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  1. Need Help from Epoch 1061 Pro scripter

  2. Trader Convoy

    Hi got some questions about that script. When i change the citys (coordinates) i can use this script for any map? do i need the servertrader.sqf entry for normal traders, because they will delete by savezone script. sry for my bad english
  3. THE Z-IMS

    Hi got this Error in player RPT log
  4. [Release]//\\ [No one left back!]

    looks realy great. But i have got errors in player RPT Error in expression <_loaddragee) then { if (_unit distance _objects < 5) exitWith { player removeA> Error position: <_objects < 5) exitWith { player removeA> Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck: _objects File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.panthera2\scripts\dragcorpses\drop_body.sqf, line 20
  5. Very nice. Maybe you can combine it with
  6. Super work, but I find it very complicated to paste into an already made script pack. You have to take a few files apart. for example CfgSounds, besides, it is not quite clear to me where I must insert some entries. Many server admins have already made their own script pack and are now either to start over again or to implement numerous experiments with the implementation of Vehicle Paint. Sry for my english. i have used google translation
  7. Mega Loot Tables Epoch

    Is the Loot of Overwatch included?
  8. Add or Remove Humanity

    Hi . I have updated the humanity_down.sqf and humanity_up.sqf Past the new one into your. Now it will work
  9. Hi Everyone knows about the mous wheel options in Arma. I have this script on my server. Now i Want to remove the Mous wheel options to switch weapons. The first and back gun switching option i have found and comment out. Can sonbody tell me how i can commend out the Handgun/Pistol option?
  10. Call Car

    Hi This Script is from jahangir13 Origina Script: I don´t know if the script for using with masterkey works, i didn´t test it. but without masterkey it works fine . Script CallCar.sqf v0.1: ui_selectSlot.sqf: Copy that below the for loop or any right click options. I don´t know if the Battle Eye Filter are the same for Epoch because i don´t use any BE filters.
  11. [RELEASE] Custom Weapon HUD (1.0.6+)

    ok this works, but there is one more option for secondary weapon, but i could not find it
  12. [RELEASE] Custom Weapon HUD (1.0.6+)

    I think i have got it. I think it is this block in fn_selfaction. I try to commened it out, test it and tell you the result.
  13. Want to make Superhero /Bandit

    it was that you told me. i only coppyed the hero part and past it twice after the hero entry ^^
  14. Dogtags for humanity

    Hi I would like to make a PVP server and have looked at some servers. I have become aware of the Dogtags. Is it possible to make a scritp so that you can give the Dogtags to the Hero / Bandit Trader and get Humanity?
  15. [RELEASE] Custom Weapon HUD (1.0.6+)

    It is possible to remove the weapon change in the scroll menu