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  1. Problem with a custom sign

    You need to insure that the file you are putting Duke's code in processes the command. This is done via: processInitCommands; Example: _vehicle_121= objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["WarfareBunkerSign", [9919.52, 5422.02, 0.490173], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_121 = _this; _this setDir 288.201; _this setVehicleInit "this SetObjectTexture [0,""graphics\sandfordandson.jpg""]"; }; processInitCommands;
  2. Zombies After Dark

    Gernika, multiple people have known you are Juan since like day one of your account being made. Please stop shagging yourself on the forums.
  3. [FIXED] GUI RIddle Me This. GUI Listbox help needed.

    Looks beautiful
  4. be script.txt

    You have a ( before this exception: (!="script = {((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) closeDisplay 7778); execvm 'custom\\menu\\rules2_init.sqf';}; \npreviousscript = {((ctrlPa" If that is that way in your file, remove it.
  5. be script.txt

    This should work: !="script = {((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) closeDisplay 7778); execvm 'custom\menu\rules2_init.sqf';}; \npreviousscript = {((ctrlPa"
  6. be script.txt

    1: !="script = {((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) closeDisplay 7782); execvm 'custom\menu\basics2_init.sqf';};" 2: !="65 execVM 'scripts\deployanything\addons\bike\deploy.sqf';"
  7. I have updated this after @iben brought to my attention a good performance booster. The script will no longer check for black listed buildings if the player has already been blocked in a black listed location. OP updated.
  8. Can confirm it is now working :)
  9. Yup you did everything right. I have updated the code again (I don't have a test server going atm due to me reformatting my dedi). It should fix it, if not, please let me know. Thanks for helping me out :) Dumb mistake haha
  10. I have gone ahead and updated the code for I did make some small changes, which are untested. Please let me know if it fails to work :)
  11. Hey Lance, I will have this updated in a couple hours when I am able to get on my P.C. Thanks for reminding me!
  12. ExtDB/Arma2net

    lol my bad - I read the _legacyStreamingMethod comment and was assuming that it didnt for some reason. However, I am 100% certain that the hive is faster than extDB, as we even have to wait for it in the virtual storage script. As for Arma2NET, I have never used it in a capacity to pull lots of data, but from experience, I feel as though it's faster than extDB. I will be using Arma2NET on my server for all queries, but certainly wont be replacing the Hive.
  13. ExtDB/Arma2net

    I am assuming slower because they use callExtension.
  14. Here, you are setting _isrunner to a number. You are getting the variable in a true/false manner though, which means you want to set it as true. I have corrected your code below: _rnd = random 1; _isrunner = if (_rnd > .985) then {true} else {false}; _agent setVariable["isRunner", _isrunner, true]; _isrunner = _agent getVariable["isRunner", false]; if (_isrunner) then {diag_log "A Zombie is a Runner";};
  15. You also do not need to have: if (_isrunner = true) then { This is accomplished by simply doing: if (_isrunner) then { It would be the same as saying: if (true == true) then { Also, when determining whether something is equal to something, two "=" signs are used. Example: if (1 == 1) then {systemChat "Correct syntax";}; You are getting the missing ) because of the above mistakes.