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  1. Cherdenko


    Hello guys, im not gonna write a lifelong letter explaining why I'm gonna leave this forum for a while or even forever. Most of the people might know by now that its coz of a certain person which name i will not be naming. But first of all: I wanna thank you all for 2 epic years i got to participate in this community, with great scripters like @juandayz, @oldmatechoc, @iben, @Hooty and all the others which i might have forgotten. I wanna thank you guys for an awesome time in which i really learned a lot more then i could do by myself. My scripts will still be available but i wont be posting any new ones. (except my account getting rm from said person) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Farewell
  2. Cherdenko


    /thread? :D
  3. Cherdenko

    Admin Base

    i remember this one: its a little depriciated but should work (from the concept) https://wiki.nitrado.net/de/Admin_Base_in_DayZ_erstellen
  4. it currently is highly untested and on some occassions broken af. also if you would want to configure it you will need to speak c# a bit although i try to keep the files noob friendly. i dont know when the final release will be but i kepp you updated @skigoggles
  5. Cherdenko

    Character not saving. Help needed!

    @Kimzer whats with your configvariable.sqf? seems like the zombie speed is the only thing that really spamms, edit could you post your configvariable.sqf? but i dont see anything really out of the ordinary
  6. @ebayShopper virtual machine should work too?
  7. Cherdenko

    Anyone in need of a coder?

    Ive been here now for nearly two years (scripting since 3) and even i havent learned out. Over the while ive helped a lot of people without payment and also with them offering some and i denied it all the time, coz i like helping ppl with that stuff. i think salival summonded the point up quite good. You must either be darn good at setting up servers or there have to be extra actions included like bj.
  8. Cherdenko

    Zombies After Dark

    @salival im not really sure if thats meant to be a troll, but i looked through gernikas posts and sry @juandayz but his english is way better then juans. apart from that, i do also login from different devices sometimes via vpn, so im pretty sure my login process said mexiko one time. you guys do not really seem to have much proof for this being a heavy accusation. Edit: How do you guys know im not Juandayz?
  9. Cherdenko

    Error in lobby

    could you post your mission.sqm in here? or did you do any changes to it?
  10. Update V2 : -Download Link for Epoch added, if you don't have it installed. -catching exceptions if some occur -getting server ip and port from string Currently in Developement: /// TODO: -adding Overwatch -reworking the unpacking system - Login System with MYSQL DATABASE attached -administrator accounts where you can publish some news and te players will see it -down compatible version system -finding a better way to check if servers are online /// have a good one
  11. Cherdenko

    [Starter Pack]

    Heres the fix you are searching for @ReDBaroN a little bit different but still same procedure
  12. Cherdenko

    Script for broadcasting server messages?

    there you go
  13. Cherdenko

    [Epoch] Kamenka cave mine

    yes have these files still :) mine_grotte.sqf box_la_grotte.sqf hf
  14. @dodget90i don't think i had any problems with the scripts.txt, so no updating necessary. :)