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  1. @l1nkrx7 This was posted by @salival and this is the fix. I'll show you what my player_deploy.sqf looks like: search for if (_proceed) then { so if you just have it save as object as @salival said then it will work as intended.
  2. Just wanted to bump this since it is back and after being edited was not put back at the top of the epoch mods page. so.... *bump*
  3. looter809

    Call Car

    Hey is anyone else getting kicked from Battleye? On my test server it works fine, but on my main server I get this kick message in my waypointstatements.log In waypointcondition.txt and waypointstatement.txt I have both as and it still is kicking... ? oops, i was missing the remoteexec.txt modifications. Nvm...
  4. looter809

    Call Car

    @Runewulv No I haven't tried Just Another Evac Mod. I have played on a few servers that had it before I made my server a year and a half ago but I never used it on said servers so I was never tempted to install it and try it myself.
  5. looter809

    Call Car

    Here's the fixed version of what I last posted with @Schalldampfer's remote script as well. I don't personally use the remote vehicle script (thought about it, still kind of on the fence), but I have added a couple more options on my personal file. One addition I have added is coins as I stated before. The other addition is adding a small part of the knight rider theme song which plays on repeat on the server side (took me forever to get the repeat to work lol, I kind of wonder if there was an easier way, but I tried multiple methods...) If anyone wants the coins and knight rider theme additions just let me know. (the fix i did from last time to this time fixes the problem @Runewulv said with the new method of checking if the car is stuck. I have it at 20 checks atm but it may do better with more/less)
  6. looter809

    Call Car

    Hmm okay I'm busy this weekend between starting my old server up again and some assignments I gotta do for a few classes. Hopefully within a week I can rewrite it. I already have a better idea in mind but it'll take some figuring out.
  7. looter809

    Call Car

    Hmmm. It works well for me, but this is on a test server with no lag on it. Are you watching the vehicle while it drives? Is it getting stuck on something?
  8. looter809

    Call Car

    @Runewulv No sorry, I don't use masterkey so I didn't think about adding it. I'm sure you could take a look at my changes and his and figure out how to make both work. I also changed it so if there is a player/AI already in the driver seat the script exits before doing anything...
  9. looter809

    Call Car

    @Runewulv & @Schalldampfer https://pastebin.com/xBttdSU7 This has the fix for vehicle being stuck in a base. I didn't see if the variable "canMove" is defined anywhere, I imagine it's a true variable for the AI system, so I left it alone. But you can see what I fixed in this version in my comments near the added code. I will next be making the script cost coins to call since I find it sort of OP of a script, if you guys want the edits I make for that as well let me know and I can post it too. Or I could add to the script so it asks for briefcases if you don't use coins. And I know my C++ writing could be improved, so if you see something I added to this script that could be improved feel free to teach me a lesson and show me what I did wrong. Thanks :) Edit: Coins are now working on the script. If anyone wants my finished (at least for now) version of this awesome script let me know.
  10. looter809

    Call Car

    @Runewulv Okay! I got the problem that @Schalldampfer posted above. Problem: Player can call the script as many times as they want with the same vehicle or a bunch of vehicles causing the server to bog down. When testing the fact that multiple people can call the car at the same time if they both have the key, I found that the script actually works just fine and whoever calls it last will have the vehicle go to them and the AI the first person called gets ejected and will delete after a minute or two. You can figure out what I added by just searching "carRunning". https://pastebin.com/p0UW1uBh (Note that if you copy the whole script, I did enable tanks to be driven by the AI. So if you don't want that option valid, go to "count ( player nearEntities" and remove "tank". I'll work on the stuck car problem next.
  11. looter809

    Call Car

    @Runewulv So maybe to fix that issue I'll test some ideas later when I'm home that use something like if speed = 0 for more than 10 seconds then end script. I have a few ideas how that would look so I'll mess around with it and see if I can fix that. I also have an idea how to fix the problem with being able to call the script more than once at a time. Both problems sound easy to fix in my head, so it'll be a fun test to see if I have enough C++ knowledge to fix it.
  12. looter809

    Call Car

    Did anyone figure out a way to fix: ? Also, I tested this inside a base and it was not moving but the script didn't end. ( !canMove _vehTarget ) this doesn't seem to be stopping the script
  13. Also want to let @DAmNRelentless and @salival that the DZAI version is still 2.2.1 according to .rpt and in the init folder in the DZAI_version.txt
  14. Hey, So I'm having an issue to where I am finding ai roaming on the ground even with DZAI_maxRandomSpawns = 0; Most of the time I have found that the vehicle is flipped over and the ai get out and just walk away. A couple times I have not seen any vehicle in sight from where the ai are walking from / near the ai. Any ideas? I'm testing using the default setting for the "AI Land vehicle patrol settings"
  15. Hey guys, I think i saw a guide before but I can't seem to find it. Anyone have a guide to install coins for
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