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  1. when building on water, 1500m out, the plot pole and buildable items all disappear on restart, is there a setting to change this?
  2. I would like to call the dayz_code\system\mission\Chernarus11.sqf from the sever. Basically I have removed the traders from the server but when i log in they are still there (using the same file from my client files) how can I get the server to call the server side file, not the client side?
  3. I want to delete all the objects in Stary, Bash and Klen but I cannot for the life of me find where the object files (walls, tents, market stalls etc) are called from. I've looked in the mission, server and database! Anyone know?
  4. Long shot, you don't still have that download do you, I'm making map content but cant test it on my test server and need that PBO :) If you have it I would love you for ever and ever!
  5. On my Exile server i took out the zombie idea all together and configure AI Players, all missions are police based and all roaming AI are players. fits in much more. I want Epoch to do something groundbreaking as I like the mod but there are no antagonists worth fretting over so the two mods are nearly the same thing, people might get bored of it but they wont come back to the same thing.... the AI in Epoch either whisper at you or grumble so you can hear them from miles away. I posted a while ago, I don't want to feel safe when I was in or out of my base. having an antagonist that looked terrifying and could also scale the wall of your base, burn through the door, lay eggs in your dead body for when you re-spawn and return, hide in buildings, screamed for reinforcements that came from any nearby woods and send in baby versions over your wall or under your floors to poison you, forcing you out of your base to look for meds which need to be eaten fresh so you cant stock pile, one that comes after you after changes all that back into a horror! (Think the Tyranid Lictor from games workshop). Add to that AI players/thugs who go round looting, base attacking with melee weapons alongside basic fashioned weapons like cross bows or bows ect then AI players who sit on the roadside or anywhere with a small box with high value gear begging for help and have a % chance that its an ambush. Build the missions into the ambiance so its seamless, no HUD, Admin tools that identify the admin with a big red arrow so they cant cheat, no pop up missions, and turn it into the mod its suppose to be.
  6. All my additions are shared on the forum somewhere
  7. no thats client side, I want mine server side. but I have worked out how to do it :)
  8. Anyone know how to add map content and keep it server side so the download is not effected by my constant changing :) Cant work out how to do it! If I needed the below sample selection on the server, running server side how would I do it? (this is the output from M3Editor) private ["_objs"]; _objs = [ ["Land_Pavement_wide_F",[22887.7,19274,-0.0179787],308.636,[[-0.781128,0.624371,0],[0,0,1]],false], ["Land_Pavement_wide_F",[22890.1,19277.1,0.00686932],308.636,[[-0.781128,0.624371,0],[0,0,1]],false], ["Land_Pavement_wide_F",[22892.5,19280.1,-0.0423279],308.636,[[-0.781128,0.624371,0],[0,0,1]],false], ["Land_LampShabby_F",[22974.1,19263,0],296.818,[[-0.892444,0.451158,0],[0,0,1]],false], ["Land_Factory_Main_F",[22856.4,19220.5,0.0376511],129.545,[[0.771125,-0.636684,0],[0,-0,1]],false], ["Land_i_Shed_Ind_F",[22878.9,19364.6,0.685814],218.637,[[-0.624381,-0.78112,0],[-0,0,1]],false] ]; { private ["_obj"]; _obj = createVehicle [_x select 0, [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; if (_x select 4) then { _obj setDir (_x select 2); _obj setPos (_x select 1); } else { _obj setPosATL (_x select 1); _obj setVectorDirAndUp (_x select 3); }; } foreach _objs; Thanks in advanced Aaron
  9. it seems to be in the all in arma terrain pack, I have just spent 7 hours making a map, i will throw up if I cant lol
  10. If so, can anyone help me get this server to just run the proving grounds map? I have some cool plans but I need a starting point. been a server admin for about 2 years now and I cant figure out how to do this :/ Liqu1d
  11. Look at post 33..... Trader City Buildings... Traders location in Trader City...
  12. something special is going to be here in a moment
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