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  1. [HOW-TO] DankHax Prevention

    It would take him 2 minutes to make a new account.
  2. This is the correct format (example pulled from my server): BlacklistedBuildings = [ ["Fire Station", "Land_a_stationhouse", 250], ["General Store", "Land_A_GeneralStore_01", 250], ["Hospital", "Land_A_Hospital", 250], ["Fuel Pump", "Land_A_FuelStation_Feed", 250], ["Fuel Station", "Land_fuelStation_army", 250], ["Fuel Station", "Land_fuelstation", 250], ["Fuel Pump", "Land_Ind_FuelStation_Feed_EP1", 250], ["Fuel Pump", "Land_ibr_FuelStation_Feed", 250], ["Fuel Pump", "Land_fuelStation_w", 250] ];
  3. If you'd like, I could get in contact with you sometime tomorrow and take a look, as something simple like this should not be causing these problems.
  4. This would be an install issue if you are being able to go 60m up, as countless people have installed this. Please be sure you have done everything correctly.
  5. I would double check, as those options are strictly controlled by fn_selfActions and should not be effected by these additions.
  6. And you are positive that you haven't changed anything in fn_selfActions? No matter what you should be getting the options, so this is clearly an issue with it.
  7. Please paste both your server and client rpts.
  8. This script wouldn't cause this to happen. What have you changed in your fn_selfActions?
  9. Need help with New Player Check

    This would be a simple check. For example: if (PVCDZ_plr_Login select 8) then { systemChat "You are a new player"; }; It is a simple true/false.
  10. [Release] Paycheck/Loyality Reward

    Nope, must have just been another person sniffing through my mission file. Thanks though :)
  11. [Release] Paycheck/Loyality Reward

    Thanks. Who is your friend? I bet I know who it is, just curious ;)
  12. [Release] Paycheck/Loyality Reward

    private["_Ran", "_Amount", "_Delay", "_nearestPlots", "_isNearPlot", "_udderWallet"]; _Ran = 0; _Amount = 2500; _Delay = 900; while {_Ran < 2} do { if (_Ran == 1) then { if (isInTraderCity) exitWith { systemChat format["[UDDER-AH]: %1 - You cannot claim your reward if you are in a safezone!", name player]; _Ran = 0; }; _nearestPlots = vehicle player nearEntities["Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ", DZE_PlotPole select 0]; _isNearPlot = count(_nearestPlots); if (_isNearPlot > 0) exitWith { systemChat format["[UDDER-AH]: %1 - You cannot claim your reward if you are within %2m of a base!", name player, DZE_PlotPole select 0]; _Ran = 0; }; _udderWallet = player getVariable[Z_MoneyVariable, 0]; player setVariable[Z_MoneyVariable, _udderWallet + _Amount, true]; systemChat format["[UDDER-AH]: %1 - Your wallet has been credited with 2,500 Gold Coins! Thank you for playing on UDDER!", name player]; _Ran = 0; }; _Ran = _Ran + 1; uiSleep _Delay; }; Funny how similar it looks, am I right? While all you did is remove stuff, you didn't even change the variable names. It's a simple ass script, but at least give some credit. EDIT: It also looks like you took it before I removed the player_forceSave call which was annoying my players.
  13. [Release] Paycheck/Loyality Reward

    Jesus Christ, as if it couldn't get any better. If you are going to steal code out of my mission file, change a few lines and comments, and release it, at least give me some credits. This is even worse than the version I had in my mission file which checked if they were in a trader, or if they were near a base.
  14. virtual garage

    Just paste the current server restart's log.
  15. virtual garage

    I don't think they even understand what extDB is. I think you guys need to wait until you have a somewhat better idea about what you are doing before you install mods like this. I don't think you guys even have access to your start line to add extDB as you are with GTX Gaming.