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  1. Problem with a custom sign

    Dukes method works fine on my test server.
  2. [Release] Player Tablet Menu

    Thanks brother you will be missed here but your ass still better come in TS and chill and Ill try to be on discord more xD.
  3. Anyone in need of a coder?

    There is always people here to help and in discord. Dont give up trail and error is your friend.
  4. Anyone in need of a coder?

    I have to agree with @DAmNRelentless Im a redneck and figured out most stuff on my own. If I can anyone can.
  5. Harvesting Sunflowers and Pumpkins in

    Lol I was like wtf @salival must be tired.
  6. Harvesting Sunflowers and Pumpkins in

    Thats the sunflower?
  7. Harvesting Sunflowers and Pumpkins in

    Anyone know the class name for the sun flower. I Kinda wanna make random sun flower epoch event xD.
  8. be script.txt

    try this not as as good as a != but should work fine !"custom\menu\" and !"scripts\deployanything\addons\bike\"
  9. I got you in on the private server. I blocked all of # though infistar as there was a group that use it as hack commands.
  10. That's why we have a public server as well. No whitelist needed for that server. for the public server.