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  1. Thank you for providing this information. I have read through but I am struggling to provide the logs as described. Here is the link for the RPT and HIVE log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nEoQYEN_ebeZAsGaXD57s8FQgrnmAK5w I hope this will suffice for now, I can try and provide other files if needed. Here is some additional info regarding my server: Chernarus Map Overpoch (Overwatch & Epoch) Scripts: WAI, DZAI, AI CITY (dzai based), Single Currency, Weed Farms, Garage Door Opener, Base Jump, Vehicle Claim Master Key Changer, Evac Chopper, Virtual Garage, Garage Teleports, Tow And Lift, Skalisty Treasure Hunt, Suicide, Deploy, Safezones, Service Points, Evss3, Take Clothes, Hotwire doors, Grass On/Of, Screen Color Change. Antihack: Infistar Server Host: Craft & Survive My Issue is that the vaults, tents, and lock-boxes are not saving players gear to the database. Really hope somebody can help me resolve this. Thank you!
  2. Hi guys, I am running an Overpoch server but the players gear is not saving to database. I really need some help especially now as players are beginning to join. I can provide hive.ext.ini or RPT if needed. Basically the players are putting down a safe, adding their gear and locking it. After restart the gear is gone. Please help! Thanks.
  3. My Overpoch server is doing the same thing but I am not using infiSTAR. I get the key, the red arrow on the ground, but the vehicle spawns in only after the server restarts. Not holding my breath but really need some help here.
  4. INSTRUCTIONS TO ADD A CUSTOM TRADER Well either everybody knows how to add a custom trader and are not talking or nobody on here knows how to do it. I figured it out for myself, and I have written down a rough guide for anyone who is also unsure how to do this. If you do not understand get in touch, happy to help. Wish this community was a bit more active. CUSTOM TRADERS IN ARMA 2 EDITOR (ALT+E) Select map Chernarus Create Center Civilian (f10) Group F2 (create group) Unit F1 Default camera Place Unit on map Save to file. Open file in Documents or wherever your arma save to. (I search for saved filename in windows start menu). Copy and paste the civilian name, e.g WorkWoman1 Postion e.g [4736.3799, 2559.7131, 0.96454936] Direction (All to a new note document) You will need these later. Example: WorkWoman1 4827.79,2291.73,0.00143862 this setDir 30.104355 Open Dayz_server\traders\chernarus11 Insert your info with a trader that is not being used. e.g ["WorkWoman1",[4736.3799, 2559.7131, 0.96454936],152.11736], ["Profiteer4",[11449.5,11341,0],34.5259], ["RU_Villager3",[7996.1,2899.08,0.669153],86.8589], You will pick a civilian unit that is not already being used. And this must be placed in the top section of your MPMissions\scripts\traders\servertraders.sqf serverTraders = "WorkWoman1","RU_Citizen3","Rocker4","Profiteer4", etc Copy and paste any of the traders hero or bandit. and then edit it by replacing the workers name, position and direction Give the trader a name like // Custom Traders // Decide what your trader will sell by editing the following section: [["Attachments",693],["Ammunition",478],["Currency and gems",1100],["Clothes",476], etc Change your trader status e.g neutral, hostile, hero etc at the bottom Thats it in a nutshell. Let me know if you get stuck.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm running an Epoch LAN server and wanting to create an aircraft dealer at Balota and add a another banker. All the tutorials I found on-line are from 2013 and it seems that the game folders are all quite different now. Can anyone please help?
  6. SOLVED! I figured it out, please ignore my post! :-)Insert other media
  7. Hey guys, so here's the deal. I have a LAN Epoch server and I am trying to remove the map vehicles. There are way too many and I would like to either clean up a hundred or so of them, or remove all of them completely. Having searched Google I can't seem to find a definite solution. Can any of you coding geniuses help a guy out please? Cheers!
  8. Make sure that when you create the .sqf files, to change the name to: cuthemp.sqf not: cutehemp.sqf :)) Nice script, I just got it working on my server and that was the only error I found in the instructions. Thank you for posting. Can anybody give some advice about how to add a few ai to guard the weed plants? I'd like to make it a little bit more of a challenge to retrieve the goods.
  9. Hey Guys, I'm running an Arma 2 Dayz Overwatch server with GTX, problem I'm having is that the server gets dark really quick. I'm wanting to have bright sunny days but it's always very overcast and within one hour of restarting it's already getting towards dusk. I have Infistar installed and I have checked my Hive.ext.ini and can't seem to locate why there would be a problem. My server restarts every 3 hours 3 6 9 12 etc. GMT/UTC. Can anyone be so kind as to tell me what I must do please? Thanks.
  10. I just installed on my server it works but it dupes all the items. What I mean is I have the items I need to craft a doorway and I'm left with the doorway plus all the items I started with. Players can use this to dupe, any idea how I can fix that please? Just to add I think I might know why this is happening to me. I have a modified custom folder where I have set/up a script to refund building parts. I have no idea now what to do to resolve this, any help would be greatly appreciated as I quite like how the menu looks and works, would love to be able to use this. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for posting this! Nice, easy, clear instructions! Much appreciated! Works 100%
  12. Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone had a working epoch server that they would be willing to share the files from? I have a GTX gaming account and no matter how hard I try to add scripts, for now I seem to be unsuccessful. I'm able to get deploy working but when I add the debug menu it stops the deploy from working. I was just wanting to own my own server for myself and a few buddies to play on privately. I was hoping to put on some missions, deploy, suicide, debug menu and perhaps some roamin ai. If nobody has the files, is there anyone out there willing to lend a hand setting my server up? In the meantime I will keep persevering with it. Cheers, Aslan
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    Identical files

    Thank you for your response Iwbuk, I will try merging them as you said!
  14. Aslan247

    Identical files

    Hi guys, I'm completely new to server scripting and installing addons etc so please forgive my ignorance in this matter. I have installed a 'Deploy' script for bike and mozzie which works great. When trying to add other scripts though I am struggling as there are some files to add to the root with the same names. For example I am trying to add the 'Suicide' script which on the instructions tells me to unzip folders 'Addons' and 'Overwrites' to my mission root. I already have two folders there with the same names from my 'Deploy' script. Can anyone be kind enough to explain in lay-mans terms exactly what I need to do please? I would be extremely grateful! Thank you!
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