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  1. @megaz hely_guard.sqf (by donnovan) at bottom of init.sqf //DDOS Heli Guard execVM "scripts\others\heli_guard.sqf"; original post:
  2. @ViktorReznov awesome!! really like it. do you think you can made fluctuating prize over the server up time? I dont know how is defined DZE_ecoMult but basically something like this? DZE_ecoMult call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; waituntil {(round(time)) > 300}; if (time > 300) then { [nil,nil,rTitleText,"Prices has changes", "PLAIN",10] call RE; DZE_ecoMult call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; }; waituntil {(round(time)) > 1700}; if (time > 1700) then { [nil,nil,rTitleText,"Prices has changes", "PLAIN",10] call RE; DZE_ecoMult call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; };
  3. @Anhor if that way dsnt works.. then lets do everything in the old way. 1-create searchlight.sqf *NOTE: edit items required from the file of above in this lines: 2-open your custom variables.sqf 3-server_monitor.sqf 4-at least call searchlight.sqf with deployanything ["ItemToolbox","DeployLights","execVM 'scripts\searchlight.sqf';","true"],
  4. @theduke @Thug 1-at bottom of server_functions.sqf call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "z\addons\dayz_server\init\flag.sqf"; 2-into dayz_server.pbo\init\ create flag.sqf 3-create the flag.jpg into mpmissions\your instance\scripts\ 4-repack dayz_server.pbo and VERY IMPORTANT also pack your instance.pbo
  5. try make it to the old way. you create in deployanything all about rightclick. Open your server_monitor.sqf and find: _isPlot = _type == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"; below paste: _isSlight = _type == "SearchLIGHT ID HERE"; find: if( (count _inventory > 0) && !_isPlot && !_doorLocked) then { change by: if( (count _inventory > 0) && !_isPlot && !_doorLocked && !_isSLight) then {
  6. check the step 4 if u are adding the s_player_cleanguts -1; 4-custom Variables.sqf Find: //Player self-action handles dayz_resetSelfActions = { below paste s_player_zhide2 = -1; s_player_zhide3 = -1; s_player_cleanguts = -1;
  7. @lwbuk @harcosgoogle maybe im wrong but i think is not possible buy static weapons as crafteable items... only the "M240Nest_DZ" should be work. but not M2 or DSHKM statics weapons. I think he need sell an specific item and create a sqf associated with this item to craft the mounted weapon. and add it to safevehicles variable.
  8. its counts humans murders, _kills = [player getVariable['humanKills', 0]]call BIS_fnc_numberText; not AI. But thers a problem with skins i guess.. skins from civil side killing others do not count the kills.. taked as friendly fire. gonna made a proobe only with west side skins. Edit: @WagnerMello send you by private a new version with all your changes.
  9. i wrote it to let players build houses..but a quick change to do that you want: you need a custom keyboard.sqf and you need put a key to call the sqf from below. ( assume you know how to do it) example with "9" key. if (_dikCode == 0x0A) then {[]execVM "yourpath\admbuildmenu.sqf";}; //#9 key admbuildmenu.sqf (you can add more buildables if u want) admbuild.sqf
  10. ohh i was thinking brazil and germany is in the same continent.. Oceania.. ahha no just a joke America-Europe. Still remember 7-1. you know what im talking about.
  11. in this moiment thers a brazilian server by wagner running it. if u wanna join we are playing now :D
  12. walkamongsthedead.sqf
  13. i think are redundants same as here see: if (_typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_MoneyStorageClasses && {!locked _cursorTarget} && {(_typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_UnLockedStorage)} && {player distance _cursorTarget < 5}) then { but, dont have doubts that the way you write it works.. anyway maybe you put it cuz you defined in the variables.sqf DZE_MoneyStorageClasses = DZE_LockableStorage; and in default variables the two locked ids are defined: DZE_LockableStorage = ["VaultStorage","VaultStorageLocked","LockboxStorageLocked","LockboxStorage"];
  14. @ChrisRedfield well your fn_selfactions seems be fine.. are the same as provided by the mod. the only thing is this redundancy if (_typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_MoneyStorageClasses && {!locked _cursorTarget} && {!(_typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_LockedStorage)} && {player distance _cursorTarget < 5}) then { in the lines in red youre cheking if is not a loked target and if the storage is not defined in variables.sqf as loked: DZE_LockedStorage = ["VaultStorageLocked","LockboxStorageLocked"]; is the same in other way. But i think this works for the others guys. but anyway your issue sounds like youre missing one of player removeAction s_bank_dialog2; s_bank_dialog2 = -1; in somewhere.
  15. but if u still want do it with righ click actions then read it or here you got another