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  1. Hello Mig, i have an RPT issue can you take a look please?
  2. Cool THX so fast but is there a way to put the Objects in Vehicle?
  3. Hey Mig, First good idea and works finde BUT on Point 2 the same on my Server. Players get close to the Fugitive wich killed him and then get kicked and Loot and Fugitive is gone. Hope you find it out where the issue is. Greets Jens
  4. Hello all, works fine on Server but is there a Chance to build a Helipad with deploy anything? With the Toolbox works but not with Menu. No RPT issue btw. Hope anyone can help me.
  5. Hello everyone, hope you can help me. I build it in my Server and working fine but after Restart the Helipad disappears and only the Owner can build a Helipad. The second one wich is in Plotlist cant build a Pad. Hope anyone can help me, i take this one from the first post.
  6. Hello Donnovan, same at my rpt :( You find it out where the problem is or anyone else? BTW it´s a cool Script and good work!
  7. Works PERFECT Big THX Donnovan My Players love it :) I screw the God mode time down to 30seconds for players and 15seconds for cars is more as enough :) Look forward for you scripts.
  8. Hello all, Today i installed on my testserver ZSC 3.0 and dont know why, but when i sold an bc the coins are not count in the Hud. Has somebody the same problem and found a solution? Or is it an install mistake? No rpt errors all Traders are correct and i use it with and without infistar. Somebody has an idea?
  9. Hello together, link is down has anyone a dropbox or whatever? THX Greets Jens
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