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  1. Hello everyone, hope you can help me. I build it in my Server and working fine but after Restart the Helipad disappears and only the Owner can build a Helipad. The second one wich is in Plotlist cant build a Pad. Hope anyone can help me, i take this one from the first post.
  2. Hello Donnovan, same at my rpt :( You find it out where the problem is or anyone else? BTW it´s a cool Script and good work!
  3. Works PERFECT Big THX Donnovan My Players love it :) I screw the God mode time down to 30seconds for players and 15seconds for cars is more as enough :) Look forward for you scripts.
  4. Hello all, Today i installed on my testserver ZSC 3.0 and dont know why, but when i sold an bc the coins are not count in the Hud. Has somebody the same problem and found a solution? Or is it an install mistake? No rpt errors all Traders are correct and i use it with and without infistar. Somebody has an idea?
  5. Hello together, link is down has anyone a dropbox or whatever? THX Greets Jens
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