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  1. These guys are killing the DayZ scene with their mods, and now a Fully Custom Death Match Server !!! Once again VPP 4 THE WIN!!!
  2. at least its full lol. Its the internet, its full of toxic trolls. We have rules on whats allowed and whats not like racism and other touchy remarks. You say my admins dont care when they are very busy helping. As for the low number you cant just give anyone admin powers, that leads to badmin abuse. All in all sorry you had a bad exp.
  3. yRun DayZ StandAlone Absolutely No Racism, Homophobic Words, Or Any Other Types Of Hate Speech In In Game, Discord, Or Our Website! yRun Is A Community For Everyone! Website: https://yrungaming.enjin.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/EaSgghZ Main Server Ip Address: Second Server Ip Address: Third Server Ip Address: "Coming Back Soon" Be Sure To Read Our Servers Rules Before Joining!!! You Agree To the Rules In the Link Below When Joining Our Servers!!! https://yrungaming.enjin.com/rules/m/36515233/viewthread/32549968-dayz-sa-rules We Share Bans With Over A Dozen Other Top Servers To Help Keep The Cheaters & Toxic Players Out!!! 1st and 2nd Servers Information Custom revamped spawn points "NWAF, SWAF, and NEAF included" Custom Loot Tables unlike anywhere else. More loot than any other server "More Guns, Mass Items, Head Hunters, and Redux weapons included along with others". Weapons spawn with mags and ammo "More Guns, Mass Items, Head Hunters, and Redux weapons included". Custom map edits "SWAF, NEAF, NWAF, Bridges to Sk and Prison Islands, and more" Custom reduce rate of food and thirst. Custom Weather Less Fog, Rain, Wind, Clear Skies. 8 Min Nights. Server Information Panel Increases to the radius of all light sources & illumination time of road flares, torches, & chemlights. Better sale of meat to increase hunting. 40+ Random starting loadouts. Traders with and without safe zones. Global Chat. Kill Feed. Compass Hud. Interactive Player Map. Party System. Auto Run. More Inventory Slots. Modified Item Sizes. Ammo stacks up to 4x more. Unlimited Stamina. No Collision On Building. Base Building Mods. Code Locks. Breaching Charges. More Camos. Jogging Head Shot Only Zomibes. No Bare Foot Bleeding. No Bleeding Hands From Ladders. No Shoe Damage. No Glove Damage. Custom yRun Mods. "Dupe Fixes, Troll Fixes, Safe Zone Fixes, Custom Clothing, Custom Base Raiding, Suppressors are quieter & more durable, Plus More Unique Features & More To Come" 1st and 2nd Server Mods List https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1664747635 3rd Server Information "Coming Back Soon" We are not pay2win! We are thankful for all donations as they are what keep yRun up and running. Sorry no donation perks can be handed out no exceptions!
  4. @RedLink If you need a map marker you can always make one in the mission.sqm copy the coords from one of the buildings or ai and place in there.
  5. Yea prob idk been like almost 3 months, maybe infi or something else causing it. Anyway what I posted fixed it in case anyone else ever has a problem like that.
  6. @salival With VKC when its done in safe zone the vehicle flies up in the air and blows up. Not sure if its on my end or not but I did add and it seem to fix the problem.
  7. This is great lol. Good Job!
  8. Search maintain in your AH.sqf makes sure the call is this '\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\maintain_area.sqf' Infi had it as player_maintain.sqf or something like that.
  9. It is infistar I had the same problem when i updated it couple updates ago. Simple fix real easy.
  10. Dukes method works fine on my test server.
  11. There is always people here to help and in discord. Dont give up trail and error is your friend.
  12. I have to agree with @DAmNRelentless Im a redneck and figured out most stuff on my own. If I can anyone can.
  13. Lol I was like wtf @salival must be tired.
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