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  1. I was wondering if someone could help me out with an issue I am having with making custom content in the 3D editor. I've done a bunch of custom content for my server and it all works just fine ... except for things like roads, trees, bushes, and rocks; they never show up on my server. I have access to my server FTP and I can see that in @Epoch there is an addons folder with a ton of PBOs. I know it has the @map_eu addon and a few others like @plants and @trees ... etc. I open my Arma2 OA and go into my Epoch server, then back out and open my editor with CTRL E. After placing and saving everytime I put a road down, I get them all set and save my content into an .sqf as normal. I do the proper edits to the file and launch my server. I see all the custom stuff except the roads and trees. I even placed my exec command after the "spawn_vehicles = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\spawn_vehicles.sqf";" line. So what am I doing wrong? I see lots of custom content using these things and I just can't figure it out. Second question ... if I add a new file like @Jon_edit into my FTP @EPOCH\Addons folder, do I then need to add that same @file into the top of my missions.sqm code? Thanks for the help in advance!
  2. I was wondering if there was still a script going around to attach a chemlight to your character, by using a right click action, if you had chemlights in your inventory. I this script isn't a thing anymore, would it be hard to make? Thanks!
  3. I was scratching my head thinking ... "man, it seems like they got closer together ..." Thanks for the help!
  4. Yea, you need a higher number not a lower number. I started noticing a significant change around for '_i' from 0 to 360 step (600 / _radius)*2 do
  5. I tried it on 180 but it doesn't seem to have done anything.
  6. Could someone help me change the distance between each sign? Right now they are spaced so close to each other it's a bit much. I was thinking maybe one sign every 75m in the radius. I'm not sure which part of the code controls that. Thanks!
  7. * Sorry ... This should be ARMA 2 not ARMA 3 ... Not sure how I got myself into the wrong forum* I'm currently on Epoch and I've been banging my head against the wall when it comes to getting my intro.ogg file to play when a player connects to the server. I've been using some of my old server scripts to try to build a new one, and I've been online searching for a current script ... but they all seem pretty old and I wonder if they are still working. Everyone I have tried does nothing. I've tried adding it to a welcome message/credits script and to a camera intro script but nothing happens. Actually, I can't even seem to get my stock Server Rules .sqf to stop running. It's getting really frustrating. Then I found the server_playerLogin.sqf and I wondered if maybe I needed to script the code in here? If anyone knows of a current playsound / welcome credits / camera intro script, in any combination of the three or you know where I should be placing the script, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. Understood. Thanks for all of the help. This community is the best!
  9. Fixed with the help of Schalldampfer & theduke. had to drop my [] execVM "safezone\16_safezone.sqf"; to the very bottom of my init file.
  10. That fixed it! Thanks for the help, and sorry for the wrong forum post.
  11. I've added the script and it works perfectly on , however, I can't get the signs to populate around the safe zones. I believe I need to be adding in actual coordinates to the script but I am not sure of the placement. Can I stick them all within the [ ]'s and use commas to separate them ... or do I need to create a separate entry for each new location? Here is the bit of the script I am using: I was asked to check my server rpt file and came up with a few instances of : They all have different time stamps and coordinates, and total maybe 6 instances of errors. I know the script calls for the signs to be published as vehicles ... Is that the issue? Or do I just need to add coordinate location numbers within the [ ] after the _location call?
  12. Thanks for the link to the proper forum post, Schalldampfer https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/35-scripting/
  13. I am getting a few instances of errors like this within my log. They all vary in timestamp and have different coordinates. There are maybe 6 in total through my log. I know the script calls for the signs to be published as vehicles ... Is that the issue? Or do I just need to add coordinate location numbers within the [ ] after the _location call?
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