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  1. Hacker GUID/IP's

    I cant see anything in the logs sadly.
  2. Hacker GUID/IP's

    we had wolf on our server last night. same GUID. he nuked the server (tried to) an then gave everyone over 300 mil. then spawned FRIENDLY ais in front of players. players didnt know, shot them and lost humanity... Id love to "spawn" myself in RL in front of them and see their faces hahahaha
  3. [HOW-TO] DankHax Prevention

    hackers are parentless humans, they can off themselves for all i care.the world would be a better place. nothing but a waste of oxygen. and @finplayer21 it takes 5 minutes to write a reply to a dumbass like you in these forums. learing sqf, like you said is shitty, to the point of always stopping hackers is pointless. Everytime you stop one turd, another comes along... see the problem is, the reason you do shit like that, is because you know your life is worth shit, so you fuk with others lives to make yourself feel better. a internet bully. good on you for that one, but please, i beg you to try and fuk with me in RL... And @BigEgg you;re right, these are the responses they want, but you know what, at least they are getting a bit of truth on how they are a waste to humanity.... I could a few other things too. but ill keep my mouth shut... Point being is, waste of oxygen, no morals, and please off yourself!!!!!!!!! seriously!!!
  4. [HOW-TO] DankHax Prevention

    LOL lazy and incompetent. WOW wow wow.... Not everyone can write code you know.... so if you think you know how to write code, then others should too right?? then it should be the same for morals... I have morals, i would assume you have too, but wrong, you are dont have morals. thats what you call a hypocrite.... Then you turn around and say your not the hacker, but you run a business. I can only assume you sell hacks... in my eyes thats worst than the hacker.... The way you;re going, i hope one day a real hackers takes control of your life, maybe the car you'll be drivin... any children???? please dont reproduce!!!!!!! We have enough trump mentality in this world...I would love to say a few things to you, but i'm not getting banned from these forums, and probly not worth it..... but people like you, who sit behind a screen and pull off shit like this, would be some fun to have right in front of me right now... Id pull a homer on bart!!! and wouldnt let go period! and yeah im lazy, 90 hours a week plus taking care of my pregnant wife... I have PLENTY of time to sit here and try and figure out these hacks.... like really!!?? come one now... I still tried, spent many hours trying to prevent these hacks... plenty of research. obviously not enough... but i have a life. ill be damn if im going to stop my life for some little child minded brainless hacker. I just wish these people had the balls to come near me in RL.......Dexter all the way!!!
  5. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    open keyboard.sqf supplied in the files. look for [[DIK_TAB], _informenu] call _addArray; Change DIK_TAB to your liking. The dik codes can be found if you google dik codes bohemia
  6. Anyone know that hack?

    Yeah, the latest hackers... they also make a screeching sound from time to time. Can you post his GUID and IP?
  7. [HOW-TO] DankHax Prevention

    Guess you didnt get the karma part lol. So ill try to make this a bit clearer for you. When you spit in the air, it falls back in your face... thats called karma. You do bad things to others in life, bad things happen to you. Thats karma... Point being is, when you get off by ruining someones hard work, because of i dont know, jealousy, or hate, or just mad your mom didnt make slap your dad for not wearing a condom.. dont matter the reason, but when you do try to ruin communities, just know you're a VERY LOW person... Same LOW as thieves that are too lazy to work for a living (i work roughly 90 hrs a week) So one day, after you fail to get a good job, because of your past biting you in the ars, or you get into a car accident, or you know, something really, really, REALLY bad happens to you... think of this convo... and remember KARMA... Karma goes both ways btw.. If you do GOOD, good things happen to you... (im working on building a business to get homeless people off the streets including veterans and handicaps, whom our GOV cares 2 cents for, someone has to) < guess what, good things are happening to me. great things for that matter... These hackers remind me of something funny.... " i started doing this to protect myself, now i just wreck communities because i can and have power and no one can stop me" Great, so now we have dayz players trying to become politicians lol so please, realize that you're only doing wrong to others who work just as hard. You want to do something worth your while, go hack a rothschild bank or something, and wipe all mortgages... now thats something to be proud of.. not hacking arma 2 dayz servers, a mod where its almost dead already lol
  8. [HOW-TO] DankHax Prevention

    yay!!!!!! a fix for parentless humans wasting oxygen.. is it going to rewire their brain too to think rationally? I mean the mentality of these hackers is great, in 10 years they'll be on the street going through garbage cans for food because they screwed and cheated out everyone close to them... I love karma....
  9. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    you need to add the dialog numbers to infistar. Its in the instructions....
  10. Help with a napf bridge.

    You have alot of gems up your sleeve :) interesting method. Thanks for sharing!!
  11. Lingor Traders

    man, i had some lol... wish i seen this before. Sahrani is missing from the mission file also. We completely redid the traders there too. So if they are needed let me know :)
  12. Weird Crash on server

    what happens if you do have custom sounds on your server. will this block those also?
  13. RPT Getting spammed with same error message

    sure no problem. Anything is possible with a bit of work. I managed to get alot of stuff from armaholic on one of my private servers. I do have the gaus rifle on this server, and it is on cherno. https://youtu.be/a42D9bwBkks
  14. RPT Getting spammed with same error message

    This is a weapon strictly for namalsk. you would need to add that mod also for players to download just for that gun. Doable, but takes a bit more work EDIT: also just a heads up. First welcome to the forums :) second (nothing major), this forum here is for mod releases. questions like these need to be, imo either the scripting, server install or general discussion. maybe a mod can clear up which one lol
  15. some Advice please...

    Im just going to use the find and replace function in notepad++. Seems scary, but once you start, its easy going... I made a video for the sanford and son trader we made, which shows how to do the find and replace with symbols.