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  1. Thats my fault for the ,, before "MAP_bridge_asf1_25" in the original post i made, remove one of the , and ill correct my post now.
  2. if you installed the correct version and you followed all the directions you should do as asked before. post the serve rand client rpt files.
  3. https://github.com/0verHeaT/VehicleGarage <--- this is the version of "vehicle garage" you have installed or tried to install. https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage <--- this is the version that @salival has written. Delete what you have done and start over with this. The one you have installed is 3 years old.
  4. If you upload your mission pbo i would have a look at it though
  5. I'm working overnight until 8am and can't get on TS sorry.
  6. everyone that plays on the server has a client side rpt file. /your username/AppData/Local/Arma2 OA/ArmA2OA.RPT AppData folder is hidden by default and you may need to enable "show hidden files and folders" in windows.
  7. ArmA2OA.RPT is on your PC not on your server. /username/AppData/Local/Arma2OA/
  8. the fn_selfactions error is probably in your client side rpt. @extdb goes into the root folder where @dayz_server folder is. There ARE instructions on the github how to install the extdb.. this is where the vehicles are stored so its definately needed
  9. @salival asked you to post your client and server side rpt and you didn't do it. No matter how much we would love to help you we can't do it without that. You claim to have followed the instructions but I promise you I am a NOVICE at this and following the instructions on the github I got it to work the first time. As Salival has said the issue is likely in your fn_selfactions.sqf located in your mission file /dayz_code/ folder. and the error is probably in your server side .rpt file.
  10. im at work, no can do.
  11. you havent installed extdb probably
  12. in your mission pbo in the scripts folder its step 1 on the instructions Mission folder install: Copy the dayz_code and scripts folder to your mission folder preserving the directory structure.
  13. /* By: j0k3r5 / www.j0k3r5.com If modified and released give credits where due, thank you. */ fnc_bridgeA2 = { private ["_start","_obj"]; _start = createVehicle [_this select 2,_this select 0,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _start setVectorUp [0,0,1]; _start setDir (_this select 1); _start setPosATL (_this select 0); for "_i" from 1 to (_this select 3) do { _obj = createVehicle [_this select 2,_this select 0,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _obj attachTo [_start, [_i*(_this select 4),_i*(_this select 5),_i*(_this select 6)]]; }; }; [[15259.6,16511.8,0.00181246], 54.0763,,"Land_nav_pier_m_2",39,40,0,0] call fnc_bridgeA2; save this as bridge.sqf in dayz_server/buildings/ (or wherever you want, change path i used below if you change this location) in server_functions add this at the bottom [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\bridge.sqf"; This bridge starts behind AWOLS and goes to the island. 1400+m away (well it should)
  14. if you use the function above "fnc_bridgeA2" then all you have to do is pick a starting location for the bridge and then... [[starting,coords,here], direction here,"Land_nav_pier_m_2",number of these to string together,40,0,0] call fnc_bridgeA2; it will look like this [[13640.5,3862.64,-1], 105,"Land_nav_pier_m_2",17,40,0,0] call fnc_bridgeA2; this code says... "start at 13640.5,3862.64 and aim in the direction 105. use Land_nav_pier_m_2 and use 17 of them.. each one 40m apart" because each of these is 40m long. It will string them all together perfectly in a straight line from starting point to 17x40m away. no gaps, no bumps, all perfect. not clear?
  15. works in 1061 with no errors - if my memory is correct the error happens if there is no 0000 safe 17:55:06 "RUNNING EVENT: 0000safe on [2017,7,18,12,55]" 17:55:06 "Checking vaults..." 17:55:06 "Total open vaults on server: 17" 17:55:06 "Location of randomly picked 0000 vault = [8864.98,15135.8,0.000671387]" 17:55:06 "Loot event setup, waiting for 900 seconds"