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  1. stranger thing... logs

    I dont wanna make you chase a ghost here tanita, i may be wrong, im just saying what that error was for me, in your case it may be normal. If you wanna continue debugging it further try to disable ur trader objects or any other custom object spawn u have on ur map and see if that error goes away.. If yes then an item is causing this like in my case. It may also be something totally innocent and something that throws error in certain maps or under some circumstances, Salival advice it is, he is a dev, so he most probably knows more than me :) p.s: this is what was throwing my errors 'PowGen_Big'
  2. stranger thing... logs

    something with barracks probably. In my case was in the default traders objects, the generator in one of my traders but yours is something different
  3. stranger thing... logs

    Ref to nonnetwork object 2cc1f900# 1059557: wf_barracks_west.p3d . In my case i fixed that by removing that item, Was a diff item but it may be also true in ur case
  4. Taviana wont work

    Ok Jason tnx. Old files but bigger size means it has more content? Like more islands or buildings?
  5. Taviana wont work

    Im also trying to install sahrani and failing up to now. Anyone knows whats the difference between sahrani 1.1.0 and 1.5.0? 1.1.0 although name suggests older mod is way bigger than 1.5.0..
  6. Server Help

    You have lots and weird issues steve. I suggest you start the server again from scratch... Find salival's post about his mods pack and jason's for the wai and follow to the letter installing one by one. Dont copy anything from your files as is now cause i believe you may be using outdated scripts for older mods Maybe start with players spawn script and coins/bank first as these are lets say basics deep mods and then continue to more. Leave wai or dzai last those are more stand alone. The humanity reset may be due to bad database or bad database events so best if u reset database and start fresh and install the database updates. Good luck
  7. Infistar ask

    Yep all good now salival, Tnx
  8. Infistar ask

    no it doesnt work. infi stops working and lock/unlock msg pops up. I know its the correct way but prob there is a typo there. Doesnt need the ' call BIS_fnc_numberText ' at the end or is that only for showing numbers in thousands correct?
  9. Infistar ask

    Any code to see also players bandit/hero kill count when you spectate them?
  10. try this in selfactions.sqf Replace the relevant code of take clothes with this: Find this in your selfactions: and replace with this: Make sure you have the takeclothes.sqf inside scripts folder Works for me
  11. filters

    In ur line 2 of publicvariable.txt filter add: Leave a space at the end
  12. Great work salival. Tnx
  13. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    Tnx Salival, been waiting this fix for so long :)
  14. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    Hi Jason, i remind you again about the m2 not giving humanity when you kill them on foot. Any way you can fix that or maybe make it a toggle?
  15. Especially that battleye filter tutorial is a must Jason. Long needed