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  1. Hello i want to share with you my new and First DayZ Overpoch server. The Server is Running on Epoch and 0.2.5 Overwatch Napf Added Stuff: Single Coin Currency Plot For Life Plot Management Group Management Lift & Tow Service points Custom start gear No weight limit Slow zombies 1 Step build Andre Convoys Spawn Select Para Spawn Custom Overpoch Loot Sorted Traders (MTVR and stuff has mostely its own section) Militarized (ArmoredTANKS,ArmoredHELI) only on Hero and Bandit Trader Wicked AI Missions 350k start money Admin Events were you can get a huge amount of stuff for Basebuilding weapons and even Vehicles or Helicopters or cash If you have any Mod wishes feel free to tell me them and i will install them when no one is on the server. Server IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/HW8XpUA