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  1. So infinite godmode? Why? But to answer, yes you just need a while loop running (have a sleep 1-5 second in the while loop to help FPS) and in the while loop check for the item in magazine player. This is just for the magazines in hand, I forget how to check backpack gear off the top of my head. Global markers can be created from client side but you will want to delete the marker and recreate it each loop. Setting the loop too low would be very unwise.
  2. You can add custom safezones. Just modify your DZE_SafeZonePosArray. You also shouldn't be able to be knocked out from AI with godmode on, maybe you customized your AI or godmode wasnt truly on?
  3. @bumnutz72 I don't think WAI's AI are any better (I used both), Epoch 1.0.7 seemed to have just messed up the AI real bad. And I also turned down the percentage required, but sometimes that's still not enough and I find 5 or 6 AI ran off from a 10 AI mission.
  4. Is there a way to block people from being able to build near plots they dont own without turning on the _plot setting? The _plot setting only makes it so you have to close to your own plotpole to deploy, but what I'm looking for is a way to block deploying at other people's plots.
  5. This may help slightly but I don't think it's the solution. The AI don't run off until they have targeted a player, so it's not the randomized movement that's the issue but that the AI doesn't untarget a player sometimes. I have seen some AI run 2km away from their mission.
  6. Well from what you just said you have one too few CfgLoot\ in your include command, unless that's just a typo
  7. Looks amazing. Can't wait to try it out later and easily make new missions :)
  8. I know this was a year and a half ago but this helped me. Thank you! I transferred my database from one server to another and it didn't transfer the procedure correctly, re-executing the sql procedure fixed it :)
  9. I'm currently having an issue where vehicles don't spawn at traders until the next restart. I remember this bug from long ago, but don't remember a fix. It's strange because my local test server doesn't seem to have this issue but my public server is. The main different between the local and public server is that I'm using MySQL server for the public server but using XAMPP for test server. Could this be the issue? edit: I'm an idiot and didn't add the resetObjID sql script on the public server.
  10. I'm sure I have both .dll files in my server root. I also have now tried on three separate systems and all of them are no luck. I have also tried not using the folder directory and still no. Any other ideas? I've tried a fresh install and following the instructions word for word and still nothing. On your testing, are you using the API login or just the default?
  11. I'm getting this error at line 40 too but not your _log and _param errors. _noad is being initialized so I'm not sure why we are getting that error.
  12. Server is on my local machine (windows 10). I haven't made any changes to permissions. Test server is setup on my E drive (not network attached) with the DZE_Server_Config folder outside the root of the epoch server for security (or so I'm told). This is my .ini file, but even beofre adding "antihack-logs\" before the log file locations it still didn't work. # Logging system (log-LogName=LogPath) - paths can be relative or exact [Log] # {0} = date, {1} = message logformat={0} | {1} filedate=dd-MM-yyyy logdate=d/M/yyyy h:mm:ss tt log-Admin=antihack-logs\Admin.log log-Hack=antihack-logs\Hack.log log-SafeZone=antihack-logs\SafeZone.log log-Trader=antihack-logs\Trader.log log-Lock-Unlock=antihack-logs\Lock-Unlock.log log-Maintenance=antihack-logs\Maintenance.log log-Player=antihack-logs\Player.log log-Surveillance=antihack-logs\Surveillance.log log-New-Player=antihack-logs\New Players.log log-Death=antihack-logs\Deaths.log # Path to your bans.txt file - all AH bans will be added here [Ban] file="E:\Epoch Server 1.0.7\DZE_Server_Config\BattlEye\bans.txt" defaultreason=AH Auto-Ban ID: VOID # Global ban API login information - see installation instructions [API] [email protected] password=password (Note: "Epoch Server 1.0.7" is not the root of my server) I'm lost on what I could be doing wrong. Are other people not having any issues with the log system? Edit: I will add that I was previously using infistar with it's .dll log file and it worked just fine (and before you ask, I did remove the infistar .dll file and the infistar files/folder).
  13. Firstly, I want to state that I very well could be wrong with my answer, it's been a few years since I ran an Arma server. You should make sure you have read this: guide to BE filters and after reading that, I believe the solution to your problem would be going to the addBackpack line in scripts.txt (line 3) and adding a partial statement (removing the unique ID) like so: !"if (_id == 5) exitWith {\n player addBackpack (_param select 1);\n call player_forceSave;" Again, I could be wrong here, hence why I asked about BE filters in the first place. Doing !"exception" instead of !"whole/exact exception" should be the fix...
  14. The 2 .dll files and the .ini are in the root of the server. I've so far only tried on my local test server as I try to fix the issues I'm running into. The only instruction I haven't followed yet is doing the autoloadbans = true part because my test server isn't running BEC. I was also getting kicked on my non-admin account for BE script restriction: #14 ""htmlzV4","htrukilojhkukvh","hub","HumanityVal","i","I_love_rustler_and_jet","i_t_s__m_e_o","iaimon","iammox","iBeFlying","idont" As well as: #127 "' addPublicVariableEventHandler {AN4v77AmbedE5k545X = nil; [toString(_this select 1), 2] call MDl7POcLw53vERA8uo8}; FSKG2jzdQT" I can fix the BE issues myself, but I was just curious if there was already a list of BE restrictions to allow.
  15. Hey BigEgg, love all the work you have done. My logs don't seem to be writing to file, do I need the API for this to work or do you think I installed it wrong? I was also wondering if you have a list of BattlEye scripts to add
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