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  1. I would just grab them from the epoch server files. I copied and pasted this from that, so i might of grabbed something that didnt belong. If you rn the file called recommended sql events, it will add this and the rest of the default epoch cleanup events
  2. Since you're in canada, soyoustart is probly your best bet. Thats who im with, but it is a dedicated box. The price, service and performance cant be beat (its priced in CAD also) For hosting, like a GSP... I would tell you to stay as far away as you can from vilayer and GTX. I havnt been with other GSPs, but i heard survival servers were decent. Others in here might have something different to say about them though lol Most GSPs have the same control panel, so installing mods are a one click install, but only the ones available there, and the SECOND you modify it, with a script that they dont have, you lose their support. They will refuse to help you if you add custom stuff..regardless of your knowledge. Once you setup a dedi, its much simpler to run than a GSP... with the amount of issues GSPs have, you will constantly be sending tickets lol I would still recommend setting up a server on your pc as a test bed Good luck!
  3. you need to open your ports for players to connect to your server. Doing this is a bit tricky, as not all ISPs allow you to do this. My ISP, is wireless internet, the modem is on top of my house. The only way for me to get it working was to access the modem through its IP, called my ISP, got the password to access the modem, opened the ports. Then i went in my router, opened the ports also. Depending on the ports you use (default 2302) and steam ports are 2303 and 2304. you should open 2500 to 2505.
  4. i agree with bigegg, i run with soyoustart. and they have been A1 since we've been with tem
  5. I miss the grinding days of actually playing... Tents, crappy vehicles, no towing... Reminds me of 7 days to die.. lol.. But the reality is, things change. When i started dayz mod, it was grinding and no pvp or pve servers.... you said you were friendly or not.. To me a zombie apocalypse, you work together and save yourself and others from the zombies. I mean, thats my opinion. But then players started shooting other players on sight, because they were too lazy to get their own gear or go play some COD... Then the PVP and PVE environments were born... I mean it makes sense to separate the people that want to play a zombie mod for what its meant for, or the players that are COD ish and make PVP servers... I get it... but there is one thing you need to realize, if every server owner, did it only one way, and that is your way (hardcore survival), your title would not be Reasons why your servers are failing... it would be Reasons why arma 2 server are no longer available! and i bet, the convo would be something along the lines of "you didnt cater to what the players were asking for". So no matter what, you cant please everyone, and doesnt matter what you do or try, it'll never be 100% to everyones liking. so in the end, to me its a catch 22, you're damned if you do, and damned if you dont. (just like having a wife LOL) Reality is this, this is a game, a mod, made to be customized by all. Theres no "set" game type for dayz mods... and as far as arma 2 epoch dying off... I doubt it Its just as popular as a3 epoch and even exile. All you need to do is look at the contributions for the week, month and year... all A2 players..
  6. lmao same exact time we posted
  7. there is a variable in your configvariables.sqf called DZE_isRemovable //Items that can be removed with a crowbar with no ownership or access required. To forbid base take overs remove plot pole from this list and add it to DZE_restrictRemoval. It is not necessary to add wrecks or items that inherit from 'BuiltItems' to this list. and DZE_restrictRemoval //Items that can be removed with a crowbar only with proper ownership or access. It is not necessary to add doors, storage or items that inherit from 'ModularItems' to this list. Items that inherit from 'BuiltItems' can be added to this list if desired.
  8. Of course im pissed... wouldnt you be pissed too if i fked everything you've worked hard for... Oh no wait, you're braindead and not human. You cant comply with morals. but like i said in my original post. karma is a bitch it'll get you back... one way or another it'll bite you back in the arse and you'll think of this convo :)
  9. cleaned up
  10. hooty cant see his post for some reason must of gotten deleted... but people like that need to fall off the face of the earth.. If the game is shit, why TF do you even bother wasting your time, to waste others time. You're nothing but a bully, who shoulda ran down your moms legs, or even better yet, you belong in her a**hole. Fkin pathetic excuse for a human being... go jump off a bridge or something and save us the oxygen for people with morals. You're right, i dont have the knowledge to fully protect myself from kids (yes, i know its probably adults in age, but definately children maturity with that mindset) I sure hope none of these hackers, including you syco have reproduced... I sure hope you know what condoms are because we dont need more assholes like you and them in the world. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have some of these behind the screen mama crying bullies to pull off something like this in my face... Id hit you so damn hard your head would go back in time to find that condom your dad refused to use! so in the meantime... im going to get ready for one hell of a shit show. Hacking servers is childish... lets see what we can really hack into ;)
  11. it seems they are using their hacks, to act like infistar... Basically it used to work in a way that if a hacker came on, admins on the server were not affected by the hacks, because infistar basically made you invisible to the server. And because of that, its not logged. They use their hacks to make all the other players "hack", and in turn infistar autobans everyone. Server restart usually fixes that. But im the least bit worried now.. Going to let t them have at it, collect IPs, and Im going to throw some molten metal at their fire... They will not like what i have up my sleave once i get all the info needed...not to mention i might decided to take care of the persons responsible for this fiasco...as well all know who
  12. I have a few friends that are part of anonymous... anyone willing to PM me IPs, GUIDs and steam PUIDs.... Maybe we can fight fire with fire? lol
  13. Thats why i said, not blaming anyone, sucks these bullies cant find a job and live life normally. I just wish they would have the balls to pull off something like that in my face
  14. lol asking for bitcoins to stop....this isnt phonebooth the movie now.. its arma 2 epoch lol so its exactly like i said, kids with lack of parenting...
  15. So recently there has been a batch of script kiddies locking servers, tping players to one spot and kililng them either with explosion or tp in the air. Then followed by a screeching sound.. I just want to say this. Im sorry, im sorry for you hackers that you have had such shitty parenting, that you must revolt to ruin others gameplay, to make you feel better before you go to bed at night. Im sorry you were abused soo much, that you must piss off others to feel better, really its not you;re fault you've had shitty parents to begin with. But for heavens sake, dont repeat the shitty generations. I mean, this world has enough shitty people as it is. Im sorry you suck so much at PVP, that you you must hack your kills and sit back and laugh while you ruin others gameplay. You;re life is so damn shitty, you bully people online. One thing I belive in is karma, when you spit in the air, it falls back in your face, bad or good. So to the people that come here and hack, and look for communities to ruin, im glad im part of your time spent to try and make you feel better....key word is try here, cause im sure after you hack server you still feel like a turd a$$ because you have no friends in real life. Hackers in games, never go anywhere in life, because they cant go through life the way its meant to be, they try to cheat their way. So you'll just end up like your shitty parents. A waste of good oxygen... Hope you hackers sleep better at night :P EDIT: Here is our latest kid thts been abused and needs to piss off people to make himself feel better Stanley GUID 41cf9d93bd30f38a02e232ce5b21092e Steam PUID 76561198292683044 im not blaming anyone here, but the message along with the hack was "yRun" in red admin chat