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  1. VM vs Dedicated Hardware - holy crap..

    2 cores per map is effective. I dont see any increase in fps limiting my i7 to 1 map vs 3 maps. 2 cores for the database
  2. mine still blow up on napf and panthera mostly. They go 500m in the air. Was wondering if you could make a toggle to paradrop the rekeyed vehicles in? =)
  3. prevent selling vehicles from backpack

    Hey, Guess what... It works as its suppose to.
  4. prevent selling vehicles from backpack

    I have a different copy of the file. Copied direct from dayz_code. So I guess it has been updated and im behind the times. Should have known when your change was line 108 and mine was line 100. edit: the only reason it didnt work from backpack was my dumb ass wasnt wearing one.
  5. prevent selling vehicles from backpack

    then i have done something wrong but the kids went home and i got drunk!
  6. prevent selling vehicles from backpack

    @salival this prevents you from selling it from backpack but still allows you to sell the vehicle from the vehicle. Any chance you could add that too? Like you said It should probably just sell from "gear". I looked at it but as you are well aware I am noob. =)
  7. 19:54:34 "Trader Menu: kpw (xxxxxxxxxxx) sold 1x ArmoredSUV_PMC_DZE from backpack at Superhero Camp for 100,000 Coins" is there a way to prevent selling a vehicle to a trader when you are trying to just sell items from a backpack and or from the vehicle itself? Yes, you can remove it from the list of what to sell but users dont expect it to add the vehicle since the vehicle is not IN the backpack.
  8. Server starting 2 ports

    Thats your steam query port probably
  9. configurable vehicle mod?

    if (_object isKindOf "vehicle name here") then { _object addWeapon "weapon here"; _object addMagazine "ammo here"; }; put that in a file named VehicleAmmo.sqf then in i think 3 files need to add #include "pathto/VehicleAmmo.sqf"; compile/server_publishVehicle2.sqf compile/spawn_vehicles.sqf garage/server_spawnVehicle.sqf maybe?
  10. Looks great. Good catching up last night. Looking forward to testing this out. Still planning to pester you to share that other thing with me! At least the part that i suggest to you in the first place =)
  11. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    did you readd the extdb? I replaced the extdb i had with the onefrom salivals github and it corrected this. He told me he didnt edit the dll but for some reason my install didnt like the previous one...
  12. view distnace

    hate it when that happens