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  1. Thanks, seems to have fixed the submarine spam.
  2. I was getting help from someone from a forum, but I haven't heard from him since 6.2 came out.
  3. used to have 1, then I set it up as Chernarus. I'm setting up another server now for testing.
  4. ok, I will upload at next restart.
  5. it was working until I deleted the lines u said, I do have origins\sub_down.sqf, origins\sub_up.sqf. but no option for sub up/down.
  6. wont that take away the option for the sub to go up/down?
  7. https://pastebin.com/r4puRpwW
  8. So do I take Origins submarine out of fn_selfActions.sqf?
  9. Only players on Tavi have told me about these issues. If anyone can help, I can give more info, just need to know what info is needed.
  10. I started the server from scratch about 2weeks after 6.2 came out, all of the mods that had a 6.2 update I updated. when I updated to 6.2 nothing was just copied over, I added all mods as fresh.
  11. server steve21k

    Server Help

    Hi, looking for some help with my server, 1, Players logging in with broken legs. 2, Players cant deploy Bike or Little Bird on their own Plot Pole, replacing the plot pole fixes it until they die next, plot 4 life is on. 3, Players Humanity reset when logging in, I have this warning in server rules and info ‘Please Respawn after Death, if you dont respawn and the Server Restarts your Humanity might be Reset’, but players say they haven’t died in a few days. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. https://pastebin.com/XNAzEvJQ DZE_permanentPlot = true;
  13. I can create and clear, bu after restart I cant use HeliHRescue or clear, I have to put a new 1 down.
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