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  1. Hi Jason, Can i ask for an addon for the new version of wai? It would be nice if admins can set the vehicle kills gain humanity differently than the normal kills on foot. Tnx
  2. @schalldampfer i see this error when i use your flares script: 22:10:49 Error in expression <ing Flare of %1",name _unit];}; _unit removeMagazines ((primaryWeapon _unit) c> 22:10:49 Error position: <removeMagazines ((primaryWeapon _unit) c> 22:10:49 Error removemagazines: Type Bool, expected String 22:10:49 File z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\compile\flare_fire.sqf, line 19 this is happening in daylight conditions and not on all missions.
  3. any way you can do loot variable like wai loot works?
  4. Hello all. Can someone explains why this code doesnt work? while this code works? Im hitting my head on a wall... Arrays are the same and no errors in rpt. well after carefull examination i see this in rpt only when crates dont work. When crates work i see no errors that involves dzai
  5. After u remove use this sql ( at the end) to remove from db completely https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/commit/d249227fa66b961329ddb09861004c83e2b11dab
  6. But for showing that in the rpt you may have it somewhere in your files, so look in ur traders, wai crates or any other mission system u use and remove the ammo '45Rnd_545x39_RPK' . It will show the error when u join but it will be fixed in later updates
  7. bury actions script. Follow the code in selfactions to see where to put it This script is salivals btw so maybe check his github if there are any updates
  8. This is the default fn_selfactions.sqf file plus the bury-gut code added Now i see that you have a ton of custom addons there, i suggest u add one by one and testing the code. Good luck
  9. Post your fn_selfactions.sqf in spoilers. Error must be there
  10. Ye i found the solution Viktorks, I forgot to add the radius number at the coords and thats what was causing the errors. Just thought i would mention for anyone else having the same issue
  11. I can see these errors sometimes when patrols spawn: Any idea viktorks whats causing it? Edit: Found why, Had the coords without the last number (number 40 at the example) eg: [[10553.8, 5373, 0.1],[],6,40],
  12. I dont wanna make you chase a ghost here tanita, i may be wrong, im just saying what that error was for me, in your case it may be normal. If you wanna continue debugging it further try to disable ur trader objects or any other custom object spawn u have on ur map and see if that error goes away.. If yes then an item is causing this like in my case. It may also be something totally innocent and something that throws error in certain maps or under some circumstances, Salival advice it is, he is a dev, so he most probably knows more than me :) p.s: this is what was throwing my errors 'PowGen_Big'
  13. something with barracks probably. In my case was in the default traders objects, the generator in one of my traders but yours is something different
  14. Ref to nonnetwork object 2cc1f900# 1059557: wf_barracks_west.p3d . In my case i fixed that by removing that item, Was a diff item but it may be also true in ur case
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