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  1. Nvm script was scared of you Duke and its now working :) I forgot to add the correct idd in the tips_init.sqf Tnx for the help m8
  2. Hi Duke, For the life of me i cant find how to add a button :) I added the exception to infistar, i set its own id, defined the script etc Button is shown with my text and when i press it nothing happens, its like infistar doesnt allow it (tried 2-3 codes btw lol) or exec doesnt point to correct sqf but it does.. Any help?
  3. mlrs targeting system not working

    Hi Anhor, Im confused.. Are you saying that targeting system is not working on all epoch servers or are you saying that it shouldnt work on epoch servers cause its a survival simulation? :)
  4. Hi, Im using mlrs and grad's on my server but looks like targeting system doesnt work as intended. Computer comes up, i can fire but cant aim correctly on map. Has anyone else seen this problem and knows a fix? Is it common to all servers with the update? Tnx
  5. [Release]Custom infiSTAR tools

    I have an error with last part. I used the zscATMdialogs.hpp to define ur code: which is called inside description.ext but doesnt work. I mean it works but the edit bank section is not :) Any help?
  6. Help with a napf bridge.

    i think i do understand better now. tnx again Juan
  7. Help with a napf bridge.

    Hi Juan. m8 you are always looking to help me. Tnx again :) I call them with exec vm command only inside server_function... so if i call inside server_function should i always call with call compile? and on server_monitor with exec? I havent understand their differences yet :)
  8. Help with a napf bridge.

    Hi Guys, Im using this bridge and i was calling it from mission side using an sqf with code and exec command inside init.sqf. Sometimes players couldnt see the bridge and with a relog it was appearing. I added also calling it from server again with an sqf file and exec command from server_functions.sqf. And i still have the problem thats once every often bridge doesnt show and needs a relog. Is there a way to make the building permanent without needing a relog?
  9. Epoch 1061 Clean up Scripts

    Tnx for helping theduke and juan My entire code as i have it now: What you think? Any apparent mistake or maybe something i should add?
  10. Epoch 1061 Clean up Scripts

    I solved that part duke. gtx enabled it and its working now :) I was asking what that code does, maybe its unnecessary to my server
  11. Epoch 1061 Clean up Scripts

    Btw these 2 arent they doing the same thing? and this: I mean if you ignore the NOTregexp category and you leave classname empty, will it not delete any vehicle that doesnt have a key? character id =0 means vehicles without id = key?
  12. Epoch 1061 Clean up Scripts

    Tnx for answering theduke Ok. I have also heidi and i can see my events there. How to tell if they running? Do i need to do anything else? Or can i execute them manually? I tried to google it but i cant seem to find any guide simple enough :)
  13. Epoch 1061 Clean up Scripts

    Can i use heidisql instead?
  14. Epoch 1061 Clean up Scripts

    Tnx for answering Iwbuk. I already did as events on phpmyadmin was off by gtx and they enabled it. But i will send them an email again asking that precisely.
  15. Epoch 1061 Clean up Scripts

    Can i ask a question about this? Im using gtx hosted servers, i have installed phpmyadmin and seems with gtx its the only way to do maintenance. As Vladik said: So i just put the pieces of code as events on phpmyadmin and it will execute them? Tnx