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  1. Hello everyone, Here is the public release of my Antihack / Admin tools. Both myself and Movinggun put a lot of work into this, so I hope you all can benefit. The culmination of my time spent on this game went into this, and I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I did. Unfortunately due to time, I will not be able to actively add to this project, but I will always be around to approve pull requests. This project can easily live on through the community, and I hope you all the enjoy the complexity of everything involved with it. The repository that contains install instructions can be found here: https://github.com/BigEgg17/Epoch-Antihack-Admin-Tools I will add source code for the DLL as soon as it is received from Movinggun, along with the source for the executable file. I will also create an official release on the Github as soon as everything is successfully converted for compatibility with 1.0.7. Best wishes to the community, I look forward to applying all changes desired, and to answering any questions members may have. It's been a blast and I will never forget some of the memories and friends made on this game. - BigEgg
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