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  1. Test the following option. Stop the server. Copy the files (server side) dayz_code.pbo and dayz_anim.pbo (with .bisign) from @DayZ_Epoch to your @Origins-Folder. Rename the files in your @Origins-Folder (for backup) like dayz_code.pbo_old (.bisign too).
  2. Hi! Look for the right mod starting parameters (note the correct spelling from your files): @originsmod;@dayz_epoch;@dayz_epoch_server Also check the mission.sqm. Use it form the package.
  3. There is no problem. You have the following options in server.cfg. 2 = Original Key Verified, 1 = Self-created Key, 0 = No Key Verification Use the following variant: verifySignatures = 1
  4. Epoch-OriginsMod-Server-Package (Version 1.0) Updated: 08.07.2021 Have FUN! >>>>> Download: https://github.com/h1gg1baby/Epoch-OriginsMod-Server-Package Epoch 1.0.7 & Origins Mod 1.8.3 (Taviana 3.0) No Credit for me. Here, you see the list, you must send Credit to. Special Credit to MigSDev5 for inspirations. GitHub repo Tested with infiStar Admin Panel. Used mods: DZAI 2.2.4 - AI Addon for Epoch 1.0.7 | GitHub repo WICKED AI 2.2.7 | GitHub repo ESSV3 | GitHub repo epoch-right-click-actions for Epoch 1.0.7+ | GitHub repo deployAnything for Epoch 1.0.7+ | GitHub repo Advanced-Gem-Crafting | GitHub repo OriginsBandage | GitHub repo Virtual Garage for Epoch 1.0.7 | GitHub repo Vehicle Key Changer for Epoch 1.0.7 | GitHub repo TakeClothes | GitHub repo Service Points for Epoch 1.0.7 | GitHub repo Epoch-Trader-Catalog | GitHub repo Epoch-Recipes | GitHub repo safe_zones | GitHub repo | Used edited Version from https://pastebin.com/aSsP1vjZ Bury and butcher bodies for Epoch 1.0.7 | GitHub repo Remote Vehicle Locking/Engine Status and kick out non group members. | GitHub repo BTC_Logistic_Modified_Epoch_Version | GitHub repo (forked from Sandbird/BTC_Logistic_Modified_Epoch_Version) Custom Tradercities I added custom traders! Taviana-Zoo, Antonovka, Ilya, Shtangrad, Aliencamp, Sevastopol ... (WAI) Custom static events with rewards ;-) Bandit Camp SectorB Known problem: Origins-Status-Menu must be hidden. Users, who join the server, gets a "blood.paa-error". The error must be confirmed. Then the user can toggle with the key "F3" the Origins-Status-Menu for hiding. This setting will be saved in the client "ArmA 2 Profile". Install: Copy the DayZ_Epoch_13.Taviana folder (or *.pbo / use "PBO tool" for packing) to your Arma2 OA\MPMissions folder 1.1 Enabling or disableing your own settings: dayz_code\configVariables.sqf Copy the dayz_server.pbo folder to your Arma 2 [email protected]_epoch_server\addons folder The file "HiveExt.dll" is custom! For using "Virtual Garage", you must change it. So, replace the offical HiveExt.dll! You can find it in my package. Attention: Look in the area "mySQL database setup fresh install" at https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage for more Install instructions. Import the SQL\virtualGarage.sql into your database Replace the Battleye-filters on your server with the package files. Copy the Bikey-Key "OriginsMod.info_by_Hades_1.8.3.bikey" into your server key folder. Mod serversettings for start order: ca, @originsmod, @dayz_epoch, @dayz_epoch_server infiStar If you use infiStar then deactivate the following setting in your dayz_code\configVariables.sqf Set it from "1" to "0" like this: dayz_antihack = 0; You use ESSV3 & InfiStar? You have a Problem at spawning with HALO? Clients spawn left down the map into water? Then use the following fix. Credits to Cherdenko for fixing that bug! klick me! Look at your AH.sqf in your dayz_server.pbo (infiSTAR folder). Open that file and seach for: _driver = driver _curVeh; _aidriver = false; if(!isNull _driver)then { if(!isPlayer _driver)then { _aidriver = true; player setVectorUp [0,0,1]; player setVelocity [0,0,0]; player setPosATL _lastPos; }; }; if(_aidriver)exitWith{hint 'Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?';systemchat 'AI Drivers not allowed!';}; Delete it! Extra/optional: You don`t want to use any launcher? Then use "Start - Oripoch.bat". Set your own Arma2-path and set your IP with server-port. Dubbleklick to start. Serverstart with "Steamlink": steam://run/33930//-connect=99.999.999.99%20-port=2302%20-mod=EXPANSION;@OriginsMod;@DayZ_Epoch;%20-nosplash%20-world=empty%20-nopause with password usage: steam://run/33930//-connect=99.999.999.99%20-port=2302%20-PASSWORD=password%20-mod=EXPANSION;@OriginsMod;@DayZ_Epoch;%20-nosplash%20-world=empty%20-nopause Contact seppo{at}posteo.de | No support for used mods! Send your Server-IP. I will visit you! ;-)
  5. Hi! For Taviana 3.0 you must download Origins 1.8.3. For Download use the torrent file from the original Origins-Page or the Dayz-Launcher.
  6. Hi @Mig! Wow. That is a lot of code; I would never have made it. Thank you very much! Now, my tiny server is going to be a lot of fun. Weekend is save! EDIT: I've done it into compiles. But the problem persists. Here is my custom compiles:
  7. Hi @Mig! Can you help me? My server works and is playable, now. The only problem is that the Origins-status-icons (GUI?) are still showing. I've been trying to solve the problem for a few hours now. Is it possible to deactivate these properties? I have attached a screenshot. When I'm done, I'd like to make the files available to you, - if you like. Thank you very much for helping me! Higgi
  8. Oh. Nice! Thank you! I am very excited about it! :-)
  9. Hey @Mig, will you transfer your great job to Epoch 1.0.7? Or is it possible to explain how to do it ? Thank you for your work!
  10. Hey! @Mig Great job! Two Problems! I get an error when joining the lobby. "No entry bin\config.bin/RscDisplayMultiplayerSetup/controls/CA_B_West.colorShade" The next error I get at joining the Game "Picture \z\aadons\day_code\gui\status_bloo_inside_ca.paa not found" In MPMissions ist no Link to that file! I think the error must found in there, because the error just comes with fresh missionfile upload. For me it`s not possible to solve! Can anybody help me please? Thx for help!
  11. @ebayShopper! Thx for Information; I use files with Build-A-Fixes from the Epochsource with Nitrado.net! Works fine now! Thank you @Hardened The second error for the following settings player_spawn_2_original = player_spawn_2; player_spawn_2 = {}; Error: Error in expression <Handler = {}; player_spawn_2_original = player_spawn_2; player_spawn_2 = {}; da> Error position: <player_spawn_2; player_spawn_2 = {}; da> Error Undefined variable in expression: player_spawn_2 File mpmissions\dayz.epoch.tavi\spawn\init.sqf, line 11 I had comment out! I hope that`s OK!? And ebay!? Thank you for that awesome Script!
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