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  1. Thank amigo, it works) You have no idea how much I suffered with the list of addons in mission.sqm. I thought it was because of the list of addons. Now you can start to cleanly assemble the assembly. Thanks again a huge amigo!
  2. Hello to all survivors! I found a ready-made assembly here on the forum Epoch-OriginsMod-Server-Package (Epoch 1.0.7 & Origins Mod 1.8.3). And the assembly works, well, almost. Equipment is not taken away during the sale, as a result, you can sell one car indefinitely. The fact is that this assembly is for the version of the mod Epoch 1.0.7. And I need to run the server on the version Epoch I try to run a clean server and I get some white walls in the game almost on the entire map. They seem to divide the map into huge rooms. However, they disappear when viewed in an arc direction. Please tell me what am I doing wrong? Sorry for my english, I'm through a translator.
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