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  1. try this for your custom_builds.sqf You are using a outdated file. If what i just pasted doesnt work. I would suggest to re-download from my github. NOT from the link in my post.
  2. no to comment a line out in sqf you add 2 forward slashes like this //call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf"; or you can comment out a whole block with /* CODE HERE */ EDIT: I had the block first line wrong, it is now correct lol
  3. ill be honest its been a while lol but in your init.sqf you have these 3 lines call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\variables.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\variables.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\Buildables\variables.sqf"; the first and second line are the same files, the only difference is the second one is yours that you've modified, and the first is the original from epoch. So one might overwrite the other. comment out the first one and see what happens
  4. Epoch 1061 Clean up Scripts

    The first one looks for vehicles that a player might of lost the key. So a purchased vehicle without a key, gets deleted after 2 days The second one deletes map spawn vehicles to allow new ones to spawn, but only if they havnt been touched in 3 days
  5. can you send me your missionfile in a PM
  6. Epoch 1061 Clean up Scripts

    I personally always had problems with the events. I ended up making a SQL file and on each restart it runs on the database... But i also have a dedicated box. Since you are using GTX, using PHPmyadmin you should have a button on the home page about events, and it lets you turn them on and off.
  7. how to get arma 2 gui editor to work

    anything you've saved in arma 3 editor CAN be imported back. missionConfigFile >> "MenuClass" the line above will import a already created menu called menuclass http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=33368 post #2
  8. Next Update

    at least his friends arnt hackers hahahahaha
  9. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    @salival sent you the french translation in discord
  10. auto claim missions

    @totis you should setup a test server on your pc and make the changes on your pc instead of the live server. This way you can test things right away without affecting the players. Theres a detailed guide somewhere in these forums. do a search for "70 detailed steps" and im sure you'll find it.
  11. auto claim missions

    This is for the event missions. but im sure you could use parts of this to get what you need. The only thing is adding it next to the mission name itself. i think the best way would be to add an extra marker. We have PVE servers too, our rule is you can only claim once you are READY to shoot. we dont have a set distance, it caused problems having a distance. For the most part players have no problems following the rules. and when new players come on the server, the vets make sure everyone is on the same page which is great. Another issue with auto claim would be a player driving by not noticing hes ran by a mission and the marker would appear as claimed.
  12. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    yes this was a problem i encountered. Each PBO you want, it has a config.cpp. At the top of the config.cpp, it will tell you what addon that pbo is dependable on So for example the gaus rifle also needed a core namalsk pbo, called nsdayz, and if its not shown in the config.cpp then it will throw an error on startup saying you are missing certain addons...
  13. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    @Anhor This is my BAT or like relentless said, also called batch file. Paste this in a text file and save it as client.bat on your desktop Make sure your PATHS to ARMA 2 OA and Steam are correct... those are my paths Also the port and IP need to be yours. The mod line is crucial for your custom mod pack. Basically follow @juandayz instructions for the client set [email protected]_Overwatch;@DayZ_Epoch1061;@custommod Once you double click that, it will launch you straight into the server.
  14. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    I signed all my pbos, why i dont know lol My server is whitelisted, so really i could of just turned off verify signatures.. but I started and figured id finish. This is a good video explaining how to sign PBOs... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_73AEBoTGuk Really the only reason you would sign them, is if you make the server public. But anyone joining your server without the mod, will see players flying in invisible helis or vehicles and they will get errors...My way to make sure that didnt happen was whitelisting it and making sure the players downloaded my mod pack. I also have a custom BAT file for players to connect to it, because DayZlauncher will not show your server with a "custom" mod pack and like oldmatechoc said, I looked through pbos and only took what i wanted for my server. For example the Gaus Rifle from Namalsk. and i only grabbed the pbos that were needed. I will say this, my mod pack is 4.5gb and it took me more than a year to build it (on and off) then added to it. Everyone has diff taste in servers, we we're looking for something just ridiculous and to have a good laugh and LOTS of booms lol. Hence another reason its whitelisted.. Good luck Duke