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  1. [RELEASE] BigEgg's Safe Zones

    I was unable to successfully reproduce this. Can you please make sure you have no conflicting scripts?
  2. [RELEASE] BigEgg's Safe Zones

    I would need to do some testing before I could even believe this was possible. How did you test it? Using admins? Need some more information.
  3. [RELEASE] BigEgg's Safe Zones

    Hey, thanks for this reply. It appears I overlooked this possibility, but yes, you are correct: Players that enter the safe zone in a vehicle, but are not in the group of the owner of that vehicle, would logically be ejected. I will push an update to fix this sometime in the next couple days.
  4. [RELEASE] BigEgg's Safe Zones

    I have updated the script to now support community localizations, which can be found here: https://github.com/oiad/communityLocalizations
  5. Hey everyone, Wanted to post my safe zone script for all to use if they wish. All information about features, installation etc... can be found on the github: https://github.com/BigEgg17/Safe-Zones Please let me know if there are any issues :)
  6. dayZ Night Lighting

    wtf lol - post your fix in here if you have it. Has to be the stupidest reply I have ever seen on this forum.
  7. The issue with God Mode is caused by the infiSTAR safe zone script. Had the same issue with the admin tools in my Antihack. Ended up making my own safe zone script and embedding it directly into the AH. Will release it soon so this problem can be solved.
  8. How can i disable this debug

    Oh, you want to disable the hud? lol
  9. How can i disable this debug

    In your infiSTAR config, find: _sUptime Change its value to 0.
  10. Juandayz's Mods?

    Debug monitor was never his to begin with, he just edited a few numbers and changed variable names. You could probably message his main forum account or his @gernika account - I am pretty sure he still stalks the forums. It's a shame he threw a fit and deleted everything.

    @DAmNRelentless, this would be sent to client rpt, not server rpt.
  12. null

    @oldmatechoc - if I could get proper credit for the scan for players script, that would be great :) You can also include my new version if you would like: /* File: player_scan.sqf Description: Scans for players within a defined radius. Author: BigEgg https://github.com/BigEgg17 */ if (dayz_actionInProgress) exitWith {localize "str_player_actionslimit" call dayz_rollingMessages;}; dayz_actionInProgress = true; private ["_scanRange", "_waitTime", "_playersNearby"]; _scanRange = 1000; _waitTime = 60; if (isNil "lastscan") then { lastscan = round(diag_tickTime - 60); }; if !("ItemGPS" in items player) exitWith { dayz_actionInProgress = false; "You do not have a GPS." call dayz_rollingMessages; }; if (player getVariable ["inCombat",false]) exitwith { dayz_actionInProgress = false; "You cannot scan for players while you are in combat." call dayz_rollingMessages; }; if ((diag_tickTime - lastscan) < _waitTime) exitWith { dayz_actionInProgress = false; format["Please wait %1 second(s) before scanning again.", round(_waitTime - (diag_tickTime - lastscan))] call dayz_rollingMessages; }; if (count(vehicle player nearEntities["Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ", DZE_PlotPole select 0]) > 0) exitWith { dayz_actionInProgress = false; "You cannot scan for players while you are near a base." call dayz_rollingMessages; }; "The scanner does not count group members!" call dayz_rollingMessages; for "_x" from 1 to 10 step 1 do { [format["Scan Progress: %1%2", (_x * 10), "%"], 1] call dayz_rollingMessages; uiSleep 1; }; lastscan = diag_tickTime; _playersNearby = {_x != player && {!(_x in units group player)} && {_x distance player <= _scanRange}} count playableUnits; _scanRange = [_scanRange] call BIS_fnc_numberText; if (_playersNearby == 0) exitWith { dayz_actionInProgress = false; format["GPS: No players detected within %1 meters of your location.", _scanRange] call dayz_rollingMessages; }; if (_playersNearby == 1) exitWith { dayz_actionInProgress = false; format["GPS: There is one other player within %1 meters of your current location.", _scanRange] call dayz_rollingMessages; }; if (_playersNearby > 1) exitWith { dayz_actionInProgress = false; format["GPS: There are %1 players within %2 meters of your current location.", _playersNearby, _scanRange] call dayz_rollingMessages; }; Wouldn't want anyone to be discredited.
  13. [RELEASE] RLNT Weapon HUD (21.01.2018, v1.1.0)

    Finally it is centered. Will be using this. +1
  14. Problem with a custom sign

    You need to insure that the file you are putting Duke's code in processes the command. This is done via: processInitCommands; Example: _vehicle_121= objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["WarfareBunkerSign", [9919.52, 5422.02, 0.490173], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_121 = _this; _this setDir 288.201; _this setVehicleInit "this SetObjectTexture [0,""graphics\sandfordandson.jpg""]"; }; processInitCommands;
  15. Zombies After Dark

    Gernika, multiple people have known you are Juan since like day one of your account being made. Please stop shagging yourself on the forums.