map that gives the Points of the Compass (General Direction such as NW, W, SE) to the ore vein. Then have the second file that is activated off of the GPS that gives the actual relative direction from you to the ore vein.
  14. EIther time out or a toggle. Personally I would prefer a toggle
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