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  1. [HOW-TO] Reskin/Retexture Vehicles

    Thats most likely because of he classname of the vehicle. SUV_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE4 is the Upgraded version of the regular SUV which the classname would be SUV_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE. Notice the 4 is not there at the end. You'll need to add those specific vehicles to your trader files.
  2. increasing the chance is done by the zombie_generate.sqf like A man mentioned, but you need to make sure that the loot file you change (the one in this quote), is also in your mission file. You might need to change some paths.
  3. Skin problem

    those skins dont work in epoch over restarts. Best way to test it is give yourself a skin, soft log and relog to see if you still have it. if you dont, then it wont save. As for the stalker skins, i wouldnt suggest giving it to players, you can repair vehicles without needing parts.
  4. Glitch in dayz mod server!

    if you're not a admin how can you expect it to be legal to teleport? so many script kiddies on arma 2 that most server owners were forced to update their anti hacks to the nitty gritty. Meaning not much can be done unless you REALLY know what you're doing. If you want to teleport around the map, id suggest making your own server and buy infistar
  5. [Release] Suicide Bomb

    this script has AI suicide bombers. might help you. I've tried creating a "mission" with suicide bombers. The problem with that is you need to modify the FSM file in order for the AIs to actually run after you then explode. Donovan gave me permission to use his code to work with, but i was never able to figure it out and eventually gave up. (coding is not my cup of tea lol) GL
  6. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    The only issue ive known that the deploy anything mod caused, was it would overwrite any "right click" mod you had. how do you open the menu?
  7. Not starting up correctly

    What @lwbuk said. Or your database user doesnt have access to the database.
  8. "New Hack"

    Looks like some people in here need new parents. i mean if you go and crash someones server for a laugh, your parents are TRASH. You havnt been raised properly. You parents did a shitty job lol. a damn monkey could of raised you with more respect. and its only going to contribute more degenerate wetards to screw up people. Like the movie idiocracy. get yourself a vasectomy or tubes tied, we dont need more parentless turds in this world ya know... we got enough already.
  9. I would assume infistar versions might have an effect on this. Update to the latest and it shouldnt be a problem. all the group manager does that infistar catches is the dialog box. and like relentless mentioned above, its a simple thing to add if you havnt got the updated infistar. Not having a updated anti hack can cause alot more issues too
  10. Arma2 .pbo error

    Arma with mods can be a B*tch to launch properly. I struggled with it for a long time. But, theres a fool proof way of getting into any server, bypassing the launchers. You just need to to know the IP, port and mods the server uses and use a custom windows batch file. all my servers, i connect to them through bat files. I have 4 servers. Here is the BAT file if ever you run into issues launching mods again. The things you need to pay attention to are the 2 paths, they need to be yours. The IP and port like i mentioned earlier. And the mods. The mods need to be named exactly like in your PC. should be in the arma 2 OA directory. Sometimes the dayz launcher will put your mods in a folder in your documents. But honestly they should be in your arma 2 OA directory. and this BAT file wont work if the mods are NOT in your arma 2 OA folder.
  11. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    I dont have a way to test it at the moment, but im sure if you look at the rules.sqf from the epoch mission it'll show you there. or if you want to do them individually you can do this _rule1title = format ["<t size='0.60' color='#DBA901' align='center'>RULE TITLE HERE<br /></t>"]; Note that the size, color and alignment is there also
  12. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    haha Salival was the one to tell me. credit goes to him
  13. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    ah yes sorry. thats the sqf. I thought you meant blocks of text in the HPP. cant test this and just guessing really lol but i took this from the rules.sqf from the original epoch missions. <br /></t> also the bohemia forums are down for maintenance. so research is dead for now lol if that doesnt work. might want to look in there how they did it for the welcome messages/rules