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  1. spicy memes

    Somebody is gonna be upset xD.
  2. ATTENTION! Servers with Rocket launchers!

    We are not gonna say as we dont want people crashing servers, for server owners that have not put this in. Now if you would like for me to show you on your server I can, takes 3 seconds with any rocket launcher.
  3. My account on here was hacked "Hooty". Seem's the crash server crew has some new tools. They can hack your Rcon password and server admin password. Also they can auto kick on join and make it look like a bistudio message with email acting like your server is being shutdown. Change your passwords often. Message me if you need more details or info.
  4. Next Update

  5. Next Update

    @salival I'll be your 6th friend xD
  6. Over9000 Epoch Panthera

    Cool Server+Cool Owner= Great Times Quit Reading and Join The Fun Awaits. Better than yRun!!
  7. [Release]Custom infiSTAR tools

    @Anhor Thank you took it the wrong way.. I have no problem nor do I care how someone runs there Epoch server. Love your idea with Vietnam. What I was saying was infistar admin tools are pretty much hacks esp,god,tp,spawn,etc. So whats wrong with adding more tools that admins can use even if it is from a hack. You rather kick, kill, and then ban. Where I just teleport there ass to debug to die slow while they think what they did wrong to get there.
  8. [Release]Custom infiSTAR tools

    Nobody said you had to add them. While you do you first and second result my players done learned the lesson from death by rad on debug island. If we all thought the same there would only be 1 server, thank god we are all different.