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  1. So is there any reason you can think of that I would get a perm white after dying before returning to the lobby? This doesn't happen if I comment out the server side file security checks. Also goes to white screen if I only log out of game, without dying.
  2. UPDATE: So i made the change, still no joy. The error message isn't there anymore, but the WAI guys still kill me when I'm in godmode. Also, for some reason, whenever I have the file checks uncommented, my game goes to a white screen after the death screen count down is over, instead of taking me back to the lobby. When I comment them out, I go back to the lobby no problem. I can seem to find any errors about this. I have my battleye filters deleted for the time being also, not sure if that would cause any issues. I'm gonna re-enable infistar for now. If you wanna take a look at my .pbos to try and figure anything out, just PM me. There are too many mods in my server, and too little time in my day to weed out any conflict right now.
  3. Player based economy would be awesome with the right loot tables... Hope someone can get this up soon.....
  4. Does this work with And if not, could anyone update it to do so? PM me if you can make it happen please. Thanks!!
  5. So I removed the file checks from the server pbo for the time being and that seemed to stop the white screen upon trying to enter the lobby after death. Maybe a typo, or maybe an issue with this bad_module_info error i was getting, not sure yet. I did notice a few minutes ago that god mode doesn't protect me against AI from the WAI missions. And when I toggle it off I get a script error about line 51 in the .sqf (error in expression "InZone") or something like that. Any idea what might cause that? Thanks for your help!!
  6. Gotcha. So the problem is still there with infistar disabled. Must be a conflict with another mod. Only happens when the game trys to send me back to the lobby, whether it be from death or me exiting the game. Gonna un-admin myself when i get home to see if it still happens as a normal player.
  7. Yea, i like the Epoch tools better, but use infistar for antihack. I hate BE filters.. :l
  8. after installing the new tools, im going to a blank white screen after death. Any reason you can think of why this would happen? server RPT shows nothing. This is the client rpt at the time of death. It makes me have to alt f4 out of the game. Could it be infistar?
  9. after installing the new tools, im going to a blank white screen after death. Any reason you can think of why this would happen? server RPT shows nothing. This is the client rpt at the time of death
  10. Can't wait for the GUI!! Thats awesome bro! Thanks for keeping the tools alive!!!!!!!!!!
  11. My server files came straight from the Epoch Mod.com site download. It looks like the ESSV3 has had an update since I last downloaded it. Trying to reinstall now and will let you know how it goes. EDIT: So it looks like this was my problem. -------- In server_playersetup.sqf I had this line wrong [from an update for i guess] PVCDZ_plr_Login2 = [[0,respawn_west_original],_state,_randomKey,_worldspace,_randomSpot,([_randomSpot,_playerID] call spawn_config)]; --------- And in this step I changed the line instead of adding it below the existing line. If using body check, in `dayz_server\compile\server_playerDied.sqf` find _newObject setVariable ["bodyName",_playerName,true]; Add below: _newObject setVariable ["bodyUID",_playerID,true]; Thanks for the attempt at helping, and sorry for taking up space for my simple mistake...
  12. May be my mistake, but i'm getting this after installing when I try to buy vehicles from traders... The vehicles dont spawn, and if I try to sell one, I get the gold but the vehicle stays and I can sell it again and again... Anything pop out that I may have done wrong? I have 4 builds before this issue adding one mod each build build1 infistar build2 overpoch build3 epochadmintools build4 ESSV3 <-----This is where the vehicle trading stopped. Thanks guys!!
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