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  1. call file from infistar

    This code is being ran on the client, which cannot call server side files. You would need to send a publicVariableServer then have an event handler which would in turn call that file.
  2. New Traders

  3. New Traders

    This could be the result of something possibly being too close to the helipad. If not, it should do it automatically.
  4. They wouldn't be able to build another plot and they wouldn't be able to build above the height limit that you set. Everything that was already built would remain at that height, but if they had for example a floor above your height limit, they would no longer be able to build on that floor, but that floor will still remain there as long as it is maintained.
  5. Corpse despawn time

    Apologies that I didn't respond in 20 minutes and needed to be tagged, it won't happen again. \z\addons\dayz_server\system\scheduler\sched_init.sqf - should help you out.
  6. view distnace

    In all honesty, it is my recommendation that you stop trying to host a server. You act like this is a forum where you can come and have us set your server up for you. If you are just going to disrespect people, you might as well quit trying now, as it doesn't seem you are capable of learning, and I know for a fact that I don't want to see you coming on here bitching any longer.
  7. [HOW-TO] DankHax Prevention

    I would sell a hack injector for money if I could. It is a video game, real life money alwayssss comes first. These kind of dumb responses from server owners are exactly the thing that keep hackers going. If they can get a reaction out of you, they will.
  8. I don't know if this could be causing the problem, but do you have this in as well? I apparently forgot to add this to the original post sometime back, but it prevents you from raising it above the height while building.
  9. Looking for devloper

    If you post the issues you are having here, it is very likely that the community could help you out.
  10. [HOW-TO] DankHax Prevention

    It would take him 2 minutes to make a new account.
  11. This is the correct format (example pulled from my server): BlacklistedBuildings = [ ["Fire Station", "Land_a_stationhouse", 250], ["General Store", "Land_A_GeneralStore_01", 250], ["Hospital", "Land_A_Hospital", 250], ["Fuel Pump", "Land_A_FuelStation_Feed", 250], ["Fuel Station", "Land_fuelStation_army", 250], ["Fuel Station", "Land_fuelstation", 250], ["Fuel Pump", "Land_Ind_FuelStation_Feed_EP1", 250], ["Fuel Pump", "Land_ibr_FuelStation_Feed", 250], ["Fuel Pump", "Land_fuelStation_w", 250] ];
  12. If you'd like, I could get in contact with you sometime tomorrow and take a look, as something simple like this should not be causing these problems.
  13. This would be an install issue if you are being able to go 60m up, as countless people have installed this. Please be sure you have done everything correctly.
  14. I would double check, as those options are strictly controlled by fn_selfActions and should not be effected by these additions.
  15. And you are positive that you haven't changed anything in fn_selfActions? No matter what you should be getting the options, so this is clearly an issue with it.