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  1. I have not seen it for my players liked it on kinda added a new mission the way it marks unlocked safes. Never thought about updating since I have base raiding and safe raiding now.
  2. Never messed with a bridge, but I assume they act the same as a road. place 1 at a time use a rock or something to turn it and move it by dragging the red square over both of them. Once you have it where you want it save it, now it will prob move about 10 ft so replace it and save again, after you save it the second time it should stay where you placed it. You will have to do this with each section. Hope this helps.
  3. Would this work with a building as well I assume it would.
  4. Yes that was the first step I did when I removed the old one. I did not wanna forget that xD.
  5. Is there a way to make this work when a certain epoch event is called?
  6. Tested and working GREAT !!! Way to go @salival
  7. Yea that's what happen. Too much sun today.
  8. No complete uninstall of Dukes and replaced withe yours last night. Seen the traders were broke and someone already told you so I just waited for you to fix. Applied fixes when I got home from work and got that error. Still confused how @@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ was in the file lol.
  9. Tried 350z pink and a hmmv. Think its all fixed now for some reason my player_storeVehicle was alot different from the gitI just looked at. Idk how that happened lol.
  10. that was my client lol. IDK how this is even in there lol @@ -68,6 +68,7 @@
  11. edited didnt see there was an update
  12. that would make a killer battlefield.
  13. Its pretty simple to make your own in arma editor and put a sleep timer before you call your boxes run as an epoch event. You would just have to add a marker and messages.
  14. Its not needed but say you spawn in a vehicle with a script this should keep it from blowing up once a player gets in it not really sure though.