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  1. Thank you for your interest in my work! As I mentioned in my post, I unfortunately can not make my work publicly available yet. If you are interested in individual parts of my server menu however, I may be able to provide you with such files though.
  2. Hello Everyone! During the past year, I spent a great amount of time on getting into Arma 2 modding & scripting with the goal of creating a private server which comes along with some modern UI and gameplay approaches. The script I am showcasing in this post is a Server Menu which includes a lot of my favourite scripts while also looking as good as it is user friendly. However, by NO means was this script entirely made by myself. It can rather be seen as a visually enhanced repack of the best and most useful scripts from this community (that I came across). Working on this script was done to better understand scripting and learn from the experience of others and not to re-invent the wheel. With this post, I therefore would like to ask for some opinions and feedback (maybe someone can think of some nice tweaks or additional features?), but I will certainly not release any files at this point. If there should be an actual interest in my project, I would be more than happy to re-do all Icons and graphics which I have borrowed from other artists and ask for permission from all individuals, who´s codes I have used, so that I can actually publish this work. The current features include: o Crafting Menu, based on Stormz Menu o Rules/ Info Screen o Health and Money Display o Integrated Group Menu o Time & User Name o Statistics Distance travelled Health in Percent and Blood, Distance travelled Money Kills (Zombies and PvP) o Basic reward system (based on NPC kills) Supply drop Trader drop Guided Missile Scan surrounding for Players or NPC´s o Settings Menu View Distance Gras Settings Ambient Sound Colour Filter Slider Menu to create own colour settings All settings & stats are saved in ProfileNamespace and loaded when logging in My script (partially) includes work from the following user, which I would like to thank for sharing their work and enabling users like me to learn from them: Albertfish, H8ermaker, JTS, Ch0x, R3vo & cybercoco, Reaper5150, AsReMixhud, Zupa, Peter Beer, Iceman77, Venori, Matt L, Big Egg, Choc, Salival, JSD, Juandayz, GEORGE FLOROS GR, ventzer0, 0verHeaT, Big Dawg KS, Logi, the Exile Mod Team and the Epoch Mod Team
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