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  1. Oh my god this is one of the most abusive thread I have seen in a gaming forum in the internet.
  2. Make sure you also have all the dll's that comes in with the server files in your servers root folder.
  3. Battlemetrics, or Use marma.io if you r too gud at scripting.
  4. if (_isMan && {!(isPlayer _cursorTarget)} && {_typeOfCursorTarget in ZSC_bankTraders} && {!_isPZombie}) then { if (s_bank_dialog1 < 0) then { s_bank_dialog1 = player addAction ["Bank Teller","Shared\Scripts\Currency\atmDialog.sqf",_cursorTarget,3,true,true]; }; if (s_player_GetJob < 0) then { s_player_GetJob = player addAction ["<t color=""#8A0004"">Get a Job</t>","Path to Job.sqf","",5,false,true,"",""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_bank_dialog1; s_bank_dialog1 = -1; player removeAction s_player_GetJob; s_player_GetJob = -1; }; Make sure you put s_player_GetJob into reset actions and at bottom , else player have chances getting stuck in loading screen. EDIT : In the Jobs.sqf line #2 change player removeAction s_player_RGcareer; to player removeAction s_player_GetJob; You will get infinite action loop if you dont do that.
  5. https://pastebin.com/JsMLqiAw
  6. He basically wants players not to have the shaking camera effects when shot or run out of stamina..
  7. Show map markers >> Show Plot Pole Markers?
  8. Not really, I use RE for that.
  9. Lel wrong section xD
  10. Do they get a battlye client not responding? or just shows they left the server?
  11. Oh and forgot why this warning message appears is that, infistar is actually try to call these files and if infistar succesfully compiles then it applies ban for that player and if it doesnt, it just spams file not found to RPT. Same thing, what happens if you do this on your mission file: compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "a_non_existing_file.sqf"; ? it gives a dialog and writes warning messages that its not found to client rpt.
  12. @DAmNRelentless This is completely normal, this is caused due to Infistar. It is simply writing logs to client RPT for each _farray. This is what I am talking about: In AH.sqf search for "_farray" , "_sa = [", "_m = [(fo" without double quotes ofc xD I guess that explains it.
  13. @icomrade @DAmNRelentless So I have successfully finished testing what I have said, that is to offload DB commands to headless client. In this example the aim was to setting the BankCoins of Player with UID "76561197960448644" to 2million at the time when headless client joins. And here are the results. 1) (I set the players bank coins to 5 manually): 2) Fired up the server : 3) HC joins the server 3) HC spawns in (gets past the lobby and the code gets executed): Also I kept a timer to see how much time it takes for the first time when the extension is called. And I didn't try logging for 2nd time though. As you see, we got 0.2ms here the average is 0.2 - 0.3 ms after I tried this 5 times. 4) Boom If you think this result is good I can put this into live server and see how it goes. (I tested this in my friends dedi so I had to protect some of the data :P hence the censor and thanks to him.)
  14. try add parameters -maxMem = 2047, or it might be one of this problem mentioned in this thread below. No joke this happened to me multiple times a day after some people threatened us. Don't wanna mention their names as it would be mean if they didn't really mean it.