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  1. Chill out dude. You are so hostile. Ive already explained my reason behind posting this publicly. Asked, answered and solved. Time to move on.
  2. Wouldn't really call that an attack, sorry if that's how you took it. Not once did i call you a derogatory term, or straight up accuse you. I just asked why no mention of the original authors. You just seemed to take some real offense to that question. Settle down mate, We are all here to have fun and collaborate. Not attack each other.
  3. Okay then, I don't really see why you think I'm a destructive member, all I've done here is try to help others in any way I can and learn along the way. Yes your not mentioned on the forums, that's because I just threw it up quickly after being banned. I don't know the password for that account anymore so i was never able to correct it. Casually mention it to you? Last time I spoke to you, you didn't respond, and pretty much assumed I would remove your credit from a script. I posted it in here because there is less of of chance you'd ignore it because it was public. "There were so many better ways you could have done this, I'm glad you've chosen the way you went." What like call you a fuck stick, pedantic dick or an asshole? Setting a great example for others there Forum Mod. Regardless of how I worded it you were going to get hostile with me like you are now. Ive been aware of your dislike for me for awhile now. Don't know why, don't really care.
  4. When discussing the bomb objects script you were told it was going to be released to the public, everything I've ever compiled I've shared with this "community". You would think if you didn't want something posted you would have said something then. Your credit is on the github, always has been. It was on the original post as well, but that post was deleted when I banned. Just find it hypocritical that your so anal about people crediting you, when you're pretty slack on doing the same. I've heard this from a couple of other members of the forums as well, So its not just me that feels this way.
  5. I feel bad punishing all players for a few players exploiting this bug. Ive got something a little better but it could probably be optimized.
  6. Should be able to, once I'm done with the script I'm writing atm I'll take a look with you. @kingpapawawa
  7. @kingpapawawa always happy to help :)
  8. In just about every addon it says /* xxxxxx script by salival (https://github.com/oiad) */ Not one mention of the original author. No where in this thread are they mentioned. Nor are they mentioned in the individual threads. eg.
  9. why no credits to the original authors of these addons? Yes i understand you've updated them but no word of where most of them came from? Bury Bodies (by seaweeduk) Click Actions (mudzereli) Deploy Anything (mudzereli) Locate Vehicle (Logi) Safe Zone Relocate (Halvhjearne) Service Points (axe cop) Take Clothes (Zabans) Virtual Garage (GZA David) Vehicle Key Changer (OtterNas3) ZSC (Zupa) Remote key (david)
  10. holy crap that did work! @kingpapawawa when the player arrives at the next stop it will rotate the floor to the direction of the stop.
  11. @Thug Not a problem :D Glad you got it sorted
  12. both of them? @Thug Try this maybe. private "_trader"; { _trader = createAgent [_x select 0,_x select 1,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; {_trader removeMagazine _x;} count magazines _trader; removeAllItems _trader; // removeAllWeapons _trader;//this is commented out so traders have weapons removeBackpack _trader; _trader switchMove ""; _trader setDir (_x select 2); _trader setVehicleInit "this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; this disableAI 'FSM'; this disableAI 'TARGET'; this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; this forceSpeed 0; this allowDamage false;"; _trader setUnitAbility 0.6; _trader disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _trader disableAI "FSM"; _trader disableAI "TARGET"; _trader setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _trader forceSpeed 0; _trader allowDamage false; _trader enableSimulation false; } count _this; processInitCommands;
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