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  1. Yea prob idk been like almost 3 months, maybe infi or something else causing it. Anyway what I posted fixed it in case anyone else ever has a problem like that.
  2. @salival With VKC when its done in safe zone the vehicle flies up in the air and blows up. Not sure if its on my end or not but I did add and it seem to fix the problem.
  3. Hooty

    Walking Dead Hilltop

    This is great lol. Good Job!
  4. Hooty

    [Release] Over9000 Gambling Script

    Thanks Dude!!!
  5. Hooty

    [HG] Haze Growroom Overpoch

    Wow stole my dudes status bar. If you would of asked I'm sure he would of gave it to you.
  6. Hooty

    Bases are decaying after force maintain

    Search maintain in your AH.sqf makes sure the call is this '\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\maintain_area.sqf' Infi had it as player_maintain.sqf or something like that.